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Moe Rose Cemetery
Roseau, Roseau County, Minnesota

Contributed by Marjorie Broten, © Dec 07, 2008 [mjbroten@centurylink.net].

- Mari Thorsdatter Spagerud Sonsteng, wife of Jacob Hanson Sonsteng was the first white woman to die and be buried in Roseau County October of 1888. Her grave is one of several mounds located along (adjoining) the east side of the Moe Rose Cemetery in an area that is fenced off on the former Ole Holland land. The other mounds are unknown or have never been identified... From Cemetery records in the Roseau County Historical Society: Old Moe Rose Cemetery: also in Section 21; NW corner: 1888: abandoned
- Three Holland children are buried in the same grave with Gustine Oline (Holland) Peterson, result of the Early 1918 Spanish flu epidemic
- Four infant sons dying in infancy of the Selmer Andol family buried here, no names or markers.
- Three infant babies died in infancy to Mr. & Mrs. Ole P & Anna Maria (Bymoen)Gaukerud buried here, no names, dates,or markers, infor from family of Leanne (Gaukerud) Johnson
- One known infant stillborn baby boy by the name of Leslie Charles Simonson d. 22 Mar 1949 at the Budd Hospital son of Orvin & Dorothy Simonson buried in the winter time grave location unknown (family member Marvin Simonson stated his grave is here somewhere)
- Many of the earlier unmarked baby graves buried here, over time the markers have deteriorated, no longer able to identify exact locations, no name or locations on cemetery map by Duane Andol
- Lot 63-2 is the grave location of Agre, Invold no marker no dates he lived with the Fuglebergs also their Lot location
- Lot 56-3 One metal funeral home marker missing name plate (only metal post left stuck in ground) by Rugland grave
- Lot 56-3 One metal marker damaged that of Hanson, Torbjorn (grave does not have a headstone)
- Lot 64-1 One metal funeral home marker broken, with some letters & numbers fallen out on ground below marker able to identify as Bonnie Carol Hagen grave
- Lot 82-1 Two metal funeral home markers that have the letters fallen out names missing next to Smith
- Lot 90-3 Last name missing (letters found on ground are PTLR), Ole; b. 1888, d. 1960
- Lot 99-1 Two metal funeral home markers missing the letters of names next to Lien
- Lot 105-2 No headstone present for concrete base unknown left side of Reine grave
- Lot 105-2 Metal funeral home marker with name of Walter N last name missing year 1910 letters have fallen out
- Lot 105-2 A Large flat cement base ground level, no name or dates
- Lot 106-3 Funeral Home marker with the name H. John 1914-1914 missing name
- Lot 117-1 Two cement base with no headstones present unknown as too who they are for
- Lot 118-4 Pohjola, Barbara M marker out of place, not stuck in ground, laid by tree base
- Lot 125-2 One base present on grave unknown missing headstone name dates
- Lot 137-3 One large rectangle piece of cement base no name
- Lot 138-2 No headstone present for concrete base unknown, markers present on this lot is 2 Holm children with good headstones
- Lot 159-3 One young person grave surrounded by the old yellow bricks, the size of a small child, no name, no dates by Englands

Original Cemetery Map started by Listug brothers, est. around the 1930's, 2nd Map enlarged for more names to be entered in Lot Squares for cemetery, as to identify a name where someone was buried
1913 & 1942 Roseau County Atlas
Roseau County Court House Records
1992 Roseau County Hertiage Book
Pioneers! O Pioneers! Book I & II
Other Local Writers Books on older family stories

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