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Native American Cemetery
Warroad, Roseau County, Minnesota

GPS: 48.905759, -95.327158
T163 R36W Section 29

Contributed by Marjorie Broten, Apr 30, 2012, last edited Jun 28, 2012 [mjbroten@centurylink.net]. Total records = 4.

Driving on Highway #11 going east and south into the city of Warroad watch for Lake Street NW on your right (west) side. Burial site is located on the corner of Jeans Dr. & Carol St. You will see 4 little houses built over the mounds under some large stately trees on your left (south side).

Established in 1916, this Indian land was first owned by NaMayPuk, also known as the Jones land when it was put up for sale by the Red Lake band of Chippewa and purchased by Roger and Bill Christian, brothers who hold ownership and maintain the property where the burial grounds are located. This land was where many of the Native American families had once lived. The grounds are in excellent condition and no longer are used for burials.

Because this is on private land one needs to obtain permission from the owner before entering.

I did a walk thru, reading all visible headstones, completed transcript as of Apr 07, 2012. A digital camera has been used for pictures

- Marjorie Broten

b. = born
d. = died
d/o = daughter of
s/o = son of
s/w = shares stone with
w/o = wife of
( ) = author's comments

KaKayGeesick, Medicine Man John, b. 1850, d. no date, his grave is marked w/house
NaMayPuk, Chief aka Na-me-pog "Na-may-pock", b. 1840's, d. 15 Oct 1916, s/o Chief Ay-ash-wash, h/o Men-we-we-aush-equary, his grave is marked w/ house
Powassin, Laughing Mary aka Min-o-ge-shig-oke, b. 1850, d. 23 Nov 1936, her grave is marked
Thunder, Chief Little, no dates, his grave is marked w/house

-a monument marker has been placed by the Warroad Historical Society dated 1979
-KaKayGeesick, aka Ka-keeka-kee-sick; b. 1850's, d. no date, s/o Chief Ay-ash-wash
-many more unmarked graves maybe is this area as well
-the following are not marked graves, written as to be here
-Cobiness, Mr. Jim; (no dates), age 100 yrs old, (Facts about Warroad 1936-1938 pg 46)
-KaKayGeesick, Girl; b. /d. May 1907, age of 3 (Facts about Warroad pg 8)
-KaKayGeesick, Girl; b. /d. May 1907, age 18(Facts about Warroad pg 8)
-Powassin, Joe; b. /d. (no dates), age 69, (Facts about Warroad pg 40)
-Powassin, Mrs. Joe; b. /d. 1956, (Warroad Area 1954, 1955, 1956 pg 67)
-Crow, Mrs. Little; b. no date, d. 1940, buried in the Indian cemetery on Jones property
(Warroad Bk 1940-1942 pg 13)

-Atlas of 1913, 1935, 1942, 1960, 1973, 1976, 1998
-Interviews as needed
-Pioneers I & II
-Remembrances Anthology of RC MN
-Roseau County Heritage Book 1992
-Roseau County Highway Map 2008, 2011
-Roseau County Court House
-Roseau County Museum
-Warroad Heritage Center & Museum
-History also documented by Ruth M. Stukel
-Warroad & Area Books early history from 1900's

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