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Westerfield Memorial Gardens
Leakesville, Greene County, Mississippi

Lat: 31° 09' 14"N, Lon: 88° 33' 38"W

Contributed by James Trussell, Oct 21, 2007 [carverofwood1260@wmconnect.com]. Total records = 23.

Going Northwest out of Leakesville, Mississippi on Main Street (hwy. 63 north), you will come to an intersection on your left with Lackey Street. Take this left hand turn and go two and a half blocks, on your right will be the Leakesville Missionary Baptist Church. Turn into this church parking lot. The cemetery is located beside the Church building.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the Leakesville Missionary Baptist Church. There are two cemeteries abutting each other inside a chain linked fence. It also contains Holy Trinity Cemetery on the north side. There is no division of the fenced area.

I walked this cemetery on Oct 19, 2007. All information was taken from headstone inscriptions and temporary grave markers.

- James Trussell
Ball, Ethel (McLain), b. 02-28-1929, d. 08-26-1990, "Mother"
Brewer, Lois L, b. 12-30-1918, d. 04-07-2001
Brewer, Mary Frances, b. 04-30-1943, d. 05-16-2004, "Mother"
Brewer, Michael Wayne, b. 01-11-1963, d. 04-25-2002
Brewer, Nathan W, b. 11-25-1915, d. 05-16-1983
Brewer, Thomas J. (Jr.), b. 10-10-1959, d. 12-20-1996, Sgt. US Army
Brewer, Thomas Joseph, b. 11-16-1938, d. 04-17-1975, "Father"
Hatcher, Arthur N, b. 12-31-1918, d. 12-25-2001
Hatcher, Dorothy N, b. 06-24-1921, d. 12-15-2001
Hicks, J.E. Bud, b. 08-24-1929, d. 12-22-2005, "Brother & Preacher Bud"
Hicks, Willie Rae, b. 07-24-1930, d. 04-24-1993
Jordan, Tressie D, b. 02-28-1925, d. 11-24-1997
Longmire, Buford C, b. 01-11-1924, d. 12-17-2003
Migliore, Janet R. (Hicks), b. 08-08-1951, d. 02-08-1983, Daughter of Bud/Willie Rae Hicks
O'Neal, Melro, b. 06-09-1924, d. 04-30-1995
Pierce, Hardy, b. 05-15-1921, d. 10-15-1993, "Daddy"
Polkey, Arthur John, b. 05-10-1935, d. 02-08-2005, Pvt. US Army
Reynolds, Lisa, b. 08-31-1966, d. 04-05-1990
Reynolds, Nicholas, b. 12-19-1984, d. 04-05-1990
Spears, Adell O, b. 08-19-1918, d. 07-12-2000
Spears, Onrie O, b. 05-19-1917, d. 01-02-1992
Steadman, Ernest T, b. 02-14-1915, d. 07-08-1987, Pfc. US Army WW-2
West, Bobby Clyde, b. 01-03-1936, d. 12-10-2006

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