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I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Neosho, Newton County, Missouri

Contributed and recorded by Doris Snyder, March 31, 2000 [dsnyder@ipa.net]. Total records = 6,728.

Haas, B. Steward, d.9/15/1947, Age 45 yrs, Thompson Service
Haas, Benjamin, d.12/7/1902, Age 75 yrs 9 mo, stomach, Dr. Benton
Haas, Benjamin Charles, d.2/15/1943, Infant, Bigham Service, foot of Chas. Haas Grave
Haas, Charles, d.3/31/1942, Age 72 yrs, Bigham Service
Haas, Charles E., Jr., d.1/16/1994, Born 12/10/1906 at Neosho, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Haas, Fannie E., d.5/14/1992, Born 4/30/1905, died at Calhoon, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Haas, Harry Samuel, d.10/28/1971, Age 78 yrs, Clark
Haas, Harvey R., d.2/20/1976, Age 75 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Haas, Joy S., d.5/20/1933, Age 30 yrs, Bigham Service
Haas, Maude Stewart, d.11/9/1960, Age 81 yrs, Thompson Service
Haas, Mrs. Juilia, d.6/15/1908, Age 72 yrs 7 mos, organic heart failure, Dr. Foster
Haas, Ralph Arthur (Bob), d.6/19/1995, Born 2/19/1916, Clark Funeral Home
Haas, Robert E., d.5/2/1918
Haas, Sadia M., d.1/7/1976, Clark Funeral Home
Haddock, James, d.7/18/1997, Born 2/13/1919, Clark Funeral Home
Haddock, James L., d.11/6/1961, Age 81 yrs, Clark
Haddock, Ollie C., d.10/31/1960, Age 78 yrs, Clark
Hadley, Frances M., d.3/19/1987, Clark Funeral Home
Hadley, Harry, d.3/13/1996, Born 12-6-1919, Clark Funeral Home
Hadley, Harry G., d.6/6/1971, Age 77 yrs, Clark
Hadley, Walter B., d.7/21/1956, Age 54 yrs, Clark Service
Hadley, Wayma Paul, d.4/9/1967, Age 66 yrs, Clark
Hagensicker, Ellen, d.2/18/83, Died at Carthage, Missouri, Parker Mortuary, Joplin
Hagensicker, John C., d.2/19/1977, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, Missouri
Hagensicker, Paul, d.6/16/1998, Born 4/25/1924, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, MO
Hager, Andrew Jackson, d.4/24/1975, Clark Funeral Home
Hager, Mrs. Jessie Mae, d.7/2/1966, Age 59 yrs, Clark Service
Haggard, C. R., d.1/1/1936, Age 48 yrs, brought from Coffeyville, Kansas
Haggard, Daisy, d.7/5/1911, Chol. Inf.
Hagood, Debra Sue, d.4/23/1965, Age 8 yrs, late of Fargo, SD, died at Denver, CO, Possible Innercranial Lesion, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hagood, parents, Clark Service
Hague, George O., d.11/23/1955, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Service
Hague, Vina A., d.5/28/1960, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Service
Hailey, Suellen, d.11/27/1946
Hailey, Woodrow, d.12/21/1997, Born 3/16/1915, Clark Funeral Home
Hainsworth, Emma, d.10/22/1898, Age 18 yrs
Hainsworth, Thos., d.1/14/1911
Hainsworth, William, d.12/13/1874, Age 51 yrs
Halderman, Julie, d.4/11/1917
Halderman, William H., d.11/28/1893
Haley, Annabelle B., d.8/2/1993, Born 11/29/1901, died at Orlando, FL, Clark Funeral Home
Haley, Charles, d.8/13/1946, Age 76 yrs, Stanley Service, Tulsa
Haley, Georgia, d.1/2/1933, Age 64 yrs, Thompson Service
Haley, Gus (Hailey), d.1/25/1973, Clark Funeral Home
Hall, C. L., d.1919
Hall, Herman, d.1940, Age 66 yrs
Hall, James M., d.1920, Age 82 yrs
Hall, John, d.8/14/1913
Hall, Mrs. C. L., No date
Hall, Mrs. Wm., d.11/25/1910, Dr. Willis
Hall, Nancy, d.1910, Age 74 yrs
Hall, Rebekah, d.10/2/1905, Age 66 yrs, Dr. Lamson
Hallet, Fannie, d.5/1/1883, Age 36 yrs
Hallet, W. A., No date
Hamby, Benjamin, d.6/18/1918, Age 29yrs
Hamilton, Georgia, d.8/19/1959, Age 69 yrs, Clark Service
Hamilton, Jesse, d.12/1/1964, Age 75 yrs, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Clark Service
Hamilton, Wilbert L., d.9/9/1977, Age 64 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Hammer, Bernice, d.9/28/1985, Freund-Thompson
Hammer, Bernice, No date
Hammer, Lewis W., d.1946, Age 71 yrs
Hammer, M. Lucille, d.6/28/1998, Born 7/14/1914, brother Richard Hammer, cremains brought from Joplin, 9/17/1998
Hammer, Margaret, d.10/29/1958, Age 79 yrs, Thompson Service
Hammer, Mary A., d.3/12/1956, Age 82 yrs, Thompson Service
Hammer, Raymond, d., Clark Funeral Home
Hammer, Samuel, d.3/11/1910
Hammer, Samuel P., d.1/16/1915, Age 75 yrs
Hammers, Charles, d.3/29/1952, Age 74 yrs, Thompson Service
Hammers, Harry H., No date
Hammers, Wm. Howard, d.6/3/1900, Age 33 yrs 5 mo 28 days, Rheu. Of Heart
Hammond, A. E. (Billy), d.5/24/1969, Age 75 yrs, Clark
Hammond, J. D., d.12/19/1997, Born 8/2/1919, wife Elaine, cremains
Hammonds, Leslie L., d.5/22/1995, Born 3/23/1915
Hammontree, No date
Hancock, Lillie Belle, d.10/17/1875, Age 7 yrs
Handley, Jerry, d.1/8/1934, Age 9 mos, son of R. E. Handley, died at Joplin, MO, pneumonia & meningitis, Bigham Service
Handley, Ola Jane, d.10/16/1944, Age 63 yrs, Bigham Service
Handley, Robert, d.7/5/1947, Age 41 yrs, Bigham Service
Hanger, Thomas O., d.10/30/1977, Age 62 yrs, Clark
Hanners, May J., d.5/12/1910, Age 64 yrs, heart trouble
Hanny, Howard H., d.5/13/1902, Age 1 yr 11 mo 4 days, bowels, Dr. Benton
Hansen, Dr. J. W., d.1925
Hansen, Mrs. J. W., No date
Hanson, Desda Rosa, d.8/1/1975, Clark Funeral Home
Hanson, Ralph, d.2/6/1976, Freund-Thompson
Harber, Jack, d.4/5/1998, Born 4/22/1921, Mason Woodard Mortuary
Harbert, John C., d.8/4/1937, Age 71 yrs, Bigham Service
Harbert, Ross, No date
Harbinson, Andrew J., d.3/10/1934, Age 69 yrs
Harbison, A. J., d.12/21/1907, Age 78 yrs 10 mo 14 days
Harbison, Anna Jane, d.11/12/1904, Age 73 yrs
Harbison, Elizabeth Helen, d.1906, Age 41 yrs 3 mos 22 days, ovarian tumor, Operation, shipped from ?
Harbison, Mary B., d.12/4/1878, Age 24 yrs
Harbison, O. G., d.1928, Age 68 yrs
Harbison, Samuel G., d.1951, Age 88 yrs
Hardage, Frances Jeanne, d.5/9/1980, Age 52 yrs, Clark
Hardage, Jennifer, d.12/26/1996, Born 3/18/1974, Clark Funeral Home
Hardage, William, d.4/29/1991, Clark Funeral Home
Hardin, Annie, d.3/19/1918
Hardin, Josphes, d.2/7/1880, Age 8 days
Hardin, Roscoe, d.7/4/1884, Age 9 mos
Harding, Ed, d.5/19/1982, Age 69 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Clark
Hardy, Amos, d.6/2/1949, Age 73 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Hardy, Glen, d.2/10/1912, Age 7 yrs
Hardy, Mary, d.7/26/1912, Age 31 yrs
Hardy, Nellie M., d.8/18/1953, Age 55 yrs, Clark Bigham Service
Hardy, Virdie H., d.10/19/1973, Age 83 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Hare, Ruth Pauline Carr, d.12/6/1980, Died at Redondo Beach, California, Pacific Crest Cemetery, Inc.
Hargraves, N. W. Sill, d.1/21/1941, Age 72 yrs 2 mos 29 days, Thompson Service
Hargrove, ?, d.11/4/1919, Grave of Mr. Hargrove's mother
Hargrove, ?, d., Grave of Mr. Hargrove's father
Hargrove, Charlie L., d.3/17/1951, Age 61 yrs, Thompson Service
Hargrove, Emma, d.8/24/1970, Thompson Funeral Home
Hargrove, Jessie F., d.1946, Age 75 yrs
Hargrove, John E., d.1917, Age 1 year
Hargrove, John J., d.5/9/1949, Age 75 yrs, Thompson Service
Hargrove, Lolu, d.7/27/1885, Age 1 year
Hargrove, Mrs. Rufus, d.6/31/??, Age 75 yrs
Hargrove, Mrs. Sarah, d.3/3/1936, Age 86 yrs, pneumonia
Hargrove, O. O., d.6/14/1945, Thompson Funeral Home
Hargrove, Rufus, d.5/23/1950
Hargrove, Rufus Price, d.1/24/1967, Age 85 yrs, acute myocardial infarction, Thompson Service, Miss Ruth Hargrove, daughter
Hargrove, Ruth E., d.9/19/1994, Born 3/19/1911, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Hargroves, Mrs. Fannie, d.12/13/1964, Age 81 yrs, Thompson Service, R. P. Hargrove, husband
Harmon, Caswell, d.2/17/1889, Age 48 yrs
Harmon, Dustin Michael, d.10/29/1981, Stillborn, Male, Freund-Thompson
Harmon, Josie, d.8/5/1914, Age 53 yrs
Harmon, Loyd, d.8/5/1914, Age 8 yrs
Harmon, Ray, d.8/5/1914, Age 13 yrs
Harmon, Stella, d.8/5/1914, Age 4 yrs
Harnes, Delmer E., d.10/7/1970, Age 82 yrs, Clark Service
Harnes, Eleanor, d.3/1/1920, Baby of Mr. & Mrs. D. E. Harnes
Harness, Robert C., d.8/17/1977, Age 68 yrs, Clark
Harns, Alice M., d.12/11/1980, Age 48 yrs, Clark
Harns, Lewis Edward, d.2/17/1982, Age 68 yrs
Harper, ?, d.1894, Age 61 yrs 8 mos 22 days, bronchitis, father of Mrs. D. F. Worley
Harper, Maggie, d.5/26/1972, Potts Funeral Home, Independence, Kansas
Harper, Venal, d.8/17/1888, Age 2 yrs
Harpool, (Baby), d.1/31/1924
Harpool, Bellamy Noma Rebecca, d.6/18/1971, Age 76 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Harpool, Beulah, d.7/21/1995, Born 11/29/1919, Clark Funeral Home
Harpool, Fred, d.10/18/1906, Age 14 yrs, 1 day, Inf. Of Brain
Harpool, Jesse L., d.7/8/1938, Age 54 yrs, Bigham Service, 1884-1938
Harpool, Jessie L., Jr., d.10/21/1914
Harpool, John, d.8/7/1909, Age 74 yrs, Bigham
Harpool, John Dudley, d.9/25/1990, Born 2/19/1919, Clark Funeral Home
Harpool, John E., d.11/20/1957, Clark Funeral Home
Harpool, Robert Wm., d.6/9/1901, Age 4 mos, Spasms, Dr. Wills
Harpool, Viola, d.1/29/1940, Age 55 yrs, 1886-1940, died at Vosburg, Mississippi of Cancer, shipped to Galena, Kansas through to Neosho, MO, Alinson Service
Harr, James, d.5/17/1941, Thompson Funeral Home
Harrel, Gertude, d.8/23/1909, Age 2 mos, Child of Charley Harrel, C. M. Fosly Lot, Bigham Funeral Home
Harrington, D. W., d.8/24/1898, Age 68 yrs 8 mos, heart, reburied SE corner Lot 3 Blk 14, 1/25/1900
Harris, d.8/25/1993, Clark Funeral Home
Harris, (Baby Catherine), d.8/13/1909, Age 8 mos, Summer complaint, Dr. Bowers
Harris, (Infant), d.9/3/1903, Age 9 days, Dr. Johnson, Infant of J. R. Harris
Harris, (Stillborn), d.6/15/1903, Stillborn baby girl of W. C. Harris, Remains brought from Diamond
Harris, Abbie, d.1/27/1908, Age 78 yrs 10 mo 19 days, Dr. Whitney, Hauled from Carthage, Herms
Harris, Anna, d.12/12/1927, Age 41 yrs
Harris, Cynus L., d.4/16/1910, Age 28 yrs, tuberculosis, Dr. Weems
Harris, Daniel, d.1916, Age 68 yrs
Harris, David H., d.12/21/1935, Age 17 yrs, Ulmer Undertaker, died at Carthage, MO
Harris, Dudley, d.10/20/1984, Clark Funeral Home
Harris, Elmer, d.10/10/1958, Age 65 yrs, Thompson Service
Harris, Flora Hoyt, d.3/16/1895, Age 26 yrs, pneumonia, body shipped from Carthage, MO
Harris, Hannah, d.3/25/1940, Age 86 yrs 1 mo 6 days, born at Laclede Co., MO, late of Neosho, Thompson Service
Harris, Harriett, d.9/13/1996, Born 11/23/1917, Clark Funeral Home
Harris, J. Matt, d.4/1/1910, Age 57 yrs
Harris, J. O., d.4/5/1943, Age 80 yrs 1 mo 15 days, Bigham Service
Harris, J. W., d.3/19/1934, Age 80 yrs 6 mo 24 days, heart trouble, Thompson Service
Harris, Jess M., d.5/8/1950, Age 60 yrs, Thompson Service
Harris, John Brevard, d.10/5/1970, Age 52 yrs, Brother to Ed Harris, Thompson Funeral Home
Harris, Joseph N., d.3/13/1963, Age 74 yrs, born at Neosho, MO, died at St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co, FL, Cremation at Beach Memorial Crematory, head of Mrs. Hannah Harris'
Harris, Kelly C., d.1915, Age 5 yrs
Harris, Mrs. Allie C., d., Age 28 yrs
Harris, Robert, d.8/27/1879, Age 20 yrs
Harris, Ruth, d.9/7/1950
Harris, Samuel W., d.1/24/1948, Age 84 yrs, Bigham Service
Harris, Selma, d.7/17/1953, Age 68 yrs, Thompson Service
Harris, Susan, d.4/14/1959, Age 87 yrs, Clark Service
Harris, William C., d.1943, Age 80 yrs
Harrison, Edith, d.4/29/1985, Age 73 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Harshbarger, Frances M., d.10/19/1984, Age 68 yrs, died at Kansas City, Missouri
Harshbarger, Lawrence, d.2/8/1995, Born 12/18/1899, Clark Funeral Home
Harshbarger, Lydial C., d.2/1/1996, Born 8/5/1900, Clark Funeral Home, dbl marker, husband William died 2/8/1995
Harshbarger, M. E., d.3/12/1977, Age 61 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Hart, (Infant), d.6/2/1904, 2 days, Infant of Char. Hart, Dr. Willis
Hart, (Stillborn), d.12/8/1905, Dr. Lamson
Hart, Francis, d.9/9/1909, Age 13 mos, Thrash-Stomach trouble, Bigham
Hart, Frank, d.4/18/1949, Age 81 yrs, Bigham Service
Hart, Nancy, d.3/2/1930, Age 40 yrs, Bigham Service
Hart, Velma T., d.8/3/1993, Born 6/17/1912, Clark Funeral Home
Hart, William P., d.9/2/1986, Age 73 yrs, Clark
Hartenberger, Alfred Emil Fredrick, d.10/2/1967, Age 68 yrs, heart attack, Maybelle Hartenberger, wife, Clark Service
Harter, John, d.7/14/1954, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Service
Harter, Nancy, d.6/6/1964, Age 87 yrs 3 mo 13 days, born in Arkansas, late of Neosho, Clark Service, Mrs. Norman Babs, daughter
Hartman, Wilbur Albert, d.10/11/1992, Born 10/17/1914, Clark Funeral Home
Harvey, Elizabeth Jane, d.7/12/1970, Age 77 yrs, Clark
Hasse, d.1918, Two baby graves
Hastings, Albert, d.9/3/1918, Age 41 yrs
Hastings, Alzona, d.1925, Age 4 yrs
Hastings, Chauncy Arthur, d.3/22/1995, Born 6/14/1908, Cremains, Clark Funeral Home
Hastings, Elaine, d.11/1/1944, Age 62 yrs, Thompson Service
Hastings, Flossie Elaine, d.11/1/1944, Age 62 yrs, Thompson Service
Hastings, Hannah, d.1919, Age 70 yrs
Hastings, Howard V., d.10/12/1973, Age 50 yrs, Clark
Hastings, Lillie, d.10/7/1953, Age 81 yrs, Thornhill-Dillon Service, Joplin
Hastings, Louisa M., d.10/2/1943, Age 73 yrs
Hastings, Mildred, No date
Hastings, Miss Louisa M., d.10/2/1943, Age 73 yrs 6 mos 3 days
Hastings, T. B., d.9/3/1918, Grave of T. B. Hastings' son & Mr. Hastings
Hastings, Thomas A., d.7/13/1961, Age 79 yrs, Clark Service
Hastings, Thomas B., d.1920, Age 74 yrs
Hastings, Viola, d.1/22/1903, Age 27 yrs 8 mo 8 days, Dr. Lamson
Hastings, Will C., d.11/20/1940, Age 66 yrs
Hatcher, Merrel, d.5/2/1978, Age 21 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Hatchett, Ralph, Jr., d.8/16/1966, Age 32 yrs, carcinoma, Mrs. Mary Hatchett, wife, Thompson Service
Hatfield, Lonnie, d.8/5/1914, Age 53 yrs
Hathaway, Caroline, d.1/27/1941, age 78 yrs, Thompson Service
Hathaway, F. M., d.8/6/1944, age 88 yrs, Thompson Service
Hatler, Eva Bowers, d.3/28/1973, Age 74 yrs, Cardiac Decompensation, Torrington, CT
Hatler, Eva V., d.3/28/1973, Cremated 3/30/1973, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Hatler, J. B., d.5/31/1910, age 70 yrs 9 mo 8 days, heart failure, Dr. Weems
Hatler, Theresa E., d.3/8/??, Age 55 yrs 11 mo 14 days, Bronchial, Dr. Mixer
Hatler, Troy, d.12/20/1932, Age 62 yrs
Hatley, Letitia, d.1926, Age 56 yrs
Hatley, Mary M., d.1897, Age 19 yrs 9 mo 20 days, died at Joplin, MO, brought here, Dr. Yates
Hattler, Ben, d.1947, Age 74 yrs
Hattler, Harold, d.4/11/1944, Age 47 yrs
Hattler, Rose, d.5/5/1955, Age 80 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Haughery, John Thos., d.3/16/??, Age 17 yrs 6 mos 20 days, Spinal Abscess, Dr. Lamson
Hauser, Francis, d.1926, Age 56 yrs
Hauser, Leucetta, d.10/12/1894, Age 61 yrs
Hawby, Chester C., d.2/17/1964, Born at Neosho 1890, Clark Service, Mrs. Lettie Hawby, wife, Parkinsons Disease
Hawby, Ella, d.12/18/1966, Age 83 yrs, Arteriosclerosis, Thompson Service, Gene 'Spud' Hawby, son (A. M. Foster lot)
Hawes, Goldie, d.7/29/1973, Beeny Funeral Home, Sheldon, MO
Hawes, Lee Roy, d.9/25/1972, Beeny Funeral Home, Sheldon, MO
Hawes, Loren, d.4/20/1961, Age 38 yrs, Clark Service
Hawes, Mary E., d.11/9/1944, Age 41 yrs, Bigham Service
Hawk, Nettie, d.6/13/1953, Age 86 yrs, Thompson Service
Hawk, Tilman, d.5/1/1912, Age 54 yrs, pneumonia
Hawkins, Clem, d.9/20/1940, Age 61 yrs, Bigham Service
Hawkins, Cossitte, d.2/9/1899, Age 22 yrs 5 mos 24 days, accident - ice wagon ran over head
Hawkins, Dale, d.5/15/1990, Born 2/23/1930, died at Independence, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Hawkins, E La C, d.6/13/1900, Age 58 yrs, Heart, Dr. Wills
Hawkins, Ern, d.7/10/47, Age 76 yrs, Bigham
Hawkins, Gertrude, d.12/12/42
Hawkins, Guy, d.5/13/1942, Age 74 yrs, Bigham Service
Hawkins, Helen, d.10/27/1985, Clark Funeral Home
Hawkins, Orville, d.4/8/1968, Clark Service, Ralph Hawkins, brother
Hawkins, Orville P., d.5/22/1902, Age 65 yrs 2 days, Dr. Wills
Hawkins, Paul, d.1918
Hawkins, Pearl, d.8/17/1870, Age 1 year
Hawkins, Ralph E., d.1/20/1984, Age 80 yrs, Clark
Hawkins, Troy E., d.4/12/1965, Age 66 yrs, Heart Failure, Ralph Hawkins, brother, Clark Service
Hawkn, Roy, d.10/7/1883, Age 1 year
Hawley, (Infant), d.8/3/1914
Hawley, Charles, d.12/24/1975, Age 61 yrs 8 mos 9 days, born 1914
Hawley, Fannie, d.1935, Age 79 yrs
Hawley, Gene (Spud) Cahs. E., d.12/24/1975, Age 63 yrs 8 mos 9 days, Freund Thompson, next to Ella Hawley, mother
Hawley, Lettie I., d.8/6/1973, Clark Funeral Home
Hawley, Mrs. Frances G., d.7/6/1935, Age 74 yrs, born in Pennsylvania, late of Neosho
Haworth, Alvin William, d.10/31/1978, Age 76 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Haworth, Shobal, d.9/11/1897, Age 76 yrs
Haworth, Violet R., d.7/7/1944, Age 37 yrs, Thompson Service
Hayden, Ben, d.4/27/1933, Age 39 yrs
Hayden, C. C., d.1947, Age 57 yrs, Bigham Service
Hayden, Edna, d.8/21/1945, Age 58 yrs, Bigham Service
Hayden, Jennie Sue, d.2/27/51, Baby, Female, Clark, Re-interred 6/19/1976
Hayden, Marjorie, d.1/29/1976, Age 49 yrs, Clark
Hayden, Robert Clyde, d.7/6/1980, Age 53 yrs, died at El Sobrante, California, Clark
Hayle, Oleiva Mae, d.2/9/1993, Born 5/25/1931, next to Harvey Haas, Clark Funeral Home
Haymes, William Riley, d.11/28/1966, Age 46 yrs, cremated, Mrs. W. R. Haymes of Huntsville, AL, wife, Clark Service
Hays, Paul Revere, d.2/5/1969, Age 73 yrs, Clark
Hayworth, Lucinda, d.1916, Age 41 yrs
Hazel, Otis A., d.3/4/1974, Age 84 yrs, Clark Shewmake, Granby, Missouri
Hazle, Retha Helen, d.12/14/1980, Age 82 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Heard, Ovia, d.1/22/1985, Age 93 yrs, died at Grandview, Missouri, Clark
Hearne, Bernice, d.6/8/1986, Age 75 yrs, Clark
Hearne, William Thomas, d.10/26/1970, Age 60, Clark
Hearrell, (Baby), d.1883, Age 1 year
Hearrell, Blanche, d.4/29/1965, Age 69 yrs, Stroke, Clark Service, David Hearrell, husband
Hearrell, Charles, d.9/1/1930
Hearrell, Charles F., d.1947, Age 43 yrs
Hearrell, Dave Crockettq, d.3/24/83, Age 92, Clark
Hearrell, Douglas, d.1921, Age 6 yrs
Hearrell, E. Clay, d.8/1/1941, Age 85 yrs
Hearrell, Elizabeth, d.1/5/1934, Age 58 yrs 8 mo 23 days, Heart Trouble, brought from Eldorado, Kansas
Hearrell, Jack, d.7/1/1942, Age 29 yrs, Bigham Service
Hearrell, John, d.12/7/1861, Age 10 days
Hearrell, L. B., d.10/19/1903, Age 86 yrs 10 mos 10 days, Old age
Hearrell, Mary A., d.10/22/1911, Age 88 yrs
Hearrell, Oliver, d.4/6/1961, Age 76 yrs, Thompson Service
Hearrell, Ralph, d.6/26/1900, Age 6 mos, bowels, Dr. Johnson
Hearrell, Sam Benton, d.5/5/1899, Age 10 yrs 7 mo 26 days, railroad accident, head cut off by cars
Hearrell, Viola Tennessee, d.8/15/1945, Age 82 yrs
Heaton, Clarance, d.9/25/1940, Age 50 yrs, Thompson Service
Heaton, Cora, d.9/6/1956, Age 87 yrs, Clark Service
Heaton, Frankie, d.7/17/1975, Freund-Thompson
Heck, John, d.9/20/1868, Age 50 yrs
Hedges, Elizabeth J., d.2/27/1901, Age 74 yrs 1 mo 13 days, Acute Bronchitis, died at Kansas City
Hedges, Ella, d.7/19/1946, Age 78 yrs 10 mo 13 days, Bighams Service
Hedges, M. B., d.2/27/1902, Age 86 yrs 10 mo 25 days, Remains shipped from Decatur, Arkansas
Hedges, Sterling P., d.10/15/1955, Age 93 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Heer, Anna M., d.1916, Age 71 yrs
Heer, Christian P., d.3/11/1916, Age 78 yrs
Heer, Ida, d.6/9/1954, Age 82 yrs
Heflin, Eliza A., d.11/4/1879, Age 68 yrs
Helser, Esther, d.1930, Age 73 yrs
Helser, Lemuel, d.1934, Age 84 yrs
Heltzer, Helen Emily, d.1/2/1922, Age 73 yrs
Hembrough, Donna, d.7/19/1994, Born 4/3/1936, Clark Funeral Home
Hemmis, John Matthew, d.1/13/76, Clark Funeral Home
Hemphill, Fern, d.3/17/1946, Age 55 yrs, Bigham Service
Hemphill, John, d.5/23/1970, Clark Funeral Home
Hencks, Noah B., d.8/3/1903, Age 45 yrs 7 mos 7 days, Measles, Dr. Wills
Hendrex, G. H., d.1888, Age 49 yrs, Thompson Service
Hendrex, Margaret, d.1926, Age 73 yrs
Hendrex, Miss Louise, d.11/7/1944, Age 73 yrs 10 mo 4 days, Bigham Service
Hendrickson, Anna, d.11/22/1974, Age 88 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Hendrickson, Clarence L., d.4/11/1974, Age 76 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Hendrix, Susie, d.9/11/1902, Age 29 yrs 6 mo 19 days, Heart, Dr. Van Cleve
Henecks, Hattie A., d.6/29/1919, Age 60 yrs
Henecks, N. B., d.8/3/1903, Age 45 yrs, Dr. Wills
Henecks, Sarah H., d.6/20/1890, Age 22 mos
Henke, Anna Josephine, d.6/26/1974, Age 91 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Henke, Edna, d.7/27/1998, Born 11/16/1909, husband Albert buried in 1988, Woodard Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Henkel, Emma A., d.1/10/1899, Age 26 yrs 10 mo 22 days, pneumonia, Dr. Johnson & Mixer
Henne, Mrs. Maggie, d.11/25/1931, Age 69 yrs, born in Missouri, William Hunne, husband, Bigham Service
Henne, William, d.12/28/1953, Age 87 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Hennick, Herbert, d.10/18/1993, Born 7/31/??, died at Farmington, MO, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Hennick, Martha, d.9/15/1978, Age 75 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Henning, Alexander, d.5/6/1910, Age 22 yrs
Henning, Belle, d.8/23/1887, Age 45 yrs
Henning, Charles, d.5/6/1880, Age 25 yrs
Henning, Emery, d.3/3/1873, Age 22 yrs
Henning, John A., d.1/31/1875, Age 69 yrs
Henning, Richard, d.2/7/1876, Age 40 yrs
Henry, Charles Harrison, d.4/24/1982, Age 79 yrs, Clark
Henry, Claudia, d.5/14/1996, Born 3/30/1910, Clark Funeral Home
Henry, Martha A., d.9/26/1888, Age 57 yrs
Henry, Martha M., d.9/26/1868, Age 34 yrs
Henson, Rayma, d.5/22/1999, Born 9/1/1938, Raymond Hammer Lot, Clark Funeral Home
Hentchell, Elezabeth C., d.9/16/1973, Age 75 yrs, Thornhill Dillon, Joplin, MO
Hentchell, Elezabeth C., d.9/16/1973, Age 75 yrs, Thornhill-Dillon, Joplin, Missouri
Henton, J. E., d., Sold by J. E. Henton to Mrs. B. H. Tatum 10/11/1916
Hentschel, Herman H., d.2/4/1974, Age 82 yrs, Thornhill Dillon, Joplin, MO
Herm (Infant), d.2/8/1945, Stillborn infant
Herms, Elizabeth, d.1923, Age 80 yrs
Herms, Emma E., d.3/18/1873, Age 5 mos
Herms, Florence, d.1868
Herms, Fred L., d.1888
Herms, John C., d.1913
Herms, John C., Jr., d.1884
Herms, Joseph, d.4/7/1881, Age 78 yrs
Hernandez, Mary Anita, d.11/2/1990, Born 1/29/1959, died in San Jose, CA, Clark Funeral Home
Herr, Wm. Frank, d.10/10/1903, Age 33 yrs, Accident, fell from bridge in Kansas
Herrell, Carrie, d.10/28/1933, Age 77 yrs
Herrell, James, d.10/13/1937
Herrell, Mrs. Louis, d.10/14/1937, Age 84 yrs
Herrell, Samuel, d.12/31/1946, Age 85 yrs, Thompson Service
Herring, Henatta, d.12/17/1974, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Herring, Theodore Printers, d.9/6/1964, Age 79 yrs, gangrene of left leg ...Thompson Service
Herriott, Ephriam, Sr., d.10/12/1897, Age 67 yrs 4 mo 10 days
Hetrick, James Edward, d.7/5/1904, Age 35 yrs 4 mo 10 days, accident, shipped from Pittsburg, Kansas
Hickle, Arthur N., d.2/2/1972, Age 91 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Hickle, Hattie Elizabeth, d.4/30/1982, Age 98 yrs, Clark
Hickle, Nettie V., d.2/29/1964, Age 79 yrs, born in Tennessee, Mrs. Wanda Park & Mrs. Vera Combs, daughters, Clark Service
Hickle, Zirah, d.2/23/1958, Age 86 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Hickman, (Infant), d.1918, Baby of Alta Hickman, 1 baby grave
Hickman, Arthur, No date
Hickman, Eugene J., d.6/11/1896, Age 7 mos, stomach & teething, Dr. Benton
Hickman, Eva, d.7/5/1977, Age 86 yrs, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, Missouri
Hickman, Lula D., d.12/29/1928, Age 52 yrs
Hickman, Mead, d.8/22/1946, Age 81 yrs
Hickman, S. B., d.9/16/1918
Hicks, C., d.6/18/1918
Hiers, Garnett, d.11/24/1920, Age 17 yrs
Hiers, Henry, d.5/2/1958, Age 82 yrs, Clark Service
Hiers, Lee, d.4/12/1985, Age 86 yrs, Clark
Hiers, Sally, d.8/12/1957, Age 76 yrs, Clark Service
Higdon, Gary L., d.5/3/1986, Clark Funeral Home
Higdon, Hazel, d.11/4/1985, Age 79 yrs, Clark
Higdon, Logan, d.4/28/1996, Born 10/16/1898, Clark Funeral Home
Higgins, Mary Ellen, d.1870, Age 50 yrs
High, Kate W., d.1/13/1956, Age 76 yrs
Higlin, Margaret, d.12/5/1894, Age 79 yrs
Hiles, O. K., d.3/27/1930, Age 75 yrs, Bigham Service
Hill, d.5/19/1919, Grave of Mr. M. W. Hill's Father
Hill, Addie B., d.1/8/79, Parker Funeral Home, Joplin, Missouri
Hill, Bell, d.6/16/1941, Age 68 yrs 7 mos 28 dys, by order of Mrs. Fanny Roseberg, a sister
Hill, Delilia, d.10/4/1932, Age 90 yrs 3 mos 12 days, brought from Kansas
Hill, E. S., d.12/14/1937, Age 76 yrs, body shipped from Kansas City, MO
Hill, Ernest R., d.12/23/83, Age 91 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Parker Mortuary, Joplin
Hill, James, d.3/29/1935, Died at IOOF Home at Liberty, Missouri
Hill, James H., d.4/24/1958, Age 21 yrs, Clark Service
Hill, Janette E., d.10/12/1962, Age 6 yrs, Clark Service
Hill, Jennie Lillard, d.10/21/1971, Age 67 yrs 4 mo 14 days, Cremated
Hill, Joe, d.11/28/1949, Age 73 yrs, Thompson Service
Hill, L. A., d.6/22/1888, Age 62 yrs
Hill, M. W., No date
Hill, Mrs. Sherman, d.12/12/1949, Age 74 yrs, Thompson Service
Hill, Nellie, d.1951, Age 58 yrs
Hill, Rev. Heaton, d.12/13/1869, Age 56 yrs
Hill, Rose (Mrs. E. S.), d.12/12/1919
Hill, Vina, d.12/17/1903, Age 22 yrs 8 mo 18 days, Consumption, Dr. Wills
Hill, W. F., d.1/22/1888, Age 67 yrs
Hill, William A., d.8/9/1897, Age 31 yrs
Hill, William A., d.12/14/1996, Born 3/15/1902, Clark Funeral Home
Hill, William Anthony, d.10/13/1962, Age 5 yrs, Clark Service
Hillis, Albert, d.10/29/1937, Age 76 yrs, Bigham Service
Himmel, Andrew, d.12/23/1897, Age 53 yrs
Himmel, Andrew J., d.5/10/1938, Age 65 yrs, Bigham Service
Himmel, Barbara, d.2/7/1893, Age 47 yrs
Himmel, Dena, d.3/11/1967, Sister
Himmel, Emma, d.8/15/1976, Clark Funeral Home
Himmel, George, d.3/25/1936, Age 64 yrs
Himmel, Gottlieb, d.10/22/1917, Age 51 yrs
Hinchman, E. F. (Infant), d.2/9/1904, Age 6 days
Hinds, Belle, d.6/26/1941, Age 63 yrs
Hinds, Ruben, d.12/1/1959, Age 90 yrs
Hinkson, (Infant), d.8/20/1918, Infant of Alta Hinkson
Hinkson, Ella, d.8/20/1918
Hinton, Allen J., d.11/8/1934, Age 41 yrs, accident
Hinton, J. E., d.11/27/1918, Hinton Lot
Hinton, Mary A., d.7/29/1888, Age 63 yrs
Hinton, Nettie T., d.5/29/1902, Age 49 yrs 29 days, Sclerosis, Dr. Wills
Hinz, Glenn A., d.1/29/1996, Born 3/8/1930, Clark Funeral Home
Hire, John O., d.10/29/1978, Age 91 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Hire, Linda M., d.12/11/1980, Age 89 yrs, Clark
Hires, Melinda Mae, d.8/24/1973, Age 68 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Hisey, Grace, d.8/8/1941, Age 54 yrs, Bigham Service
Hisey, John, d.2/13/1930, Age 72 yrs, Bigham Service
Hisey, Louisa Jane, d.7/27/1932, Age 72 yrs, Bigham Service
Hiskey, Flora Pauline, d.8/8/1982, Age 74 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri
Hoag, L. M., d.4/21/1933, Age 70 yrs
Hobart, Leonard, d.3/25/1973, Age 50 yrs, Mason Chapel, Joplin, Missouri
Hoberock, Eloise, d.5/11/1986, Age 91 yrs, Clark
Hoberock, Harry A., d.9/6/1979, Age 90 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Hobson, Lawrence Benjamin, d.4/15/1968, Age 56 yrs, Hedge Lewis Funeral Home, Webb City, Missouri
Hodgen, Bon, d.4/27/1933, Age 39 yrs, Tuberculosis
Hodgen, Nancy (Hodgden), d.5/7/1947, Age 79 yrs, died at Joplin, MO, Parker Hunsicker Service
Hoebrock, Lawrence H., d.5/31/1954, Age 41 yrs, Thompson Service
Hoffman, Charles, d.1947, Age 93 yrs
Hoffman, Lilliam, d.10/29/1944, Age 80 yrs
Hogan, Cora, d.3/1/1963, Age 78 yrs, died at Kansas City, MO, born at Neosho, MO, Arteriosclerosis, Mrs. York, sister, Clark Funeral Home
Hogue, Henrietta, d.1913, Age 76 yrs
Hogue, J. F., d.5/9/1913
Hohenstein, William, d.2/12/1986, Age 72 yrs, Clark
Holcomb, Elsie T., d.6/24/1955, Age 83 yrs, Biddlecome Services
Holcomb, Malinda, d.4/19/1931, Age 87 yrs
Holcomb, William C., d.5/15/1927, Age 58 yrs
Holcomb, William V., d.2/29/1928, Age 91 yrs
Holden, Carol Lee, d.9/24/1982, Age 41 yrs, died at Incline Village, Nevada, Freund-Thompson
Holden, Joseph Daniel, d.4/30/1994, Died in Colorado Springs, CO
Holden, Stephen Paul, d.4/2/1995, Baby, Paul & Melinda Holden
Holder, Hurbert, d.1/12/1934, Age 44 yrs, Bigham Service
Holland, Richard Lee, d.11/21/1904, Age 45 yrs 9 mo, Consumption
Holland, Ruth, d.8/28/1936, Age 34 yrs, Bigham Service
Holland, Sidney, d.10/24/1890, Age 32 yrs
Hollaway, Gilbert, d.1/26/1991, Cremains, Clark Funeral Home
Holman, Charles A., d.10/1/1899, Age 82 yrs 10 mo 23 days, old age & bowel, Dr. Mixer & Benton
Holman, F. G., d.9/19/1942, Age 70 yrs, shipped from Kentucky
Holman, Hattie Mae, d.10/31/1903?, Age 22 yrs 2 mos, Spasms, Dr. Wills
Holman, Jane J., d.5/13/1926, Age 67 yrs
Holman, Joseph A., d.7/23/1903, Age 55 yrs 11 mo 9 days, heart disease
Holman, Mary Louisa, d.8/21/1905, Age 83 yrs 1 mo 9 days, old age, Dr. Wills
Holman, Miranda, d.1917, Age 67 yrs
Holmberg, Irene Kelly, d.7/10/1991, Born 7/20/1907, Woodard Freund Thompson Mortuary
Holmes, Betty Lee, d.1940, Age 16 yrs
Holmes, Marjory, d.1928, Age 19 yrs
Holmes, Maude H., d.1948, Age 60 yrs
Holmes, Paul, d.6/12/1965, Age 80 yrs, last residence Missoula, Montana, Carcinoma, Thompson Service
Honsinger, Lyman, d.7/19/1895, Age 61 yrs 4 mo 10 days, Dr. Benton
Honsinger, Mrs. Mary, d.6/28/1906, Age 72 yrs 4 mos, neuralgia of heart
Hooker, Carrie, d.1898, Age 2 yrs
Hooker, Mrs. Will, d.10/3/1938, Brought from Diamond, Missouri
Hoover, Edger Walter, d.10/31/1971, Age 75 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Hoover, Fern C., d.6/23/83, Age 77 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Hoover, Jarold R., d.6/30/1948
Hoover, Jimmie D., d.2/27/1947, Additional date of 3/15/1947, may be burial date
Hopkins, (Infant), d.5/18/1903, Age 14 days, by order of Mrs. D. Hopkins
Hopkins, Adley P., d.8/28/1862, Age 37 yrs
Hopkins, Benjamin, d.1878, Age 37 yrs
Hopkins, Edgar, d.12/17/1940, Age 5 yrs, Hedge Nelson Service
Hopkins, Joseph, d.3/17/1891
Hopkins, Mary, d.4/12/1862, Age 60 yrs
Hopkins, Rachel, d.8/16/1895
Hopkins, Rebecca, d.11/12/1891
Hopkins, Roxie, d.2/23/1976, Buried in Fraser lot, sold to IOOF, orig. Hargrove plot, Clark Funeral Home
Hopkins, Thomas J., d.1/25/1961, Age 80 yrs, Clark Service
Hoppe, Clara M., d.7/7/1970, Age 69 yrs, Ferry Funeral Home, Nevada, MO, 4 living sisters
Hoppe, W., d.12/5/1936, Age 72 yrs, Bigham Funeral Home
Hopper, Nell McCartney, d.8/21/1973, Age 59 yrs, Parker Mortuary, Joplin
Hopper, Raymond Clarence, d.6/12/1984, Age 84 yrs, died at Vinita, Oklahoma, Luginbuel Funeral Home, Vinita, OK
Hoppes, Claude Earl, d.8/29/1934, Age 17 yrs
Hoppes, Earl F., d.1951, Age 60 yrs
Hoppes, Florence, d.2/11/1934, Age 43 yrs
Horine, Lewis, d.8/5/1914, Age 24 yrs
Hornaday, Keith, d.12/7/1980, Age 78 yrs, Clark
Hornaday, Mary E., d.12/17/1978, Age 79 yrs, Clark
Horner, J. Turner, d.9/22/1942, Age 77 yrs
Horner, Mattie J., d.8/5/1927, Age 59 yrs
Horner, Mrs. J. Turner, d.8/5/1927
Horton, William J., d.5/25/83, Age 59 yrs, Clark
Hosfield, Margaret Ann 'Early', d.9/18/66, Age 34 yrs, blood clot, Mr. & Mrs. E. N. Early, parents, Clark Service, last residence Santa Monica, California
Houchen, Guy, d.1/17/1968, Age 79 yrs, Clark
Houchen, Orville, d.2/20/1972, Age 61 yrs, Clark
Houchen, Virginia, d.3/29/1986, Age 74 yrs, Clark
Houghen, Emily, d.2/6/1957, Age 65 yrs, Thompson Service
House, Curtis, d.1/11/1944, Age 1 mo, Cleo House, father
House, R. Louise, d.9/22/1911, Old age
Houser, Ellen, d.9/17/1936, Kidney trouble, Sarah North, sister
Housman, Jeanette E., d.9/4/1972, Age 75 yrs, Freund-Thompson Funeral Home
Housman, John Wesley, Sr., d.8/28/1984, Age 91 yrs, Clark
Houts, James D., d.12/27/1966, Age 80 yrs, Thompson Service
Houts, Pearl Mae, d.8/31/1968, Age 85 yrs, Thompson Service
Howard, Alma, d.6/26/1896, Age 1 year, Dr. Yates, Teething
Howard, Theresa E., d.11/22/1986, Age 86 yrs, Clark
Howard, Wm. A., d.6/19/1964, Age 75 yrs, acute heart failure, Clark Funeral Home
Howerton, Letha, d.1/13/1940, Age 53 yrs 2 mos 17 days, Thompson Service
Hubbard, Addie, d.11/21/1935, Age 65 yr 7 mo 18 days, Cancer, Bigham Service
Hubbard, Allie B., d.12/12/1963, Age 80 yrs, Coronary Occlusion, male, Clark Funeral Home, body was moved to SE1/4 Lot 179 gr 5, 2/17/1964
Hubbard, C. W., d.1905, Age 38 yrs
Hubbard, Dallas, d.7/6/1995, Born 3/7/1915, Cremains, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Hubbard, Dorothy L., d.4/20/83, Age 87 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Mason-Woodard, Joplin
Hubbard, Eddie, d.12/9/1887, Age 6 yrs
Hubbard, Effie, d.1/28/1978, Clark Funeral Home
Hubbard, George W., d.9/23/1942, Age 83 yrs
Hubbard, Ida M., d.9/29/1894, Age 20 yrs 3 mo 18 days, Consumption, Dr. Yates
Hubbard, Marie, d.10/3/1982, Age 80 yrs, died at Burnett, Texas, Clark
Hubbard, Mary Ruth, d.8/16/1905, Age 2 yrs 10 mo 5 days, Flux, Dr. Lamson
Hubbard, Mrs. Susan, d.6/3/1907, Old age, Dr. Lamson
Hubbard, Nancy, d.9/2/1905, Age 40 yrs 5 mos 28 days, Stomach, Dr. Lamson
Hubbard, Pansay, d.7/28/1907, Age 14 yrs (Note: Geo. Hubbard Daughtery) Heart Disease, Dr. Lamson
Hubbard, Sarah, d.10/17/1892, Age 51 yrs
Hubbard, Toby B., d.1/3/1963, Age 75 yrs, acute broncho anoxemia, born at Neosho, Missouri, late of Joplin, Missouri, Mason Chapel, Joplin
Hubbard, Viola, d.11/6/1918, Age 36 yrs
Hubbard, William, d.2/11/1898, Age 72 yrs
Hubbard, William, d.5/29/1932, Age 69 yrs
Hubbert, Dayse V., d.11/9/1957, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Service
Hubbert, Fred Geo., d.1/24/1934, Age 57 yrs 3 mo 25 days
Hubbert, Guy, d.1/13/1940, Age 66 yrs 6 mos 20 days, Thompson Service
Hubbert, Mollie, d.3/1923, Wife of Mr. Fred Geo. Hubbert
Hubbs, Alf, d.7/14/1959, Age 80 yrs
Hubbs, Anna, d.3/31/1958, Age 83 yrs, Thompson Service
Hubbs, George R., d.8/10/1953, Age 80 yrs, Thompson Service
Hubbs, Nancy A., d.1/14/1950, Age 75 yrs, Thompson Service
Hubbs, Raymond, d.9/1/1913, Age 14 mos
Hubbs, Ruth, d.8/13/1913, Age 7 mos
Hubbs, W. O., d.1916
Huber, Phoebe, d.7/12/1943, Age 82 yrs, brought from Joplin
Huddleston, Fred, d.9/13/1954, Age 67 yrs, Thornhill-Dillon Service, Joplin, MO
Huddleston, George H., d.6/22/1933, Age 82 yrs, Bigham Service
Huddleston, Harrietta, d.5/11/1946, Age 79 yrs, Thompson Service
Hudson, Carrie, No date
Hudson, Carrie, d.2/22/1980, Age 95 yrs, died at Monett, Missouri, Freund-Thompson
Hudson, Clifford, d.6/15/1943
Hudson, David D., d.3/28/1899, Age 40 yrs, heart, sudden death, Dr. Lamson
Hudson, Emma L., d.3/12/1924, Age 80 yrs
Hudson, John, d.1943, Age 56 yrs
Hudson, Tyra B., d.12/29/1931, Age 70 yrs
Hudson, William J., d.11/7/1925, Age 83 yrs
Huff, Mildred, d.2/19/1935, Age 62 yrs, Thompson Service
Hugbart, Mary F., d.1921, Age 85 yrs
Hughes, Carrie, d.10/31/1949, Age 63 yrs, Thompson Service
Hughes, Charlie E., d.1951, Age 80 yrs
Hughes, Ed, d.3/9/1978, Clark Funeral Home
Hughes, J. H., d.4/13/1917, Age 67 yrs
Hughes, Mannie W., d.10/25/1945, Age 88 yrs
Hughes, Olive, d.8/10/1986, Age 81 yrs, Clark
Hughes, Sharon Dianne, d.9/29/1990, Born 9/22/1949, Clark Funeral Home
Hulbert, Percey R., d.4/8/1908, Age 10 yrs 11 mo, Necrom of Bone, Dr. Benton, Bigham
Hulsey, Curtis Lee, d.12/13/1976, Clark Funeral Home
Humphrey, Gomer, d.11/12/1951, Age 62 yrs
Humphries, Samuel D., d.2/10/1972, Age 58 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Hundley, Everett, d.9/5/1990, Born 5/10/1912, Clark Funeral Home
Hundley, Everett, d.6/8/1992, Clark Funeral Home
Hundley, Mary Edith, d.8/7/1992, Born 5/5/1915, died at Cornetta, OK, Clark Funeral Home
Hunt, Arletta, d.1/23/1946, Age 52 yrs, Cancer, Thompson Service
Hunt, John L., d.1/11/1947, Age 89 yrs, Thompson Service
Hunt, Russell, d.8/19/1963, Freund-Thompson
Hunt, Sarah E., d.3/6/1936, Age 70 yrs
Hunt, T. Elmer, d.12/21/1934, Age 49 yrs, Thompson Service
Hunt, Theodore, d.1921, Age 65 yrs
Hunt, Unknown, d.1918, Notation: Son of Mr. Hunt
Hunter, Alice, d.2/27/1992, Born 9/1920, Clark Funeral Home
Hunter, Benjamin, d., Lot approx 34 ft N of Elliott Corner Store
Hunter, Catherine, d.3/11/1872, Age 85 yrs
Hunter, Cloud, d.2/9/1909, Age 17 yrs, Bright's Disease, Dr. Bowers
Hunter, Eddie, Jr., d.8/5/1996, Born 8/30/1919, Clark Funeral Home
Hunter, Edward E., d.8/28/1878, Age 18 yrs, Son of T. L. and P. H. Hunter
Hunter, Gertrude, d.12/6/1942, Age 51 yrs, died at Kansas City, Missouri
Hunter, J. B., d.3/14/1910, Age 50 yrs, Cancer, Dr. Wills
Hunter, James F., d.6/22/1893, Age 75 yrs, Bladder
Hunter, Mattie, d.4/25/1927, Age 66 yrs
Hunter, Maud, d.11/8/1896, Age 21, Dropsy, Dr. Lamson
Hunter, Mrs. Jennie, d.6/12/31
Hunter, Robert H., d.12/10/1902, Age 73 yrs, Kidney Disease, Dr. Bowers
Hunter, Thomas, d.5/25/1936, Age 79 yrs 7 mo
Hunter, Thomas L., d.3/30/1862
Hunter, Turbert E. (Tolbert), d.7/28/1863
Hurd, James, d.1919, Age 65 yrs
Hurlbert, d.5/14/1993, Woodard-Freund Mortuary
Hurlbert, William J., d.2/21/1991, Born 9/27/1926, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Hurlburt, (Stillborn), d.9/21/1955, Thompson Service, Joella Hurlburt
Hurman, Martha, d.1/29/1896, Age 9 yrs
Hurn, Golda Hope, d.4/5/1993, Born 2/7/1891, Clark Funeral Home
Hurn, James Harvey, d.4/9/1977, Age 87 yrs, Clark
Hurst, John, d.1/31/1880, Age 59 yrs
Hussong, C. W., d.1929, Age 75 yrs
Hussong, Charles F., d.11/14/1928, Age 33 yrs
Hussong, Elizabeth, d.11/3/1932, Age 76 yrs
Hussong, Mr.??, d.1928, Notation: Ethel Hussong, Grave of Mr. Hussong
Hutchens, Clyde A., d.1954, Age 80 yrs
Hutchens, Harry E., d.1952, Age 77 yrs
Hutchinson, Miss Nancy, d.1/13/1934, Age 26 yrs, Bigham Service
Hutchison, Annabelle S., d.7/29/1972, McCafferty-Bolick Funeral Home, Tonkawa, Oklahoma
Hutchison, Besse Velma, d.1/13/1973, Age 74 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Hutchison, D. C., d.1916
Hutchison, Frank, d.4/27/1985, Age 62 yrs, died Garland, Texas, Clark Funeral Home
Hutchison, Leo F., d.1951, Age 57 yrs
Hutchison, Leo, Jr., d.5/21/1977, McCafferty-Bolick Funeral Home, Tonkawa, Oklahoma
Hutchison, Maggie C., d.1949, Age 55 yrs
Hutchison, Pliny F., d.1/23/1961, Age 66 yrs, Clark Service
Hutkamp, Joseph F., d.4/19/1907, Age 25 yrs 3 mos, Abscess of Liver, Dr. Benton
Hutton, Gertrude, d.1942, Age 51 yrs
Hux, Polly R., d.4/14/1993, Born 1/1/1917, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Hux, W. J. (Jerry), d.9/27/1995, Born 7/24/1918, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary, dbl marker for W. J. & Polly
Hylton, Freda Mae, d.1/2/1957, Thompson Funeral Home
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