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Perkins Cemetery
Tuscola County, Michigan

Lat: 43° 33' 11"N, Lon: 83° 31' 06"W
Fairgrove Twp, Sec 3

Submitted by Gloria J Hall, Jul 05, 2003 [trischhall@centurytel.net]. Total records = 46.

To reach cemetery from Akron, drive south on Merry Rd one mile, then west on Dutcher Rd about a �mi. Cemetery is on the north side of the road.

Perkins is a very old and small cemetery southwest of Akron. Most of the markers are broken and eroded. There are no records for this cemetery, and it is now inactive.

I have walked, recorded, and re-walked to verify spellings and dates. When I first walked it in the 1980's, many trees were down and it was unkempt. It is now (2002) cleared and mowed and in good condition.

- Gloria J Hall

"fs" indicates a foot stone present.

??, Bennie, b. 03/10/1896, d. 04/14/1896
??, Mary L, no dates, wife
??, Mother, no dates, 74y 2m 28d
??, Rachel, no dates
??, Unknown, bur. 08/01/1876, age: 33y 5m 17d
Buchanan, Lyle, b. 07/25/1894, d. 11/06/1894
Bussing, Alberta, d. 10/16/1889, age: 6y, d/o DL & PA
Crane, G W, d. 12/02/1890, age: 41y 10m
Cranston, David, d. 10/12/1896, age: 83y 2m 26d
Cranston, Ethel, d. 03/09/1890, age: 11y 11m 23d
Doulier, Eliza, d. 02/17/1881, age: 24y, w/o C
Dutcher, Edward, b. 1862, d. 1892
Elby, Edwin J, b. 09/14/1850, d. 1/16/1910
Evans, H J, b. 07/22/1893, d. 05/03/1894, age: 7m 19d, s/o John & Anna
Fenner, Mary Ellen, d. 12/24/0000, age: 24y 10m 8d, d/o D & L
Fonda, Jennie E, b. 11/22/1858, d. 12/22/1861, d/o CE & MH
Francis, Harriett, b. 08/05/1843, d. 1/16/1913
Francis, Rachel, b. 11/28/1877, d. 2/1/1904
Gardner, Morris W, d. 04/04/1879, age: 13y 9m 19d, s/o JB & NA
Hazen, Alfred, b. 08/09/1832, d. Co A 29th Mich Vol
Hazen, Hulda A, b. 08/24/1840, d. 9/1/1907
Hent, Maggie M, d. 07/07/1907, age: 17y 2m 29d, w/o Pierl G
Higley, Huldah, d. 05/18/1878, age: 88y 6m 18d
Higley, Josiah, d. 02/08/1877, age: 88y 5m 13d
Klatt, Emma, b. 05/26/1878, d. 6/17/1911
Lacko, Stephen, no dates, Sgt 179 Ohio Inf
Lalko, Catherine, d. 06/23/1883, age: 43y 2m 28d, w/o Steven
McClurg, John J, d. 10/11/1885 45y11m
Meyerhoff, John, d. 03/08/1893 68y 5m 14d
Middleton, George E, d. 12/09/1878, age: 2y 1m 14d, s/o J & FD
Mitchell, James, b. 08/18/1856, d. 02/04/1898
Mitchell, Margaret, d. 09/09/187_, age: 6_y _m, w/o R
Montgomery, Belle, d. of/13/1879, age: 19y 8m 23d, fs BM
Myers, Freddie C, d. 12/17/18__, age: 8y 9m 10d
P, Willie, d. 01/25/1880, age: 15y 26d
Partlo, _ltha, d. 04/12/1881, age: 17y 6d, d/o C& MJ
Partlo, Charles, b. 05/03/1824, d. 4/19/1902
Partlo, Mary Jane, b. 10/31/1836, d. 9/23/1901
Perkins, Birdsey, d. 01/04/1888, age: 72y 7m xd
Post, Ada May, no dates
Post, Amanda M, b. 09/14/1818, d. 02/04/1893
Post, Benjamin, b. 03/12/1817, d. 12/14/1896
Post, Eddie, no dates
Post, Elvert J, no dates
Post, Henry J, b. 1844, d. 1905
Post, Mary F, b. 1860, d. 1915
Schmitzer, John, no dates, Co M 3rd Mich Cav
Smalling, Ann E, d. 03/19/1898, age: 81y 5m 12d, may be 84y
Smith, S J, d. 01/11/1894, age: 71y
Wilber, Mary, no dates, 39y
Wilber, Randall, no dates, age: 31y

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