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Mayfield Cemetery
Pulaski County, Missouri

Lat: 37° 47' 07"N, Lon: 92° 03' 59"W
Cullen Twp, Sec 6

Contributed by Sharon Macormic, Apr 12, 2005 [shamac@fidnet.com]. Total records = 17.

To locate Mayfield Cemetery, from Waynesville, take I-44 eastbound towards Rolla. Get off on exit 169 to MO Highway J and take a right. Go exactly 4.5 miles down MO-J until you see a gravel road on the right. Be careful, the road will sneak up on you because it is around a curve and on top of a small hill. There is a sign on the road that says Mayfield Cemetery, so that will tell you that you have found the correct road (No road number available).

Follow this road until you reach a dead end where you have to go left or right. Take the road to the left and follow it all the way to the end. On the way down there, you may see another sign made of metal that says Mayfield Cemetery, just continue following the road you are on and you will find the cemetery.

Along the way to Mayfield you will pass the gravesite of Eliza Jane (Laycock) Thomas on the left. I don't know the story of the Eliza Jane (Laycock) Thomas burial. This grave is right along side the road and it seems that it is visited quite often. This grave is a couple miles from the cemetery and is not connected with the Mayfield cemetery in any way.

The Mayfield Cemetery has not been taken care of for many years. It is very over grown and quite a shame that this has been allowed to happen. I don't think another human has been there for over 20 yrs.

Denise Seevers and I walked this cemetery in November of 2004.

- Sharon Macormic

Bittick, Elizabeth A., b. Sep. 1830, d. Mar. 23, 1880, w/o W.R. Bittick
Copeland, Alfred, b. Jan. 14, 1861, d. Jan. 7, 1882, s/o W.J. & Lucinda Copeland
Datson, Ronnie L., b. Aug. 20, 1865, d. Feb. 15, 1882
Davis, Joshua, d. Jan. 30, 1879 aged 74 years.
Deer, Charles E., b. Mar. 5, 1886, d. Sep. 16, 1886, s/o J.W. & L.V. Deer
Deer, John W., b. Mar. 1, 1846, d. Aug. 7, 1892, h/o Louisa V. Deer
Deer, Lennie E., b. Mar. 31, 1894, d. Aug. 23, 1894, d/o J.W. & L.V. Deer
Deer, Sarah E., b.Mar. 2, 1892, d. Oct. 10, 1892, d/o J.W. & L.V. Deer
Deer, Willie E., b. Jan. 31, 1869, d. Jan. 25, 1883
Lane, W., b. Jan. 5, 1877, d. Jul. 9, 1891, s/o J.E. & M.A. Lane
Mayfield, John J., d. Sep. 7, 1881, age 5 yr. 9 ms.
Mayfield, Sarah, d. Sep. 17, 1881, age 34 yrs. 5 ms. 29 ds., w/of A.S. Mayfield, this stone is broken in half
Schultz, Christopher A., b. Jan. 18, 1854, d. Apr. 16, 1894, h/o Henrietta Bittick
Schultz, Christopher, b. 1884, d. 1884, s/o C. & Henrietta
Schultz, H. S. , Foot stone
Schultz, Henry, b. Jul. 20, 1880, d. Jul. 25, 1880, s/o C. & Henrietta
Schultz, William, b. Dec. 1, 1883, d. Dec. 28, 1884

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