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Pine Ridge Cemetery
Warroad, Roseau County, Minnesota

GPS: 48.736114, -95.254450
Unorg Clearriver Twp, T161N R36W Sec 26

Contributed by Marjorie Broten, Mar 02, 2011, last edited Mar 17, 2011 [mjbroten@centurylink.net]. Total records = 56.

This cemetery is located 10 miles south from Warroad, MN on County Road 5 to the Bednar Trail (about � mile past Bill Rusch farm) and turn left, following the Bednar Forest Road for about 6 miles. The cemetery is on the north (left) side of the road in the clearing.

This cemetery was established in 1905 on approx 2 acres of land from Ed Buck. It is considered one of the oldest in the area, there are about 15 visible markers. This cemetery is also known as Clear River Cemetery. The Pine Ridge Cemetery sign was put in place by the DNR from Warroad, MN

The previous cemetery caretaker was Mr. Harold Hathaway who held the original plot & interment book until just recently. The cemetery has a Lot Numbered Map, starting with #1 marking of the lots are visible on some and the old fence posts for the corner boundary are there. The lots are 20' by 18' with a post marking each corner & some are missing.

Present are the many lilac bushes which may be markings of the outer side lots, which now are growing in on the cemetery. This cemetery appeared to have been much larger when 1st started.

The cemetery is now owned by the Beltrami Island State Forest and is being maintained by the DNR & with the help of Foresty Division & other interested persons and is in rather fair condition. A recent burial has been made.

I walked & read this cemetery on Oct 16, 2010. The information has been taken from headstones, some broken, cracked & worn with age, other information came from the Interment Pine Ridge Cemetery Lot & Name Numbered Map. This is a completed reading of this cemetery as of this date. A Digital camera was used for pictures.

- Marjorie Broten

b. = born
d. = died
d/o = daughter of
s/o = son of
s/w = shares stone with
w/o = wife of
( ) = author's comments

Arch, Mary, d. 20 Aug 1914
Badger, George, d. 5 Mar 1917, lot#11
Battles, Clyde, d. 23 Apr 1919, lot#31
Battles, Dora May, d. 9 Jan 1926, lot#31
Battles, Mildred Lillian, d. 12 Nov 1922, lot#31
Bemis, Baby (Louis), no dates
Bemis, Budd, b. 22 Oct 1917, d. 1918, lot#30
Bemis, Nora Ruth (Louis), b. 1899, d. 30 Oct 1917, lot#30, metal funeral home marker
Bourman, John "Bob" Alfred, b. 28 Mar 1937, d. 26 Jan 2009, s/o John D & Dorothy (Ringstad) Bourman
Brooks, Wm, d 1912, lot#11
Carl, Harold, b. 1 Dec 1912, d. 13 Jun 1915, lot#33, s/o Leonard, b/o Amelia Chilson
Carl, Joseph, d. 9 Apr 1915, lot#33
Carl, Tilly, d. 21 Jun 1916, lot#35, w/o of Wm
Chilson, Arminthea "Minthy", d. 16 Aug 1927, lot#49
Chilson, Baby Joyce, b. d. 15 Oct 1934
Chilson, Dorothy Lee, d. 11 Oct 1926, lot#47, c/o Ed Chilson
Chilson, Thelma L., d.16 Oct 1934, c/o Ed Chilson
Clemens, Bertha E., b. 4 Aug 1883, d. 14 Feb 1917, Mother
Clemens, Francis, d. 1910, lot#4
Defoe, John Capt, b. no date, d. 24 Jan 1908
Dickerson, Mary Ann Hunt, b. 29 Dec 1858, d. 25 Feb 1918, lot#17
Dickerson, Oscar, b. no date, d. 13 Nov 1912
Fish, Baby Boy, 14 Feb 1940, s/o Janice, d/o Elsworth
Fish, Bert, b. 4 Aug 1886, d. 28 Aug 1937, b/o Ed
Fish, Besssie M., b. 18 Feb 1910, lot#5, At Rest, d/o Frank
Fish, Edward Nathan, b. 4 Feb 1891, d. 24 Feb 1958, s/o Frank, a single person
Fish, Francis "Frank", b. no date, d. 9 Nov 1938
Fish, Melissa Sarah, d. 22 May 1917, lot#5
Hardy, (?), d. 1912
Harker,William H., b. 27 Mar 1859, d. 19 Jan 1934, lot#24, Dgt. Catholic Cem., wife cremated
Harthun, Gus, b. no date, d. 12 Oct 1934
Hathaway, Charles Preston, b. 13 Feb 1836, d. 29 Jul 1922, lot#1, father of Harold & Eka
Hinshaw, Ernest, d. 1914, lot#16, stillborn
Hipshire, Verna M., d. 27 Sep 1926, lot#36, family lived near Taylor homestead
Johnson, Thomas, d. 02 Mar 1929, lot#16
Milender, Clarence, d. 07 Sep 1918, lot#14
Milender, George, b. 24 Jul 1855, d. 11 Nov 1916, lot#2, out of the cleared area west end
Milender, Martha, d. 19 Aug 1931, w/illigible 3rd grave (?)
Milender, Violet, d. 06 Sep 1924, lot#22
Molstad, Baby Girl, d. 1960, metal funeral home marker
Peterson, Mrs. Ole, d. 30 Jul 1918, lot#12
Peterson, Ole Martin, d. 8 Feb 1917, lot#12, from the Reserve
Pickenson, Oscar, d. 1912
Ricker, Nettie, d. 1910, lot#9
Robinson, Jack, d. 28 Jan 1926, lot#11, 2nd grave from the south
Searl, Frank, d. 15 Jul 1930
Stanfield, Mary E., b. 19 Aug 1857, d. 25 Nov 1911, p/o Mrs. Norman Fish (26)
Stanfield, Samuel, b. 7 May 1851, d. 10 Jan 1929, mother was Scotchman
Steele Baby, d. 5 May 1925, lot#8, 2nd grave, s/o Wm
Steele, Anna, b. 1905, d.1932
Steele, Charles C., b. 27 May 1930, d. 20 Jul 1927, MM 3 US Navy
Sutton, Henrietta Stewart, d. 5 Oct 1922, lot#23, p/o Mrs Norman Fish (Big stone Sutton Henritta S. 1849 1911)
Sutton, Levi Mirna, d. 22 Dec 1928, lot#23, father Roy Sutton
Sutton, William J. "Willie", b. 16 Mar 1880, d. 13 Dec 1928, Father, lot#10, noted for US Mail delivered by horse
Taylor, Robert, d. 27 Apr 1917, lot#15, f/o Wm "Joe"
Vitch, (?) George, d. 15 Jun 1917, Lot #57

-Atlas of 1913, 1935, 1942, 1960, 1973, 1976, 1989
-Pioneers I & II
-Remembrances Anthology of RC MN
-Roseau County Heritage Book 1992
-Roseau County Highway Map 2008
-Roseau County Court House
-Roseau County Museum
-Warroad Hertiage Center & Museum
-WHCM Historians Beth Marvin & Ruth Stukel

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