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Hart Cemetery
Dugginsville, Ozark County, Missouri

Contributed by Louise Bias-Hill, Nov 08, 2000 [wezey@webtv.net]. Total records = 102.

Location: From Theodosia, Mo take highway 160 west to P Highway. Turn south (right) several miles. Take the last gravel road on the right before the Dugginsville Church. The cemetery is a few hundred feet on the left.

Thelma Hampton-Bias and I worked together to walk and record this cemetery. Most of the info in parenthesis is information we are providing from our memory. Please contact me with any changes you know for certain about. Hope this helps a lot of you!

- Louise Bias-Hill

Ashmead, Fred C., b. 7-18-1931, d. 3-29-1986, (Leonard Bias' son-in-law, Hazel Bias' husband)
Beasley, Henry Si, b. 12-16-1867, d. 9-16-1946, (Thelma Bias' father)
Bias (Jr.), Hyram, b. 3-3-1862, d. 1-19-1907, (son of Hiram Bias, Sr. & Nancy Jane Tabor)
Bias, Amie Malinda, b. 4-6-1889, d. 2-10-1959, (Friend), (wife of John A. Bias, my grandparents)
Bias, Infant, no dates, son of John Bias
Bias, J. (Johnny) Arnold, b. 10-10-1933, d. 6-10-1991, (James Elva's son)
Bias, James Elva, b. 9-15-1912, d. 12-13-1974, (from tombstone, Married 10-25-1931), (John & Amie's son)
Bias, John Alogan, b. 10-26-1887, d. 11-10-1969
Bias, Leonard, b. 2-23-1908, d. 3-27-1950, (John and Amie's son)
Bias, Thelma Ann (Beasley), b. 3-2-1912, d. 11-15-1976, (James Elva's wife)
Burks, Dorothy Fay, b. 5-27-1960, (Still living), (Truman Burks' wife) (from tombstone, Married 6-19-1985, Children: Jeannie, Debbie, James, Tommy)
Burks, Eva Opal, b. 2-4-1927, (still living, in nursing home Gainesville, MO 1999)
Burks, James, b. 24-1967, d. 8-8-1995, (Eva Opal's son)
Burks, Truman James, b. 4-15-1934, d. 11-13-1996, (Lige Tabor's son-in-law)
Farmer, Infant, b. 5-17-1901, d. 5-17-1901, son of A.E. & F.A.
Friend, Alma, b. 8-12-1915, (still living), (Pate's wife)
Friend, Amanda (Henderson), b. 6-22-1861, d. 8-28-1942 (my great-grandmother)
Friend, Capt. Andie (Andrew), b. 1832, d. Mar 1870, Black Hawk War (I think this is my great-great grandfather)
Friend, Elisha Mills, b. 2-7-1892, d. 4-17-1948, (Pate Friend's brother)(killed in a wreck when riding the mail truck at Lutie (Theodosia now), MO)
Friend, Elisha, b. 2-18-1838, d. 9-17-1913 (My great-grandfather)
Friend, Henry Pate, b. 4-22-1904, d. 2-3-1973, (Amie Bias' brother)
Friend, Israel, b. 1-9-1849, d. 1869
Friend, Joe R., d. 5-15-1932, (from tombstone, Private 51, Infantry, 6 Division)
Friend, Lydie C., b. 7-4-1866, d. 8-5-1931
Friend, Port F., b. 10-1902, d. 10-24-1923 (Elisha and Amanda's son-never married)
Hart, Amy H., b. 10-20-1933, d. 7-4-1986, (possibly Hazel)(Fred Ashmead's wife)
Hart, Charley, b. 9-1-1889, d. 3-3-1959
Hart, Emily, b. 8-14-1851, d. 1-15-1937
Hart, George M. (Dallas), b. 3-4-1845, d. 7-16-1896
Hart, Isaac, b. & d. 11-20-1930, (from tombstone, Infant son of Charlie J and Lottie Hart),
Hart, James K., b. 3-4-1845, d. 12-5-1918
Hart, Lottie, b. 2-25-1896, d. 1-19-1947
Hart, Oliver S., b. 9-9-1892, d. 6-3-1932
Hart, Viola, b. 3-23-1860 (or 90), d. 10-9-1896 (or 90), (from tombstone, daughter of G.M.D. and E. Hart)
Haynes, Mandy M (Taber), b. 11-18-1921, d. 4-22-1993, (Rebecca & Rile Taber's daughter)
Haynes, Virgil J., b. 7-25-1921, (still living), (Mandy's husband)
Henderson, Dump, (from tombstone), b. __ -12-1858 (?), d. 2-6-1986 (?) (Wife of J.B. Henderson, from tombstone) (Killed when thrown from runaway horse)
Henderson, Lucinda J. (Payne?), no dates, (wife of J.W. Henderson)
Henderson, Wes, b. 8-18-1843 (?), d. 11-29-1905
Hensley, Dallas W., b. 2-4-1897, d. 12-__-__, (from tombstone, son of Roscoe & Polly)
Herd, Manda C., b. 2-15-1888, d. 5-17-1914, (from tombstone, daughter of Emily Hart, wife of KG Herd)
Hill, Barney, b. 11-20-1911, d. 4-6-1991
Hillhouse, Ethel Ray (Bias), b. 2-23-1908, d. 10-23-1987, (John & Amie's daughter)
Hillhouse, Fern (Ingram), b. 4-26-1930 (still living)
Hillhouse, Frank, b. 3-29-1906, d. 3-20-1982, (Ethel Ray's husband)
Hillhouse, Harlin, b. 12-15-1926, d. 9-7-1996, (Frank's son)
Hillhouse, Johnnie Alvin, b. 7-3-1929, d. 11-19-1922, (Frank's son)
Ingram, Ava Myrtle, b. 9-28-1893, d. 8-14-1966, (James' wife)
Ingram, Carless, b. 4-25-1912, d. 10-21-1991, (James' son)
Ingram, James M., b. 3-12-1893, d. 1-21-1973
Ingram, Leslie J., b. 1-25-1916, d. 11-6-1989, (James' son)
Jones, Charley Edward, b. 9-3-1915, d. 8-19-1992
Jones, Henry I., b. 3-23-1887 (?), d. 12-14-1958
Jones, Joni C., b. 8-16-1887, d. 10-22-1952. I got an email that said this should be Josie Jones, (Sophia Josephine Long daughter of Eber Lewis Long and Sarah Jane Bias, wife of Henry I. Jones)
Jones, Mildred C., b. 5-13-1920, d. 1-21-1978, (possibly Silas Earl's wife)
Jones, Silas Earl, b. 12-13-1904, d. 10-29-1986, (Henry Jones' son)
Long, Audrey, b. 8-14-1927 (still living), (Nathan's wife)
Long, Daniel Dean, b. & d. 8-6-1936
Long, Dorothy J., b. 10-29-1904, d. 5-3-1977, (Port's wife)(from tombstone, Married 2-11-1923, Children: Nathan, Lola, Blanche, Sie, Hurble, Daniel, Albert)
Long, E.L. (Eber Lewis), b. 4-22-1852, d. 2-11-1929 (son of Nathan Enoch Long and Nancy Jane Lewis)
Long, James Daniel, b. 10-30-1978, d. 11-12-1978, (Port & Dorothy's son)
Long, N.E., b. 6-26-1810, d. 10-15-1972 (Nathan Enoch Long, Eber Lewis Long's father)
Long, Nathan, b. 1-4-1924, d. 9-5-1980, (Port Long's son)
Long, Port Ewing , b. 3-16-1896, d. 2-8-1980
Long, S. E. (Silas Eastman?), b. 7-4-1876, d. 8-3-1902. According to an email, this should be S. E. Long (Silas Eastman Long of Eber Lewis Long and Sarah Jane Bias, married Mary Henderson)
Long, Sarah (Jane)(Bias), b. 11-7-1856, d. 11-17-1927 (daughter of Hiram Bias and Nancy Tabor wife of Eber Lewis Long)
Martin, Ida Forest, b. 7-29-1923 (still living)
McBride, Jackie, d. 10-30-1973
McBride, Nina Sue, b. 7-8-1951, d. 7-7-1974, (Leonard Bias's daughter)
Parks, Truman W., b. 10-3-1922, d. 2-12-1966
Risley, Adair Minkley, b. 4-15-1918, d. 11-27-1995
Risley, Cephis, b. 8-8-1911, d. 1-9-1992, (Adair's brother, deaf mute)
Risley, George Newton "Newt", b. 5-12-1871, d.3-18-1960, (Adair and Sephis' father)
Risley, Silas R. (Richard?), (husband of Matilda tombstone, Private, Co. G, 46 Reft, MO, Infantry (Civil War)
Risley, William Kelley, b. 1-8-1869, d. 7-1-1943, ("Kellsaw")
Schofield, J. E. (Ocie), b. 6-7-1905, d. 6-23-1929
Selong?, Silas, b. 1890, d. 2-8-1899. According to an email, this should be Charlie Jackson Long, b. May 4, 1890 (son of Eber Lewis Long and Sarah Jane Bias)
Stewart, Barbara A., b, 5-10-1910 (still living), (Bert's wife),(from tombstone, Children: David, Paul, Pauline, Carl, Dale, Patricia, Sandra)
Stewart, Bert W., b. 1-14-1904, d. 12-18-1981
Taber, Hobert, b. 10-7-1923, d. 11-19-1974
Taber, Lee (George), b. 7-14-1930, d. 10-19-1977, (Called "L.G.", Claude & Maggie's son)
Taber, Leige, b. 12-16-1881, d. 4-22-1959
Taber, Maggie Mae (Beasley, b. 8-24-1901, d. 6-27-199__, (Called "L.G.", Claude & Maggie's son)
Taber, Nellie F., b. 6-2-1897, d 2-4-1988, (Leige's wife)
Taber, Noma R., b. 4-20-1919, d. 5-2-1994
Taber, Otis, b. 5-10-1920, d. 6-1-1994
Taber, Rebecca, b. 1896, d. 1954
Tabor Infant, no dates, Riley Tabor Infant
Tabor Infant, no dates, Riley Tabor Infant
Tabor Infant, no dates, Riley Tabor Infant
Tyson, Edna E., b. 11-19-1879, d. 11-11-1899 (from tombstone, daughter of JW and FJ Tyson)
Weiher Infant, son of D.A. & E.
Weiher, ?, b. 12-14-1909, d. 12-14-1909
Weiher, Andrew, b. 9-10-1863, d. 11-26-1920
Weiher, Ellen, b. 1-8-1905, d. 1945
Weiher, Eual Shelby, b. 12-14-1909, d. 3-7-1910
Weiher, Martin Luther, b. 9-8-1886, d. 1-3-1909
Wells, B.P. (Perl), b. 8-29-1980, d. 10-16-1967, (Mary Well's husband)
Wells, Mary F., b. 8-26-1877, d. 7-31-1959
Whitaker, J.D., b. 11-14-1914, d. 6-5-1992
Whitaker, Mary E. (Ingram), b. 4-25-1928 (still living), (James Ingram's daughter)
Wiggins, L. Ray, b. 10-29-1906, d. 5-8-1996

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