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I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Neosho, Newton County, Missouri

Contributed and recorded by Doris Snyder, March 31, 2000 [dsnyder@ipa.net]. Total records = 6,728.

Tackett, Howard Dewayne, Sr., d.12/24/1993, Born 5/31/1946, Clark Funeral Home
Tague, Crecia, d.2/9/1945, Age 74 yrs, Bigham Service
Tague, J. N., d.1/10/1948, Age 86 yrs, Frank Tague, son, Thompson Service
Tague, Mrs. I. N., d.2/2/1918
Taicket, Paul, d.3/6/1986, Family Only
Taiclet, (Baby), d.1907
Taiclet, Able J., d.9/19/1942, Age 66 yrs, Thompson Service
Taiclet, Frank A., d.12/18/1939, Age 66 yrs 8 mo 18 days, Thompson Service
Taiclet, Frank T., d.11/28/1928, Age 77 yrs
Taiclet, Harry O., d.1904
Taiclet, Jesse L., d.2/10/1934, Age 33 yrs 2 mo 6 days, Asphyxiation gas accidental, Thompson Service
Taiclet, Jodie R., d.1919, Age 17 yrs
Taiclet, Joseph E., d.1935, Age 57 yrs
Taiclet, Lois, d.1917
Taiclet, Mamie, d.7/13/1915, Age 63 yrs, born 8/7/1851
Taiclet, Mary E., d.1949, Age 66 yrs, 1883-1949
Taiclet, Mary E., d.9/15/1928, Age 6 mos, born 3/18/1928
Taiclet, Viola F., d.6/16/1952, Age 80 yrs, Thompson Service
Talley, ?, d.4/14/1987, Clark Funeral Home
Talley, Jesse E., d.1926, Mary Talley Williams ?
Talley, Lawrence, d.1/23/1982, Age 88 yrs, Clark
Tallon, Thomas James, d.11/25/83, Age 41 yrs, died at Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico, Clark
Tanner, Fred M., d.10/5/1906, Age 40 yrs, Dropsy, died at Carthage, Missouri
Tanquay, Martha Lee, d.4/18/1933, Age 5 yrs, killed in accident
Tanquay, Mrs. Mabel, d.4/18/1933, Age 44 yrs, killed in accident
Tanttari, Dorothy, d.6/1/1997, Born 12/17/1907, dbl marker, Uno & Dorothy, Clark Funeral Home
Tanttari, Uno M., d.8/23/1968, Age 63 yrs, Heart Attack, Clark Service, Mrs. Dorothy Tanttari, wife
Tarbill, John, d.1/14/1873, Age 46 yrs
Tarrant, (Infant), d.10/3/1911, Stillborn infant of G. W. Tarrant
Tarrant, G. W., d.11/23/1937, Age 47 yrs
Tarrant, Giles D., d.9/1/1963, Age 63 yrs 4 mo, Circulatory Failure, Davis & Davis Funeral Home, Kirksville, Missouri, Annabelle Tarrant, wife, late of Kirksville, Missouri
Tarrant, Nelle, d.2/1/1986, Clark Funeral Home
Tatum, Mrs. B. F. nee Tod McElhaney, d.11/5/1943, Age 66 yrs, died at St. Louis, Neimeyer Funeral Home, Pierce City
Taylor, Agnes (McCreary), d.7/2/1991, Born 4/19/1913, Clark Funeral Home
Taylor, Amy, d.1/20/74, Age 78 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Taylor, Annie N., d.7/16/66, Age 80 yrs, M. M. Taylor, husband, Clark Service
Taylor, Anthony W., d.11/13/1940, Age 74 yrs
Taylor, Bertha H., d.3/29/79, Age 80 yrs, Worley Funeral Home, Grove, Oklahoma
Taylor, C. B., d.1921, Purchased by Mrs. C. B. Taylor
Taylor, Charlotte, d.4/26/1996, Born 1/5/1922, Clark Funeral Home
Taylor, Daniel C., d.1/31/??, Age 53 yrs 8 mo 6 days, Appelixee, Dr. Yates
Taylor, Francis E., d.7/28/1906, Age 27 yrs 8 mo 20 days, Inf. Of Ovaries, surg. Operation, shipped from City Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts
Taylor, Garland Leslie, d.2/15/1993, Born 10/5/1915
Taylor, J. G., d.8/3/1914
Taylor, James P., d.10/11/1929, Age 53 yrs
Taylor, Juniata, d.2/4/1911, Age 63 yrs
Taylor, Maggie, d.7/24/1888
Taylor, Manyou, d.1/23/1888, Age 5 yrs
Taylor, Mary A., d.1924, Age 46 yrs
Taylor, Mary D., d.9/6/1897, Age 35 yrs 7 days, Cancer of womb, Dr. Benton
Taylor, Mary E., d.11/27/1901, Old age & Rheumatism
Taylor, May, d.10/22/1922, Age 6 yrs
Taylor, Melville M., d.11/26/1975, Clark Funeral Home, born 3/16/1885
Taylor, Milville, No date
Taylor, S. S., Co. B, 138 Ind, Inf
Taylor, S. S., d.7/8/1907, Age 71 yrs 4 mo 23 days, Bright Disease, Dr. Bowles
Taylor, Sallie, d.1/9/1902, Age 29 yrs
Taylor, Sarah, d.12/8/1915
Taylor, Saul, d.7/24/1943, Age 72 yrs, Thompson Service
Taylor, William, d.1/8/1948, Age 79 yrs, Thompson Service
Teagarden, Gerald Edmond, d.2/7/67, Clark Funeral Home
Teagarden, Marguerite Mayrce, d.6/3/67, Age 52 yrs, Clark Service, Gerald Teagarden, husband
Teel, Fred C., d.3/6/1964, Age 71 yrs, Heart Failure, Jonny Teel, wife, Clark Service
Teel, Jonnie, d.11/11/74, Clark Funeral Home
Temple, Elizabeth Burton, d.1/11/67, Age 87 yrs, NW1/8 Lot 269, 1926 addn, Old age, Clark Service, Mrs. Young, daughter
Tennis, Ralph E., d.10/14/1990, Born 10/11/1904, Clark Funeral Home
Tennison, Lena Mae, d.2/9/1927, Age 22 yrs
Tennison, Mrs. J. J., d.6/8/1927
Tennison, Mrs. J. J., d.6/8/1927
Terry, Clyde M., d.10/26/1979, Age 72 yrs, died in Joplin, Missouri, Parker Mortuary, Joplin
Testerman, Elmer L., d.3/4/1976, Age 71 yrs 9 days, Clark Funeral Home
Testerman, John C., d.11/30/1951, Age 60 yrs, Clark -Bigham Service
Testerman, Stanley Leroy, d.7/17/70, Age 51 yrs, Clark Home, Zack Testerman, brother
Thacher, Lavena L., d.10/23/1900, Age 65 yrs
Thacher, William, d.1886, Age 71 yrs
Thacker, Don, d.4/18/1998, Born 5/27/1916, Clark Funeral Home
Thain, Agnes, d.8/27/1932
Thain, Andrew E., d.11/27/65, Age 89 yrs, Senility, Mrs. Priscilla Soutar, nice, Thompson Service
Thain, David, d.3/16/1918
Thain, David, d.3/16/1918
Thain, David, d.11/22/1953, Age 72 yrs, Thompson Service
Thain, Emma, No date
Thain, James L., d.8/22/1954, Age 67 yrs, Thompson Service
Thain, John E., d.9/1/1961, Age 81 yrs, Thompson Service
Thain, Margaret, d.1928
Thain, Mary, d.12/3/1964, Age 61 yrs 6 mos 26 days, Carcinoma of the Breast, Thompson Service, A. E. Thain, father
Thain, Ora, d.3/28/73, Age 89 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Thain, Scotto O., d.12/5/1956, Age 90 yrs, Thompson Service
Thayer, Barto Raymond, d.12/23/74, Age 78 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Thayer, Cecila May, d.3/19/1984, Age 86 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Thielen, Albert M., d.4/4/1950, Age 68 yrs, Thompson Service
Thielen, Julia, d.11/17/1964, Age 73 yrs, Thompson Service
Thom, Bertha E., d.6/14/1962, Age 87 yrs
Thom, Joel James, d.1927, Age 81 yrs
Thom, Meta E., d.6/26/1921, Age 49 yrs
Thom, Mother, d.10/11/1921, Age 74 yrs
Thomas, A. J., d.1/13/1936, Age 77 yrs, born in Arkansas
Thomas, Alma I., d.5/26/83, Age 71 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Thomas, Bennie L., d.8/15/1986, Age 73 yrs, Thomas Funeral Home, Picher, Oklahoma
Thomas, Bryan, d.1921
Thomas, Hettie E., d.4/27/76, Age 76 yrs 5 mo 3 days, Freund Thompson, W. A. Rt. 1, Goodman, Box 131
Thomas, John, d.4/8/83, Age 73 yrs, died at St. John's in Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Thomas, Johnny Virl, d.12/14/1963, Age 25 yrs, Killed in auto accident, Carol Thomas, wife, Mr. & Mrs. John Thomas, parents, Clark Service
Thomas, Lena Mae, d.7/13/1917, Age 19 mo
Thomas, Louvina, d.12/15/1993, Born 11/2/1902, Clark Funeral Home
Thomas, Marvin, d.2/22/78, Clark Funeral Home
Thomas, Mary, d.7/2/1937, Age 71 yrs
Thomas, Mary, d.7/30/1937, Age 71 yrs
Thomas, Maude, d.1923, Age 36 yrs
Thomas, Merit, d.12/29/1915, Age 77 yrs
Thomas, Rebekah, d.4/25/1901, Age 54 yrs 11 mo 13 days, Pneumonia & Heart, Dr. Lamson
Thomas, Roy Paul, d.7/20/1955, Age 65 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Thomas, Sarah Gwendolyn, d.5/19/1969, Age 68 yrs 3 mo 10 days, Clark Service
Thomas, Vella Crouch, d.4/8/1992, Born 12/12/1891, died at Firebaugh, CA, Clark Funeral Home
Thomas, William, d.9/23/1995, Born 7/15/1898, Clark Funeral Home
Thompson, Clavella Mae, d.7/16/67, Age 76 yrs, Complications, Thompson Service, 2 nieces from Mississippi
Thompson, Corley, Sr., d.1/7/70, Thompson Funeral Home, Corley Thompson, Jr., son
Thompson, William, d.5/7/1957, Age 77 yrs
Thompson, William, d.12/9/1870, Age 41 yrs
Thornberry, Addie F., d.10/29/1954, Age 72 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Thornberry, Arthur L., d.1917, Age 38 yrs
Thornberry, Denzel, d.1908, Age 5 yrs
Thornberry, Edgar, d.11/5/1949, Age 69 yrs, Bigham Service
Thornberry, Ezra, d.1950, Age 92 yrs
Thornberry, Ida, d.1945, Age 64 yrs
Thornberry, Illa E., d.1912, Age 3 yrs
Thornberry, John C., d.1897, Age 93 yrs
Thornberry, Maria E., d.1916, Age 54 yrs
Thornberry, Sophronia, d.1912, Age 93 yrs
Thorne, Jerry V., d.7/4/1995, Born 2/19/1949, died in traffic accident, wife Janice died 7/12/1991, Clark Funeral Home
Thorne, Timothy R., d.9/1946
Thorson, Ellen V., d.1/10/1983, Age 69 yrs, Clark
Thronberry, Elsie, d.9/22/1997, Born 10/2/1936, Clark Funeral Home
Thurman, Ada, d.5/18/1966, Age 85 yrs, Thompson Service
Thurman, Bertha, d.4/8/75, Age 65 yrs, Clark Funeral
Thurman, Elmer O., d.11/15/1979, Age 84 yrs, died at Sale Memorial, Clark Funeral Home
Thurman, Gordon Wayne, d.11/24/1980, Age 22 yrs, Clark
Thurman, I. R., d.9/20/1899, Age 54 yrs, paralysis, Dr. Yates
Thurman, Irene, d.1/2/1922, Age 4 yrs
Thurman, Isaac, d.9/20/1899, Age 44 yrs
Thurman, Isabella, d.2/19/1947, Age 85 yrs
Thurman, J. K., d.2/8/1916
Thurman, J. K., d.2/24/1920
Thurman, James T., d.4/7/1936, Age 84 yrs
Thurman, James T., d.4/17/1936, Age abt. 75 yrs
Thurman, Job, d., Co H 6th Kansas Cav
Thurman, Joseph, d.12/9/1943, Age 73 yrs, Thompson Service
Thurman, Juanita, d.2/12/1944, Age 32 yrs, Bigham Service, Adams Lot
Thurman, Katherine Vierkamp, d.9/8/1964, Age 70 yrs, Myocardial Infarction, W. E. Vierkamp, Jr., son; Mrs. Violet McNabb, foster daughter
Thurman, Kenneth, d.12/17/1944, Age 22 yrs
Thurman, Lillie May, d.5/21/1966, Age 87 yrs, Senility, Thompson Service, Miss Pressie Smith, niece
Thurman, Mark Allen, d.4/29/1985, Age 21 yrs, died at Colorado Springs, Colorado, Clark
Thurman, Martha, d.1/30/1986, Age 28 yrs 5 mo 26 days, Cancer of Bowels
Thurman, Martha Jane, d.12/3/1925, Age 82 yrs
Thurman, Mrs. May, d.4/26/1933, Age 57 yrs 1 mo 21 days, Burned
Thurman, O. E., d.1922
Thurman, Onita F., d.2/24/83, Age 88 yrs, died at Mesa, Arizona, Bunkers Garden Chapel, Mesa
Thurman, Ray Mayfield, No date
Thurman, Roy, d.6/28/1986, Age 53 yrs, Clark
Thurman, William, No date
Thurman, William Jackson, d.6/3/1969, Age 82 yrs, Leukemia granulocytic, Berryman Funeral Home, Cozad, Nebraska, Mrs. Ruth Sutherland, sister
Tichenor, Lena, d.5/18/76, Ozark Funeral Home, Anderson, Missouri, Cleo Tichenor, husband
Tidd, George M., d.2/7/71, Age 65 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Tidy, Amanda, d.4/4/1894, Age 35 yrs 2 mos 9 days, Heart, shipped from Rock Springs
Tiede, Emil L., d.8/2/1965, Age 72 yrs, Coronary, Blance Tiede, wife, Clark Service
Tilton, Etta, d.9/10/1961, Age 94 yrs, Clark Service
Tilton, Peter, d.11/1/1943, Age 83 yrs, Thompson Service
Tippit, Bernard, d.4/24/1935, Age 21 yrs, Thompson Service
Tippit, Francis L., d.3/22/1935, Age 1 yr, Thompson Service
Tippit, Rachel, d.3/22/1935, Age 22 yrs, Thompson Service
Tobrine, John, d.4/11/1891, Age 74 yrs 2 mo 18 days, Rheumatism, died at Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Tock, George, d.10/5/1980, Age 86 yrs, died at Webb City, Missouri, Freund-Thompson
Tock, George, Jr., d.7/31/1946, Age 20 yrs, Thompson Service
Tock, Joseph, d.1/4/1932, Age 68 yrs, Bigham Service
Tock, Martha, d.3/17/1936, Age 73 yrs, Bigham Service
Todd, Arthur, d.1917, Age 15 yrs
Todd, Wm., d.1918
Tolbeck, John, d.11/1/1943, Age 76 yrs, late of Joplin, Missouri, Hurlburt Service
Tolbeck, Lottie, d.4/24/67, Age 84 yrs, Congestive Heat Failure, Homer & August Kruse, brothers, Thompson Service
Tomlinson, James H., d.3/22/1953, Age 46 yrs
Tontalli, Frank, d.8/5/1911, Killed by train
Tooley, Cecilia, d.5/15/1953, Age 26 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Tooley, Harry Myrle, d.12/8/1963, Born at Monroe City, Missouri, late of Neosho, Dona Tooley, wife, Clark Service
Tooley, Joseph, d.7/20/1999, Born 4/27/1923, H. M. Tooley, father, Clark Funeral Home
Torrance, Dora E., d.2/24/1961, Age 77 yrs, Clark Service
Torrance, Gordan P., d.5/26/1957, Age 72 yrs, Clark Service
Torrey, Louise, d.4/1/1994, Born 7/6/1911, died at Joplin, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Townsley, Amanda, d.7/5/1945, Age 81 yrs (Townsby)
Townsley, Mr., d.1928
Tractor, James H., d.2/24/1906, Age 75 yrs 26 days, paralysis, Dr. Foster
Tracy, Craig M., d.9/26/1991, Born 10/13/1969, died at Joplin, MO, Suicide, Clark Funeral Home
Trainer, Mary, d.1/17/1895, Age 31 yrs, Cancer, Dr. Benton, Sister of Mrs. J. B. Murry
Trainer, Mary J., d.11/14/1890, Age 2 yrs
Trau, (Infant), d.1/16/1928, Infant of F. & Ella Trau
Trau, Ella Mae, d.10/20/1967, Age 65 yrs, Thompson Service, Heart Attack
Trau, Francis, d.1950
Traylor, Frances P., d.1905, Age 27 yrs
Tretbar, Carlie May, d.12/3/77, Age 73 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Tretbar, Charles, d.10/31/1936, Age 74 yrs, Bigham Service
Tretbar, George, d.12/7/1965, Age 69 yrs 11 mo 10 days, Heart Trouble, Clark Service, Leland & Geo., Jr., sons
Tretbar, Louis, d.11/23/1931, Age 38 yrs, Bigham Service
Tretbar, Mary, d.3/13/1944, Age 74 yrs, Bigham Service
Tretbar, Quinn, d.1950, Age 70 yrs
Trickett, Dean, This body disinterred and taken to Memorial Park Mausoleum, Tulsa, Oklahoma 2/2/65
Trickett, John Theo, d.4/27/1905, Age 48 yrs 7 mo 12 days, Typhoid & Malaria, Dr. Van Cleve
Trickett, May, d.9/13/1944, Age 90 yrs
Trittipoe, Guy Emmert, d.10/22/1963, Age 71 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home, Mary E. Trittipoe, wife, natural causes
Trittipoe, Mary Ruth, d.2/26/1985, Clark Funeral Home
Trotman, Charles, d.1/2/1938, Age 77 yrs, Bigham Service
Trotter, Ilene, d.7/13/1986, Age 61 yrs, Clark
Troupe, Lawrence Eugene, d.1/31/1982, Age 74 yrs, Clark
Troupe, Stephen E., d.9/22/1959, Stillborn, Thompson Service
Truex, Edward, d.9/21/1937, Age 71 yrs
Truex, Jennie, d.5/2/1934, Age 65 yrs
Trwex, E. E., d.9/22/193, Age 71 yrs, on Charles Gratz card
Trwex, E. E., d.9/22/193, Age 71 yrs, on Charles Gratz card
Trwex, Mrs. Jennie, d.5/2/1932, Age 65 yrs, on Charles Gratz card
Trwex, Mrs. Jennie, d.5/2/1932, Age 65 yrs, on Charles Gratz card
Tubbs, Geo. K., d.12/11/1903, Age 15 days, Heart Trouble, Dr. Benton
Tubbs, H. Frank, d.6/30/1913
Tubbs, Seth A., d.1/10/1901, Age 1 mo 12 days, Pneumonia
Tucker, John, d.12/29/73, Clark Funeral Home
Tucker, Martha, d.12/7/1937, Age 62 yrs, died at Joplin
Tucker, Mrs. B. O., d.6/17/1907, Age 38 yrs, Dr. Benton
Tuder, (Infant), d.4/8/1912
Tuder, (Stillborn), d.12/31/1909, Stillborn child of D. W. Tuder, Dr. Benton
Tudor, Milton, d.3/20/1982, Age 73 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Clark
Tuessinly, Bessie, d.8/19/1912, Suicide
Tuggle, (Charles Tuggle's Father), No date
Tuggle, (Charles Tuggle's Mother), No date
Tuggle, Bessie V., d.4/15/1964, Stroke, Charles Tuggle, husband, Clark Service
Tuggle, Charles, d.1920
Tuggle, Charles, d.12/18/65, Age 74 yrs, Heart Trouble, Mrs. Edythe Rankin & Dorsey Tuggle, daughter & son, Clark Service
Tuggle, Lucinda, d.3/30/1920, Born 1/18/1856
Tuggle, Mrs. Bertha, d.3/24/1937, Age 34 yrs, Tuberculosis, wife of B. B. Tuggle
Tuggle, William Jackson, d.9/27/1925, Born 5/8/1852
Tulkerson, Margaret, d.7/13/1876, Age 63 yrs
Tull, Lenore, d.5/9/1958, Age 22 yrs, Clark Service
Turner, (Infant), d.4/21/1942, Mr. & Mrs. Glen Turner, parents
Turner, A. V., d.1/10/1906, Age 56 yrs 7 mos 15 days, Peritonitis, Dr. Lamson
Turner, Donald Ray, d.6/2/83, Age 46 yrs, Clark
Turner, Lester, d.1949
Turner, Mary Edwinna, d.4/29/77, Clark Funeral Home
Turner, Nancy, d.12/23/1940, Age 70 yrs, Thompson Service
Turner, Ralph, d.12/18/75, Clark Service
Turner, Ralph L., d.1942
Turner, Richard J., d.4/18/1949, Age 87 yrs, Thompson Service
Tyler, Ray Carl, d.1/2/1964, Age 78 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, Ruth Tyler, wife, Emphysema, Chronic Pulmonary Disease & Fibrosis
Tyler, Ruth, d.9/10/76, Clark Funeral Home
Uhler, George W., d.10/13/1921, Clark-Bigham Service
Uhles, (Infant), d.2/21/1910, Age 5 mos, infant of R. D. Uhles, Dr. Wills
Underwood, Baldwin, d.6/19/1880, Age 89 yrs
Underwood, Margaret, d.1/30/1863, Age 69 yrs
Unknown Body, d.8/10/1909, Abt. 21 yrs, killed on Frisco Railroad
Unknown Body, d.7/27/1907, Abt. 40 yrs, killed at KCS Railroad crossing by KCS Freight
Unknown Body, d.2/8/1090, Abt. 40 yrs, killed on KCS Railroad
Unknown Body, Buried 9/3/77, Original part of cemetery
Upton, Fred G., d.2/28/1967, Age 83 yrs, old age, Clark Service
Upton, Winnifred, d.4/3/1948, Age 61 yrs, Thompson Service
Utterback, Dorothy L., d.6/19/1985, Age 75 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Clark
Utterback, Orville, d.1/26/74, Age 61 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Utterback, Sandra Sue, d.12/15/1993, Born 10/25/1935, died at Grove, OK, Clark Funeral Home
Vaic, Joe J., d.5/29/1901, Age 38 yrs 9 mo 26 days, Blood Poison, Dr. Cullers
Vail, Abigial, d.4/4/1934, Age 73 yrs
Vail, Anna, d.8/16/1935, Age 40 yrs, next to J. J. Vail
Vail, J. J., d.5/29/1901, Age 39 yrs
Van Allen, Elsie M., d.3/18/74, Age 80 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Van Allen, Fletcher, d.5/3/1967, Age 87 yrs, Cremated, Bronchopneumonia, Clark Service
Van Burren, Wayne E., d.5/2/1974, Age 41 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Van Cleve, Amelia, d.2/5/1907, Age 50 yrs 3 mo 1 day, Gastritis, Dr. Bowers
Van Riper, Charles, Age 76 yrs 7 mo 23 days, Uremic poison, Dr. Foster
Van Riper, Mary, d.1922, Age 89 yrs
Vandergriff, Frances, d.2/6/1987, Clark Funeral Home
Vandergriff, James Peter, Jr., d.8/7/1969, Age 88 yrs 6 mo 29 days, Clark Funeral Home
Vassar, Blanche, d.7/7/1943, Age 62 yrs, Bigham Service
Vassar, Jessie, d.4/23/1941, Age 66 yrs 3 mo 25 days, Bigham Service
Vassar, Vivian, d.3/24/1958, Age 51 yrs, Thompson Service
Vassar, Wilma, d.1/25/83, Age 74 yrs, Freund-Thompson Chapel
Vaughan, Clarence, d.5/20/1937, Age 29 yrs, Thompson Service
Vaughn, Kenneth Ray, d.12/14/1954, Age 2 mos, Thompson Service
Vaughn, Nancy Kay, d.1/15/1956, Age 1 yr, Thompson Service
Vawter, Albert C., d.1/8/1947, Age 76 yrs, Thompson Service, Frances J. Vawter, wife
Veercamp, Franz, d.4/13/1973, Age 76 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Veerkamp, Harold, d.2/13/1957, Age 65 yrs, Thompson Service
Veerkamp, Lydia C., d.10/31/1953, Age 88 yrs, Thompson Service
Veerkamp, Mr. Orris, d.2/14/1920
Veerkamp, Mrs. Kathryn, d.9/8/64, Age 70 yrs, Thompson Service, Mrs. Violet McNabb, stepdaughter, W. E. Veerkamp, son
Veerkamp, W. E., No date
Vernon, W. A., d.1888, Age 35 yrs
Vessels, Charles, d.11/5/1932, Age 67 yrs
Vest, Jacob, d.7/21/1943, Age 63 yrs 11 mo 5 days, Heart Trouble, Bigham Service
Vest, Joe, d.1/22/1907, Age 58 yrs 4 mo 10 days, Abscess of Throat, Dr. Benton and Weems
Vest, Minnie, d.11/17/1967, Age 83 yrs, Thompson Service, Stanley Vest, son
Vest, Mrs. Nellie, d.3/18/1933, Abt. 65 yrs, died in Springfield, Missouri
Vest, Percy A., d.11/17/1932, Killed by Officers at Columbus, Kansas
Vest, Sam, d.9/11/1939, Age 32 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri
Vickery, Anna H., d.8/21/1923
Viles, J. June, d.9/3/1961, Age 72 yrs, Thompson Service
Viles, Nelson E., d.1/17/74, Age 83 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Virgin, Jessie Arleigh, d.4/1/1896, Age 5 mo 2 days, brain, Dr. Lamson
Virgin, John Charles, d.6/28/1901, Age 12 yrs 10 mo 5 days, Consumption
Virgin, Sarah E., d.8/5/1896, Age 32 yrs, Consumption, Dr. Van Cleve
Voorhies, J. P., d.1929, Age 63 yrs
Voorhies, Jannett D., d.6/2/73, Age 90 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Vosburg, Diana Wiley, d.8/12/1902, Age 66 yrs 3 mo 24 days, Bright's Disease, Dr. Yates
Vosburg, M., d.8/23/1909, Age 71 yrs 3 mo 23 dys, Kidney Trouble, Dr. was hospital surgeon, shipped from Kansas City, Missouri
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