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I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Neosho, Newton County, Missouri

Contributed and recorded by Doris Snyder, March 31, 2000 [dsnyder@ipa.net]. Total records = 6,728.

Dacktler, Fred, d.12/20/1980, Age 89 yrs, died at Carthage, Missouri, Freund-Thompson
Dale, Infant Son, No date
Dale, Nicholas, d.1878, Age 51 yrs
Dalrymple, Charles, d.3/19/1986, Age 92 yrs, Clark
Dalrymple, Mayme, d.6/24/1944, Age 53 yrs, Bigham Service
Dalton, Alice S., d.1885, Age 27 yrs
Dalton, Infant, d.6/11/1897, Stillborn infant of O. P. Dalton
Dalton, Janie, d.1880, Age 3 yrs
Dalton, Maudie, d.4/1/1883, Stillborn
Damma, Karl, d.1950, Age 78 yrs
Danhke, George W., d.11/13/1953, Age 70 yrs
Danhke, Montez, d.6/30/1972, Age 87 yrs, Freund-Thompson Funeral Home
Daniel, George, d.1/18/1982, Age 77 yrs, Clark
Daniels, James E., d.9/22/1943, Age 68 yrs
Daniels, Nola, d.6/13/1983, Age 97 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Daniels, Robert N., d.1938, Age 7 yrs
Daniels, William C., d.1935, Age 4 yrs
Daugherty, Cecil J., d.9/2/1948, Age 51 yrs, Bigham Service
Daugherty, Estellah M., d.5/8/1966, Age 64 yrs, Carcinoma of the breast, Clark Service
Daugherty, Hazel, d.5/6/1996, Born 12/2/1908 in Scammon, KS, Clark Funeral Home
Daugherty, Nancy K., d.5/12/1952, Age 7 yrs, Thompson Service
Daugherty, William H., d.3/4/1961, Age 57 yrs, Clark Service
Daughterty, Bert, d.8/11/1996, Born 9/8/1905, Clark Funeral Home
Davidson, Agness N., d.5/5/1893, Age 8 mos, Measles, child of Charles E. Davidson
Davidson, Charles E., d.7/11/1906, Age 62 yrs 4 mo 11 days, Heart Failure, Dr. Lamson
Davidson, Ella, d.1917, Age 64 yrs
Davidson, J. O., d.2/7/1944, Age 75 yrs
Davidson, Mary S., d.1922, Age 54 yrs
Davidson, S. W., d.1916
Davis, ? C., d.12/1915, (Charles S. Davis)
Davis, A. S., d.6/19/1932, Age 99 yrs 4 mo 29 days
Davis, Alfred, d.6/10/1932, Age 73 yrs
Davis, Anna L., d.8/14/1938, Age 76 yrs 6 mo 24 days
Davis, Annie D., d.10/12/1876, Age 39 yrs
Davis, Archie D., d.11/26/1977, Clark Funeral Home
Davis, Carie V., d.9/11/1956, Age 90 yrs, Thompson Service
Davis, Caroline, d.4/11/1893, Age 32 yrs, Consumption, shipped from Springfield, MO
Davis, Charles E., d.5/15/1956, Age 92 yrs, Thompson Service
Davis, Charles J., d.8/14/1932, Age 63 yrs, Mitchel Service
Davis, Charles P., d.6/26/1940, Age 21 yrs, Thompson Service
Davis, Charles P., d.4/4/1973, Clark Funeral Home
Davis, Charles S., d.11/18/1952, Age 90 yrs, born 1892, Thompson Service
Davis, Charles W., d.6/22/1958, Age 82 yrs, Arnold Service, Aurora, Missouri
Davis, Clyta Esmond, d.3/25/1982, Age 66 yrs, Clark
Davis, Dora E., d.10/9/1959, Age 89 yrs, Clark Service
Davis, Eliza Ann, d.12/7/1933, Age 67 yrs
Davis, Eliza J., d.4/19/1948, Age 75 yrs, Bigham Service
Davis, Elizabeth, d.8/30/1915, Age 82 yrs
Davis, Elmo, d.1/28/1985, Age 77 yrs, Clark
Davis, Elmo, d.1/28/1985, Age 77 yrs, Clark
Davis, Faye P., d.3/1/1974, Age 83 yrs, Freund Thompson
Davis, George A., d.9/11/1918, Age 57 yrs
Davis, Herbert LeRoy, d.1/29/1996, Born 6/11/1910, dbl marker, Herbert & Marie, Clark Funeral Home
Davis, Hughes, d.1/15/1973, Age 84 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Davis, Ida M., d.10/24/1883, Age 20 yrs
Davis, Infant, d.8/5/1902, Stillborn of S. L. Davis, Landreth Lot
Davis, J. H., d.1928, Age 40 yrs
Davis, Jefferson C., d.1/2/1947, Age 48 yrs, Thompson Service
Davis, John C., d.1917, Age 68 yrs
Davis, Laura Belle, d.8/12/1927, Age 75 yrs
Davis, Lillian N., d.3/20/1992, Born 4/16/1911, Clark Funeral Home
Davis, Lillie Mae, d.1/23/1970, Age 89 yrs, daughter of Mrs. Herbert Hennick
Davis, Lola, d.1/1/1972, Peterson Funeral Home, Aurora, Missouri
Davis, Lola M., No date
Davis, Louis B., d.3/20/1953, Age 59 yrs, Thompson Service
Davis, Luther M., No date
Davis, Lydia, d.2/13/1955, Age 87 yrs
Davis, Marie, d.9/27/1979, Age 66 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark Funeral Home
Davis, Mary Louise, d.3/26/1995, Born 9/22/1900, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Davis, Mary M., d.3/14/1910, Age 83 yrs
Davis, Mary S., d.12/25/1915, Age 47 yrs, born 1868
Davis, Mixer, d.11/15/1970, Buchanan Funeral Home, Monett, Missouri
Davis, Mollie V., d.1944, Age 88 yrs
Davis, Mr., d.1920, Grave of Mr. Davis, father of Hugh
Davis, Mrs. Addie, d.1/16/1930, Shipped from Kansas City, Missouri
Davis, Mrs. George, d.1919
Davis, Mrs. Molly, d.7/20/44, Age 88 yrs 7 mo 12 days, shipped from Palistine, Illinois
Davis, Naida R., d.9/7/1941, Age 13 yrs, Hurlburt Service, died at Joplin, Missouri
Davis, Neal, d.1942, Age 51 yrs
Davis, Nellie, d.1/4/1975, Clark Funeral Home
Davis, Paul, d.4/3/1893, Age 12 yrs
Davis, Perley, d.2/28/1875
Davis, R. M., d.4/18/1912, Age 70 yrs, Pneumonia
Davis, Randy, d.3/6/1957, Age 2 days, Clark Service
Davis, Raymond L., d.8/30/1959, Age 71 yrs, Clark Service
Davis, Robert Ross, d.3/12/1916, Age 21 yrs, born 1895
Davis, Robert S., d.2/27/1946, Age 75 yrs, Bigham Service
Davis, Ross, d.3/13/1916
Davis, Samuel C., d.1/22/1886, Age 40 yrs
Davis, Samuel L., d.1/6/1927, Age 67 yrs
Davis, Sarah P., d.1925, Age 76 yrs
Davis, Sarah R., d.2/3/1951, Age 80 yrs, Hurlburt Service
Davis, Seaville L., d.7/14/1905, 8 days, throat
Davis, Thelma, d.4/20/1935, Age 20 yrs, Thompson Service
Davis, W. J., d.1/13/1940, Age 77 yrs, Bigham Service
Davis, W. J. W., d.1/2/1922, Grave owned by Chas. W. A. Davis
Davis, Wm. A., d.12/30/1907, Age 83 yrs, old age, Dr. Wills
Dawson, John F., d.6/23/1901, Age 52 yrs 11 mo 13 days, Bright's Disease
Dawson, Julia, d.10/2/1912, Age 63 yrs, Mrs. John Dawson
Dawson, Thomas, d.5/29/1998, Wife, Marie, Clark Funeral Home
Day, Basil E., d.6/14/1945, Age 40 yrs, Bigham Service
Day, Ben J., d.10/27/1957, Age 86 yrs, Clark Service
Day, Bonnie, d.8/21/1981, Age 74 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Day, Charles O., d.2/16/1959, Age 44 yrs, Thompson Service
Day, Edna, d.3/31/1970, Age 75 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Day, Elisa Maria, d.1/28/1994, Born 3/24/1938 at Minas Brazil, died Little Rock, AR, Clark Funeral Home
Day, James R., d.12/8/1985
Day, Jennie Ethel, d.3/27/1971, Age 85 yrs, Clark
Day, Joan (Edson) Adelle, d.9/7/1969, Age 30 yrs, Clark
Day, Julia, d.2/25/1940, Age 73 yrs, Bigham Service
Day, Loren D., d.4/7/1962, Age 50 yrs, Thompson Service
Day, Robert Thomas, d.11/29/1991, Born 8/10/1936 in Joplin, MO, died in Owasso, OK, Clark Funeral Home
Day, Theresa N., d.3/13/1995, Born 11/29/1911, Clark Funeral Home, wife of Delbert Day
Day, Thomas E., d.5/31/1963, Age 74 yrs, Clark
Deal, William H., d.1/13/1951, Age 81 yrs, Biddlecome Service, Seneca, MO
Deal, William Harry, d.10/15/1997, Born 11/12/1912, dbl marker, Harry & Doreen, Clark Funeral Home
DeGroff, Abraham P., d.3/31/1902, Age 83 yrs 6 mo 23 days, lagniappe & old age, Dr. Yates
DeGroff, Abraham P., d.2/17/1888, Age 29 yrs
DeGroff, Asenath M., d.11/11/1918, Age 40 yrs
DeGroff, Margaret, d.1883, Age 58 yrs
DeGroff, William W., d.2/19/1880, Age 23 yrs
Delano, Cora Belle, d.2/3/1966, Age 65 yrs, Pneumonia, Mr. F. G. Delano, husband, Clark Service
Delano, Frank G., d.12/4/1980, Died at Minneoke, Kansas, Clark
Delano, Henry A., d.1950, Age 69 yrs
Delano, Sarah Elizabeth, d.7/4/1970, Age 89 yrs, Alta Stuckey, daughter, Clark Funeral Home
Delap, A. D. (infant), d.12/27/1895, 6 hours, Dr. VanCleve
Delap, Andy (infant), d.3/5/1896, 2 mo 8 days
Delap, Samuel A., d.12/5/1896, Age 64 yrs, inflammatory rheumatism, Dr. Yates
DeLapp, Amanda, d.1926, Age 85 yrs
DeMann, Monica Marie, d.7/17/1954, Age 6 mos, Clark-Bigham Service
Dement, Laura May, d.8/13/1911, 1 yr 4 mos 21 days, transit
DeMoss, Etta, d.5/27/73, Clark Funeral Home
DeMoss, Josie E., d.1/8/1945, Age 58 yrs, Bigham Service
DeMoss, Norman W., d.10/31/1959, Age 78 yrs, Clark Service
Denison, Osro, d.6/12/1887, Age 11 mos
Dennison, Willard W., d.11/29/1978, Age 57 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
DeNoyer, Charles A., d.1/11/1979, Age 77 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Denoyer, Cora, d.4/25/1999, Born 5/11/1906, Clark Funeral Home
Denton, Bertie E., d.2/24/1956, Age 82 yrs, Steve-Parker Service, Joplin
Denton, Earnest, d.11/20/1971, Age 75 yrs, Mason Funeral Home, Joplin
Denton, Goldie, d.11/21/1945, Age 66 yrs, Bigham Service
Denton, John Tensley, d.12/3/1904, Age 57 yrs 9 mo 1 day, heart trouble
Denton, Mary E., d.9/29/1916, Age 65 yrs
Denton, Mona, d.3/20/1975, Age 71 yrs, Mason Chapel
DePriest, B. F., d.6/18/1905, Age 37 yrs, Peritonitis, Dr. Fullbright, died at St. James, Missouri
DePriest, Frank, d.6/18/1905, Age 37 yrs
DePriest, Robert, No date
Derry, Mable, d.6/18/1913, Age 8 yrs
Deubler, Lafayette E., d.6/14/1983, Age 94 yrs, Clark
Deverell, Robert S., d.12/10/1892, Age 38 yrs
Deverell, Sara H., d.8/13/1914, Age 50 yrs
Dewitt, Bessie E., d.5/23/1904, 13 mos
Deyound, James C., d.12/4/1950, Age 70 yrs
Dial, Lewis W., d.11/9/1933, Age 55 yrs, Thompson Service
Dial, Sarah E., d.10/13/1978, Age 94 yrs, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, Missouri
Dick (Wilson) Izma Elmetta, d.3/6/1973, Age 80 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Dickover, Daisy, d.9/5/1942, Age 66 yrs 7 mo 23 days
Dickover, Forrest L., d.7/13/1915, Age 23 yrs
Dickover, Mrs. S. L., d.11/22/1910, Age 63 yrs, Dr. Benton
Dickover, S. L., d.2/8/1923, Age 79 yrs
Dillman, Klovo, d.5/27/1896, Age 6 mo 19 days, hives, Dr. Yates
Dimit, Hester, d.4/6/1972, Age 95 yrs, Downing Funeral Home, Bartlesville, OK
Dimit, Leslie L., d.11/3/1937, Age 86 yrs, Bigham Service
Dimit, Mary P., d.6/22/1943, Age 92 yrs, Ruth Moon Service
Dingman, Carl M., d.8/1/1976, Age 75 yrs, Clark
Divine, Ethel, d.4/17/1984, Age 75 yrs, Clark
Divine, Ethel, d.4/17/1984, Age 75 yrs, Clark
Dixon, Lewis M., d.1946, Age 75 yrs
Dixon, Martha A., d.10/7/1932, Age 60 yrs, Bigham Service
Dixon, Patricia, d.3/16/1935, Age 2 yrs, Bigham Service
Dixon, Warren, d.12/7/1981, Age 78 yrs, died at Carthage, Missouri, Knell Mortuary, Carthage
Dobson, Cecile Juanita (Duffield), d.6/6/1994, Born 2/7/1901, died at Stella, MO, buried next to Arthur Duffield, Clark Funeral Home
Dobson, Ethel R., d.4/29/1974, Age 73 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Dodd, I. Electa T., d.7/23/1970, Age 81 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Dodson, Anna Scott, d.8/3/1920, Age 78 yrs
Dodson, Anna Scott (Moss), d.1920
Dodson, Fannie (Mrs.), d.2/18/1939, Age 72 yrs, Late of Reeds, Missouri
Dohogne, George, d.2/15/1955, Age 74 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Dohogne, Mary R., d.2/15/1953, Age 75 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Dolby, Carl Victor, d.1879
Dolby, Charles R., d.9/20/1863, Age 13 yrs
Dolby, Mary Ann, d.11/29/1897, Age 77 yrs 10 mo 27 days, Pneumonia, Dr. Yates
Dolby, May, d.1871
Dolby, Mother, d.1903, Age 55 yrs
Dolby, Tommie, d.1871
Dolence, John E., d.5/26/1956, Age 52 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Donahue, James J., d.1/30/1957
Donica, Lula, d.5/21/1978, Age 92 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Donica, Thos., d.3/2/1915
Donton, Henry Roy, d.6/30/1974, Age 50 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Dorby, Ben J., d.2/1/1936, Age 64 yrs, moved 6/28/1958 from Lot 78 1926 addn
Dorby, Flora, d.10/20/1966, Age 91 yrs, Senility, Thompson Service, Esther West, daughter
Dorie, Betty Marie, d.10/9/1982, Age 55 yrs, Clark
Dorie, Louis K., d.4/2/1971, Age 47 yrs, Clark
Dorrance, Earl E., d.6/8/1933, Age 40 yrs, Bigham Service
Dorrance, Edwin, d.3/9/1942, Age 17 yrs, Bigham Service
Dorris, James M., d.8/10/1938, Age 47 yrs, Hurlburt Service, Joplin
Dorris, Mary, d.3/6/1937, Age 46 yrs, Hurlburt Service, Joplin
Dorsey, Derwood Eugene, d.8/1/1970, Age 80 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Dorsey, James H., d.4/5/1964, Age 85 yrs, old age, Downey Woodard-Mooney Service, Harry Dorsey, son, 831 S. Pine, Nowata, Oklahoma
Dorsey, Mary A., d.1/4/1950, Age 71 yrs, Thompson Service
Dorsey, Mary E., d.5/26/1961, Age 69 yrs, Clark Service
Dorth, Robert, d.2/21/1985, Age 76, Freund-Thompson
Dorth, Robert, d.2/21/1985, Age 67 yrs, Freund-Thompson Funeral Home
Dotson, Accosta Elezabeth, d.3/16/1973, Age 74 yrs, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Dotson, Clarence B., d.10/12/1971, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Funeral Home
Doty, Dr., d.8/14/1914, Age 70 yrs
Doty, Harold P., d.1/8/1963, Age 54 yrs, Clark Service
Doty, J. Glen, d.1/27/1896, Age 23 yrs 3 mos, Dr's Doty & Yates, shipped from Arkansas
Doty, Mary, d.9/5/1874, Age 34 yrs
Doty, Violet, d.2/10/1961, Age 51 yrs, Clark Service
Dougan, Helen North, d.3/11/1991, Born 2/16/1901, Cremains, Clark Funeral Home
Dougan, Ida W., d.12/31/1951, Age 78 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Dougan, Will Leigh, d.11/15/1968, Age 77 yrs, Thompson Service
Douglas, Garland, d.3/9/1976, Freund-Thompson
Downen, Arthur L., d.9/15/1982, Age 81 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Mason-Woodard, Joplin
Downen, Maurine, d.6/27/1979, Age 74 yrs, Parker Mortuary, Joplin, Missouri
Downer, E. E., d.5/6/1911, Killed
Downer, Harry, d.2/21/1953, Age 44 yrs, Thornhill-Dillon, Joplin
Downer, John L., d.5/5/1911, Age 45 yrs
Drake, Barbara, d.6/7/1978, Age 60 yrs, Mason Woodard, Joplin, Missouri
Drake, Mary, d.1/12/1899, Age 83 yrs 8 mo 8 days, heart & brain, Dr. Lamson
Drake, S. H., d.3/4/1896, Age 88 yrs 9 mo, heart failure, Dr. Lamson
Drapar, Nez Maude, d.11/3/1873, Age 3 yrs
Draper, Ann P., d.4/24/1950, Age 68 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Draper, George, d.5/3/1944, Age 61 yrs, Bigham Service
Drennan, Ruth, d.2/1/1910, Age 54 yrs 8 mo 11 days, Hemorrhage, Dr. Benton
Drennon, Mary, d.1/31/1910, Age 54 yrs
Duckett, Chas. H., d.1/2/1970, Age 68 yrs, Clark
Duckett, Edna A., d.12/19/83, Died at Winfield, Illinois, Clark
Dudley, Clyde Clifford, d.3/1/1977, Age 67 yrs, Freund-Thompson Funeral Home
Duebler, Isora, d.3/27/1987, Clark Funeral Home
Duff, A. W., d.7/31/1940, Age 86 yrs, Bigham Service
Duff, Helen M., d.2/12/1946, Age 52 yrs, Thompson-Bigham joint service
Duff, Kate, d.8/29/1942, Age 87 yrs, Bigham Service
Duff, William H., d.2/12/1946, Age 59 yrs, Thompson-Bigham joint service
Duffield, Arthur Virgil, d.11/24/1969, Age 70 yrs, Clark
Duffield, Charles, d.9/6/1990, Mason-Woodard Mortuary, Joplin, MO
Duke, Dolly Jean, d.12/28/1936, Age 11 mos, Thompson Service
Duncan, David, d.12/15/49, Age 75 yrs, Bigham Service
Duncan, Lawrence, d.11/24/1905, Age 1 yr 4 mo 8 days
Duncan, Linda, d.10/7/1997, Born 2/22/1940, dbl marker, Vic and Linda, Clark Funeral Home
Duncan, Mary (Mrs.), Age 57 yrs, general disease, old Wm. Cornage Lot
Duncan, Minnie, d.1922, Age 39 yrs
Duncan, Nannie Lorraine, d.2/18/67, Dau survives, cause pending, Clark Service
Duncan, Robert Elbrutus, d.4/13/1902, Age 3 days
Duncan, Thomas P., d.8/5/1914, Age 32 yrs
Duncan, Vic J., d.6/11/1986, Age 49 yrs
Duncan, W. L. (Mrs.), d.1/1/1923, Age 70 yrs, Mrs. W. L. Duncan
Duncan, W. L. (Mrs.), d.3/24/1944
Dunephant, R. H., d.11/28/1932, Age 81 yrs
Dunham, Douglas H., d.8/7/1985, Clark Funeral Home
Dunham, Leslie Max, d.10/14/1992, Born Nevada, MO, died Stark, KS, Cremains
Dunn, Arthur R., d.12/25/1957, Age 73 yrs, Thompson Service
Dunn, Bessie D., d.2/5/64, Age 75 yrs 4 mo 24 days, late resident of Pineville, Missouri, Downey-Woodard- Mooney Funeral Home, A. R. Duncan Lot shown on map
Dunn, Charles C., d.5/29/1939, Age 76 yrs, Dillon Service, Joplin
Dunn, Emily, d.4/3/1961, Age 92 yrs, Thornhill-Dillon Service, Joplin
Dunn, Mary E., d.7/18/1952, Age 37 yrs, Thompson Service
Durham, Phoebe, d.9/16/1899, Age 54 yrs 4 mo 17 days, heart failure, Dr's Lamson & Yates
Durham, Robert, d.7/3/1915, Age 47 yrs
Durham, T. B., d.10/28/1928, Age 22 yrs, Mr. Durham's son (see cards)
Durham, T. B., d.2/23/1933
Dyckman, Susan E., d.9/12/1936, Age 58 yrs
Dye, Frank, d.8/28/1915
Dzwons, George S., d.11/13/1970, Age 62 yrs, Clark
Dzwons, Jane, d.8/20/1990
Earley, Lula, d.4/2/1896, Age 30 yrs 3 mo 22 days, Consumption, Dr. Yates
Earley, Minna (Sale), d.11/5/1973, Clark Funeral Home
Early Russell W., d.3/14/1958, Age 55 yrs, Clark Service
Early, E. N., d.10/8/1934, Age 76 yrs 9 mo 23 days, born & died at Neosho, Walbridge Lot
Early, E. N., Jr., d.1/17/1944, No one interred at this time
Early, Edna, d.1/8/1913, Age 27 yrs
Early, Edwin N., d.10/4/1978, Age 72 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Early, Ishmuel, d.2/24/1863, Age 40 yrs
Early, Margaret A., d.12/1/1990, Born 11/21/1908, died at Afton, OK, Clark Funeral Home
Early, Nannie, d.2/27/1963, Age 90 yrs, Jennie Walbridge Lot
Easley, Dale Ervin, d.9/29/1966, Age 29 yrs 6 mo 9 days, Pulmonary insufficiency, arthritis w/complications, Clark Service, Mrs. Corene Easley, wife
Easley, John Forest, d.5/1/1984, Age 76 yrs, Clark
Easley, John Forest, d.5/1/1984, Age 76 yrs, Clark
Easley, Virgie Kirkley, d.5/7/1895, Age 26 yrs 4 mo 6 days, dropsy of heart, shipped from S.W. City, Drs. Smith and Nichols
East, Bertha Leona, d.7/20/1973, Age 79 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Easton, Jack Leroy, d.5/15/1982, Age 59 yrs, Clark
Easton, Jennie Vee, d.7/13/1979, Age 84 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Eastridge, Charlotte, d.11/5/1954, Age 74 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Eastridge, J. A., d.3/17/1951, Age 72 yrs, Clark -Bigham Service
Eaton, Charles L., d.8/21/1983, Died at Fayetteville, Arkansas
Eaton, Charles L., d.8/21/1983, Died at Fayetteville, Arkansas, Clark
Eaton, Mary Louise, d.1/21/1969, Age 60 yrs, at Detroit, Michigan, General Adenocarcino-matosis, Clark Service, Mr. Ray England, Brother
Eaton, Nellie, d.11/7/1971, Age 84 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Eaton, Sam, d.11/2/1939, Age 68 yrs 20 days
Ebert, Etta, No date
Ebert, George, No date
Ebert, Helen, No date
Ebert, John, d.9/13/1926, Age 68 yrs
Ebert, Laura, d.12/26/1919, Age 69 yrs
Ebert, Mary J., d.3/14/1910, Age 84 yrs, heart trouble, Dr. Martin
Eddy William M., d.1/3/1945, Age 86 yrs, Williams Service, Enid, Oklahoma
Eddy, Nina Christina, d.10/17/1965, Age 81 yrs, Ralph Eddy of Carthage, son, William Eddy of Enid, Oklahoma, son, Heninger-Allen Service, Cerebral Hemorrhage
Eddy, Phobia E., d.1929, Age 73 yrs
Eddy, Ralph A., d.9/19/1953, Age 67 yrs, Popineau Service, Enid, Oklahoma
Edge, Velta B., d.8/13/1990, Born 6/26/1908, Clark Funeral Home
Edgmond, John A., d.4/23/1979, Age 94 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Edgmond, Lenora M., d.6/25/1971, Age 88 yrs 9 mo 15 days, Clark Funeral Home
Edman, Fred, d.4/3/1933, Age 58 yrs, Belle Service, Powell, Missouri
Edman, Neal, d.3/26/1936, Age 38 yrs
Edminston, Ada B., d.1/10/1975, Age 95 yrs, Moore Funeral Home, Oklahoma
Edmiston, Matt, d.6/16/1936
Edsell, d.3/8/1993, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Edsell, John D., d.9/28/1982, Age 78 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Edsell, Nina, d.12/15/1986, Age 84 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Edson, Ada R., d.8/20/1960, Age 81 yrs, Thompson Service
Edson, Charlotte O., d.6/15/1992, Born 6/21/1914, Clark Funeral Home
Edson, Edmond, d.4/1/1962, Age 50 yrs, Clark Service
Edson, John, d.6/8/1954, Age 85 yrs, Thompson Service
Edson, Mildred, d.3/25/1950, Age 48 yrs, Thompson Service
Edwards, Crystlle, d.5/13/1967, Age 64 yrs, Knight Funeral Home, Maude, Oklahoma
Edwards, D. H., d.1926, Age 74 yrs
Edwards, John W., d.2/14/1917, Age 74 yrs
Edwards, Phila A., d.3/22/1876, Age 50 yrs
Edwards, S. E., d.1926, Age 71 yrs
Edwards, Susan, d.6/17/1927, Age 77 yrs
Edwards, Thomas J., d.7/18/1873, Age 9 yrs
Edwards, Valarie, d.9/28/1995, Born 2/24/1964, Clark Funeral Home
Edwards, W. A., d.1926, Grave of Mr. Edwards
Egger/Eggerman/etc., No date
Eggerman, Dale Edward, Age 1 1/2 days, died in Joplin, Missouri
Eggerman, Flora E., d.1/4/1962, Age 81 yrs, Thornhill-Dillon Service, Joplin
Eggerman, Jack David, d.6/28/1966, Age 46 yrs 11 mo 10 days, Ruptured Esophagus and ulcers, Anna Gene Eggerman, Mrs. Jim Williams and other brothers & sisters, Thornhill Dillon Service
Eggerman, Judith, d.1/14/1944, Age 2 yrs
Eggerman, Otto Lee, d.11/6/1964, Age 86 yrs, late residence, Elmhurst, Webb City, Missouri, Mrs. Jim Williams, daughter
Eggerman, Wellas J., d.5/25, Son of O. F. Eggerman, Bighams
Egglston, Sophia, d.1/12/1876, Age 80 yrs
Ehart, Jacob, d.1/5/1904, Age 71 yrs, heart trouble, found dead in bed
Ehart, Mary Ann, d.4/30/1893, Age 59 yrs, Heart
Ehart, Mary C. (Goff), d.9/20/1897, Age 45 yrs
Eiserman, Russell J., d.6/1/1945
Elam, M. M. (Infant), d.12/1/1926, Grave of baby, Mr. Elam's mother also buried on this tract
Elam, Macon Mason, d.10/6/66, Age 74 yrs, heart failure, Moore Funeral Home, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Clark, Neosho
Elam, Margaret Isabelle, d.11/4/1946, Age 74 yrs, died in Tulsa, Oklahoma, buried on M. M. Elam lot
Elam, Peggie S., d.6/7/1976, Moore Funeral Home, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Elbers, Emil, d.5/24/1978, Clark Funeral Home
Elberts, Jessie Louise, d.4/12/1992, Born 4/1/1902, died at Carthage, MO, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Mortuary
Elery, William, d.1/15/1969, Age 84 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Elery, Winifred, d.4/28/1976, Freund-Thompson
Elgin, Elizabeth, d.10/27/1876, Age 54 yrs
Elgin, Jennie, d.6/6/1878, Age 26 yrs
Eller, Ida Mabel, d.9/7/1994, Born 6/11/1906 at Jane, MO, died in Neosho, Clark Funeral Home
Eller, James M., d.1/23/1980, 81 yrs, white male, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark Funeral Home, Neosho, Missouri
Eller, James M., d.1/23/1980, Age 81 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
Eller, Rena, d.1/9/1977, Age 77 yrs 5 mo 8 days, Clark Funeral Home
Elliott, Claude Earl, d.12/7/1969, Age 66 yrs, Clark
Elliott, Gladys, d.2/17/1972, Age 71 yrs, Mason Funeral Home, Joplin, Missouri
Elliott, John W., d.2/8/1895, Age 39 yrs 2 mo, Pneumonia, Dr. Benton
Elliott, M. H., d.7/24/1932, Age 79 yrs
Elliott, Mary Anna, d.2/29, Age 43 yrs 2 mo, Drs Bowers & Johnson
Elliott, Ricky, d.7/5/1991, Born 6/23/1954, Clark Funeral Home
Elliott, Robert Frank, d.10/27/1957, Age 80 yrs, Hedge Lewis Service, Webb City, Missouri
Ellis, Edward, d.4/26/1925, Age 54 yrs
Ellis, Fred L., d.5/23/1951, Age 46 yrs
Ellis, Irene, d.1925
Ellis, Jeffery M., d.3/13/71, Age 7 yrs, Clark Funeral Home, J. H. Hubbs Lot
Elmore, Mary Lou, d.9/29/1934, 68 yrs, Mrs. T. Elmore
Elmore, Mr. T., d.1918
Elmore, T., d.7/26/1918
Elrod, Bertha, d.8/1943, Age 72 yrs, brought from Fairland, Oklahoma, body moved to Fairland, Oklahoma, 5/16/1963
Elrod, John, d.4/15/1980, Age 85 yrs, Clark
Elrod, John, d.4/15/1980, Age 85 yrs, Clark
Elrod, O. M., d.1916, Body moved to Fairland, Oklahoma, 5/16/1963, Leslie Lot
Elrod, Velma Box, d.8/17/1995, Born 2/5/1908, Clark Funeral Home
Elswick, John W., d.1931, Age 80 yrs
Elswick, Mary M., d.1923, Two graves on lot, Mr. & Mrs. Elswick
Elswick, Stella M., d.1923, Age 34 yrs
Ely, Goldie, d.1/3/1959, Age 62 yrs, Clark Service
Ely, Herman S., d.11/3/1954, Age 91 yrs, Clark-Bigham Service
Ely, Israel, d.3/14/1914
Ely, Mary J., d.1931, Age 62 yrs
Ely, Mrs. LuCendul, d.12/23/1908, Age 75 yrs, old age, Dr. Lamson
Embree, Robert, d.6/7/1876, Age 8 yrs
Embrey, Beulah (Cornish), d.1/17/1976, Freund-Thompson
Embrey, Nolen V., d.9/11/1956, Age 55 yrs, Clark
Empson, A. H., Jr., d.12/13/1966, Age 49 yrs, Clark Service
Empson, A. Holmes, d.3/12/1966, Age 78 yrs, son of A. H. Empson, Jr.
Empson, Minnie, d.1/7/1955, Age 67 yrs, Thompson Service
England, (Infant), d.5/24/1901, Stillborn infant of James England
England, Anna Theresa, d.5/18/1980, Age 88 yrs, Clark
England, Clarence, d.1918, Age 22 yrs
England, Edgar E., d.1/16/1964, Age 85 yrs, Anna England, wife, Clark Service
England, Ella, d.6/23/1900, Age 17 yrs, accident, wagon ran over body, Dr. Yates
England, Ellen, d.1919, Age 70 yrs, Mrs. W. L. Duncan
England, Eugenia, d.2/18/1947, Age 86 yrs, Thompson Service
England, Gertie, d.2/1/1953, Age 70 yrs, Washburn-Blossom Service
England, Hugh L., d.12/1/1931, Age 57 yrs, Bigham Service
England, James, d.11/1/1931, Age 61 yrs, Bigham Service
England, John P., d.12/9/1899, Age 31 yrs 7 mo, Dr. Yates
England, Josephine A., d.5/7/1958, Age 78 yrs, Clark Service
England, Louis Ray, d.7/31/1993, Born 11/13/1902, Clark Funeral Home
England, Mary A., d.1898, Age 26 yrs
England, Mary Pauline, d.4/13/1998, Born 9/28/1893, Cremated, Woodard-Freund-Thompson Funeral Home
England, Mattie J., d.1912, Age 47 yrs
England, R. P., d.2/1/1942, Age 64 yrs, Bigham undertakers
England, R. P., d.5/24/1906, Age 64 yrs 4 mo 27 days, suicide at Nevada, Missouri, asylum by hanging
England, Robert L., d.4/1/1951, Age 45 yrs, Clark -Bigham Service
England, Tunney M., d.11/19/1984, Age 52 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
England, Tunney M., d.11/19/1984, Age 52 yrs, died at Joplin, Missouri, Clark
England, Victor, d.10/4/1938, Age 54 yrs, Bigham Service
Engle, Lori Inez, d.6/27/1982, Age 18 yrs, died at Woodard, Oklahoma, Clark
Engle, Lucille L., d.10/30/1968, Age 72 yrs, died at St. Louis, Missouri, Clark
Enlow, Alva, d.4/16/1962, Age 54 yrs, Clark
Enlow, Edna, d.5/28/1996, Cremains, Clark Funeral Home
Enlow, James B., d.7/3/1982, Age 84 yrs, Freund-Thompson
Enlow, James Richard, d.2/11/1985, Age 54 yrs, died at Little Rock, Arkansas, Clark
Enlow, James Richard, d.2/11/1985, Age 54 yrs, died at Little Rock, Arkansas, Clark
Epperson, Clarence, d.1921, Age 24 yrs
Epperson, Guy A., d.2/19/1994, Born 3/11/1922, died at Cape Girardeau, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Epperson, Orval W., d.11/20/1976, Age 85 yrs, Clark Funeral Home
Epperson, Therese D., d.12/19/1991, Born 4/21/1893, Clark Funeral Home
Erickson, Fred, d.5/1/1986, Age 76 yrs, Clark
Erickson, James R., d.9/28/1941, Age 14 days, Williams Service, w/mother Lorene
Erickson, Lee E., d.3/25/1978, Age 65 yrs, Clark
Erickson, Lorene, d.9/15/1941, Age 31 yrs, Williams Service
Erickson, Luceal, d.3/20/1994, Born 4/13/1916 in Texas, died at Kansas City, MO, Clark Funeral Home
Erickson, Stephen, d.2/24/1999, Born 7/31/1948, Dulle-Trimble Funeral Home, Jefferson City, MO
Erwin, Emma Wirth, d.7/18/1931, Age 52 yrs
Erwin, James N., d.9/18/1961, Age 86 yrs, Clark Service
Erwin, Mrs. Emma Wirth, d.1931, Mr. J. N. Erwin (see later record)
Eshleman, Charley, d.3/17/1951, Age 55 yrs, Thompson Service
Eskleman, Cora May, d.8/5/1914, Age 44 yrs
Estep, Lloyd E., d.7/28/1975, 1894 to 1975 on Rudy Lot
Estes, James L., d.1/10/1942, Age 55 yrs, Thompson Service
Estes, Lloyd, d.10/1/1961, Age 62 yrs, Clark Service
Estes, Vivian V., d.3/31/1973, Freund Thompson Funeral Home
Evans, Anna, d.8/6/1983, Age 71 yrs, died at Springfield, Missouri, Clark
Evans, Frances O., d.10/1/1944, Age 70 yrs, Thompson Service
Evans, Francis S., d.9/10/1944, Age 72 yrs, Thompson Service
Evans, George D., d.7/9/1948, Age 47 yrs
Evans, Jennefier Ann, d.3/27/1969, Age 17 hrs, Clark
Evans, Lillier, d.1/6/1970, Age 91 yrs 3 mo 16 days, Clark Funeral Home, Foster Evans, son
Evans, Mary Louise, d.5/11/1970, Age 60 yrs, Clark
Evans, Robert Raymond, d.10/20/1971, Age 33 yrs, died in Kansas, killed in plane crash, Clark
Evans, W. G., d.6/12/1922, Grave of Mr. Evans son
Evans, William, d.3/7/1997, Born 5/18/1917, Clark Funeral Home
Evans, William G., d.8/19/1959, Age 84 yrs, Clark Service
Evens, (Infant), d.7/24/1904, Stillborn infant of Oli Evens, Dr. Foster
Evers, Gottlieb Henry, d.2/27/1964, Age 80 yrs, Olga Evers, wife, Clark Service
Evers, Olga N., d.9/7/1974, Clark Funeral Home
Eves, Bertha May, d.1919, Age 45 yrs
Eves, Elizabeth Roland, d.6/18/1945
Eves, Wm. Henry, d.8/6/1903, Age 55 yrs 11 mo 26 days, Paralysis, Dr. Benton
Eves, Wm. R., d.11/3/1937, Age 31 yrs, died at Denver, Colorado
Ewilly, Thomas, d.2/13/1878, Age 2 yrs


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