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Riverside Cemetery
Aroostook County, Maine

Russell Road
Fort Fairfield, ME

Cont: Stephen Dorsey
P.O Box 718,
Fort Fairfield, ME 04742

Lat: 45°49'05"N, Lon: 67° 48' 22"W

Riverside Cemetery is a small northern Maine city cemetery, owned by the Riverside Cemetery Corp. It is on a rural road, situated along the Aroostook River. It is a beautiful setting on small rolling hills.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 14.

Contributor's Index:

Butler, Donald, Scott, b. 23 Mar 1909, d. 29 Sep 1981, s/o John & Hannah Butler, [ML]
Butler, Hannah, Gray, b. 18 Oct 1889, d. 8 May 1972, w/o John William Butler, d/o Fredrick & Gerdtude Kennison, [ML]
Butler, John Bradford, b. 27 Feb 1948, d. 25 Nov 1980, s/o Leo & Phyllis Butler, [ML]
Butler, John, William, b. 28 Nov 1887, d. 25 Sep 1971, s/o Bradford & Dolly Butler, [ML]
Butler, Leo Allen, b. 21 Mar 1915, d. 27 Jul 1952, s/o John & Hannah Butler, [ML]
Butler, Madeline (NMN), b. 19 May 1912, d. 6 Nov 1993, w/o Clyde M. Gervais, d/o John W. and Hannah G. Butler, [ML]
Butler, Omar, Frederick, b. 13 Jun 1908, d. 11 May 1993, s/o John & Hannah Butler, [ML]
Butler, Richard, Leo, b. 22 Feb 1942, d. 15 Mar 1990, s/o Leo & Phyllis Butler, [ML]
Butler, Vernon Paul, b. 31 Jan 1941, d. 1 Jul 1968, s/o Leo & Phyllis Butler, [ML]
Gervais, Clyde, Mahlon, b. 7 Nov 1918, d. 12 Aug 1996, s/o Fortuna & Aurelie Gervais, [ML]
Gervais, Madeline, b. 19 May 1912, d. 6 Nov 1993, w/o Clyde Mahlon Gervais, d/o John & Hannah Butler, [ML]
Gervais, Phyllis, Marie, Delta, b. 17 Jan 1920, d. 3 Sep 2002, w/o Leo Allen Butler, d/o Fortuna & Aurelie Gervais, [ML]
Shorey, James G. (Gardner), b. 1893, d. 1967 (s/o Phineas Gardner and Agnes [Merritt] Shorey), [CC]
Shorey, Lila (Grant), b. 1904, d. 1992, w/o James Shorey, [CC]


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