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I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Neosho, Newton County, Missouri

Contributed and recorded by Doris Snyder, March 31, 2000 [dsnyder@ipa.net]. Total records = 6,728.

Sable, Arthur, d.1948, Age 75 yrs
Sable, James W., d.1914, Age 75 yrs
Sable, Mrs. Sarah, d.4/18/1941, Age 90 yrs 3 mos 22 days, Bigham Service
Sale, Canie, d.12/20/1942, Age 70 yrs, Bigham Service
Sale, O. A., d.1/27/1941, Age 52 yrs, Bigham Service
Sale, Onal C., D.D.S., d.7/21/83, Age 63 yrs, Clark
Sale, Stephen, d.4/21/1937, Age 76 yrs, Bigham Service
Sanders, Kate, d.6/15/1962, Age 75 yrs, Thompson Service
Sanders, R. L., d.7/30/1939, Age 66 yrs
Sanders, Robert O., d.1940, Age 56 yrs
Sanders, Sandy, d.4/12/1996, Born 3/10/1930, Clark Funeral Home
Sandrige, Mrs. E. E., d.8/17/1906, Age 83 yrs 2 mo 19 days, Paralysis, old age, Dr. Lamson
Sands, Ellen, d.8/3/1870, Age 20 yrs
Sands, Julie, d.11/10/1872, Age 63 yrs
Sansbury, Dr. Marvin O., d.2/22/1962, Age 71, Clark Service
Sansbury, Frances Vernon, d.9/15/1964, Late of Tucson, Arizona, Clark Funeral Home, George Sansbury, husband
Sansbury, Geo. (Probably Bryan), d.12/20/1917, One grave, Bryan Sansbury
Sansbury, George, Sr., d.6/11/1965, Age 97 yrs, late of Tucson, Arizona, George Standbury, Jr., Tucson, son, Clark Service
Sansbury, Gordon B., d.1/5/1918, Soldier
Sansbury, Mary, d.2/21/1957, Age 66 yrs, Thompson Service
Sansom, Adah, d.2/14/1991, Born 8/18/1896, Clark Funeral Home
Sansom, George Ray, d.8/27/1952, Age 63 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Sappington, George P., d.2/1/70, Ruth Sappington, wife, Clark Funeral Home
Sappington, Ruth D., d.10/29/1981, Age 68 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Sardahl, Velda, d.4/1/1999, Born 2/27/1944, Clark Funeral Home
Sargent, Thomas W., d.2/3/1962, Age 1 day
Sartin, Carmel Gene, d.8/1/1956, Age 19 yrs, Clark Service
Sartin, Nora, d.4/22/1967, Age 68 yrs, Clark Service
Sartin, William R., d.12/17/78, Clark Funeral Home
Sater, Mrs. W. J., d.6/11/1913, Joseph Abbott, father; Sarah Abbott, mother; Willis John Sater, husband, born in North Carolina
Satterfield, E. V., d.1961, Age 65 yrs
Satterfield, Mellie L., d.10/22/1980, Died at Branson, Missouri
Saunders, Beatrice, d.2/2/1890, Age 4 yrs
Saunders, Henry, d.4/25/1930, Bigham Service
Savage, Frank, d.12/16/1948, Age 61 yrs, Heart Attack, Thompson Service
Savage, Grace F., d.4/30/1991, Born 9/14/1917, Clark Funeral Home
Savage, Norma, d.3/12/76, Age 80 yrs 8 mos 16 days, Freund Thompson
Saxon, Jess E., d.3/26/74, Age 88 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Saxton, G. M., d.7/24/1911, Age 79 yrs 10 mos 11 days, Cron. Peritonitis
Saxton, G. M., d.7/11/1911
Saxton, H. P., d.11/27/1928
Saxton, Henry, d.3/14/1901, Age 64 yrs 11 mo 14 days, Euremia, Dr. Yates
Saxton, Henry, d.3/15/1901
Saxton, Henryetta, d.2/22/1921
Saxton, Liddia, d.5/31/1952, Age 77 yrs
Saxton, Mrs. Phena Louise, d.4/14/1935, Age 89 yrs 2 mos 12 days, Thompson Service
Saxton, Nettie, d.5/8/1933, Age 57 yrs, Thompson Service
Saxton, Thomas M., d.2/5/1936, Age 65 yrs, Thompson Service
Sayers, Celena, d.4/21/1887, Age 27 yrs
Scales, Erastus, d.5/8/1900, Age 87 yrs 21 days, Senile & Gangrene, Dr. Benton
Scales, Harritt, d.2/14/1898, Age 65 yrs 7 mo 5 days, cancer in mouth, Dr. Lamson
Schadel, Hugo, d.7/10/1912, Age 55 yrs
Schadel, W. S., d.8/10/1912
Schantz, Margaret Ann Petty (Landis), d.11/28/1996, Born 10/23/1921 in South Newton County, MO, died at Jefferson City, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Scherick, Ambrose, d.3/28/1899, Age 74 yrs 2 mos 11 days, Heart & Dropsy, Dr. Willis
Scherick, Ruth, d.3/9/1901, Age 14 days, Spasms
Schirck, Mrs., d.7/3/1909, Old age, shipped from Pittsburg, Kansas
Schirk, (Infant), d.7/24/1903, Stillborn of Will Schirk
Schlagel, (Infant), d.6/13/1941, Stillborn infant of Dr. F. M. Schlagel (Francis & Lola), Thompson Service
Schluester, Gilbert G., d.10/20/1958, Age 37 yrs, Thompson Service
Schluntz, Arianna, d.12/12/1975, Freund Thompson Service
Schmolke, Aloys, d.1912, Age 80 yrs
Schmolke, Laura May, d.2/28/1895, Age 17 yrs 8 mo 4 days, Pneumonia, Dr. Yates
Schmolke, Mrs. Anna (Laderach), d.1/26/1945, Age 98 yrs 10 mo 21 days
Schneider, Edward, d.5/29/1986, Age 81 yrs, Clark
Schneider, Elizabeth, d.9/28/1990, Born 3/29/1905, Clark Funeral Home
Schoenborn, Earnest, d.1/21/1894, Age 62 yrs, La Gripp
Schoetker, Alfred, d.7/25/1957, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Service
Schoetker, Lula Belle, d.12/22/1979, Age 92 yrs, died at Neosho, Clark Funeral Home
Schonborn, Louise, d.10/8/1876, Age 18 yrs
Schrier, Minerva annie, d.4/30/1939, Age 79 yrs, brought from Joplin, Missouri
Schuler, Emile, d.3/2/1940, Age 69 yrs, Thompson Service
Schulntz, Carl Hans, d.3/16/78, Freund Thompson Service
Schultz, William A., d.2/27/1957, Age 66 yrs
Schumaker, Daisy Buford, d.11/22/1969, Age 74 yrs 2 mo 19 days, Clark Funeral Home, John Schumaker, husband
Schumaker, George, d.11/9/1957, Age 74 yrs, Thompson Service
Schumaker, Ida, d.1/15/1920, Age 30 yrs, George Schumaker, husband
Schumaker, John A., d.6/26/1984, Age 95 yrs, Clark
Schumaker, Maude, d.1/14/1986, Age 93 yrs, Clark
Schumaker, Mrs. Ida, d.2/1920, George Schumaker, husband
Schumaker, W. Neil, d.10/2/1997, Born 9/19/1915, dbl marker, W. Neil & Fern, Clark Funeral Home, Hillcrest Church of Christ
Schurman, Eddy, d.1/7/1876, Age 3 yrs
Schurman, Ferdinand, d.2/5/1886, Age 42 yrs
Schweitzer, Ben, d.7/14/1949, Age 51 yrs, Thompson Service
Schweitzer, Billy Joe, d.11/7/1982, Age 56 yrs, died at Yukon, Oklahoma, Turner
Schweitzer, Christian, d., Grandfather of Ben Schweitzer
Schweitzer, Elizabeth, d.6/31/1903, Estelle Schweitzer, mother
Schweitzer, Hazel, d.10/26/1946, Age 40 yrs
Schweitzer, Helen Marie, d.6/8/1991, Born 9/7/1931, Turner Funeral Home
Schweitzer, Mrs. Elizabeth, d.6/5/1903, Age 66 yrs 11 mo 20 days, Stomach
Schweitzer, William E., d.5/16/71, Potts Funeral Home, Independence, Kansas
Schwerley, C., d.8/1/1918
Scott, (Infant), d.7/16/1980, Clark Funeral Home
Scott, A. A. Jack, d.2/6/1975, Age 67 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Scott, Edward, d.8/12/1856, Age 1 mo
Scott, Estel, d.1949, Age 43 yrs
Scott, Fannie, d.8/13/1882, Age 24 yrs
Scott, Jack, d.4/1949, Age 44 yrs, Bigham Service
Scott, James, d.11/21/1965, Age 54 yrs, Heart Attack, Clark Funeral Home, Helen Scott, wife, A. A. Jack Scott, brother
Scott, Mary, d.12/11/1954, Age 78 yrs, Thompson Service
Scott, Maurine, d.3/20/1951, Age 36 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Scott, Maxine R., d.5/16/78, Age 42 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Scott, Perecrine, d.10/28/1858, Age 44 yrs
Scroggins, (Baby), d.1/13/72, Clark Funeral Home
Scroggins, James D., d.9/25/1963, Age 33 yr 7 mo 15 days, late of Carthage, Missouri, born in Cassville, Missouri, died at Lake City, Florida, Hit by auto, Clark Funeral Home, Lloyd Jeffers, father-in-law
Scroggins, Lettie Ann, d.8/21/72, Age 81 yrs, Knell Funeral Home
Scrogin, Clyde M., d.1969, Age 72 yrs
Scrogin, Leota L., d.6/19/1985, Age 82 yrs, Clark
Seagrove, Bryon E., d.5/29/1950, Age 35 yrs
Seagrove, Floyd W., d.3/3/1918, Age 4 yrs
Sechrist, Donald E., d.10/11/981, Age 84 yrs, died at Fayetteville, Arkansas, Clark
Sechrist, Ruth Edee, d.1/28/1973, Age 70 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
See, John E., d.7/31/1945, Age 53 yrs
See, Ralph E., d.9/15/1940, Age 14 yrs
Segrove, A., d.3/7/1906, Age 71 yrs, heart failure
Seigrist, Vera, d.11/24/1962, Age 49 yrs, Thompson Service
Seitter, ?, d.1/10/1994, Chenny Funeral Home, Ft. Scott, KS
Seitter, George, d.5/27/1968, Age 66 yrs, Clark Service (Scitter ?)
Selby, Arthur, d.5/20/1875, Age 3 mos
Selby, Efaettie, d.2/29/1880, Age 4 yrs
Selby, Evelina, d.4/17/1874, Age 3 yrs
Selby, Nita Jo, d.5/29/1999, Born 9/14/1926, Clark Funeral Home
Selig, Lyman, d.2/13/1997, Born 8/22/1928, Clark Funeral Home
Sell, Felectia, d.12/15/1921, Age 71 yrs
Sell, Ralph, d.3/7/1999, Born 6/2/1908, dbl marker, Ralph & Vena, Clark Funeral Home
Sell, Verna S., d.12/4/78, Clark Funeral Home
Sells, John, d.1923
Sells, Mrs. John, d.1923 ?
Senior, Ada, d.1/19/1991, Clark Funeral Home
Senior, John M., d.11/24/1945, Age 54 yrs, Bigham Service
Serio, Anna Cernle (Morris), d.11/30/1994, Born 7/18/1911, Woodard Freund Thompson Mortuary
Serio, Jack S., d.5/11/1994, Born 2/17/1910, Woodard Freund Thompson Mortuary
Severs, (Baby) Rebecca Jean, d.8/4/70
Severs, (Stillborn), d.7/29/1938, Stillborn infant of Earl Severs
Severs, Beulah L., d.8/19/1990, Born 2/19/1910, Clark Funeral Home
Severs, Charles W., d.7/24/1942, Age 10 days
Severs, Chas. (Infant), d.12/30/1912
Severs, Clarence, d.7/20/1944
Severs, Clifford, d.5/7/1987, Clark Funeral Home
Severs, Delmer W., d.8/31/1991, Born 3/4/1912, Clark Funeral Home
Severs, Everett Warren, d.8/15/1994, Born 10/14/1913, Clark Funeral Home
Severs, F. M., d.11/15/1919
Severs, Floyd 'Buck', d.12/8/1947, Car wreck, Thompson Service
Severs, Mable, d.1925, 1890-1925, wife of George Severs
Severs, Mrs. F. M., d.Jan
Severs, Pearl C., d.7/13/1982, Age 96 yrs, died at Webb City, Missouri, Clark
Severs, Walter LeRoy, d.6/11/1943, Age 29 yrs 3 mo 18 days, Thompson Service
Sevier, A. M., d.2/23/1892, Age 63 yrs (could be 18900
Sevier, Pauline Bell, d.10/27/1898, Abt 57 yrs, Cancer of womb, Dr. Yates
Sexton, Dorothy, d.6/13/1980, Clark Funeral Home
Shadel, Mrs. Helen, d.4/30/1934, Died at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Shambaugh, Annie L., d.10/3/1961, Age 91 yrs, Clark Service
Shank, ?, d.7/16/1891
Shannon, A. J., d.1/23/1873, Age 54 yrs
Shannon, Cordelia, d.1927, Age 72 yrs
Shannon, Emma Barnet, d.7/3/70, Age 87 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, brother living
Shannon, Emma L., d.12/6/1862, Age 37 yrs
Shannon, James W., d.12/19/1887, Age 29 yrs
Shannon, John F., d.12/13/1930
Shannon, John Lenard, d.4/20/1909, Age 1 yr 1 mo 1 day, Brain Fever, Dr. Lamson
Shannon, Lela L., d.1949, Age 64 yrs
Shappard, James Ervin, d.11/17/1905, Age 25 yrs 1 mo 14 days, Accident, shipped from Cleveland, Oklahoma
Sharpe, Thomas L., d.7/23/1982, Age 64 yrs, Clark
Shartel, C. M., d.9/27/1943, Age 83 yrs
Shartel, Lucille R., d.5/1/1982, Died at Bella Vista, Arkansas, Freund-Thompson
Shartel, Maude, No date
Shartell, Clifton M., d.8/1/1957, Age 73 yrs, Thompson Service
Shartell, David E., d.11/27/1960, Age 66 yrs, Thompson Service
Shartell, Maude S., d.4/14/1919, Age 34 yrs
Shartell, Mrs. Eleanor, d.4/8/1911
Shartell, Mrs. Eleanor, d.4/8/1911
Shartell, Stratton, d.2/2/1956, Age 60 yrs, Thompson Service
Shauver, Louisa, d.7/6/1919, Age 61 yrs
Shaver, Edgar O., d.12/29/1948, Age 74 yrs, Thompson Service
Shaw, Grace Bernice, d.7/31/1968, Age 39 yrs, Metasis Carcinoma, Thompson Service, John Shaw, husband, E. P. Branham, father
Shaw, Lillian Angeline, d.12/19/1981, Age 89 yrs, died at Lafayette, Louisiana, Freund-Thompson
Shaw, Thomas J., d.10/10/71, Age 55 yr 3 mo 24 days, Clark Funeral Home
Shaw, William A., d.11/27/1979, Age 78 yrs, Freund Thompson Chapel, died at Lafayette, Louisiana
Sheapard, (Infant), d.6/23/1906, Age 7 mos 15 days, Brain Fever, shipped from Joplin, Bessie Allice Sheapard
Sheddelbar, Laura Price, d.9/5/1895, Age 27 yrs, Typhoid, shipped from New Boston, Texas
Sheffer, D. A., d.9/20/1939, Age 96 yrs, Odd Fellow
Sheffer, Sarah, d.1927, Age 83 yrs
Shelby, Otis, d.7/3/1900, Age 23 days, Hives
Shelenberg, Siotha, d.1/2/1983, Age 91 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Shelley, Everett, d., Burial not authorized on this lot
Shelley, Everett, d.6/15/1958, Age 66 yrs
Shelley, Henryetta, d., Burial not authorized on this lot
Shelley, Henryetta Estella, d.6/9/76, Clark Funeral Home
Shelton, Fayce, d.9/20/1974, Age 60 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Shepard, Harry, Jr., d.1/1992, Died New York, paid by Frank H. Lakey, nephew
Shepard, Peter, d.1/11/1992, Age 77 yrs, Cabrini Medical Ctr, New York City, NY, Cremated at Woodlawn Cemetery, No. 07001
Shephard, Eva, d.9/23/1904, Age 46 yrs 2 mo 16 days, Consumption, Dr. Benton
Shepherd, (Infant), d.1915
Shepherd, Harry Carlos, d.6/7/1958, Age 79 yrs, 1879-1958
Sheppard, Mrs. Ethel Yolande, d.3/25/1933, Brought from Muskogee, Oklahoma, Harry Sheppard, husband
Sheppard, Orville, d.9/8/1906, Age 3 yrs 4 mos 7 days, Bowel Trouble, Dr. Bowers
Sherman, Clyde, d.5/11/1893, Age 10 yrs, Lung operation, shipped from Kansas City, Missouri
Sherman, Helen, d.1965, Age 79 yrs
Sherman, Henery W., d.10/13/1897, Age 55 yrs 2 mo 2 days, Catarrh of the Stomach, Dr. Yates
Sherman, Mary A., d.9/7/1902, Age 32 yrs, Consumption
Sherman, Mrs. Alwilda, d.4/3/1936, Died at Cushing, Oklahoma, W. H. Sherman, husband
Sherman, Russel K., d.1/21/73, Wilson Chapel, Pittsburg, Kansas
Sherman, Russell, d.8/11/1933, Age 55 yrs, born in Missouri
Sherman, W. H., d.1926, Age 79 yrs
Sherman, W. H., d.1/17/1914
Sherwood, Annie Laura, d.1/5/1919, Age 38 yrs
Sherwood, Clara Lane, d.8/17/1966, Age 88 yrs, Senility, Thompson Service, no survivors
Sherwood, Emma, d.1/1/1917, Age 78 yrs
Sherwood, Geo., d.3/31/1904, Age 6 yrs 6 mo 14 days, Cataharal Fever, Dr. Bowers
Sherwood, J. M., d.4/21/1911, Heart Failure
Sherwood, Mrs. Sara, d.9/18/1909, Age 28 yrs, Tuberculosis, Dr. Foster
Shields, Walter, d., Age 22 yrs
Shinn, Birdie J., d.3/22/1955, Age 74 yrs, Thompson Service
Shinn, Frank R., Jr., d.5/24/1985, Age 76 yrs, died at Carthage, Missouri, Knell, Carthage
Shinn, Frank, Sr., d.3/17/67, Age 88 yrs, Clark Service, Frank Shinn, Jr., son of Carthage, Missouri
Shinn, Trever, d.4/30/1932, Age 20 yrs, Bigham Service
Shirill, Ellen, d.5/14/1932, Age 83 yrs
Shirill, James, d.3/15/1916, Age 77 yrs
Shirley, Lula May, d.4/1/71, Age 76 yrs 8 mo 11 days, Clark Funeral Home
Shock, Mr., d.1918, Grave of Mr. Shock of Noel, Missouri, paid for by Mr. Monteedo
Shockley, Everett, d.3/11/1999, Born 11/1/1919, Woodard Freund Thompson Mortuary
Shotliff, David, d.4/12/1901, Age 40 yrs 3 mos 22 days, Suicide
Shotliff, Della, d.1896, Age 1 yr
Shotliff, Eliza, d.4/6/1874, Age 40 yrs 3 mos 22 days, Suicide
Shotliff, Fannie, d.2/10/1935, Age 75 yrs, shipped from Nebraska
Shotliff, George, d.1918, Age 20 yrs
Shotliff, John, d.2/11/1918
Shotliff, Nell, d.1910, Age 25 yrs
Shotliff, Nellie, d.2/7/1958, Age 86 hrs, Clark Service
Shoulders, Eugene, d.3/24/1991, Born 7/14/1925
Shounick, George C., d.4/6/1947, Age 34 yrs, Tuberculosis, died at Norman, Oklahoma
Shounick, W. Clyde, d.1910, Age 6 yrs
Shryock, Geo., d.3/16/1912, Age 63 yrs, Family Lot
Shryock, John a., d.10/20/1888, Age 14 days
Shryock, Lizzie, d.2/18/1895, Age 40 yrs, Pneumonia, Dr. Yates
Shryock, Molly, d.1912, Age 64 yrs
Shuey, Edna Anna, d.2/1/1982, Age 72 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Shuey, Lloyd, d.4/11/1996, Born 7/8/1909, Woodard Freund Thompson Mortuary
Shultz, (Baby), d.10/26/1944, Stillborn
Shumate, Lewis F., d.4/2/1959, Age 77 yrs
Shumate, Rebecca, d.12/16/1946, Age 75 yrs, Thompson Service
Shunk Georgia A., d.3/18/1997, Born 10/27/1902, Clark Funeral Home
Sibert, Harold W., d.6/4/77, Clark Funeral Home
Sibert, Shirley Jean, d.1960, Age 52 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Siler, Nannie, d.9/24/1985, Died at Ritchey, Missouri, Clark Funeral Home
Siler, Rose, d.7/21/1999, Born 8/12/1933, Leo Siler, husband, Clark Funeral Home
Silverton, (Baby), d.12/8/1943, Stillborn
Simmons, April Elaine, d.10/17/1967, Age 2 hrs, born at Danville, Illinois, Anoxia, R. E. and Norma J. Simmons, parents, N. A. Thomas, grandfather
Simmons, Clyde E., d.7/23/1942, Age 46 yrs, Thompson Service
Simmons, Wesley Ray, d.3/23/83, Age 86 yrs, died at Grove, Oklahoma, Worley
Simms, Ellen, d.7/27/1968, Age 81, natural causes, Thompson Service, Mrs. Ethel Buckley, daughter
Simms, John Robert, d.5/6/1966, Age 77 yrs, Emphysema, Thompson Service, Mrs. Ethel Buckley, daughter
Simons, Harry B., Jr., d.1/22/1930, Bigham Service
Simons, Harry B., Sr., d.12/3/1953, Age 67 yrs
Simons, Mary, d.5/18/1954, Age 64 yrs
Simons, Vivian, d.6/9/1941, Age 22 yrs, Thompson Service
Simpson, Daniel, d., Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Simpson, George, d.3/22/1976, Age 91 yrs, Joplin, Missouri, Mason Mortuary Service
Simpson, Henry T., d.2/26/1965, Age 62 yrs, Thompson Service
Simpson, Isabella, d.1960, Age 77 yrs
Simpson, John H., d.5/4/1948, Age 70 yrs, Thompson Service
Simpson, Louis, d.8/12/1936, Age 60 yrs, Bigham Service
Simpson, Malinda, d.7/22/1919, Age 81 yrs, Mother of F. A. Simpson
Simpson, Ralph, d.6/11/1981, Age 61 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Freund-Thompson
Simpson, Richard N., d.5/16/1999, Born 7/15/1927, Clark Funeral Home
Sims, Annie, d.8/8/1932, Age 54 yrs, Bigham Service
Sims, Carrie, d.1/30/1959, Age 69 yrs, Clark Service
Sims, Emsley, d.2/23/78, Age 66 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Sims, Wiley E., d.11/20/1950, Age 84 yrs, Thompson Service
Sippi, (Infant), d.9/25/1904, Age 2 mo, Indigestion, Dr. Benton
Sitler, George, d.6/7/1955, Age 30 yrs, Thompson Service
Sitler, Junetia, d.11/27/1958, Age 41 yrs, Thompson Service
Sitler, Mrs. M. A., d.7/30/1905, Age 47 yrs 9 mo 10 days, Ulcer of Stomach, Dr. Benton
Skelton, Alan, d.1/21/1983, Age 30 yrs, died East of Newtonia, shot in hunting accident, Freund-Thompson Chapel
Skelton, Carrie, d.5/18/1941, Age 67 yrs, Thompson Service
Skelton, Faye, d.10/1/74, Freund Thompson Funeral Home, Glen Skelton, husband
Skelton, Glen, d.1/23/1986, Age 73 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Skelton, James ., d.9/3/1963, Age 92 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, Mrs. May Weston, daughter
Skelton, Joseph, d.12/6/1959, Age 50 yrs, Clark Service
Skelton, Raymond D., d.3/15/1961, Age 62 yrs
Skelton, Rebecca, d.5/23/1986, Age 32 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Skewes, Edwin, d.9/5/1922, Age 84 yrs
Skewes, John, d.1/9/1891, Age 86 yrs
Skewes, Virginia, d.7/29/1929, Age 83 yrs
Skidmore, John (Child), d.1/6/1894, Age 2 yrs 6 mos, Accident
Slankard, ?, d.1/24/1991, Cremains, Woodard Freund Thompson Mortuary
Slankard, Della M., d.9/13/1961, Age 79 yrs, Thompson Service
Slankard, George, d.1/20/1963, Age 88 yrs, Thompson Service
Slankard, Thelma, d.11/15/1998, Born 12/7/1906, Cremains, Clark Funeral Home
Slankard, Wayne, d.3/20/1955, Age 44 yrs, Thompson Service
Slinell, Ellen J., d.5/14/1932, Age 84 yrs, brought from Joplin, Missouri
Sloan, Arletta, d.1946, Age 53 yrs
Sloan, Jack, d.4/22/1933
Sloan, Mrs. Jack, d.11/1/1929
Smalley, Dol. Guideon, d.10/28/1967, Age 74 yrs, Clark Service, Mrs. Esther Smalley, wife, lingering illness
Smalley, Esther, d.7/24/1977, Age 78 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Smalley, Obie, d.11/30/1943, Age 50 yrs, male
Smallwood, Hazel, d.9/27/1997, Born 5/23/1913, Clark Funeral Home
Smelser, Henry, d.5/1/71, Clark Funeral Home
Smelser, Myrtle Randolph, d.9/25/64, Age 75 yrs 9 mo, Clark Service, Henry Smelser, husband
Smethers, Hubert Wayne, d.11/1/1991, Died at Bartlesville, Oklahoma, born 7/25/1920 at Cordell, Oklahoma
Smethers, Wayne, d.1991, Born 1920, died at Grove, OK, Stumpff Funeral Home
Smith, d.12/6/1993, Clark Funeral Home
Smith, Albert D., d.6/30/1960, Age 81 yrs, Clark Service
Smith, Alice, d.2/24/1939, Age 72 yrs, Thompson Service
Smith, Allison H., d.2/1/1936, Age 81 yrs, Bigham Service
Smith, Allison R., d.4/18/1897, Age 3 mos 2 days, Bowels, Dr. Wills
Smith, Allison W., d.1/30/1952, Age 82 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Smith, Audrey Michelle (Infant), d.6/14/76, Age 1 day, Clark Funeral Home
Smith, Bertha Mae, d.10/1/1898, Age 4 yrs, Malaria & Typhoid, Dr. Van Cleve
Smith, Bessie, d.6/18/1991, Born 2/21/1905, Clark Funeral Home
Smith, Betsy, d.10/24/1921, Age 79 yrs
Smith, C. Don, d.5/14/1993, Born 5/26/1919, died at Grove, OK, Worley-Lugenonel Funeral Home, Grove
Smith, C. W., d.4/19/1938, Age 90 yrs, shipped from Albany, New York
Smith, Carl T., d.12/8/70, Age 76 yrs 4 mos 25 days, Thompson Funeral Home
Smith, Carlie E., d.10/8/1954, Age 81 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Smith, Claud H., d.10/19/1962, Age 65 yrs, Thompson Service
Smith, Clifton H., d.6/18/1944, Age 85 yrs, Bigham Service
Smith, Col. Chas. Wingate, d.3/10/1907, Age 46 yrs 11 mos 4 days, Kidney, Dr. Guthrie
Smith, Cora May, d.6/25/1959, Age 88 yrs, Clark Service
Smith, D. J., d.5/20/1894, Age 72 yrs
Smith, Dale Thomas, d.4/5/77, Age 18 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Smith, Denzel R., d.3/13/1908, Age 4 yrs 6 mo, son of Arthur Smith, paralyzed, Dr. Bowers, Bigham Service
Smith, Dora M., d.10/31/1986, Age 87 yrs, Clark
Smith, Dora T., d.3/15/1955, Age 89 yrs, Thompson Service
Smith, Dr. Henry G., d.3/8/1964, Age 68 yrs 11 mo 21 days, Clark Service
Smith, Dr. J. C., d.7/21/1930
Smith, Earl, d.2/9/1981, Age 72 yrs, died at Granby, Missouri, Freund-Thompson
Smith, Edith E., d.7/2/1978, Age 79 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, Dr. H. G. Smith's wife buried 1964
Smith, Edith Marie, d.5/16/1991, Born 7/27/1906, Clark Funeral Home
Smith, Edward B., d.9/11/1955, Age 75 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Smith, Elisha Disney, d.3/11/1946, Age 86 yrs, Thompson Service
Smith, Elizabeth, d.1/5/1944, Age 90 yrs, Bigham Service
Smith, Elsie Mae, d.10/14/1966, Age 62 yrs, Clark Service, Mrs. Hazel Studdard, daughter
Smith, Emma Yates, d.1/7/1962, Age 85 yrs, Clark Service
Smith, Eric L., d.8/17/1992, Born 1/7/1974, Woodard Freund Mortuary, Neosho
Smith, Eula, d.7/26/79, Age 87 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Smith, George, d.8/13/1996, Born 5/12/1956, son of Jack & Ruth Smith, Mason Woodard Mortuary
Smith, George A., d.4/31/45, Age 65 yrs, Mr. Smith was disinterred and remains shipped to Decatur, Georgia 4/4/1963
Smith, George W., d.4/6/1957, Age 78 yrs
Smith, Grace, d.12/18/1955, Age 75 yrs
Smith, Harold Emmett, d.5/20/1901, Age 1 yr 10 mo 20 days, Drowned in tub
Smith, Harriett, d.7/16/1956, Age 82 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Smith, Harry C., d.3/1/68, Age 83 yrs, Lula Smith, wife, Masons Chapel, Joplin, MO
Smith, Henrietta, d.8/28/1943, Age 81 yrs, Bigham Service
Smith, Hillice E., d.8/1904, Age 36 yrs, Consumption, sent from Granby, Missouri
Smith, Hiram P., d.1/6/1896, Age 84 yrs, Heart, Dr. Yates
Smith, Howard, d.8/22/1912
Smith, Ida, d.1920, Baby grave
Smith, Ira, d.2/1/62
Smith, Ira James, d.1/31/1935, Age 64 yrs
Smith, J. S., d.12/10/1943, Age 56 yrs, Thompson Service
Smith, J. W., d.1895, Age 52 yrs 8 mo 2 days, Tumor of Stomach, Dr. Yates
Smith, Jack E., d.5/25/73, Age 40 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Smith, James, d.1960, Age 81 yrs
Smith, James A., d.11/13/1905, Age 41 yrs 10 mo 28 days, Dr. Plumbic
Smith, James F., d.1929, Age 53 yrs, Bigham Service
Smith, James M., d.5/1941, Age 71 yrs
Smith, Jason, d.5/20/1894, Age 72 yrs, accident
Smith, Jennie V., d.1929, Age 59 yrs
Smith, John, d.1960, Age 89 yrs
Smith, John C., d.1/2/1913
Smith, John Ralph, d.2/23/1938, Age 27 yrs, Thompson Service
Smith, Julie, d.4/1/1991, Clark Funeral Home
Smith, Kenneth, d.5/14/71, Age 60 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Smith, Lalla L., d.1948, Age 74 yrs
Smith, Laura Mae, d.6/22/1986, Age 94 yrs, Clark
Smith, Lavenia, d.1924, Age 78 yrs
Smith, Leonard, d.11/25/1964, Age 61 yrs, Carcinoma, Clark Service, Mrs. Marie Smith, wife
Smith, Leonard E., d.8/10/1954, Age 90 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Smith, Lloyd, d.6/16/1938, Age 42 yrs
Smith, M., d.1921
Smith, Mabel, d.1/23/1897, Age 1 yr 9 mo, Pneumonia, Dr. Van Cleve
Smith, Margaret, d.6/5/1941, Age 32 yrs, Thompson Service, Sara Foley Smith
Smith, Margaret (Sarah Foles), d.6/5/1944, Age 32 yrs, Thompson Service
Smith, Margaret A., d.12/13/1953, Age 71 yrs
Smith, Margaret Ruth, d.9/28/1991, Born 8/1/1930, died at Springdale, AR, Clark Funeral Home
Smith, Mariah, d.1/13/1916, Wife of E. D. Smith
Smith, Mary, d.3/15/1888, Age 8 yrs
Smith, Mary, d.9/20/1882, Age 18 yrs
Smith, Mary B., d.1/2/1904
Smith, Mary C., d.2/8/1950, Age 73 yrs
Smith, Mary Ellen, d.4/16/1956, Age 84 yrs, Thompson Service
Smith, Mary Lou, d.2/5/1982, Age 42 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri
Smith, Maude M., d.5/10/1951, Age 65 yrs, Clark Service
Smith, Melvin, d.5/26/1939, Age 60 yrs
Smith, Mrs. Lena, d.1/7/1910, Age 36 yrs, Typhoid, Dr. Foster
Smith, Mrs. Sophrin, d.1/31/1912, Old Age
Smith, Mrs. V. L., d.4/21/1911
Smith, Nettie B., d.12/28/1949, Age 78 yrs, Thompson Service
Smith, Nora, d.10/21/1950, Age 68 yrs
Smith, Patrick R., d.4/4/1903, Age 71 yrs 5 mo 11 days, Apoplectic, Dr. Lamson
Smith, Percy, d.11/21/71, Age 77 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Smith, Pressie, d.6/14/77, Clark Funeral Home
Smith, Ray Edward, d.3/7/1965, Age 62 yrs, Heart Attack, Thompson Service, brother and sister survive
Smith, Richard E., d.3/28/1960, Age 1 yr, Clark Service
Smith, Rose C., d.10/7/1946, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Service
Smith, Samuel, d.8/5/1914, Age 15 yrs
Smith, Sarah Ellen, d.4/24/70, Age 74 yrs, Mrs. Jim Bill Anderson, daughter
Smith, Sophia, d.1938, Age 89 yrs
Smith, Theodore, d.1913, Age 36 yrs
Smith, Urban, Jr., d.2/14/1987, Clark Funeral Home
Smith, Vanila, d.1/5/1944, Age 89 yrs
Smith, W. J., d.8/21/1895, Age 46 yrs
Smith, W. M., d.12/2/1930, Shipped from Paris, Texas
Smith, W. W., d.1929
Smith, W. W., d.3/28/1932, Age 72 yrs, died at Tulsa, Oklahoma
Smith, Wilbur, d.8/30/1959, Age 53 yrs, Thompson Service
Smith, Wilbur E., d.3/2/1939, Age 74 yrs, Bigham Service
Snead, Earl A., d.7/7/1948, Age 50 yrs, Bigham Service
Snead, Edna, d.1/16/1991, Mason Woodard Mortuary, Joplin, MO
Snead, Ethel E. (Kyser), d.10/15/1993, Born 4/9/1914, died at Joplin, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Snead, Gladys, d.3/12/1985, Age 88 yrs, died at Woodland Hills, California, Clark
Snell, Fred Raymond, d.1/18/1901, Age 3 yrs, Catharryl Fever, Dr. Yates
Snevely, Anna, d.9/19/1904, Age 48 yrs 10 mo 9 days, Congestion chill, unexpected death, Dr. Benton
Sniadanko, Stephanie J., d.1/1/1992, Born 7/14/1911, died at Stark City, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Snider, Sidney D., d.9//28/1991, Born 9/2/1933, Clark Funeral Home
Snook, Ellen M., d.4/21/1896, Age 28 yrs 2 mo 21 days, Brain, Dr. Benton
Snow, William, d.12/26/1990, Clark Funeral Home
Snow, Wilma, d.11/17/1998, Born 6/21/1916, dbl marker, William & Wilma, Clark Funeral Home
Snyder, Augusta Tresa, d.6/7/58, Thompson Funeral Home
Solomon, Doty, d.2/11/1891, Age 71 yrs 3 mos, Heart, shipped from Joplin, disinterred and buried here 4-8-1898
Somers, Wanda, d.9/26/1982, Age 50 yrs, died at Kansas City, Kansas, Maple Hill, Kansas City, Kansas
Sour, Mable, d.1/7/79, Age 83 yrs, Mason Funeral Home, Joplin, Missouri
Sours, (Infant), d.4/13/1902, Age 14 days, Hives, infant girl of J. P. Sours
Sours, Charles H., d.4/1/1966, Age 75 yrs, late of Joplin, Missouri, Mason Chapel Service
Sours, Dell, d.6/18/1962, Age 70 yrs, Thompson Service
Sours, Earl J., d.12/20/71, Age 76 yrs, Moore Funeral Home, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Sours, Emma, d.1/7/1951, Age 81 yrs
Sours, Francis, d.12/1/1938, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Service
Sours, Hazel Grace, d.11/3/1894, Age 74 yrs 4 mo 27 days, Thompson Service, Charles F. R. Sours & Ray Sours, sons, died at Chico, California
Sours, Jake Phillips, d.2/18/1906, Age 39 yrs 11 mo 23 days, Both feet cut off above ankle, railroad accident, Dr. Lamson
Sours, John, d.10/2/1950, Age 86 yrs, Thompson Service
Sours, Suzzane, d.3/15/1955, Age 11 yrs, Thompson Service
Soutar, Hattie, d.6/21/1895, Age 20 yrs, Childbirth & stillborn child, Drs. Benton & Lamson
Soutar, Priscilla, d.10/9/1995, Born 11/22/1906, Woodard Freund Thompson Mortuary
Soutar, William A., d.12/21/1963, Age 72 yrs, Coronary Occlusion, Priscilla Sourtar, wife, Thompson Service
Soutar, Wm. L., d.6/16/1895, Stillborn baby boy, Drs. Benton & Lamson
Sparks, D., d.8/4/1913
Sparks, Ella, d.6/7/1986, Age 77 yrs, Thornhill-Dillon
Sparks, George L., d.12/27/1945, Age 59 yrs
Sparks, Julia, d.1923, Owned by H. D. Sparks
Sparks, Loy, d.9/2/71, Thornhill Dillon Funeral Home
Speakman, Anna T., d.1920, Age 92 yrs
Speakman, Frank Howard, d.3/24/1905, Age 37 yrs 4 mo 7 days, Pneumonia, Dr. Lamson
Speakman, Jonathan, d.1912, Age 78 yrs
Speer, Jessie A., d.8/23/1932, Age 16 yrs, Bigham Service
Spencer, Beatrice, d.12/9/1998, Born 10/18/1905, Clark Funeral Home
Spencer, Dr. Walter C., d.10/18/1962, Age 59 yrs, Clark Service
Spencer, Paul Trent, d.4/9/70, Age 10 mo 2 days, Clark Funeral Home, son of Dennis Spencer
Spencer, T. Dennis, d.8/11/1931, Age 53 yrs
Spencer, Violet, d.5/4/1952, Age 69 yrs, Thompson Service
Sperry, Flora D., d.1/21/75, Age 75 yrs, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, Missouri
Spilman, Charles, d.3/28/1987, Clark Funeral Home
Spradlin, W. W., d.11/18/1912, Killed
Sprenkle, Jessie J., d.7/20/1945, Age 9 yrs
Sprenkle, Leo John, d.3/18/79, Age 65 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Sproles, Celeste W., d.1951, Age 59 yrs
Spurgeon, Charles, d.5/16/1943, Age 51 yrs
Squires, Mres. Mary, d.7/11/1934, Age 70 yrs
St Clair, B. F., d.7/10/1941, Age 70 yrs
St Clair, Eden, d.1926, Age 88 yrs
St Clair, Mrs. Emma, d.1/2/1933, Mr. B. F. St Clair, husband
Stader, Paul C., d.1927, Age 39 yrs
Stafford, Mary E., d.5/9/1969, Age 92 yrs, Clark Service, Joe Stafford, son
Stalnamen, Evaline, d.6/9/1928
Standefer, Julia JoAnn, d.1/22/1985, Age 47 yrs, died at Phoenix, Arizona, Clark
Standsberry, Jane, d.9/29/1896, Age 67 yrs, Abscess on hip
Stanley, (Infant), d.4/1/1902, Age 21 days, cold
Stanley, C. Frank, d.1936, Age 59 yrs
Stanley, Carmen L., d.12/7/1931, Age 27 yrs, Bigham Service
Stanley, Daisy Mae, d.10/4/1969, Age 88 yrs, Parker Funeral Home, Joplin, Missouri, Olin Stanley, son, of Joplin
Stanley, Eugene, d.8/6/1949, Age 37 yrs Thompson Service
Stanley, Frank, d.8/21/1936, Age 58 yrs 4 mo 26 days, Heart Trouble
Stark, F. Maud, d.8/12/1946, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Service
Stark, Joe, d.12/17/1918, Mrs. Lula Stark, Parker Hunsaker Mortuary, Joplin, Missouri
Stark, Mrs. Joe (Lula), d.2/25/1918, Joe Stark, husband
Stark, Walter B., d.4/19/1950, Age 77 yrs, Bigham Service
Stark, Walter Paul, d.8/5/83, Clark Funeral Home
Staulbaum, Henry, d.1900
Staves, Curtis Warren, d.7/7/1981, Age 70 yrs, Clark
Staves, George C., d.4/20/70, Age 85 yrs 2 mo 20 days, Clark Funeral Home, wife Helen living
Staves, Helen, d.1/29/1986, Age 81 yrs, Clark
Stawper, Elizabeth, d.1903, Age 79 yrs 1 mo 24 days, Old Age
Steel, Ruth G., d.4/25/68, Age 76 yrs, died at Nashville, Tennessee, Arterio Sclerotic Heart Condition, Mrs. Robert North, sister, Clark Service
Steel, Thomas T., d.8/13/1962, Age 74 yrs, Clark Service
Steel, Tom, d.1918
Stein, Ella, d.10/12/1982, Age 91, Clark
Stein, Etta, d.1960, Age 81 yrs, Clark Service
Stein, Frank L., d.1927, Age 80 yrs
Stein, John W., d.11/9/1957, Age 84 yrs, Thompson Service
Stein, Kate, d.11/25/1961, Age 73 yrs, Clark Service
Stein, Lawrence, d.6/15/1957, Age 81 yrs, Clark Service
Stein, Sophia, d.1927, Age 77 yrs
Steiner, Ella, d.2/16/1875, Age 2 yrs
Steiner, Leopold, d.9/15/1875, Age 8 yrs
Steingel, Arthur T., d.10/14/1990, Born 11/5/1937, died at Florissant, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Steins, J. F., d.8/9/1912
Stennett, James S., d.8/29/1911, Age 70 yrs 8 mo, Heart Disease
Stephen, Gilliland, d.11/11/1884, Age 80 yrs
Stephen, Margaret, d.12/20/1870, Age 62 yrs
Stephen, Matthew, d.7/21/1882, Age 71 yrs
Stephens, George Jefferson, d.12/25/1983, Age 75 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Stephens, John C., d.10/1/1914, Age 72 yrs
Stephens, Joseph Paul, d.10/3/71, Age 72 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Stephens, Kate, d.4/20/1986, Age 77 yrs, Clark
Stephens, Mary Jane, d.11/17/1891, Age 48 yrs
Stephens, Opal, d.9/18/1980, Age 71 yrs, died at Stockton, Missouri, Clark
Stephenson, Alpha E., d.12/28/69, Age 71 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, Nita Stephenson, wife
Stephenson, Claude B., d.5/30/76, Clark Funeral Home
Stephenson, Myrtle, d.1929, Age 56 yrs
Stephenson, Ruthe, d.4/14/1996, Born 11/21/1906, by C. B. Stephenson
Steven, Bert, d.1/31/1910, Age 16 yrs, Dr. Guthrie
Stevena, Josephine, d.1/7/1948, Age 78 yrs, Bighams
Stevens, Anna B., d.1942
Stevens, Denice, d.1953
Stevens, Frances L., d.1923
Stevens, Josephine C., d.1/4/1948, Age 76 yrs
Stevens, Mabel, d.9/4/67, Age 87 yrs, old age, W. W. Stevens, Jr., nephew, Thompson Service
Stevens, Mary, d.1/20/1953, Age 65 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Stevens, Mrs. S. F., d.1923
Stevens, Rev. S. F., d.9/14/1941, Age 86 yrs
Stevens, W. W., d.10/12/1956, Age 82 yrs, Thompson Service
Stevenson, Bessie, d.10/20/1897, Age 1 mo, paralysis
Stevenson, Mr., d.1/1/1922, (See Notes on Original Card)
Stevenson, Mrs. Mary A., d.3/22/1929, (See Notes on Original Card)
Stever, John, d.4/4/1904, Age 47 yrs 5 mo 6 days, Paralysis, Dr. Lamson & son, Lucile Stever Winterrood, daughter
Stevers, C. W., d.1/6/1959, Age 68 yrs, Clark Service
Stevers, Dallas, d.8/4/1938, Age abt. 50 yrs, shipped from Colorado Springs
Steward, Alonzo, d.1925, Age 12 yrs
Steward, Edith, d.1/30/1882, Age 31 yrs
Steward, Gladys, d.1/13/1995, Born 11/28/1901, died at Meriam, KS, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, MO
Steward, May F., d.5/27/1944, Age 78 yrs, Thompson Service
Steward, Sarah S., d.1/17/1879, Age 75 yrs
Steward, William Albert, d.7/10/1939, Age 73 yrs, Thompson Service
Stewart W. D., d.7/28/1878, Age 15 yrs
Stewart, A. A., d.8/8/1941, Age 86 yrs, shipped from Colorado Springs, Colorado
Stewart, Addie Ethel 'Weber', d.1/16/65, Age 66 yrs, Clark Service, Bert Stewart, husband
Stewart, Alice, d.1/10/1937, Age 53 yrs, Bigham Service
Stewart, Andre W., d.6/6/1870, Age 70 yrs
Stewart, Bud, d.3/26/1927, Lot purchased by Mrs. Bud Stewart?
Stewart, Charles H., d.11/27/1942, Age 70 yrs
Stewart, Cynthia, d.4/6/1892, Age 56 yrs
Stewart, Diannah, d.10/12/1868, Age 30 yrs
Stewart, Ella, d.5/20/1905, Age 55 yrs
Stewart, Frank D., d.2/25/1888, Age 47 yrs
Stewart, Georgia Ann, d.4/12/1955, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Service
Stewart, Harry I., d.1/17/1947, Age 73 yrs, Bigham Service
Stewart, Henry McMasters, d.7/7/1900, Age 17 yrs 8 mo 24 days, pneumonia, Dr. Benton
Stewart, Ida M., d.4/19/1922, Age 53 yrs
Stewart, Jacob, d.2/8/1908, Age 82 yrs 7 mos 1 days, blood poison, Dr. Benton-Herms
Stewart, Kirk, d.4/3/1881, Age 2 yrs
Stewart, L. A., d.3/5/1951
Stewart, Laura, d.11/10/1887, Age 58 yrs
Stewart, Leonard, No date
Stewart, Linny B., d.10/21/1868, Age 2 yrs
Stewart, Lottie, d.7/3/1871, Age 9 mos
Stewart, Mary, d.3/12/1967, Age 64 yrs, found at home dead, heart failure, Thompson Service, Mr. Rupar, brother of Pittsburg, Kansas
Stewart, Mary E., d.5/12/1911, Age 67 yrs 8 mo 27 days
Stewart, Mary Frances, d.3/27/1944, Age 78 yrs, Thompson Service
Stewart, Mary O., d.3/29/1957, Age 79 yrs, Thompson Service
Stewart, Miss Mabel, d.1/1/1965, Age 83 yrs, late of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, born in Neosho, Pneumonia, Clark Service, Mrs. Tom Rogers, cousin
Stewart, Mrs. A. A., d.5/29/1908, Age 50 yrs 4 mos 19 days, Mostoid Abscess, Dr. Foster, Bigham Service
Stewart, Mrs. Belle, d.9/1/1933, Age 84 yrs
Stewart, Mrs. H. T. (Ruby), d.10/15/34, Age 51 yrs
Stewart, Mrs. Mattie, d.9/4/1909, Age 75 yrs 1 mo 20 days, Epileptic Convulsion, died at Ottoway, Oklahoma
Stewart, Pat, d.10/29/1895, Abt 35 yrs, Inf of the bowels, Dr. Benton, died at hospital
Stewart, Rhoor, d.2/13/1868, Age 30 yrs
Stewart, Richard Ray, d.2/21/1899, Age 6 mos, Pneumonia
Stewart, Sallie B., d.11/7/1952, Age 78 yrs, Thompson Service
Stewart, Sarah A., d.3/10/1873, Age 20 yrs
Stewart, Sylvannus, d.1/10/1920
Stewart, Ted L., d.9/5/1964, Age 66 yrs, Carcinoma, Thompson Service, Mary Stewart, wife
Stewart, Victoria W., d.5/2/1995, Born 1/14/1897, husband Charles died 11/1989, dbl marker, Clark Funeral Home
Stewart, Virgil A., d.1/21/1908, Age 65 yrs, Pneumonia, Dr. Lamson, Bigham Service
Stewart, Wilbur D., d.3/9/1888, Age 4 mos
Stewart, William, d.1922, Age 82 yrs
Stewart, William C., d.3/23/1927, Age 50 yrs
Stilley, Gilbert H., d.8/20/1969, Age 71 yrs 10 mos 25 days, Clark Funeral Home, Jack Stilley, son, Enock Black, son-in-law
Stilley, Jacqueline Kay, d.10/31/1972
Stilley, Nancy, d.1/29/1985, Age 75 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Clark
Stipp, Dollie Lorene, d.9/30/1981, Age 78 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Stipp, Freda Day, d.10/6/1984, Died at Joplin, Missouri, Parker Mortuary, Joplin
Stipp, Mrs. N. P., d.1920
Stipp, Mrs. N. P., d.12/17/1946, Age 83 yrs, Thompson Service
Stipp, Newton Price, d.5/27/1948, Age 86 yrs, died at Neosho, Thompson Service
Stockon, Menerva J., d.4/10/1896, Age 42 yrs 9 mo 10 days, Brights, Dr. Yates
Stone, Benjamin B., d.1/29/1948, Age 69 yrs, Bigham Service
Stone, Carrie, d.7/22/1962, Age 87 yrs, Clark Service
Stone, Della J., d.11/15/1905, Age 29 yrs 7 mo 14 days, Diabetes, Dr. Miller, shipped from Joplin, Missouri
Stone, Edna Rose Conrad, d.11/26/1982, Age 68 yrs, Clark
Stone, Eliza, d.1911, Age 73 yrs
Stone, Emma Jane, d.9/24/1905, Age 50 yrs 4 mos 15 days, Typhoid, Dr. Bowers
Stone, George W., d.1918, Age 47 yrs
Stone, James Walter, d.9/9/1895, Age 19 yrs, Consumption, Dr. Benton
Stone, S. W., No date
Stone, W. W., d.1890, Age 56 yrs
Stone, William, d.1924, Age 78 yrs
Stoneham, Vincent E., d.1/3/73, Age 65 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Story, Augustina, d.5/6/1950, Age 68 yrs, Thompson Service
Story, Cary Lyle, d.1/10/1961, Age 54 yrs, Thompson Service
Story, George, d.4/22/1957, Age 86 yrs
Story, Lily Mae, d.2/19/1985, Died at Webb City, Missouri, Hedge-Lewis
Stout, (Child), d.3/3/1908, Age 1 yr, Membranes Croup, son of Dave Stout, Dr. Benton, Bigham Service
Stout, A. F., d.3/22/1941, Age 30 yrs, late of Texas, Bigham Service
Stout, D. F., d.11/1/1935, Born in Pennsylvania, died in Texas, Bigham Service
Stout, John D., Jr., d.3/24/1932, Age 8 yrs, Born in Missouri
Stout, John David, d.11/7/1967, Age 72 yrs, Myocardial Infarction, Ulmer Service, Carthage, Missouri, Marie Stout, wife
Stout, Louis L., d.3/1941, Age 31 yrs
Stout, Rose Ellen, d.1/21/1927, Age 61 yrs
Stratton, Daniel, d.2/5/1937, Age 58 yrs, Bigham Service
Stratton, Josephine, d.11/6/1963, Age 81 yrs, heart trouble, Clark Funeral Home, Mrs. C. E. Campbell, sister
Straughn, William A., Jr., d.7/20/1993, Born 12/1/1925, Clark Funeral Home
Strecker, John, d.1/19/79, Freund Thompson Service
Street, Pearl, d.9/6/1957, Age 70 yrs, Thompson Service
Street, Thomas D., d.5/13/1960, Age 83 yrs, Thompson Service
Stroop, Nella Louise (Weese), d.2/4/1980, Died at Neosho Senior Center, Freund-Thompson Chapel
Stroop, Nella Louise Weese, d.2/4/1980, Freund-Thompson
Stroop, Walter E., d.6/6/70, Age 76 yrs, Thompson Service
Stubblefield, Bill, d.1/31/1998, Born 10/13/1912, wife Maude, Cremated
Stuckey, Ralph Lee, d.4/21/1944, Age 11 yrs, Thompson Service
Stucky, Homer E., d.4/5/1991, Born 10/17/1912, died at Owasso, OK, Clark Funeral Home
Studdard, Earnest E., d.1/10/1994, Born 4/21/1928 in Arkansas, died at Neosho, Woodard Freund Thompson Mortuary
Studdard, Kathleen Y., d.1/23/1980, Age 21 yrs, died at Mt. Vernon, Missouri, Clark
Sturdvant, Gwenne, d.3/25/1942, Age 2 mos
Sturgis, Horatio, d.2/21/1944, Age 79 yrs, Bigham Service
Sturgis, Mabel, d.1/19/1951, Age 75 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Suess, Harry, d.4/9/1997, Born 3/2/1917, Clark Funeral Home
Suess, Velda, d.12/7/1980, Age 63 yrs, Clark
Sullivan, Mike, d.2/23/1909, Age 42 yrs, Epilepsy, died at Nevada Asylum
Summers, Carl L., d.10/11/1959, Age 48 yrs, Thompson Service
Surface, Lilliam, d.3/31/1955, Age 84 yrs, Thompson Service
Surface, Walter M., d.4/29/1955, Age 88 yrs, Thompson Service
Sutherland, (Infant), d.6/8/1911
Sutherland, Ada, d.11/15/1952, Age 83 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Sutherland, John S., d.11/28/1944, Age 79 yrs, Bigham Service
Sutt, Dasey, d.10/5/1902, Age 8 mos, Pneumonia
Sutton, Mary J., d.1848
Sutton, Nancy, d.9/20/1872, Age 60 yrs
Sutton, Pauline, d.10/27/1898, Age 53 yrs
Sutton, Steven, d.4/2/1862, Age 56 yrs
Swanson, Harry, d.8/2/1981, Clark Funeral Home
Swanson, Ilagene, d.7/1/1996, Born 9/21/1915 in Alvora, TX, Cremains on O'Reilly Lot, Clark Funeral Home
Sweeney, Alma C., d.5/4/1964, Age 74 yrs, Thompson Service, Ben F. Sweeny, husband
Sweeney, Benjamin, d.7/26/1980, Age 92 yrs, died at Kansas City, Missouri, Freund-Thompson
Sweeney, Melba, d.2/14/1996, Born 6/17/1929, Clark Funeral Home
Sweeney, Sherman, d.6/14/1930, Age 64 yrs, Thompson Service
Sweeney, Stanley, d.8/19/1981, Age 56 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Sweeny, Benjamin F., No date
Sweeny, Mollie E., d.1/31/1946, Age 76 yrs, Thompson Service
Sweet, Arthur, d.12/16/1948, Age 79 yrs, Bigham Service
Sweet, Jessie, d.11/5/65, Age 81 yrs, Carcinoma, Clark Service, Mrs. Price Matters, daughter
Swift, d.11/19/1991
Swift, John Orlo, d.1/16/1966, Age 74 yrs, heart attack, Clark Service, Dr. R. D. Swift, son
Swift, Maud V., d.2/26/1987, Freund-Thompson
Swift, Virginia M., d.11/29/1984, Clark Funeral Home
Swink, Mrs. Lida Applegate, d.6/1/1903, Age 39 yrs 11 mos 21 days, Consumption, Dr. Benton
Sykes, John W., d.7/10/1881, Age 70 yrs


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