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Fobes Street (Allen's Corner or Maplewood) Cemetery
Cumberland County, Maine

Contributed by Anonymous. Total records = 65.

Fobes Street (Allen's Corner or Maplewood) Cemetery Located in North Deering Sec. of Portland, Maine. Compiled in July of 1999 from cemetery inscriptions.

Bailey, Mary
Bartlett, Captain
Bishop, Adeline
Bishop, Ann
Bishop, George
Bishop, Julia
Bishop, Mary
Bishop, Mrs. Catherine
Bishop, Mrs. Mary
Bishop, Nancy,
Brown, Susan M., b. 7/21/1816, d. 11/19/1896
Cobb, Abigail, (wife of John)
Cobb, Abigail
Cobb, Alexander
Cobb, Amos
Cobb, Chipman & Jane
Cobb, Duncan
Cobb, Elizabeth L.
Cobb, Elizabeth
Cobb, Flora
Cobb, Hope
Cobb, James Jr
Cobb, James
Cobb, John A.
Cobb, John
Cobb, William
Davidson, William, d. 5/5/1822
Dole, James S., d. 10/6/1873
Dole, John , b. 1830, d. 1895
Dole, John, d. 10/31/1853
Dole, Sara S., d. 12/16/1838
Dole, Sarah E., d. 10/22/1865
Dole, William H. H., b. 1835, d. 1917
Doughty, Hannah, d. 7/26/1838
Doughty, John, d. 8/?/1825, age: 26
Doughty, Joseph D., d. 9/3/1838
Fletcher, Charles R.
Harper, Deborah, d. 5/25/1813 age: 31, wife of James
Harper, Henry H., d. 11/8/1830, age: 22
Harper, James
Holmes, Elbridge G., d. 5/24/1853
Holmes, Polly, d. 10/21/1820
Huston, Captain John, d. 9/11/1817
Huston, Eunice, d. 4/4/1820, wife of Thompson
Huston, Sally, d. 2/18/1855
Huston, Thompson or Thomson, d. 9/15/1840
Mary A. B., d. 2/6/1896
McDonald or Donald, Catherine, wife of Eli (no date)
Small, Hattie J., d. 3/27/1864, 5 y.o., child of Joseph and A.M.S.
Small, James A., d. 3/20/1864, 5 y.o., child of Joseph and A.M.S.
Small, John D., d. 10/28/1856 1 y.o., child of Joseph and A.M.S.
Stuart, Mary, wife of Jonathan
Torrey, (name not legible) , d. 1817
Torrey, Albina, d. 4/23/1837
Torrey, James, d. 5/2/1872
Torrey, Mary, d. 7/10/1853
Towle, Lizzie I., b. 1845, d. 1924, wife of Charles R. Fletcher
Wilson, Angeline W., b. 10/1/1812, d. 7/4/1903
Wilson, Elmira L., b. 2/9/1827, d. 5/25/1902
Wilson, George, d. 6/21/1847
Wilson, Henry L., b. 7/12/1823, d. 11/5/1880
Wilson, Henry
Wilson, John S. , d. 8/5/1852
Wilson, John S., d. 8/3/1852
Wilson, Mrs. Henry


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