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Lafayette Cemetery #1
New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Surnames Beginning With X, Y, and Z:  Burials = 85

The Lafayette Cemetery #1 is located in the uptown Garden District of New Orleans.  Fred Hatfield photographed all the plaques in the cemetery, which includes burial and genealogical information.  You can purchase a CD-ROM of the complete records and photographs from Fred Hatfield.  For more information, visit his website, "Historic Lafayette Cemetery #1".

Fred Hatfield has authorized Cemetery Records on the Internet to publish only the names of the interred, and their birth and death dates.

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Yager (Darre), Saraphine, 29-Jan-1879, 15-Feb-1932
Yost, Virginia Swiler, 13-Dec-1819, 15-Nov-1896
Young Sr., Peter V., 12-Jun-1880, 25-Sep-1929
Young (Doll), Magdalena, 23-Jan-1812, 26-Jul-1854
Young (Kuntz), Imelda A., 31-Aug-1912, 23-Oct-1994
Young (Pioth), Annie, 11-Nov-1868, 5-Mar-1956
Young (Schellang), Barbara, 17-Mar-1836, 3-May-1880
Young (Zimmerman), Emly
Young, Annie
Young, Chas. H., 4-Apr-1881, 5-Oct-1942
Young, Clara B., 2-Nov-1880, 24-May-1960
Young, Elizabeth Peters, 4-Jun-1822, 24-Jul-1899
Young, Eva M., 1-Jan-1848, 1-Jan-1933
Young, Fredrick, 1-Jan-1850, 1-Jan-1877
Young, Hamilton, 29-Sep-1854, 24-Dec-1892
Young, Jacob, 13-Dec-1812, 5-May-1874
Young, Jno. W., 7-Apr-1869
Young, John, 13-Oct-1812, 7-Dec-1893
Young, Josephine S., 1-Jan-1911, 1-Jan-1992
Young, Julia, 19-Aug-1849, 17-May-1918
Young, Peter A., 1-Jan-1904, 1-Jan-1986
Young, William B., 12-Dec-1845, 17-Nov-1925
Young, William D., 2-Nov-1874, 16-Nov-1880
Youngblood, John F., 29-Jul-1886
Zalfen, John F., 17-Nov-1899, 22-May-1978
Zalfen, John L., 21-Jul-1921, 7-Nov-1962
Zalfen, Mary M., 28-Nov-1875, 31-Aug-1941
Zeairs, C.
Zebal, Catherine D., 1-Jan-1881, 1-Jan-1974
Zebal, Thomas, 1-Jan-1877, 1-Jan-1952
Zebal, Thomas L., 1-Jan-1909, 1-Jan-1967
Zehender, Adele Mina, 5-Feb-1892
Zehender, Dr. J.R.S., 11-Nov-1879
Zehl.... (Sluer...), Caroline, 1-Jan-1836, 1-Jan-1911
Zehl...., Johanna A., 13-Sep-1803
Zeller (Bel.....), Annie Maria, 18-Jul-1918, 16-Jan-1885
Zeller (Miller), Louise, 20-Jul-1871, 4-Sep-1938
Zeller (Munchow), Louise, 10-Aug-1872, 29-Apr-1962
Zeller (Rice), Agatha, 15-Jan-1840, 12-May-1870
Zeller (Stahl), Kate, 11-Jun-1847, 15-Oct-1888
Zeller (Werther), Amelia, 12-Oct-1869, 2-Mar-1936
Zeller, Anna Mara, 1-Jan-1868, 1-Jan-1952
Zeller, Carrie, 1-Jan-1872, 30-Sep-1939
Zeller, Chas.
Zeller, Earl, 31-Jul-1904, 11-Mar-1920
Zeller, Edw. J., 24-Jul-1949
Zeller, Fred C., 26-Dec-1885, 3-Aug-1896
Zeller, George, 21-Dec-1869, 13-Jan-1930
Zeller, Henry, 14-Jan-1923
Zeller, J. Lloyd, 8-Feb-1899, 14-Oct-1952
Zeller, Jane Eva, 21-Dec-1883, 8-Jan-1958
Zeller, John, 21-May-1942
Zeller, John B., 30-Dec-1877, 16-Sep-1913
Zeller, Mary
Zeller, Virginia, 18-Aug-1885, 22-Apr-1959
Zeller, William A., 26-Aug-1880, 11-Feb-1930
Ziblish, Gloria
Ziebler, Anna
Ziegler, Carl F., 8-Feb-1869, 31-Oct-1907
Ziegler, Friederich, 7-Jun-1827, 7-Mar-1902
Ziegler, Henry, 27-Feb-1877
Ziegler, Margaretha, 14-Nov-1842, 2-Feb-1929
Zimmer (Baum), Catharine, 23-Oct-1823, 23-May-1873
Zimmer (Logan), Selma, 18-Jul-1926
Zimmerman (Barnes), Mahala, 4-Mar-1913
Zimmerman (Blanc), Netta Marie, 7-Sep-1928
Zimmerman (Wolbeck), Amelia, 23-Mar-1873, 11-Jun-1933
Zimmerman (Young), Emly
Zimmerman, Arthur J., 2-Dec-1907, 20-Dec-1944
Zimmerman, Elizabeth A., 20-Dec-1910, 4-Jan-1914
Zimmerman, Fred, 6-May-1820, 29-Jun-1868
Zimmerman, Geo. L., 14-Mar-1931
Zimmerman, Jeff D.
Zimmerman, Theodore R., 20-Apr-1908, 5-Nov-1968
Zimmerman, William, 16-Jul-1930
Zimmerman, Willie, 10-Dec-1862
Zink, Amelia D., 19-Jul-1884, 23-Feb-1959
Zink, Fred F., 22-Jun-1881, 20-Mar-1944
Zinser (Johnson), Gertrude W., 18-Nov-1884, 17-Dec-1947
Zoelly (Boning), Marie Louise, 24-Jan-1919
Zoelly (Zorn), Rosalie, 25-Jun-1890
Zoelly, Jacob, 28-Apr-1880
Zorn (Zoelly), Rosalie, 25-Jun-1890

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