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Oakview Cemetery
Royal Oak, Oakland County, Michigan

Oakview Cemetery
1032 N. Main St.
Royal Oak, Michigan
(248) 541-0139

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 34.

Contributor's Index:

Barton, Stephen Gene, b. 1973, d. 1973, aka Stephen Gene Kirkpatrick, s/o Rhonda Sue Kirkpatrick, [RH]
Berndt, Henry, b. 1875, d. 1940, h/o Alice King Chevalier, s/o Johann and Albertine Bern, [HB]
Daugherty, Annie Della Grace Bruning, b. 20 Jan 1916, d. 13 Oct 1979, wife of Jewell Marada Daugherty, [JY]
Duncan, Grant, b. 2 Jun 1938, d. 15 Feb 1983, [BL]
Duncan, Lilian, b. 15 Aug 1916, d. 1 Jul 1999, [BL]
Duncan, Robert, b. 21 Nov 1888, d. 1 Sep 1956, [BL]
Duncan, Roger, b. 7 Sep 1941, d. 6 Nov 1941, [BL]
Duncan, Violet, b. 23 Mar 1896, d. 10 Feb 1974, [BL]
Duncan, William L., b. 18 Jan. 1943, d. 22 Dec 1996, [BL]
Duncan, William, b. 6 Jan. 1920, d. 21 Apr 1973, [BL]
Evans, George Henry, b. 11 Jan 1940 Detroit MI, d. 14 Jan 1940 Detroit MI, s/o Henry Eugene & Wilma Watt Evans, Sec K Lot 152, [FM]
Evans, Henry Eugene (Bob), b. 14 Sep 1892 Chicago IL, d. 19 Apr 1987 Frankenmuth MI, Sec K Lot 152, [FM]
Evans, Wilma Maude (Watt), b. 28 Jun 1904 London, Eng, d. 22 Mar 1998 Glen Ellyn IL, Sec K Lot 152, [FM]
Justice, Mildred Ann, b. Feb 22, 1881, d. Feb 9, 1960, w/o William Harrison Justice, d/o Calvin and Malinda Sheppard, [LW]
Justice, William Harrison, b. Sep 20, 1878, d. Jan 16, 1960, s/o Harrison and LoAnn Justice, [LW]
McCormick, Mabel May Walcott (Graham), b. 01 May 1871 Lapeer MI, d. 24 Sep 1961 Rochester MI, Sec. J Lot 212, [FM]
Miller, Florence (Fall), b. 01 Aug 1888 Albion MI, d. 26 Oct 1964, w/o Floyd Josiah Miller, Sec. J Lot 212, [FM]
Miller, Floyd Jan, b. 30 May 1945 Royal Oak MI, d. 07 Mar 1981 Cedarville MI, 2nd s/o Philip Fall Miller, Sec. J Lot 212, [FM]
Miller, Lynn Smith, b. 29 Nov 1891 Oneonta NY, d. 26 Jan 1962, co founder & editor, The Daily Tribune, Royal Oak MI, 1919 1962, Sec. J Lot 212, [FM]
Miller, Marie Helen (Walcott), b. 22 Dec 1898 London, Ont, Canada, d. 08 Jun 1982 Royal Oak MI, w/o Lynn Smith Miller, Sec. J Lot 212, [FM]
Miller, Philip Fall, b. 01 May 1915 Indianapolis IN, d. 18 Sept 1970, publisher, The Daily Tribune, Royal Oak, 1955 1970, Sec. J Lot 212, [FM]
Nickel, Wilford, b. 2 Jun 1916, d. 23 Jan. 1998, [BL]
Riddel, Doris Mable Duncan, b. 20 Aug 1922, d. 10 Aug 1999, [BL]
Sparks, Elmer, b. 1906, d. 1938, h/o Fay Evelyn Sparks, s/o Charles and Lucina Peck Sparks, Sec Q lot 966, [TD]
Sparks, Fay Evelyn, b. 1906, d. 1992, w/o Elmer Sparks, d/o Robert David McAllister and Maude Parker McAllister, Sec Q lot 966, [TD]
Steinbrecher, Anna M., Sec. K Lot 136, [JS]
Steinbrecher, Charles H., Sec. K Lot 136, [JS]
Steinbrecher, Evelyn M., Sec. K Lot 137, [JS]
Steinbrecher, Harvey G., Sec. K Lot 137, [JS]
Steinbrecher, Helen M., Sec. K Lot 136 Space 2, [JS]
Steinbrecher, Henry C., Sec. K Lot 136, [JS]
Sullivan, Moyra (Watt), b. 1915 Detroit MI, d. 04 Apr 1980 Detroit MI, w/o Frank Sullivan, Sec K Lot 152, [FM]
Wilkins, Earl D., Sec. K Lot 137 Space 5, [JS]
Wilkins, Maybelle Steinbrecher, Sec. K Lot 137 Space 5, [JS]
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