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Rocky Creek Cemetery
Lucedale, George County, Mississippi

Contributed by James Trussell, Aug 20, 2007 [carverofwood1260@wmconnect.com].

Newbill, Charles Clifton, b. 02-25-1908, d. 05-10-1972, section F-5
Newbill, Dora H, b. 10-01-1921, d. unknown, section F-4
Newbill, F. F, b. 09-12-1919, d. 03-14-1981, section F-4, “Snooks”
Newbill, Fred B, b. 10-19-1883, d. 02-21-1958, section A-8
Newbill, Joe C, b. 04-02-1891, d. 08-26-1953, section A-8
Newbill, Kenneth E, b. 08-05-1935, d. 04-22-1987, section F-5, PFC US Army, Korea
Newbill, Phillip Charles, b. 02-12-1962, d. 03-25-1962, section F-5
Newbill, Ruby G, b. 06-22-1896, d. 06-27-1973, section A-8
Newbill, Tamzy, b. unknown, d. 03-04-1960, section F-4
Nichelson, Ima M (Davis), b. 04-05-1921, d. 05-21-1998, section B-7
Nichelson, Shepard j, b. 1912, d. 1962, section B-7
Nichelson, Sherry, b. 11-07-1939, d. 04-21-1997, section C-10, “Nanny”
Nicholson, Anthony W, b. 12-21-1971, d. 12-22-1971, section F-4
Nicholson, Buck Lee, b. 01-16-1981, d. 05-24-1981, section A-2
Nicholson, Carl, b. 11-07-1918, d. 01-10-1966, section F-4, Pfc 1137th Engr. “C” Gp. WW-2
Nicholson, Christopher Robin, b. 03-16-1980, d. 02-25-1999, section F-4
Nicholson, infant, b. 08-15-1950, d. 08-16-1950, section F-8, Mr. & Mrs. W.D. Nicholson
Nicholson, Mary Jane C, b. 02-08-1890, d. 01-19-1952, section F-4
Nicholson, Michael Anthony, b. 09-30-1958, d. 12-23-1996, section F-4, “Mike”
Nicholson, Patricia A, b. 12-26-1954, d. 12-09-2001, section F-4
Nicholson, Retha V, b. 01-21-1922, d. 12-02-2006, section F-4
Nicholson, Shawn Dwayne, b. 11-12-1974, d. 05-11-2007, section G-4
Nixon, Henry E, b. 04-26-1905, d. 10-28-1996, section B-3, “Baseball Nick”
Nixon, Terry Leon, b. 08-04-1950, d. 03-23-1969, section B-3, “John 3:16”
Nixon, Wendy Nichol, b.06-14-1981, d 06-21-1981, section B-3, inf. dau B.J./L.A.Nixon
Odom, Clairce, b. 11-10-1928, d. 07-14-1971, section G-6
Odom, Lawerence P, b. 08-09-1902, d. 03-23-1978, section G-5
Odom, Sailey & Maude, no dates, section C-7, “TWINS”
Odom, Sidney Everette, b. 04-??-1942, d. 08-04-1987, section G-5
Odom, Thelma Hazel, b. 08-03-1921, d. 06-09-1999, section G-5
Olliges, Herman T, b. 03-06-1921, d. 09-20-1998, section D-6
Osborne, Harry b, b. 01-25-1903, d. 02-21-1963, section D-9
Osborne, Velma (Havard), b. 04-20-1910, d. 06-19-1978, section F-6
Parish, Drew W, b. 06-01-1930, d. 09-14-1992, section F-8
Parish, Drury W, b. 12-09-1901, d. 11-09-1961, section F-8
Parish, Jasper, b. 12-09-1897, d. 08-08-1966, section F-8
Parish, Jimmy Preston, b. 08-04-1952, d. 03-22-1958, section G-8
Parish, Ora Creola, b. 09-27-1902, d. 02-12-1955, section F-8
Parker, Carrie L, b. 10-01-1895, d. 02-26-1986, section E-7
Parker, Eugene Lamar, b. 11-16-1876, d. 12-15-1961, section E-5
Parker, James J, b. 10-29-1893, d. 08-13-1948, section E-7
Parker, Kennie W, b. 08-25-1927, d. 12-15-1950, section E-7
Parker, Lillie Rebecca, b. 12-30-1912, d. 03-19-1933, section E-5
Parker, Rebecca (Miller), b. 12-21-1885, d. 07-09-1981, section E-5
Parker, Ruby E, b. 07-13-1913, d. 02-08-1997, section E-5
Parker, Warren D, b. 09-26-1921, d. 11-04-1927, section C-6
Partin, Charlie, b. 04-26-1926, d. 09-03-1927, section D-5
Patrick, Carrie Lee, b. 07-02-1905, d. 09-23-1966, section G-9
Patrick, George G, b. 11-24-1906, d. 09-27-1988, section C-7
Patrick, Mary Lois, b. 09-12-1914, d. 04-10-1982, section C-7
Patrick, Michael Ray, b. 06-15-1953, d. 11-06-1981, section C-8
Patrick, Morgan, b. 11-01-1906, d. 08-06-1968, section F-9
Patrick, Ronald Wayne, b. 12-11-1948, d. 10-01-1976, section C-8
Paul, Sarah (McLeod)(Blake), b. 08-07-1910, d. 02-23-1973, section B-8
Paul, Thomas J, b. 11-22-1874, d. 11-16-????, section G-8
Paulk, Warren W, b. 04-19-1921, d. 07-09-1967, section F-9
Persons, Ava (Havard), b. 08-30-1909, d. 10-02-1957, section E-7
Pettis, Thomas Edwin Dickerson, b. 10-31-1941, d. 05-23-1967, section E-7, Lt. Junior Grade US Navy
Phillips, Clodine T, b. 10-08-1903, d. 05-28-1983, section E-2
Phillips, George Earnest, b. 04-04-1923, d. 06-16-1974, section E-2
Phillips, Margaret Estelle (Busby), b. 09-17-1924, d. 11-26-2006, section E-2
Pierce, Billy Wayne, b. 02-17-1939, d. 10-16-1983, section F-11
Pierce, Fannie (Parker), b. 05-10-1906, d. 03-29-1972, section F-2
Pierce, Faulk, b. 11-10-1926, d. 05-13-1994, section F-2
Pierce, James M, b. 05-26-1934, d. 02-19-2003, section F-2
Pierce, Jan (Welford), b. 07-29-1938, d. 06-11-2006, section F-2
Pierce, John Wayne, b. 06-24-1941, d. 04-03-1983, section F-2
Pierce, Lonnie, b. 04-22-1898, d. 12-25-1974, section F-2, Pvt. US Army
Pipkins, Helen Louise (Havard), b. 07-22-1922, d. 01-28-1977, section F-9
Pipkins, Rachel (Davis), b. 1904, d. 09-29-1929, section D-5
Pitts, Curtis David, b. 01-12-1955, d. 04-18-1996, section E-10
Pitts, Lottie (Ivy), b. 04-14-1915, d. 07-16-2002, section F-11
Pitts, Sandy, b. 06-07-1906, d. 11-01-1983, section F-11
Pitts, William J, b. 08-14-1934, d. 01-03-2006, section E-11
Powell, Claudy, b. 06-29-1893, d. 09-26-1915, section C-5
Reed, Clara (Havard), b. 01-12-1909, d. unknown, section F-4
Reed, Gene N, b. 12-22-1969, d. 09-11-1985, section F-4
Reed, James Edward, b. 12-28-1908, d. 05-16-1971, section F-4
Reed, Joe, b. 08-20-1902, d. 02-07-1977, section C-8
Reed, Lollie, b. 04-22-1897, d. 07-17-1943, section C-8
Reed, Ruby S, b. 09-20-1937, d. unknown, section F-4
Reeves, Lula A, b. 1893, d. 1963, section B-7
Reeves, Lyman R, b. 1883, d. 1953, section B-7
Reppond, Luther M. (Jr.), b. 06-27-1941, d. 07-21-1987, section A-10, US Marine Corps.
Rester, Misouria Olive, b. 08-31-1870, d. 04-07-1963, section E-5
Rich, Willie Lee, b. 03-26-1931, d. 11-11-1989, section E-11
Rivers, Luke H, b. 1879, d. 1956, section C-3
Rivers, Rebecca M, b. 1895, d. 1969, section C-3
Roberts, Charlie Mae, b. 11-07-1897, d. 07-17-1965, section F-9
Roberts, Mary R, b. 12-29-1895, d. 08-28-1955, section F-9
Rogers, Audry, b. 07-31-1921, d. 08-19-1922, section C-6
Rogers, Ella (Havard), b. 02-04-1892, d. 01-01-1985, section D-4
Rogers, Ernest Cleveland, b. 10-09-1884, d. 03-18-1973, section D-4
Rogers, infant, b. 06-13-1950, d. 06-13-1950, section D-4
Rogers, Isaac J, b. unknown, d. 12-02-1926, section C-6, Pvt. 162nd Depot Brig.
Rogers, Joe C (Jr.), b. 11-21-1922, d. 08-06-2000, section E-4
Rogers, Joe C. (Sr.), b. 12-25-1894, d. 06-09-1992, section E-4
Rogers, Lessie Lera, b. 08-06-1894, d. 10-25-1922, section C-4
Rogers, Matthew Joseph, b. 05-08-1985, d. 04-02-2007, section D-3
Rogers, Ora M, b. 1957, d. 1957, section E-4
Rogers, Thomas A, b. 04-19-1925, d. 07-27-1947, section E-4 PFC Co. “K” 39th Inf. 8th Regt. WW-2 (Mississippi)
Roper, Mark W. (Jr.), b. 02-06-1939, d. 03-03-1993, section B-6, CM Sgt. US Air Force, Viet Nam
Rouse, A. Gerald, b. 04-26-1966, d. 12-13-1985, section C-10
Rowell, Larry R, b. 07-27-1945, d. 12-09-2000, section E-5
Rustin, Daniel McKennis, b. 07-26-1907, d. 08-07-1984, section G-4, US Navy
Rustin, Winifred (Leggett), b. 07-11-1919, d. 01-21-1992, section G-4
Rutherford, Clyde Bernard, b. 08-22-1919, d. 10-14-2000 , section F-5, MSgt. US Army Air Force WW-2
Rutherford, David, b. 06-20-1953, d.06-20-1953, section F-5, inf. son of C & M Rutherford
Rutherford, infant, b.04-12-1947, d. 04-12-1947, section F-5, dau. of C & M Rutherford
Rutherford, Paul, b. 06-23-1954, d.06-23-1954, section F-5, inf. son of C. & M. Rutherford
Salter, Dorothy Jane, b. 12-13-1941, d. 08-16-2007, section D-9
Scarbrough, Alexender Y, b. 06-18-1865, d. 08-24-1946, section F-9
Scarbrough, Annie, b. 10-02-1873, d. 11-14-1944, section F-9
Scarbrough, Donia A, b. 06-02-1874, d. 10-13-1965, section F-9
Scott, Bryan Anthony, b. 01-29-1975, d. 01-31-1975, section C-3
Scott, Ryan Edward, b. 01-29-1975, d. 01-30-1975, section C-3
Seal, Nancy Lee, b. 06-24-1878, d. 06-24-1938, section E-6
Seal, Urian L, b. 03-11-1872, d. 12-14-1943, section E-6
Seals, Clifton Earl, b. 05-15-1961, d. 05-15-1961, section D-6
Seals, Johnnie B, b. 07-07-1908, d. 03-03-1975, section B-1
Seals, T.J, b. 01-12-1930, d. 06-29-1930, section D-6
Seals, William R, b. 09-15-1937, d. 04-04-1982, section B-1, “Father”
Sharples, Deborah Ruth, b. 10-30-1950, d. 03-24-1951, section D-6
Sharples, Juanita D, b. 05-28-1921, d. 09-21-1984, section D-6
Shepard, Algy Leo, b. 04-19-1907, d. 02-28-1988, section C-4
Shepard, Craig, b. 10-06- 1958, d. 07-14-1973, section D-1
Shepard, Elizabeth, no dates, section C-8, L.J. & E. Shepard
Shepard, Loraine S, b. 05-06-1928, d. 05-06-1928, section C-1
Shepard, Mary Alma, b. 05-15-1911, d. 06-04-2004, section C-4
Shepard, William Coyt, b. 12-16-1920, d. 02-01-1972, section C-1
Shepard, Willie Pearl, b. 01-28-1920, d. 01-08-1958, section B-8
Shephard, Bessie W, b. 01-14-1913, d. 02-08-2000, section A-9
Shephard, Bessie, b. 05-17-1887, d. 09-08-1906, section B-8
Shephard, Clarence Eugene, b. 12-27-1895, d. 01-01-1940, section A-7
Shephard, Evelyn (Myles), b. 05-29-1924, d. 06-02-1926, section B-7
Shephard, J. T, b. 03-14-1855, d. 11-12-1904, section B-8
Shephard, Louis A, b. 09-26-1912, d. 02-09-1984, section A-9
Shephard, Minnie L. (Breland), b. 03-27-1897, d. 07-27-1960, section A-7
Shephard, Minnie Nadine, b. 04-12-1935, d. 03-27-1943, section A-7
Shephard, Nancy C, b. 01-14-1895, d. 08-21-1929, section A-8
Shephard, Ola Mae, b. 11-16-1918, d. 02-26-1921, section B-7, dau of G.E.& Minnie Shephard
Shephard, Sarah Evelyn (Adams), b. 02-09-1858, d. 04-09-1929, section B-8
Shepheard, Alton R. (Jr.), b. 03-29-1905, d. 08-27-1923, section A-8
Shepheard, Celia, b. 08-07-1910, d. 12-19-1985, section A-8
Shepheard, Herbert, b. 11-06-1928, d. 12-07-1991, section A-8
Shepheard, Jody (Lott), b. 1888, d. 1956, section D-5
Shepheard, Riley Edward, b. 11-01-1939, d. 03-21-2007, section A-8
Shepherd, Agnes D, b. 08-24-1919, d. 02-11-1995, section C-8
Shepherd, Edgar E, b. 05-01-1916, d. 01-02-1991, section C-8
Shepherd, infant, b. 03-10-1912, d. 03-14-1912, section B-8, W.P. & Lula Shepherd
Shepherd, Lewis Avera, b. 1890, d. 07-16-1938, section C-8
Shepherd, Lucy H, b. 07-04-1874, d. 11-15-1932, section A-8, “headstone is facing west”
Shephard, Rance L, b. 05-30-1865, d. 05-19-1956, section A-7
Shepherd, Robert L, b.09-15-1882, d.12-04-1968, section A-8, “headstone is facing west”
Shepherd, Robert M, b.08-15-1935, d.03-12-1937, section B-8, “headstone is facing west”
Shepherd, Sadie (Holland), b. 10-17-1891, d. 10-28-1982, section C-8
Shepherd, Velda Rae, b. 11-11-1940, d. 11-04-1941, section C-8
Shepherd, W. P, b. 12-07-1886, d. 09-10-1926, section B-8
Sheppard, Jacob M, b.12-28-1919, d.06-12-1963, sectionC-8, SC3 USNaval Reserve WW2
Simmons, Dora (Eubanks), b. 03-22-1916, d. 03-28-1990, section C-4
Simmons, Ernestine E, b. 09-02-1921, d. 05-06-1969, section C-2
Simmons, Troy W, b. 01-11-1918, d. 03-09-2003, section C-4, Sgt US Army Air Force WW-2
Sims, Claudia Mae, b. 08-27-1956, d. 07-30-2005, section E-10
Sims, Henry Odell, b. 08-27-1912, d. 03-03-1996, section F-3
Sims, Leona Arlege, b. 08-25-1912, d. unknown, section F-3
Sims, Sudie W, b. 12-18-1883, d. 10-21-1961, section F-8
Smith, Authur Wade, b. 05-18-1941, d. 03-02-2007, section B-2, “Pete”
Smith, Betty, b. 01-03-1867, d. 03-03-1937, section C-5
Smith, Elizabeth L, b. 06-23-1949, d. 05-03-2002, section A-8
Smith, Fannie Josephine (Buckly), b. 10-13-1873, d. 02-02-1952, section F-9
Smith, Felix R, b. 03-06-1909, d. 11-03-1925, section C-8, son of Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Smith
Smith, George W, b. 06-25-1842, d. 10-25-1916, section C-5, Pvt. Co. “A” 9th Ms. Cav. C.S.A. Civil War Veteran
Smith, Gregory Scott, b. 01-04-1968, d. 04-20-1968, section F-3
Smith, James M, b. 1871, d. 1940, section B-8
Smith, John Almie, b. 11-03-1906, d. 02-02-1992, section B-10
Smith, Julius Stanley, b. 04-09-1912, d. 10-20-2001, section B-2
Smith, Lannie V, b. 1890, d. 1958, section B-8
Smith, Mabel, b. 03-23-1913, d. unknown, section B-2
Smith, Otis L. (Jr.), b. 10-14-1943, d. 10-27-1984, section C-10, SA US Navy
Smith, Ruth Helen, b. 06-20-1926, d. 01-11-2000, section B-10
Smith, Wade, b. 03-09-1905, d. 04-30-1988, section B-2
Steadham, Peggy Yvonne, b. 11-28-1940, d. 04-24-2005, section A-5
Stevens, A. L, b. 05-24-1901, d. 12-24-1974, section D-9, “Leon”
Stevens, Martha Belle, b. 03-25-1907, d. 07-09-1993, section E-9
Stevens, Pearl V. (Gibson), b. 10-28-1891, d. 07-30-1908, section C-6
Stevens, Sim, b. 02-22-1895, d. 07-30-1985, section D-9, Pvt. US Army, WW-1
Stevison, Ida L, b. 08-03-1930, d. 10-17-1963, section G-9
Stevison, Robert L, b. 03-10-1926, d. 12-30-2005, section G-9
Stinson, Georgan, b. 02-16-1860, d. 11-12-1952, section F-9
Strahan, Warren J, b. 09-25-1932, d. 01-01-1982, section G-7
Strength, Louise S, b. 11-10-1917, d. unknown, section D-1
Strength, Vernie M, b. 02-17-1909, d. 04-23-1975, section C-1
Strickland, Angelyn, b. 03-30-1949, d. 12-23-1964, section E-3
Strickland, Lonnie Edward, b. 04-02-1880, d. 08-24-1937, section F-9
Strickland, Rayon Herold, b. 05-14-1927, d. 08-12-1987, section E-3
Stringfellow, Aubrey M, b. 06-03-1901, d. 07-07-1965, section E-7
Stringfellow, Edith (Havard), b. 10-12-1873, d. 01-29-1937, section E-7
Stringfellow, Harold Malory, b. 11-03-1927, d. 02-28-2007, section E-10
Stringfellow, Katie Mae, b. 11-13-1906, d. 09-19-1994, section D-7
Stringfellow, Kirby W, b. 09-10-1912, d. 05-25-1959, section E-5, T Sgt. 247th Base Unit Army Air Force WW-2 (Mississippi)
Stringfellow, Lewis N, b. 07-01-1887, d. 02-17-1977, section B-1
Stringfellow, Lydia Juanita, b. 03-28-1939,d. 07-14-1939, section D-7
Stringfellow, Makayla Grace, b. 03-20-2002, d. 03-20-2002, section A-9, “Forever in our hearts”
Stringfellow, Martin Van, b. 12-29-1872, d. 02-08-1944, section E-7
Stringfellow, Ola W, b. 05-02-1906, d. 08-04-1987, section B-1
Stringfellow, Rhoda H, b. 10-13-1900, d. 08-23-1958, section E-7
Stuart, Estelle, b. 01-06-1905, d. 12-21-1994, section F-11
Sylvester, Casel, b. 11-22-1903, d. 01-25-1911, section C-8, F.P. & L.E. Mason
Tanner, Beverly (Havard), b. 08-15-1950, d. 04-08-1985, section E-2, “Beb”
Tanner, Ethel Mae M, b. 03-29-1931, d. 08-07-1971, section D-4
Tanner, Walter Marion, b. 05-15-1921, d. 01-15-1999, section C-4
Tapscott, Mary Frances, b. 06-08-1928, d. 04-17-1998, section E-10, “Aunt Mime”
Tapscott, Thomas, b. 03-04-1926, d. 04-27-1998, section E-10, “Uncle Chip”
Taylor, infant, b. 10-27-1969, d. 10-27-1969, section G-2, son of Mr/Mrs J.L. Taylor
Taylor, Littleton, b. unknown, d. 05-25-1938, section D-5
Taylor, Marry Jane, b. unknown, d. 01-26-1929, section D-5
Taylor, Rebecca J. “Becky”, b. 09-08-1951, d. 08-15-2007
Taylor, William P, b. 1835, d. 1913, section C-8, 1st Sgt. Co. “H” 17th Regt. Miss. Inf. C.S.A. Civil War Veteran
Terry, Marilyn C, b. 12-23-1940, d. 03-15-1971, section F-7
Thomley, Joseph W, b. 07-03-1923, d. 08-29-1970, section D-3, Cox. US Navy WW-2
Thomley, Willie Mae, b. 04-21-1902, d. 02-20-1994, section D-3
Thrash, George J, b. 06-24-1919, d. 10-14-1977, section F-4
Thrash, Louise B, b. 04-20-1922, d. 12-23-1985, section F-4
Thrash, Terry Wayne, b. 01-30-1958, d. 01-30-1958, section F-4, infant
Tickle, Jonathon Andrew, b. 05-04-1974, d. 06-16-1993, section E-11, “Son”
Tillman, Luther, b. 05-19-1907, d. 08-07-2002, section C-9
Tillman, Mattie (Finch), b. 08-14-1910, d. 10-18-2003, section C-9
Tucker, John N, b. 10-14-1891, d. 08-01-1979, section E-9
Tucker, M. Magaline, b. 05-18-1892, d. 10-20-1984, section F-9
Tucker, William Merdic, b. 06-30-1923, d. 06-24-1924, section B-8
Tyler, Laura Mae, b. unknown, d. 12-03-1986, section G-2
Tyler, Robert H, b. unknown, d. 05-22-1968, section G-2
Wade, infant twins, b. 11-01-1949, d. 11-01-1949, section E-9, sons of L. & B.H. Wade
Waldrop, William W, b. 1879, d. 1941, section E-9
Walker, Curtis Loyed, b. 05-10-1921, d. 10-12-1991, section A-6, US Army WW-2
Walley, Annie Rae (Eubanks), b. 07-28-1917, d. 08-20-1982, section B-5, “Mother”
Walley, Geneva (Welford), b. 08-07-1922, d. 02-03-1982, section A-2
Walley, infant, b. 08-10-1947, d. 08-10-1947, section E-6, inf. son of Ed & Annie Walley
Walley, Joe Aubrey, b. 10-14-1917, d. 05-13-1986, section A-2, US Army WW-2
Walley, Murdock P, b. 02-27-1925, d. 10-09-2004, section A-6, SF3 US Navy WW-2
Walley, Ronald Edward, b. 04-14-1919, d. 08-11-1989, section B-5, “Daddy”
Walston, Tonya M, b. 06-07-1969, d. 06-08-1969, section E-9
Walters, Amy “Inez” (Brannan), b. 01-03-1919, d. 04-27-2006, section A-1
Walters, Frances, b. 08-28-1900, d. 08-02-1983, section F-4
Walters, infant, b. 04-13-1949, d. 04-13-1949, section F-4
Walters, James Francis, b. 04-14-1907, d. 06-19-1971, section G-3
Walters, Lura (Beard), b. 10-12-1917, d. 07-05-1981, section G-3
Walters, Thompson Fletcher, b. 10-18-1909, d. 10-08-1992, section A-1
Waltman, Kimberly C, b. 03-08-1962, d. 07-30-1994, section D-1
Weaver, Avella, b. 1879, d. unknown, section C-6
Weaver, Isaac H, b. 1862, d. 1944, section C-6
Welford, Addie Rebecca, b. 10-06-1894, d. 05-14-1897, section D-5
Welford, Amy Ruth, b. 04-25-1966, d. 04-23-1981, section E-1
Welford, Annie (Taylor), b. unknown, d. 11-11-1927, section D-5
Welford, Annie W, b. 01-12-1899, d. 11-20-1989, section E-8
Welford, Clarence Wilborn, b. 11-17-1897, d. 09-16-1952, section B-5
Welford, Dorthy, b. 08-20-1911, d. 04-28-1975, section F-8
Welford, Elder Andrew David, b. 04-17-1892, d. 10-17-1965, section D-5
Welford, Ellen (Eubanks), b. 05-22-1904, d. 03-02-1993, section G-3
Welford, Ernie H, b. 03-02-1892, d. 03-23-1972, section B-4
Welford, George W, b. 08-09-1876, d. 01-24-1957, section D-4
Welford, Glynn Embery, b. 01-12-1921, d. 07-07-1987, section D-5
Welford, Hillie, b. 05-14-1886, d. 03-29-1941, section E-8
Welford, Horace L, b. 01-07-1912, d. 03-18-1985, section E-5
Welford, infant, b. 08-19-1917, d. 08-19-1917, section B-8, W.A. & Sarah Welford
Welford, infant, b. 11-05-1922, d. 11-05-1922, section B-5 inf. dau. Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Welford
Welford, infant, no dates, section B-5, Mr. & Mrs. W,H, Welford
Welford, infant, no dates, section C-5, son of W.C. Welford
Welford, J.K, b. 01-21-1913, d. 01-25-1988, section B-9
Welford, James D, b. 09-01-1904, d. 05-15-1984, section B-8
Welford, James H, b. 08-05-1874, d. 08-09-1956, section E-5
Welford, James I, b. 08-16-1938, d. 07-30-2002, section C-3, “Jimmy”
Welford, James W, b. 03-13-1896, d. 12-21-1969, section D-8, Sgt Co. “L” 59th Inf 4th Div
Welford, Johnie, b. 1918, d. 1989, Pfc US Army, section D-9
Welford, Lewie B, b. 05-14-1870, d. 07-05-1956, section B-4
Welford, Lloyd Irving, b. 08-17-1914, d. 09-30-1994, section C-4
Welford, Lois L, b. 05-23-1919, d. 11-26-1995, section A-5
Welford, Lucille (Brannan), b. 1908, d. 1933, section D-6
Welford, Marcus, b. 07-11-1907, d. 03-15-1970, section E-2
Welford, Mary E, b. 07-19-1836, d. 01-02-1908, section B-5, wife of W.M. Welford
Welford, Morris, b. 08-17-1914, d. 01-09-1958, section E-5, SSgt. 2117th Base Unit Army Air Force WW-2 , AM & 2 Oak Leaf Clusters
Welford, Myrtis, b. 06-19-1920, d. 09-07-2005, section E-8
Welford, Ola Mae (Eubanks), b. 09-20-1911, d. 07-08-1975, section E-2
Welford, Polly H, b. 08-16-1881, d. 01-02-1948, section E-5
Welford, R. Ford, b. 02-08-1905, d. 05-30-1959, section E-4
Welford, Roy Wayne, b. 07-11-1948, d. 04-19-1966, section G-3
Welford, Roy, b. 06-24-1904, d. 05-29-1977, section G-3
Welford, Ruby E, b. 05-08-1902, d. 06-19-1970, section B-5
Welford, Rufus, b. 03-29-1905, d. 01-14-1959, section F-8
Welford, Sarah M, b. 09-29-1881, d. 04-27-1959, section D-4
Welford, Sarah M. (Havard), b. 02-??-1884, d. 08-16-1923, section B-8
Welford, Sarah Pauline, b. 06-02-1919, d. 08-28-2007, section C-4
Welford, Stephney Delain, b. 11-18-1964, d. 11-19-1964, section E-9
Welford, Steven Eldridge, b. 08-03-1940, d. 08-27-2003, section E-1
Welford, Sudie H, b. 07-12-1909, d. 10-11-2002, section B-9
Welford, Viola B, b. 08-04-1877, d. 01-08-1926, section B-5
Welford, William Albert, b. 05-??-1879, d. 03-25-1923, section B-8
Welford, William C, b. 02-08-1899, d. 02-22-1967, section B-5
Welford, William Donald, b. 07-01-1930, d. 10-07-1987, section D-1
Welford, William Edwin, b. 11-22-1911, d. 05-02-1994, section B-4
Welford, William Howard, b. 05-25-1868, d. 12-27-1995, section B-5
Welford, William M, b. 03-16-1839, d. 05-27-1906, section B-5, Pvt. Co. “E” 36th Ala. Inf. (Prisoner of War) C.S.A. Civil War Veteran
West, Betty N, b. 06-17-1934, d. 05-26-2002, section B-9
West, Kenneth Wayne, b. 01-06-1971, d. 10-02-1985, section G-3
West, Margaret B, b. 01-26-1922, d. 08-06-1946, section E-8
West, Robert L, b. 05-25-1943, d. 04-26-1954, section E-8
West, Rose Gayle, b. 10-31-1943, d. 01-12-2005, section G-3
West, Thomas L, b. 08-08-1945, d. 04-28-1949, section E-8
West, William E, b. 03-16-1941, d. 08-06-1946, section E-8
Whatley, E.A, b. 08-17-1869, d. 11-15-1941, section B-9
Whatley, Floyd E, b. 02-19-1908, d. 11-27-1992, section F-2
Whatley, Iga Dora (Baggett), b. 08-12-1885, d. 06-24-1966, section B-9
Whatley, Paul, b. 01-13-1887, d. 03-11-1973, section D-5
Whatley, Sally M, b. 02-07-1896, d. 05-16-1973, section D-5
Wiggins, W. Morris, b. 03-28-1913, d. 02-01-1977, section D-4, Pvt. US Army
Williams, Fridge M, b. 04-04-1911, d. 12-06-1969, section F-8
Williams, George Owen, b. 03-05-1922, d. 01-28-1991, section G-2, PFC US Army
Williams, John W, b. 03-13-1896, d. 01-15-1945, section D-6
Williams, Mattie T, b. 05-14-1899, d. 01-27-1978, section D-6
Williams, Prentiss, b. 06-09-1907, d. 01-10-1976, section F-8
Williams, William V (Sr.), b. 01-16-1945, d. 12-08-2002, section G-9
Williamson, Sanford Lawrence, b. 07-14-1922, d. 11-08-1995, section F-10, GM2 US Navy
Wilson, John Albert (Jr.), d. 11-04-2007, age: 69yr, section D-1
Wilson, Robert Martin, b. 10-19-1938, d. 06-08-1991, section D-10
Wolfe, Benjamin H, b. 09-02-1934, d. 02-20-1964, section E-5, SSgt. Co. “B” 63rd Armor
Wolfe, Callie (Hawkins), b. 05-22-1875, d. 08-24-1956, section E-5
Wolfe, Robert Halsey, b. 04-23-1913, d. 05-06-2003, section F-5
Wolfe, Robert Wayne, b. 10-13-1953, d. 10-15-1953, section F-5
Wolfe, Thomas Henry, b. 02-22-1870, d. 02-11-1948, section E-5
Wolfe, Worth B, b. 09-28-1903, d. 05-31-1966, section E-5
Womack, Elizabeth H, b. 6-28-1919, d. 8-4-1997, section C-1
Woodard, Roy E, b. 11-28-1907, d. 12-06-1973, section E-6
Woorard, Grady Allen, b. 12-04-1938, d. 12-04-1938, section E-6
Wozencraft, Marlene E, b. 09-21-1932, d. 09-22-1932, section D-6
Wozencraft, Warren Lynn, b. 09-10-1943, d. 05-20-1970, Capt. US Army, section D-6
Yrabedra, Frank (Jr.), b. 06-17-1920, d. 01-31-2003, section B-9, Sgt. US Army Air Force, 9th Air Force, WW-2
Yrabedra, Le Moyne (Adams), b. 09-24-1923, d. 04-16-2007, section B-9


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