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Cummin Cemetery
Juddville, Shiawassee County, Michigan

Lat: 43° 03' 18"N, Lon: 83° 58' 05"W
Hazelton Twp, Section 34

Contributed by Len Thomas, Mar 19, 2008, last edited Apr 07, 2008 [len40tho@comcast.net]. Total records = 42.

To reach this cemetery from Juddville starting at N. Durand Road for one mile, turn right onto New Lothrop Road. The cemetery will be on the right or west side of the road in about 1/4 mile.

This cemetery, which was established in 1850, has been abandoned for many years. There are many graves still on the property, which is somewhat overgrown after several restoration attempts. A wooden plaque at the entrance lists the following burials.

Some maps and records call this the Cummings Cemetery, which is incorrect. Aka Judd Corners Cemetery by some.

It is owned by the township. Source of the information was a walk through the cemetery on Mar 15, 2008, as well as comparing dates with earlier transcriptions.

- Len Thomas

Austin, Lee G., d. 19 Jul 1876, 17yrs
Boman, Alice, b. 25 May 1865, d. 9 Jul 1865, infant child of John and Jane (Judd) Boman (Bowman on plaque)
Boman. Louisa M., b. Sep 1862, d. 26 Oct 1862, infant child of John and Jane (Judd) Boman
Burger, Ada, d. 1851, wife of Hosea
Burger, Hosea, d. 9 Nov 1875, 76yrs
Carr, Arthur, d. 27 Jan 1871
Carr, Edith, d. 9 Apr 1876, wife of Arthur
Carr, Elizabeth, no dates, (child)
Carr, Martha, d. 22 Feb 1898, 66yrs, wife of John Carr
Cummin, Almon C., no dates
Cummin, Diana, d. 18 Nov 1886, 15yrs
Cummin, Sarah, d. 1863
Dowen, Ann Laura, b. 8 Sep 1864, d. 11 Dec 1881
Dowen, Burnet D., d. 21 Sep 1871
Dowen, Frank, d. Sep 1874
Dowen, Henry, b. 1816, d. 1902
Dowen, John, no dates
Dowen, Laura, d. 1878
Dowen, Mary (Rich), b. 1825, d. 1898
Dowen, Norman, b. 1867, d. 1878
Dowen, Rachel, d. 21 May 1898
Dowen, Syrus, d. 24 Jul 1869
Dunham, Dan S., d. 16 Mar 1883, 7yrs
Fowles, Clalaad, d. 22 May 1866
Fowles, Martha, no dates, wife of Eli Fowles
Fuller, Dorlisca, d. 10 Dec 1869, wife of Hiram (Dorlisona on plaque)
Fuller, Hiram, d. 20 Jun 1875, 63yrs, (on plaque it is Hiram Walworth)
Fuller, Ruth, d. 19 Feb 1879, 9 yrs.
Judd, John, b. 15 Jun 1809, d. 21 Jan 1899
Judd, Matilda (Leach), b. 5 Jun 1813, d. 18 Apr 1879, wife of John
Lawton, Lora, b. 19 Apr 1858, d. 9 Mar 1876
Lawton, Martha, b. 6 Nov 1818, d. 13 Apr 1873
Lawton, Thomas, b. 22 Mar 1810, d. 4 Apr 1896
Mordan, Joseph, d. 18 Aug 1870
Rhoades, Delia, d. 12 Jun 1881
Rhoades, Desire, d. 26 Jul 1879, 85yrs
Rhoades, Jessie (Jesse?), d. 6 Jan 1869
Rhoades, Julia, d. 1 Jan 1880, 7mos
Snyder, Mary, 1868
Walworth, Infant, no dates *
Walworth, Mary, d. 13 Sep 1880, wife of Myron *
Walworth, Myron, b. 1849, d. 20 Apr 1884 *

Note: *Records indicate that Myron, Mary & Infant Walworth bodies were removed to Elmwood Cemetery, but the headstones remain at the Cummin Cemetery.

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