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Assumption Pioneer Cemetery
Florian, Marshall County, Minnesota

Lat: 48° 27' 49"N, Lon: 97° 40' 45"W
Augsburg Twp, Sec 35, SE 1/4

Contributed by Marty C. Byzewski, May 26, 2005 [sherlynmeiers@invisimax.com]. Total records = 38.

The Cemetery is located about 3.5 miles northwest of Florian MN. From Florian head north on 270 Avenue NW for one mile. Turn left (West) on 400 St NW and drive 2.25 miles when you will reach a big rise in the road with a coulee on the Right. At the top of the rise you will see a road on your right which runs north for about 1/3 of a mile. When the road ends you look to your right and you will see the cemetery on a high point of land.

This cemetery was established June 1, 1820 and was used until the Village of Florian MN built a new church in 1902 with a new cemetery. The first burial I found in Florian is dated 1902. After this Assumption Pioneer Cemetery was abandoned.

The Cemetery is maintained by the parish and is a square about 50' by 50' surrounded by a wire fence. Only three stones are visable as most of the internees had wooden crosses, which have long passed. I could only read one of the inscriptions scratched into the cement.

I walked and read this cemetery on May 25, 2005 using my digital camera. I am willing to share photos, and Walsh Co, Polish and Czech Genealogy information if anyone wishes to contact me.

- Marty C. Byzewski

Blanski, John, no dates
Blanski, Kazmir, no dates
Blanski, Victoria, no dates
Brillowski, Alexander, no dates
Budziszewski, Infant, no dates
Budziszewski, Julia, no dates
Cieminski, Catharyna, no dates
Cieminski, Stephen, no dates
Gajeski, Mary, no dates
Gajewski, Francis, no dates
Gniazdowski, Antoni, no dates
Gonsiorowski, Theodore, no dates
Hopa, Joseph, no dates
Hopa, Magdalen, no dates
Hopa, Pauline, no dates
Hopa, Stephen, no dates
Kitowski, Aniela, no dates
Konopa, Katharina, no dates
Kordowski, Clarie, no dates
Krolak, Adam, no dates
Krolak, Francis, no dates
Kujava, Victoria, no dates
Kurfesh, Peter, no dates
Kurowski, Frank, no dates
Kurowski, Pauline,",d. 1886,
Kuznia, John,",d. 1897,
Pezjnski, Marcian, no dates
Przybylski, Martha, no dates
Radnicki, Adam, no dates
Radniecki, Helen, no dates
Sabczak, Franciska, no dates
Schadek, Michael, no dates
Schufletowski, Felix, no dates
Siadek, Michael, no dates
Tomcak, Albert, no dates
Unknown, Graves,
Zaucha, John, no dates
Zaucha, Julia, no dates
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