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Woodland Cemetery
Woodland Township, Barry County, Michigan

Contributed by Sara Colburn, March 11, 2000 [ecolburn@sbcglobal.net]. Total records = 2,237.

Adams, William, Age:27yrs 3mos 3dys, d.10/1872
Alexander, Gavitt, Age:90yrs, d.11/11/1941
Allarding, Arthur, Age:no date, d.2/25/1956
Allarding, Harriet Nancy, Age:13hrs, d.11/6/1916
Allarding, Isaac, Age:63yrs, d.4/15/1916
Allarding, Leota Bessie, Age:77yrs, d.5/27/1965
Allie, William D., Age:69yrs, d.2/22/1967
Anderson, Andrew Kox, Age:79yrs, d.4/17/1963
Anderson, Charles N., Age:64yrs, d.6/10/1924
Anderson, Ellen S., Age:81yrs, d.10/30/1950
Anderson, Ernest, Age:68yrs, d.5/9/1969
Andress, Hannah, Age:85yrs 7mos 0dys, d.1/10/1876
Andress, Isaac, Age:39yrs 3mos 24dys, d.7/31/1856
Andress, Peter, Age:24yrs, d.4/16/1872
Andress, Theodore, Age:20yrs 10mos 0dys, d.6/7/1862
Andrews, Janis, Age:18yrs, d.1/19/1923
Andrus, Edward, Age:73yrs 6mos, d.3/30/1902
Andrus, Mary, Age:76yrs 7mos 13dys, d.9/5/1909
Andrus, Rebecca, Age:83yrs 7mos 13dys, d.12/2/1902
Andrus, Washington, Age:40yrs 5mos 4dys, d.11/7/1872
Annable, Bessie A., Age:77yrs, d.7/25/1964
Annable, Frank W., Age:55yrs, d.9/27/1935
Annable, infant, Age:6mos, d.8/23/1910
Annable, Thomas, Age:22dys, d.10/5/1916
Arnie, Clarence J., Age:64yrs, d.3/4/1976
Arnie, Virginia Katherine, Age:67yrs, d.3/26/1979
Ash, Lloyd, Age:8dys, d.3/20/1876
Ash, Willison, Age:no date, d.no date
Aspinall, Clarence Robert, Age:18dys, d.1/10/1925
Aspinall, Dessie E., Age:53yrs, d.12/28/1957
Aspinall, Ford, Age:66yrs, d.7/5/1966
Aspinall, Hattie M., Age:55yrs, d.3/8/1920
Aspinall, James, Age:72yrs, d.10/14/1932
Atchinson, Margaret, Age:82yrs, d.5/23/1933
Atchinson, Robert R., Age:74yrs, d.12/30/1918
Atherton, Mildred, Age:1mo 20dys, d.1/29/1900
Atkins, Stevens P., Age:17yrs, d.11/9/1978
Backe, Lydia L., Age:79yrs, d.9/6/1971
Bacon, Zoe, Age:22yrs 2mos 18dys, d.4/14/1892
Bailey, Arthur, Age:76yrs, d.6/27/1975
Bailey, Jane Emma, Age:71yrs, d.6/16/1941
Bailey, Ulyssus, Age:46yrs, d.9/8/1914
Baitinger, Adam, Age:84yrs 7mos 5dys, d.5/11/1911
Baitinger, Adam M., Age:8mos, d.10/8/1861
Baitinger, Bertha, Age:1mo 7dys, d.8/9/1870
Baitinger, Caroline R., Age:92yrs, d.4/20/1965
Baitinger, Daniel, Age:47yrs 0mos 4dys, d.4/1/1905
Baitinger, Dora, Age:82yrs, d.3/7/1920
Baitinger, Henry, Age:1yr 11mos 19dys, d.1/25/1873
Baitinger, infant, Age:no date, d.5/31/1855, son of M
Baitinger, infant, Age:10hrs, d.3/1/1869
Baitinger, John, Age:26yrs 0mos 16dys, d.5/11/1884
Baitinger, Kate, Age:79yrs, d.4/20/1945
Baitinger, Mary A., Age:8mos 18dys, d.9/24/1861
Baitinger, Mary M., Age:76yrs 4mos 22dys, d.11/5/1910
Baitinger, Mary M., Age:4yrs 2mos, d.9/29/1861
Baitinger, Matthias, Age:3mos 15dys, d.8/15/1864
Baitinger, Melchor, Age:58yrs 1mo 21dys, d.3/5/1883
Baitinger, Sarah C., Age:18yrs 5mos, d.6/25/1886
Baker, Amanda, Age:64yrs, d.3/8/1924
Baker, Arley L., Age:91yrs, d.2/26/1978
Baker, Bernice, Age:18yrs, d.7/16/1931
Baker, Donald, Age:1dy, d.4/24/1929
Baker, Fred C., Age:50yrs, d.8/9/1934
Baker, Harry O., Age:64yrs, d.3/17/1951
Baker, Joseph C., Age:70yrs, d.2/4/1926
Baker, Laura W., Age:89yrs, d.1/13/1973
Baker, Solomon A., Age:69yrs, d.6/24/1949
Ballentine, Dossie, Age:48yrs, d.1/22/1936
Ballentine, Lewis, Age:1yr 3mos, d.3/7/1923
Ballentine, Martha M., Age:87yrs, d.no date
Ballentine, Roy C., Age:92yrs, d.1/14/1978
Barber, Loy, Age:3yrs 2mos 21dys, d.2/1/1881
Baril, Emma, Age:69yrs, d.7/1/1933
Baril, William J., Age:59yrs 10mos 4dys, d.2/14/1914
Barker, John, Age:no date, d.3/25/1943
Barker, Lilly Viola, Age:no date, d.12/25/1954
Barker, Omar, Age:39yrs, d.11/27/1946
Barkley, Earl Roy, Age:65yrs, d.6/10/1964
Barnes, Levada, Age:9mos, d.11/27/1878
Barnes, Olive L., Age:79yrs, d.12/13/1919
Barnum, Albert, Age:79yrs, d.12/31/1946
Barnum, Alberta, Age:22yrs, d.6/12/1941
Barnum, Alonzo, Age:51yrs, d.10/17/1861
Barnum, Alonzo B., Age:81yrs, d.5/24/1925
Barnum, Ann, Age:66yrs, d.12/30/1904
Barnum, Anna B., Age:29yrs 0mos 7dys, d.2/15/1878
Barnum, Arvilla, Age:7mos 2dys, d.2/28/1906
Barnum, Brenda, Age:3hrs, d.5/25/1915
Barnum, Charlotte V., Age:85yrs, d.6/8/1964
Barnum, Cora A., Age:2mos 3dys, d.8/16/1863
Barnum, Doris, Age:5yrs, d.5/20/1926
Barnum, Elijah P., Age:79yrs 0mos 19dys, d.1/24/1907
Barnum, Emily E., Age:75yrs, d.3/24/1928
Barnum, Eugene, Age:66yrs, d.11/17/1918
Barnum, Floy, Age:2mos 10dys, d.6/7/1877
Barnum, Frances Pearl, Age:78yrs, d.10/21/1966
Barnum, Gaylord, Age:3hrs, d.5/25/1915
Barnum, George, Age:79yrs, d.11/28/1945
Barnum, Harold, Age:58yrs, d.4/29/1945
Barnum, Henry J., Age:67yrs, d.10/13/1892
Barnum, Howard W., Age:68yrs, d.11/23/1974
Barnum, infant, Age:no date, d.3/15/1871, daughter
Barnum, infant, Age:no date, d.9/30/1868, daughter
Barnum, Isaac, Age:75yrs, d.9/23/1873
Barnum, John L., Age:4mos 1dy, d.6/20/1865
Barnum, John Leon, Age:75yrs, d.1/4/1960
Barnum, Johnie, Age:1yr 11mos, d.3/30/1895
Barnum, Judge R., Age:80yrs, d.8/11/1922
Barnum, Leon, Age:1yr 3mos 9dys, d.4/23/1867
Barnum, Leon H., Age:80yrs, d.5/14/1957
Barnum, Lillie, Age:6mos 17dys, d.5/25/1879
Barnum, Loretta M., Age:2mos, d.11/12/1922
Barnum, Lovina, Age:25yrs 9mos, d.8/23/1873
Barnum, Lucy R., Age:77yrs 7mos 9dys, d.10/26/1909
Barnum, Martha Ellen, Age:81yrs 9mos 6dys, d.10/6/1863
Barnum, Milo S., Age:24yrs 8mos 29dys, d.10/27/1871
Barnum, Minor, Age:no date, d.2/25/1895
Barnum, Nellie R., Age:74yrs, d.1/18/1960
Barnum, Perry, Age:57yrs, d.8/29/1938
Barnum, Rose, Age:no date, d.1943
Barnum, Roxanna, Age:71yrs 3mos 15dys, d.7/13/1872
Barnum, Sophia, Age:68yrs 9mos, d.5/11/1872
Barnum, Susanna, Age:27yrs, d.8/21/1863
Barnum, Susanna, Age:1mo, d.9/6/1863
Barnum, Theron A., Age:1yr 7mos, d.2/16/1860
Barnum, Verne E., Age:28yrs, d.6/24/1912
Barnum, Victor Blake, Age:60yrs, d.4/17/1974
Barry, Albert C., Age:67yrs, d.10/23/1920
Barry, Flora, Age:6mos 4dys, d.7/18/1867
Barry, Ione L., Age:74yrs, d.11/7/1971
Barry, Jean, Age:76yrs 10mos 23dys, d.12/28/1898
Barry, John C., Age:35yrs 5mos 6dys, d.2/24/1887
Barry, Lydia, Age:72yrs 10mos 14dys, d.12/2/1903
Barry, Mina, Age:86yrs, d.6/28/1945
Barry, Nina Pearl, Age:27yrs 0mos 12dys, d.3/13/1919
Barry, Robert, Age:89yrs, d.2/21/1913
Barry, Robert W., Age:75yrs, d.5/18/1973
Barry, Viola Fidelia, Age:67yrs, d.1/15/1923
Barry, Wallace, Age:4mos 8dys, d.2/14/1883
Bass, Ethel Pearl, Age:80yrs, d.3/16/1976
Bass, George A., Age:82yrs, d.4/11/1978
Bass, unknown, Age:25yrs, d.11/20/1933
Bates, Arthur W., Age:75yrs, d.3/5/1971
Bates, Erwin J., Age:79yrs, d.6/24/1977
Bates, George, Age:80yrs, d.1/26/1944
Bates, Mary, Age:77yrs, d.11/17/1942
Baublitz, George W., Age:3mos, d.1/21/1898
Baughman, Mina, Age:55yrs 8mos 1dy, d.1/14/1929
Baughman, William, Age:no date, d.no date
Beaird, Cythia, Age:61yrs, d.4/19/1932
Beaird, Henry C., Age:70yrs, d.2/16/1937
Beardsley, Hannah M., Age:59yrs, d.10/29/1913
Beardsley, Ida, Age:76yrs, d.10/17/1967
Beardsley, James A., Age:80yrs, d.8/9/1965
Beardsley, James C., Age:58yrs, d.3/19/1912
Bedell, D. Alfred, Age:83yrs, d.11/28/1966
Bedell, Mary E., Age:82yrs, d.7/11/1968
Benner, Benjamin Frank, Age:77yrs, d.1/12/1925
Benner, George F., Age:75yrs, d.10/26/1964
Benner, George Franklin, Age:51yrs, d.12/25/1967
Benner, Mary Elizabeth, Age:78yrs, d.9/26/1933
Benner, Regina E., Age:75yrs, d.10/6/1968
Bennet, Charles, Age:74yrs, d.6/27/1927
Bennet, Clella, Age:12dys, d.12/28/1906
Bennet, Jane, Age:77yrs, d.1/18/1941
Bennet, Mable R., Age:4mos 5dys, d.3/27/1887
Bennett, Ella M., Age:89yrs, d.6/13/1970
Bennett, George, Age:69yrs, d.1/2/1922
Bennett, James, Age:80yrs, d.4/26/1899
Bennett, John, Age:23yrs 6mos, d.2/23/1878
Bennett, Mariah P., Age:84yrs, d.10/21/1903
Bennett, Orwell, Age:83yrs, d.1/14/1962
Bennett, Roscoe E., Age:61yrs, d.2/8/1975
Bennett, Yvonne Evaline, Age:40yrs, d.12/22/1959
Benson, Flora, Age:no date, d.4/20/1928
Benson, Loren E., Age:62yrs, d.5/7/1914
Benson, Velma, Age:71yrs, d.11/8/1965
Bessey, John, Age:25yrs 6mos 2dys, d.6/25/1857
Bigg, Howard L., Age:62yrs, d.12/21/1962
Bigg, P. Elsie, Age:53yrs, d.9/9/1956
Bigg, Toniko, Age:74yrs, d.4/2/1955
Bizer, Gertrude, Age:71yrs, d.4/12/1967
Bizer, John L., Age:71yrs, d.1939
Bizer, Katherine, Age:75yrs, d.12/20/1946
Black, Bernard D., Age:71yrs, d.3/4/1954
Black, Edith, Age:75yrs, d.5/4/1958
Black, Grace May, Age:76yrs, d.12/12/1963
Black, Howard E., Age:85yrs, d.1/29/1975
Blakely, Jay E., Age:89yrs, d.3/2/1962
Blakely, Minnie C., Age:89yrs, d.4/6/1972
Blocher, Catherine, Age:73yrs, d.7/21/1914
Blocher, Clara E., Age:92yrs, d.3/1/1974
Blocher, Edith, Age:70yrs, d.6/15/1946
Blocher, Grace, Age:88yrs, d.3/17/1975, Blocher
Blocher, Harrison, Age:75yrs, d.6/12/1942
Blocher, John, Age:82yrs, d.9/26/1961
Blocher, Ora Olive, Age:82yrs, d.9/10/1952
Blocher, Solomon, Age:88yrs, d.11/15/1926
Bogardus, Bertie, Age:6mos 12dys, d.9/14/1882
Boice, Harriet, Age:75yrs, d.8/10/1944
Boice, Levi, Age:84yrs, d.9/24/1947
Boise, Ray A., Age:15yrs, d.5/16/1975
Bollinger, Alice M., Age:80yrs, d.6/1/1960
Bollinger, Henry, Age:85yrs, d.11/21/1965
Bollinger, Joseph Orlando, Age:no date, d.5/29/1958
Bollinger, William, Age:76yrs, d.10/8/1922
Bolton, Almira, Age:70yrs 7mos 12dys, d.4/30/1905
Bolton, Clarence, Age:8yrs 7mos, d.9/8/1874
Bolton, Izella, Age:7yrs 9mos 3dys, d.1/30/1873
Bolton, John, Age:no date, d.5/6/1892
Bolton, Lillian M., Age:79yrs, d.12/31/1953
Bolton, Willard, Age:73yrs, d.12/5/1933
Border, Frederick E., Age:85yrs, d.5/25/1962
Border, Minnie H., Age:89yrs, d.7/29/1970
Born, Carrie, Age:25yrs, d.1/30/1900
Born, Gilbert V., Age:36yrs, d.8/2/1934
Born, Infant, Age:no date, d.1/24/1900
Born, Mary, Age:25yrs, d.4/8/1923
Born, Ruth, Age:5yrs, d.1/27/1899
Boulden, Rachel, Age:83yrs 11mos 14dys, d.2/14/1914
Bowers, Hattie, Age:73yrs, d.10/12/1944
Bowman, Lorraine Kay, Age:1yr, d.12/23/1964
Bowser, Sarah Jane, Age:82yrs, d.5/20/1926
Bowser, Steven, Age:86yrs, d.3/13/1924
Boyer, Harriet, Age:37yrs 8mos 3dys, d.5/9/1885
Boyer, Helen C., Age:2mos 18dys, d.2/9/1882
Boyer, Isreal, Age:80yrs, d.5/28/1925
Boyer, William, Age:78yrs, d.3/3/1948
Boyles, Hannah I., Age:93yrs, d.1/15/1953
Boyles, Infant, Age:no date, d.12/1898, child of Walter
Boyles, James Henry, Age:83yrs, d.8/17/1938
Boynton, Mary, Age:81yrs, d.5/19/1950
Boynton, Raymond, Age:1yr 1mo 8dys, d.9/29/1908
Brainard, Carlie, Age:2yrs 2mos 22dys, d.5/4/1864
Brainard, Harriet, Age:2yrs 5mos, d.6/7/1853
Brainard, Orin, Age:50yrs 1mo, d.2/11/1875
Brandt, Augusta M., Age:76yrs, d.9/28/1949
Brandt, Ernest A., Age:49yrs, d.6/1955
Brandt, Fred, Age:53yrs, d.5/15/1925
Brandt, Lloyd, Age:9/1955, d.9/1955, stillborn
Brandt, Lori Ann, Age:no date, d.3/8/1965
Brandt, Richard P., Age:52yrs, d.5/31/1952
Brandt, William Carl, Age:66yrs, d.4/4/1965
Briggs, Ida Mae, Age:21yrs 7mos, d.9/5/1989
Brinks, Marian E., Age:60yrs, d.3/19/1974
Brissett, E., Age:no date, d.4/29/1867
Britton, Bernice, Age:23yrs, d.7/20/1918
Britton, infant, Age:7/16/1918, d.7/16/1918, stillborn
Brock, Alonzo, Age:68yrs, d.1/22/1966
Brooks, Anna Bell, Age:3yrs, d.11/11/1882
Brooks, Dell, Age:40yrs, d.5/16/1929
Brooks, E. Irene, Age:82yrs, d.9/8/1956
Brooks, Guy L., Age:4yrs, d.3/7/1887
Brooks, James, Age:56yrs, d.6/25/1894
Brooks, Marshall, Age:3mos, d.1/12/1882
Brooks, Sarah, Age:78yrs, d.2/13/1930
Brooks, William H., Age:86yrs, d.8/9/1958
Brown, Allica Ella, Age:6yrs, d.1/1/1930
Brown, Dannie R., Age:74yrs, d.9/19/1978
Brumbaugh, Henry, Age:57yrs, d.5/20/1896
Brumm, Dora E., Age:87yrs, d.11/17/1971
Brumm, Lester H., Age:83yrs, d.10/11/1974
Bryans, Frieda L., Age:38yrs, d.9/18/1953
Bryans, Julie Ann, Age:36yrs, d.1/3/1973
Bulling, Anna, Age:8yrs 4mos 10dys, d.3/10/1888
Bulling, Crystal R., Age:66yrs, d.9/1/1971
Bulling, Frank Christian, Age:76yrs, d.5/26/1949
Bulling, infant, Age:no date, d.10/15/1866, son
Bulling, John, Age:72yrs, d.6/26/1949
Bulling, John, Age:71yrs 10mos 3dys, d.12/15/1905
Bulling, John Henry, Age:51yrs 3mos 12dys, d.6/8/1919
Bulling, John Russell, Age:53yrs, d.11/9/1967
Bulling, Lura, Age:67yrs, d.1/22/1973
Bulling, Mary A., Age:69yrs 6mos 4dys, d.6/14/1906
Bulling, Myrtie Mary, Age:74yrs, d.11/11/1956
Bulling, Rolfe G., Age:62yrs, d.1/11/1970
Burgman, Delilah, Age:69yrs, d.8/18/1894
Burgman, Jacob, Age:54yrs 7mos, d.10/14/1876
Burgman, Maud, Age:no date, d.9/19/1881
Burkle, Albert C., Age:68yrs, d.9/8/1930
Burkle, Barbara, Age:82yrs, d.7/11/1943
Burkle, Betty J., Age:4yrs 3mos 28dys, d.12/20/1918
Burkle, Carl W., Age:71yrs, d.1/7/1962
Burkle, Christian, Age:74yrs 3mos 15dys, d.1/10/1909
Burkle, Christina B., Age:76yrs 7mos 29dys, d.1/7/1913
Burkle, Edna R., Age:2dys, d.7/19/1970
Burkle, Fredrick L., Age:45yrs, d.9/7/1970
Burkle, George, Age:86yrs, d.12/29/1957
Burkle, infant, Age:2/6/1927, d.2/6/1927, stillborn
Burkle, Karlyle D., Age:56yrs, d.9/30/1974
Burkle, Mary A., Age:72yrs 6mos 28dys, d.11/2/1867
Butkau, Bernard, Age:86yrs, d.9/4/1964
Butkau, Maria, Age:95yrs, d.11/13/1959
Byers, Ralph E., Age:87yrs, d.8/5/1975
Cappon, Cornelius, Age:81yrs, d.6/5/1975
Cappon, Nora, Age:40yrs, d.6/18/1936
Carpenter, Ernie, Age:no date, d.no date, son of AJ & JM
Carpenter, Hannah B., Age:69yrs, d.4/17/1937
Carpenter, Willie, Age:no date, d.no date, son of AJ & JM
Carr, Allen G., Age:no date, d.1/25/1869
Carr, Sarah, Age:73yrs 1mo 10dys, d.6/3/1890
Carroll, Charles, Age:no date, d.no date
Casoner, John A., Age:11mos 4dys, d.3/29/1872
Cassel, Olive I., Age:60yrs, d.7/3/1964
Chaffee, Ann Eliza, Age:72yrs, d.3/31/1908
Chaffee, Theron, Age:79yrs, d.3/22/1922
Chase, Alice L., Age:76yrs, d.3/13/1954
Chase, Earl C., Age:68yrs, d.12/21/1973
Chase, Emily, Age:72yrs 1mo 13dys, d.12/13/1878, wf of Levi
Chase, Jesse Earl, Age:76yrs, d.4/6/1953
Chase, Levi, Age:80yrs, d.7/19/1926
Chase, Mary, Age:82yrs, d.2/2/1928
Childs, Adelphia, Age:66yrs, d.2/13/1912
Childs, infant, Age:23dys, d.5/2/1882, son of C & A
Childs, Myrtie Estella, Age:79yrs, d.4/5/1937
Childs, Sarah, Age:27yrs 0mos 14dys, d.4/16/1871
Childs, Silas Charles, Age:79yrs, d.3/18/1923
Christian, Anna, Age:65yrs, d.10/29/1936
Christian, Forest, Age:60yrs, d.12/1947
Christian, Lewis, Age:61yrs 5mos 4dys, d.6/29/1915
Christian, Nora, Age:48yrs, d.11/10/1939
Christian, Susanna, Age:39yrs 7mos 26dys, d.5/4/1897
Christie, Gerald J., Age:34yrs, d.8/26/1964
Church, Lydia A., Age:72yrs, d.6/10/1953
Clark, Maria, Age:44yrs, d.5/19/1927, Berlin
Claxton, Susanna E., Age:67yrs, d.1/18/1922
Clifford, Elton F., Age:37yrs, d.5/14/1926
Clifford, Maria, Age:70yrs, d.8/8/1877
Clifford, Mary, Age:82yrs, d.11/14/1933
Clifford, Robins A., Age:65yrs, d.6/2/1958
Clifford, William, Age:91yrs, d.10/4/1906
Clifford, William J., Age:78yrs, d.8/23/1923
Clum, Amelia Anna, Age:84yrs, d.9/15/1971
Clum, Daniel Glenn, Age:no date, d.4/11/1963
Clum, Everett U., Age:73yrs, d.6/4/1949
Clum, Floyd A., Age:65yrs, d.12/2/1960
Clum, infant, Age:11dys, d.5/2/1905, child of E.
Clum, Mary D., Age:85yrs, d.10/14/1960
Coats, Mary Jane, Age:79yrs, d.12/27/1970
Cobb, Richard, Age:2mos, d.1/1/1936
Cole, Abigail, Age:73yrs 0mos 23dys, d.6/1/1891
Cole, Alice, Age:91yrs, d.10/12/1946
Cole, Caroline, Age:18yrs 11mos 10dys, d.8/24/1862
Cole, Charles E., Age:17yrs 4mos, d.2/5/1862
Cole, Ervin E., Age:7mos 17dys, d.3/12/1858
Cole, Eva S., Age:1yr 0mos 3dys, d.1/27/??
Cole, James, Age:70yrs 4mos 23dys, d.4/7/1885
Cole, Martin Luther, Age:79yrs, d.12/21/1933
Conley, Elsie Mae, Age:70yrs, d.12/14/1961
Conley, Glenn L., Age:78yrs, d.3/3/1966
Connet, Elnore Jane, Age:92yrs, d.7/1/1927
Connet, John, Age:81yrs, d.4/24/1920
Connet, John L., Age:2yrs 8mos 23dys, d.3/14/1912
Connet, Mary, Age:72yrs, d.5/9/1937
Connett, Adam, Age:83yrs, d.2/20/1944
Cook, John, Age:no date, d.4/7/1912
Cook, Ralph, Age:63yrs, d.2/5/1969
Cook, Terza, Age:no date, d.3/31/1909
Cooke, Hazel, Age:26yrs, d.8/24/1946
Coolbaugh, Alice N., Age:73yrs, d.3/9/1936
Coolbaugh, Benjamin, Age:65yrs, d.3/11/1913
Coolbaugh, C. Carl, Age:72yrs, d.4/25/1967
Coolbaugh, David, Age:72yrs 0mos 2dys, d.2/2/1895
Coolbaugh, Ethel, Age:2yrs 5mos, d.1/23/1893
Coolbaugh, Evah, Age:91yrs, d.1/7/1965
Coolbaugh, Mary, Age:11mos 26dys, d.9/6/1882
Coolbaugh, Nane C., Age:93yrs, d.11/25/1976
Coolbaugh, Rosanna S., Age:92yrs, d.3/25/1918
Coolbaugh, Warren H., Age:78yrs, d.12/6/1957
Coolbaugh, William M., Age:83yrs, d.7/11/1951
Cooley, Hager Minnie, Age:91yrs, d.10/25/1959
Cooley, Robert, Age:2yrs, d.3/26/1944
Coon, Ida A., Age:62yrs, d.12/6/1921
Coon, John, Age:59yrs, d.9/11/1921
Cooper, A. B., Age:74yrs 1mo 16dys, d.5/9/1867
Cooper, Ada, Age:no date, d.1935
Cooper, Ambrose, Age:78yrs, d.9/10/1933
Cooper, Caroline, Age:54yrs 5mos, d.10/2/1876
Cooper, David, Age:19yrs, d.8/31/1940
Cooper, Earl, Age:no date, d.6/13/1884
Cooper, Emeline, Age:84yrs 6mos 23dys, d.6/21/1896
Cooper, Ida, Age:no date, d.4/12/1884
Cooper, Nettie, Age:56yrs, d.6/3/1940
Cooper, Oscar, Age:66yrs, d.10/17/1945
Corsett, Elizabeth, Age:74yrs 5mos 23dys, d.8/22/1910
Corsett, Elvira, Age:71yrs 0mos 1dy, d.6/1/1887
Corsett, John, Age:78yrs 9mos, d.6/11/1891
Corsett, Marcus G., Age:70yrs 10mos 26dys, d.1/18/1909
Cotton, Bertha M., Age:86yrs, d.5/13/1967
Cotton, Elnora, Age:53yrs 4mos 6dys, d.1/25/1918
Cotton, Ira, Age:73yrs, d.11/5/1938
Cotton, Jesse, Age:76yrs, d.9/16/1985
Cotton, Nancy, Age:80yrs 4mos 6dys, d.2/23/1899
Cousins, Clarence, Age:no date, d.1/18/1928
Cousins, Evah B., Age:72yrs, d.10/24/1965
Cousins, Henry, Age:74yrs 10mos 5dys, d.1/25/1927
Cousins, James, Age:83yrs, d.6/5/1948
Cousins, Jay Eugene, Age:73yrs, d.12/1/1948
Cousins, Mary Jane, Age:91yrs, d.10/27/1973
Cousins, Sarah, Age:61yrs 6mos 14dys, d.5/13/1916
Coville, Adeline E., Age:75yrs, d.9/26/1906
Coville, Andrew, Age:10yrs 6mos, d.2/3/1871
Coville, Christina, Age:64yrs 9mos, d.1/29/1892
Coville, David, Age:90yrs 1mo 8dys, d.3/11/1911
Coville, Elsie May, Age:57yrs, d.8/30/1939
Coville, George, Age:52yrs, d.11/7/1875
Coville, Harriet, Age:72yrs, d.4/29/1930
Coville, Henry, Age:26yrs 7mos 21dys, d.10/5/1873
Coville, John Elba, Age:78yrs, d.12/26/1965
Coville, Mary, Age:13yrs 6mos, d.12/30/1867
Coville, Melvin, Age:93yrs, d.12/17/1943
Coville, Theron, Age:5yrs 0mos 13dys, d.11/5/1861
Cowels, Benjamin F., Age:81yrs, d.6/13/1967
Cowels, Mary R., Age:82yrs, d.6/18/1970
Cox, Alva S., Age:74yrs, d.8/2/1949
Cox, Chester, Age:55yrs, d.2/11/1948
Cox, David G., Age:2mos, d.12/16/1956
Cox, Fred A., Age:73yrs, d.8/31/1971
Cox, Ida M., Age:83yrs, d.6/13/1964
Cox, Shirley, Age:50yrs, d.6/26/1971
Cramer, Ava R., Age:no date, d.3/14/1956
Cramer, Cassie, Age:96yrs, d.5/23/1841
Cramer, Emma, Age:27yrs 0mos 11dys, d.6/12/1881
Cramer, George, Age:59yrs 8mos 23dys, d.2/28/1875
Cramer, James, Age:27yrs 8mos 23dys, d.6/25/1853
Cramer, James Herbert, Age:92yrs, d.4/7/1970
Cramer, May E., Age:59yrs, d.6/26/1941
Cramer, Roderick, Age:77yrs, d.5/8/1950
Cramer, William J., Age:58yrs, d.6/9/1901
Cramer, William P., Age:65yrs, d.10/31/1912
Crawley, Bordy, Age:5mos 2dys, d.2/9/1906
Crockford, Ellen, Age:36yrs, d.9/19/1959
Crockford, Welby, Age:54yrs, d.10/31/1952
Crosgray, Wayne, Age:9mos, d.5/13/1887
Cudney, Gabrielle M., Age:3yrs, d.10/26/1977
Cudney, Rickey A., Age:25yrs, d.2/28/1977
Cudney, William H., Age:50yrs, d.5/11/1956
Culler, George, Age:58yrs, d.4/15/1928
Culler, Lelia, Age:47yrs, d.7/9/1926
Cunningham, Grace Helen, Age:74yrs, d.3/16/1966
Curtis, Caroline C., Age:84yrs, d.8/2/1948
Curtis, Eddie, Age:2yrs, d.7/22/1877
Curtis, Ettie I., Age:6mos 29dys, d.9/13/1887
Curtis, Gertrude H., Age:71yrs, d.12/20/1972
Curtis, Horace, Age:81yrs, d.3/23/1939
Curtis, infant, Age:no date, d.8/24/1876, son
Curtis, John N., Age:81yrs, d.9/11/1941
Curtis, Leola, Age:10mos, d.2/15/1886
Curtis, Leonard R., Age:84yrs, d.4/4/1951
Curtis, Lottie Bell, Age:7mos, d.9/6/1887
Curtis, Mary, Age:52yrs, d.3/10/1880
Curtis, Mary R., Age:76yrs, d.11/5/1956
Curtis, Myrick, Age:71yrs, d.12/31/1948
Curtis, Nancy, Age:88yrs, d.2/9/1949
Curtis, Nelson J., Age:71yrs, d.1890
Curtis, Rebecca D., Age:61yrs, d.4/6/1926
Curtis, Sharon Ruth, Age:no date, d.no date
Curtis, Sylvester H., Age:83yrs, d.8/21/1971
Curtis, Vera E., Age:73yrs, d.6/16/1965


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