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Woodland Cemetery
Woodland Township, Barry County, Michigan

Contributed by Sara Colburn, March 11, 2000 [ecolburn@sbcglobal.net]. Total records = 2,237.

Mahler, Donald, Age:11yrs, d.7/6/1939
Mahler, Herman, Age:38yrs, d.2/17/1944
Mahler, Lottie Fern, Age:57yrs, d.6/30/1949
Makely, Arilla, Age:70yrs, d.1932
Makely, Earl L., Age:23yrs, d.12/8/1926
Makely, Emma Jane, Age:65yrs 3mos 8dys, d.12/24/1917
Makely, Evah, Age:38yrs, d.8/7/1922
Makely, George, Age:no date, d.1/25/1942
Makely, Guy, Age:72yrs, d.9/12/1953
Makely, Malcolm, Age:4mos 18dys, d.10/13/1915
Mallett, Marietta, Age:87yrs, d.1/13/1898
Mallett, Mary, Age:3yrs, d.1/23/1846
Mallett, Minor, Age:74yrs 11mos, d.1/15/1870
Mallett, Roxanna, Age:23yrs 0mos 13dys, d.2/25/1852
Mallett, Sarah, Age:no date, d.9/10/1845
Mallory, Eddie, Age:61yrs 4mos 7dys, d.5/22/1885
Mallory, Eunice, Age:88yrs 11mos 8dys, d.2/1/1917
Mallory, John Dow, Age:59yrs 1mo 12dys, d.8/27/1881
Mallory, Minnie, Age:4yrs 10mos 19dys, d.9/15/1878
Malzon, Blanche H., Age:57yrs, d.1/1/1969
Malzon, Edward J., Age:86yrs, d.3/22/1972
Manker, Doris L., Age:64yrs, d.9/13/1962
Manker, R. Stanley, Age:63yrs, d.2/9/1962
Mankletow, Delda, Age:94yrs, d.9/3/1945
Mapes, Albert R., Age:90yrs, d.1/29/1912
Mapes, Alice, Age:59yrs, d.1/6/1912
Mapes, Lydia, Age:78yrs 11mos 11dys, d.4/2/1915
Markwart, Leopold, Age:56yrs, d.no date
Markwart, Stephen James, Age:1dy, d.3/7/1971
Marlow, Charles C., Age:81yrs, d.9/19/1960
Martin, Elizabeth, Age:12/28/1820, d.6/30/1902, wf of HL
Martin, H. L., Age:no date, d.no date, Civil War Vet.
Mast, Christian, Age:56yrs 4mos 5dys, d.8/22/1907
Mast, Pauline, Age:47yrs 6mos 18dys, d.5/3/1912
McArthur, Abbie, Age:71yrs, d.4/19/1919
McArthur, Alfred W., Age:5mos 7dys, d.9/11/1858
McArthur, Delilah, Age:65yrs 5mos 5dys, d.5/6/1883
McArthur, Jesse, Age:1yr 6mos 28dys, d.9/18/1867
McArthur, John, Age:83yrs 8mos 29dys, d.2/1/1896
McArthur, Maria, Age:12yrs 0mos 28dys, d.8/26/1860
McArthur, Orlow D., Age:1yr 6mos 15dys, d.1/8/1883
McArthur, Sheldon, Age:no date, d.1/12/1956
McArthur, Walter Alfred, Age:2mos, d.4/24/1862, son of J & E
McArthur, William J., Age:73yrs, d.12/5/1913
McClelland, Albert J., Age:93yrs, d.7/10/1974
McClelland, Dean Michael, Age:1yr 9mos, d.4/28/1972
McClelland, Edmond, Age:8dys, d.6/21/1928
McClelland, Vernard A., Age:46yrs, d.2/24/1977
McGlaughlin, Glendon, Age:8mos, d.4/5/1930
McGlaughlin, Hazel Pearl, Age:59yrs, d.10/31/1952
McGlaughlin, Laverne, Age:4dys, d.8/4/1922
McKay, Bertha, Age:12hrs, d.4/6/1905, dau of Hiram
McKay, Burton, Age:53yrs, d.4/25/1905
McKay, Floyd B., Age:76yrs, d.5/31/1961
McKay, Harley A., Age:2dys, d.9/11/1931, son of Floyd
McMillen, Almeda Martha, Age:78yrs, d.8/8/1963
McMillian, Franklin, Age:2hrs, d.5/31/1928
McMillian, Harley L., Age:67yrs, d.7/10/1951
McRill, Charles, Age:65yrs, d.5/12/1978
Mead, Alice, Age:86yrs, d.10/31/1946
Mead, Joseph, Age:77yrs, d.2/21/1939
Meadows, James R., Age:83yrs, d.1/4/1966
Meadows, Mary Edith, Age:11/5/1928, d.11/5/1928, stillborn
Mendenhall, Charles, Age:80yrs, d.11/1/1969
Meyers, Cathreen, Age:77yrs 0mos 24dys, d.11/27/1862, wf of John
Meyers, John, Age:77yrs 0mos 14dys, d.3/30/1877
Meyers, Sarah E., Age:89yrs, d.12/4/1976
Miller, Almeda, Age:11yrs 11mos, d.8/10/1876
Miller, Alvah D., Age:96yrs, d.2/9/1972
Miller, Andrew J., Age:72yrs, d.6/20/1902
Miller, Benjamin F., Age:4yrs 4mos, d.1/15/1859
Miller, Clara B., Age:67yrs, d.6/11/1927
Miller, Cloe, Age:75yrs, d.4/26/1928
Miller, Cora Adell, Age:2yrs 11mos 19dys, d.10/16/1861, dau of J & S
Miller, Daisy C., Age:18yrs 5mos, d.12/1/1892
Miller, Daniel A., Age:65yrs 1mo 14dys, d.5/9/1909
Miller, Edney, Age:2mos, d.8/4/1881, dau of Francis
Miller, Edward, Age:60yrs, d.5/12/1915
Miller, Ellen, Age:72yrs 2mos 21dys, d.4/21/1876
Miller, Gertie Belle, Age:1yr 2mos, d.no date
Miller, Gladys, Age:10yrs, d.1/20/1900
Miller, Gotlieb, Age:54yrs 11mos 18dys, d.3/25/1863
Miller, Harriett, Age:3yrs 4mos 3dys, d.9/12/1884
Miller, Henry J., Age:78yrs, d.11/12/1935
Miller, Hiram, Age:83yrs, d.4/27/1928
Miller, infant, Age:9/3/1903, d.9/3/1903
Miller, infant, Age:2dys, d.no date, child of AD Rose
Miller, Julia L., Age:3yrs 4mos, d.11/14/1851
Miller, Lenore, Age:76yrs, d.6/11/1964
Miller, Lilly M., Age:68yrs 1mo 1dy, d.5/17/1859
Miller, Liona, Age:1yr 1mo 7dys, d.10/21/1861, dau of JJ & S
Miller, Margaret, Age:24yrs 9mos 12dys, d.3/29/1870
Miller, Millie, Age:1dy, d.3/25/1870
Miller, Nellie, Age:1mo 4dys, d.2/13/1873
Miller, Nettie, Age:81yrs, d.10/3/1933
Miller, Oscar E., Age:88yrs, d.2/8/1972
Miller, Rose, Age:69yrs, d.6/4/1942
Miller, Sarah, Age:77yrs, d.12/29/1932
Miller, William Wesley, Age:68yrs, d.4/1/1938
Mills, George, Age:3mos, d.2/9/1871
Mohler, Edith S., Age:103yrs, d.2/10/1979
Mohler, infant, Age:7/29/1900, d.7/29/1900, stillborn - child of WH
Mohler, Reuben H., Age:71yrs 10mos 3dys, d.3/16/1909
Mohler, Sarah, Age:83yrs, d.11/5/1940
Mohler, William H., Age:65yrs, d.3/7/1937
Moll, Lucy, Age:62yrs, d.11/26/1889
Monasmith, Allie, Age:74yrs, d.7/22/1930
Monasmith, Gertrude, Age:40yrs, d.12/1929
Monasmith, John H., Age:71yrs, d.11/28/1926
Monasmith, Kedric L., Age:66yrs, d.9/27/1975
Monasmith, Vern J., Age:80yrs, d.7/5/1965
Monasmith, Violet M., Age:68yrs, d.10/21/1978
Mondasmith, Carrie, Age:8hrs, d.7/16/1912
Moore, Estella, Age:7mos, d.8/26/1880
Moore, Lon, Age:65yrs, d.no date
Moore, Sarah D., Age:84yrs, d.8/10/1962
Morgan, Emmerson E., Age:61yrs, d.6/30/1960
Morgan, James McLeod, Age:6yrs, d.2/19/1963
Morgan, Lucia, Age:35yrs 10mos, d.1/4/1861
Morgan, Margaret M., Age:65yrs 10mos 22dys, d.12/6/1896
Moxon, Frank W., Age:94yrs, d.12/17/1964
Moxon, Lula May, Age:80yrs, d.4/12/1958
Mullenix, Cora Elizabeth, Age:13yrs, d.7/11/1939
Munyon, Maggie, Age:64yrs, d.11/4/1937
Munyon, Truman, Age:72yrs, d.6/2/1945
Murphy, Cecile Marie, Age:52yrs, d.9/13/1958
Murphy, Homer, Age:85yrs, d.1/31/1937
Myers, Ala S., Age:67yrs, d.5/12/1960
Myers, Clarence W., Age:79yrs, d.1/2/1952
Myers, Gail M., Age:47yrs, d.6/3/1920
Myers, George Sumner, Age:62yrs, d.1/16/1975
Myers, Helena, Age:74yrs, d.11/13/1917
Myers, Julia, Age:26yrs 7mos 3dys, d.5/22/1897
Myers, Mary M., Age:83yrs, d.12/14/1937
Myers, Patricia Ann, Age:37yrs, d.9/27/1972
Myers, Peter S., Age:70yrs, d.10/27/1913
Myers, Royal B., Age:75yrs, d.8/24/1950
Myers, Sarah Ann, Age:9yrs 9mos 12dys, d.7/22/1888
Myers, Wesley C., Age:86yrs, d.4/15/1934
Nash, Edwin, Age:54yrs 3mos 14dys, d.4/30/1872
Nash, Grace, Age:7yrs 1mo 25dys, d.11/2/1881
Nash, Mary, Age:60yrs, d.8/19/1859
Nash, Polly, Age:81yrs, d.9/6/1909
Nash, Ruth, Age:5yrs 4mos 10dys, d.3/31/1867
Nash, Winfred, Age:47yrs, d.2/19/1919, Clark
Nead, Gladys, Age:22yrs, d.5/23/1907, Barry
Neil, infant, Age:11/17/1942, d.11/17/1942
Newhardt, Glenna N., Age:25dys, d.5/20/1910
Newhardt, John J., Age:47yrs 3mos 11dys, d.4/29/1925
Newman, Charles, Age:85yrs, d.1/10/1935
Newman, Martha A., Age:85yrs, d.7/22/1948
Nicholls, Echo, Age:66yrs, d.3/13/1957
Nichols, Benjamin Franklin, Age:74yrs, d.7/12/1949
Nichols, Clara, Age:78yrs, d.11/20/1935
Nichols, Hugh Robert, Age:84yrs, d.7/24/1927
Nichols, Ida A., Age:2mos, d.6/14/1864
Nichols, Laura E., Age:8dys, d.6/9/1868
Nickols, William F., Age:78yrs, d.6/23/1954
Nickols, Winnie, Age:72yrs, d.2/17/1953
Niel, Arthur R., Age:3yrs, d.4/26/1945
Niethamer, Eva, Age:5yrs 1mo 16dys, d.7/25/1860
Niethamer, George, Age:72yrs, d.3/10/1893
Niethamer, Mary, Age:63yrs, d.2/20/1890
Niethamer, Mary C., Age:3yrs, d.11/25/1865
Noble, Laura B., Age:92yrs, d.4/12/1972
Norris, Jennie, Age:1855, d.1911
Nowicke, Joseph Thomas, Age:65yrs, d.4/28/1969
Nuthammer, Anna M., Age:81yrs, d.11/16/1953
Oaks, Alvin S., Age:42yrs, d.1/5/1923
Oaks, Eldon, Age:26yrs, d.1/26/1939
Oaks, Joyce, Age:7mos, d.7/2/1938
Oaks, Lewis, Age:67yrs, d.3/6/1916
Oaks, Orrin, Age:11/3/1910, d.11/3/1910, stillborn
Oaks, Susanna, Age:89yrs, d.1936
Oaks, Thelma D., Age:11mos 3dys, d.6/1/1908
Oler, Ashel, Age:78yrs, d.7/14/1918
Oler, Elias Ervin, Age:49yrs, d.3/24/1922
Oler, Mary A., Age:62yrs, d.2/18/1896
Oler, Nancy V., Age:48yrs 6mos, d.1/15/1917
Orsborn, Hattie M., Age:80yrs, d.11/21/1970
Orsborn, Morris, Age:73yrs, d.11/9/1957
Osgood, Edith M., Age:73yrs, d.5/7/1951
Osgood, Lynn E., Age:75yrs, d.9/22/1978
Osgood, Robert Grant, Age:65yrs, d.3/10/1947
Otis, Jerrold K., Age:1yr, d.2/21/1938
Otis, Louis, Age:no date, d.6/28/1944
Otis, Veta, Age:no date, d.1/1956, King
Otto, Henry W., Age:9mos 28dys, d.12/10/1857, son of JW & L
Oversmith, Mary, Age:77yrs, d.9/17/1905
Owens, Willnetts, Age:17yrs, d.5/30/1956
Paddock, Albert M., Age:1yr, d.9/28/1882
Paddock, Catherine, Age:84yrs, d.4/24/1900
Paddock, H. L., Age:54yrs, d.11/1/1870
Paddock, Hezehiah, Age:74yrs, d.5/26/1927
Paddock, June, Age:69yrs, d.12/2/1919
Paddock, Phoboe, Age:29yrs, d.9/5/1874
Palmer, J. G., Age:3yrs, d.10/29/1869
Palmer, John, Age:92yrs, d.1/9/1872
Palmerton, Americus, Age:81yrs, d.6/10/1934
Palmerton, Columbus, Age:64yrs 2mos 19dys, d.1/16/1916
Palmerton, George W., Age:58yrs 8mos 16dys, d.9/4/1913
Palmerton, Louisa C., Age:69yrs, d.1/29/1931
Palmerton, Lovina, Age:77yrs, d.11/5/1939
Palmerton, Mattie, Age:76yrs, d.2/4/1927
Park, Clara E., Age:2mos 14dys, d.10/10/1871
Park, George, Age:1mo 10dys, d.2/8/1867
Park, Myron A., Age:20dys, d.7/24/1870
Parrott, Chester M., Age:73yrs, d.1940
Parrott, Edna, Age:78yrs, d.8/6/1974
Parrott, Eva, Age:76yrs, d.1937, Haight
Parrott, Florence, Age:83yrs, d.12/30/1965
Parrott, Lafayette, Age:80yrs, d.1934
Parrott, Stella, Age:81yrs, d.11/24/1969
Paton, William, Age:17yrs, d.8/16/??41
Pattengill, Cora E., Age:28yrs 0mos 7dys, d.2/10/1898
Peaster, Conrad, Age:83yrs, d.5/28/1914
Peaster, Hannah, Age:100yrs, d.7/9/1938
Peck, Anton J., Age:73yrs, d.10/25/1947
Peck, Edna, Age:79yrs, d.9/17/1966
Peck, Emma, Age:44yrs, d.4/18/1912
Peck, George W., Age:72yrs, d.6/12/1914
Peck, Gilbert, Age:71yrs, d.4/19/1940
Peck, Harriet, Age:64yrs 9mos 2dys, d.10/29/1898
Peck, Hattie, Age:8yrs, d.3/23/1878
Peck, Nancy, Age:70yrs 9mos, d.12/11/1893
Peck, Raymond S., Age:51yrs, d.8/12/1968
Pember, Albert L., Age:82yrs, d.6/2/1973
Pember, Gale, Age:no date, d.4/10/1956
Perkins, Ardella, Age:1yr 1mo 2dys, d.10/6/1863
Perkins, Charles, Age:52yrs 4mos, d.12/11/1860
Perkins, Clementine, Age:no date, d.11/10/1865
Perkins, Hannah, Age:62yrs 5mos 27dys, d.6/29/1874
Perry, David R., Age:82yrs, d.12/9/1901
Perry, Harriet, Age:55yrs 8mos 22dys, d.10/28/1882
Pettingill, Alice M., Age:82yrs, d.4/13/1937
Pettingill, Isaac B., Age:36yrs 5mos 17dys, d.2/6/1920
Phillipe, Charles Henry, Age:69yrs, d.1/6/1917
Phillipe, infant, Age:7/18/1894, d.7/18/1894, son
Phillipe, Jesse N., Age:3yrs 0mos 8dys, d.10/8/1891
Phillipe, Leon, Age:9mos 4dys, d.12/13/1891
Phillipe, Louisa M., Age:75yrs, d.10/13/1884
Phillipe, Ray M., Age:2yrs 11mos 6dys, d.10/6/1884
Phillipe, Raymond, Age:no date, d.5/13/1921
Phillips, Cora, Age:85yrs, d.9/26/1972
Phillips, Jean Louis, Age:1/24/1933, d.1/24/1933, premature
Phillips, Justus S., Age:78yrs, d.1/21/1958
Phillips, Leon, Age:1yr 2mos 23dys, d.11/2/1908
Phinisey, Claudie, Age:3mos 26dys, d.3/31/1879, dau of JW & PE
Plott, Andrew L., Age:83yrs, d.2/24/1905
Plott, Emma, Age:108yrs, d.10/5/1971
Plott, Francis, Age:79yrs, d.5/5/1902
Plott, Gideon S., Age:69yrs 1mo 24dys, d.5/2/1928
Ploughman, Marcia, Age:60yrs, d.6/22/1947
Ploughman, Otto, Age:64yrs, d.9/10/1947
Potter, Grace, Age:77yrs, d.2/4/1964
Potter, Ira O., Age:57yrs, d.9/5/1938
Potts, Andrew C., Age:76yrs, d.1/9/1926
Potts, Ferdinand, Age:7mos 8dys, d.12/25/1877
Potts, Mary L., Age:63yrs, d.8/16/1917
Prentiss, George, Age:2yrs 6mos, d.9/12/1871
Prentiss, James, Age:33yrs 10mos 10dys, d.4/17/1874
Prentiss, Mary, Age:34yrs 1mo 4dys, d.5/24/1873
Prentiss, Orpha May, Age:7yrs 7mos, d.9/27/1881
Prentiss, Walter, Age:4yrs 11mos 6dys, d.1/10/1873
Preston, Ella, Age:19yrs 1mo 9dys, d.1/23/1878
Preston, infant, Age:no date, d.1/23/1878
Priest, Chauncey, Age:41yrs, d.3/8/1905
Priest, Hannah M., Age:84yrs, d.11/2/1917
Priest, Maudie, Age:6yrs 4mos 21dys, d.1/2/1893
Priest, Nettie, Age:4yrs 0mos 6dys, d.12/8/1872
Priest, Scott, Age:77yrs, d.1/25/1939
Purchis, Frank A., Age:76yrs, d.4/12/1965
Purchis, Stella H., Age:80yrs, d.3/17/1974
Quance, Catherine, Age:73yrs 8mos, d.3/21/1899
Quance, James, Age:85yrs, d.1906
Quance, Lillian, Age:76yrs, d.2/10/1942
Quance, Thomas, Age:79yrs, d.7/8/1939
Radcliff, William, Age:13yrs 10mos, d.12/16/1881
Raffler, Carrie, Age:46yrs, d.4/3/1899
Raffler, F. Vernice, Age:72yrs, d.12/30/1967
Raffler, George, Age:69yrs, d.1929
Raffler, John A., Age:25yrs 10mos, d.9/8/1912
Raffler, Lawrence G., Age:88yrs, d.12/16/1979
Raffler, Velma A., Age:6mos, d.6/6/1910
Raffler, Vernice, Age:14yrs, d.12/3/1942
Rairigh, DeEtta W., Age:76yrs, d.3/8/1974
Rairigh, Eldon J., Age:53yrs, d.7/31/1963
Rairigh, Harole, Age:66yrs, d.11/29/1963
Rairigh, Mearl, Age:73yrs, d.12/26/1972
Raraigh, Charles A., Age:1yr 0mos 4dys, d.1/1/1911
Raraigh, Ernest, Age:31yrs, d.8/11/1924
Raraigh, Eva, Age:23yrs 6mos 19dys, d.2/1/1897
Raraigh, infant, Age:8/9/1904, d.8/9/1904, stillborn
Raraigh, infant, Age:4/22/1907, d.4/22/1907, stillborn
Raraigh, infant, Age:3dys, d.11/25/1902
Raraigh, Isiah, Age:65yrs 2mos 16dys, d.8/3/1909
Raraigh, John, Age:69yrs, d.4/25/1937
Raraigh, Mina, Age:71yrs, d.3/5/1939
Raraigh, Sarah, Age:45yrs 5mos 24dys, d.6/16/1892
Rariagh, Clayton, Age:16yrs, d.3/13/1939
Rayner, infant, Age:1/14/1926, d.1/14/1926, stillborn
Reesor, Catherine, Age:72yrs, d.3/19/1934
Reesor, Edward, Age:83yrs, d.3/23/1969
Reesor, Francis Helen, Age:34yrs, d.3/18/1928
Reesor, Joseph, Age:65yrs, d.10/4/1920
Reesor, Louella M., Age:74yrs, d.9/25/1961
Reesor, Mildred V., Age:28yrs 2mos 27dys, d.12/9/1915
Reesor, Orpha, Age:76yrs, d.4/11/1961
Reiser, Anna, Age:87yrs, d.7/11/1949
Reiser, Anna Mary, Age:86yrs, d.10/19/1925
Reiser, Carl H., Age:63yrs, d.11/10/1976
Reiser, Charles Herbert, Age:97yrs, d.3/23/1952
Reiser, Christina, Age:53yrs 4mos 20dys, d.9/12/1858
Reiser, Jacob F., Age:80yrs 8mos 23dys, d.5/17/1911
Reiser, Michael, Age:91yrs, d.4/3/1894
Reiser, Nettie, Age:94yrs, d.7/28/1968
Reisor, Eddie W., Age:2yrs 4mos 24dys, d.3/16/1873
Reisor, George, Age:4yrs 3mos 27dys, d.2/16/1873
Reisor, Johanna, Age:69yrs 4mos 19dys, d.6/27/1914
Reisor, John M., Age:75yrs, d.3/4/1916
Reuther, Anna, Age:52yrs, d.10/5/`927
Reuther, Carl, Age:60yrs, d.5/21/1960
Reuther, Carl V., Age:4/4/1927, d.4/4/1927, stillborn - son of Carl
Reuther, Donald F., Age:13yrs, d.7/17/1939
Reuther, Fred, Age:no date, d.no date
Reuther, Frederick C., Age:53yrs, d.12/3/1929
Reynolds, Hugh R., Age:53yrs, d.10/9/1948
Richert, George B., Age:60yrs 4mos 7dys, d.2/26/1867
Richert, Mary B., Age:no date, d.5/25/1878, wf of George
Richey, Elmer, Age:no date, d.5/21/1957
Riggs, Isaac B., Age:82yrs 8mos, d.2/3/1883
Risley, William, Age:2yrs 8mos, d.8/19/1864
Ritchey, Florence, Age:no date, d.3/1956
Ritchey, Gail, Age:1yr 0mos 1dy, d.5/3/1922
Ritchey, William F., Age:86yrs, d.2/17/1965
Ritenburgh, Edmond J., Age:50yrs, d.9/8/1931
Ritenburgh, Lloyd, Age:1mo 3dys, d.10/4/1904
Ritenburgh, Rosa May, Age:27yrs, d.11/21/1911
Rivett, Eva R., Age:66yrs, d.3/26/1977
Rivett, Louis Stanley, Age:4mos, d.1/10/1978
Rivett, Stanley F., Age:45yrs, d.3/25/1953
Robbins, Harold D., Age:47yrs, d.12/23/1974
Robbins, Marilyn R., Age:51yrs, d.1/21/1978
Robinson, Leon, Age:1yr, d.9/11/1864
Rockwell, Charles Herbert, Age:64yrs, d.10/20/1949
Rodebaugh, Bernice Grace, Age:3dys, d.1/28/1917
Rodebaugh, Harvey, Age:53yrs, d.2/16/1937
Rodebaugh, Myrtle Alice, Age:30yrs, d.3/6/1920
Rodebaugh, Rose A., Age:44yrs 3mos 1dy, d.3/5/1909
Rogers, Gayle, Age:18yrs, d.12/26/1922
Rogers, Grace, Age:83yrs, d.5/2/1967
Rogers, Guy L., Age:79yrs, d.10/4/1957
Rogers, infant, Age:3dys, d.3/13/1908
Rogers, John, Age:78yrs, d.7/1/1921
Rogers, John J., Age:92yrs, d.2/22/1974
Rogers, Lydia, Age:77yrs, d.9/10/1920
Rogers, Patty, Age:70yrs 0mos 21dys, d.2/7/1866
Rogers, Solomon, Age:82yrs, d.12/5/1863
Roosa, Abram, Age:63yrs 9mos 21dys, d.10/31/1883
Roosa, Almenia, Age:24yrs 7mos 2dys, d.3/27/1881
Roosa, Carrie, Age:57yrs 11mos 10dys, d.5/9/1915
Roosa, Debby, Age:7mos, d.11/16/1888
Roosa, Deborah Ann, Age:89yrs, d.9/20/1917
Roosa, Valois C., Age:68yrs, d.5/28/1928
Root, William, Age:39yrs 5mos, d.3/8/1870
Rosenkrans, Mary, Age:68yrs, d.5/14/1892
Rosenkrans, Samuel, Age:69yrs 3mos 2dys, d.11/20/1882
Rowe, Susan, Age:14yrs 3mos 15dys, d.12/24/1863
Rowlader, Bert, Age:87yrs, d.no date
Rowlader, Clarence B., Age:83yrs, d.1/4/1969
Rowlader, Donald, Age:38yrs, d.4/13/1937
Rowlader, Emma L., Age:1mo 24dys, d.9/7/1865
Rowlader, Fanny, Age:66yrs, d.3/23/1904
Rowlader, George, Age:66yrs, d.3/2/1930
Rowlader, Homer L, Age:66yrs, d.5/12/1959
Rowlader, Iva Maud, Age:41yrs, d.3/23/1933
Rowlader, Jessie C., Age:3yrs 1mo 14dys, d.11/1/1859
Rowlader, John, Age:no date, d.7/24/1888
Rowlader, Lucetta A., Age:87yrs, d.8/1/1950
Rowlader, Lucy, Age:68yrs, d.1/14/1933
Rowlader, Margaret, Age:83yrs 3mos 24dys, d.9/16/1876
Rowlader, Mary A., Age:85yrs, d.7/7/1917
Rowlader, Michael, Age:65yrs, d.7/5/1887
Rowlader, Michael, Age:67yrs 1mo 21dys, d.8/18/1860
Rowlader, Minta D., Age:76yrs, d.5/16/1979
Rowlader, Monroe, Age:82yrs, d.9/20/1944
Rowlader, Sylvia, Age:1yr 5mos 1dy, d.7/23/1888
Rowlader, William D., Age:no date, d.11/16/1905, infant
Rowley, Elizabeth, Age:93yrs, d.1/2/1871
Rowley, Isaac H., Age:80yrs, d.11/12/1961
Rowley, Louise C., Age:78yrs, d.1/12/1960
Rowley, William, Age:69yrs 2mos 4dys, d.12/10/1886
Royer, Francis P., Age:1yr 7mos, d.6/8/1909
Royer, Hannah Ellen, Age:88yrs, d.5/14/1967
Royer, Lawrence E., Age:77yrs, d.12/14/1953
Rupe, Barbara Ann, Age:37yrs 1mo 19dys, d.4/7/1873
Rupe, Cornelius, Age:76yrs 7mos 7dys, d.3/15/1895
Rupe, infant, Age:6/1888, d.6/1888
Rupe, Jennett, Age:61yrs 2mos 26dys, d.9/21/1880
Rupe, Levi, Age:54yrs 2mos 17dys, d.5/8/1903
Rupe, Mary, Age:73yrs, d.11/21/1927
Rupe, Michael, Age:63yrs, d.6/17/1888


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