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Lafayette Cemetery #1
New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Surnames Beginning With O:  Burials = 105

The Lafayette Cemetery #1 is located in the uptown Garden District of New Orleans.  Fred Hatfield photographed all the plaques in the cemetery, which includes burial and genealogical information.  You can purchase a CD-ROM of the complete records and photographs from Fred Hatfield.  For more information, visit his website, "Historic Lafayette Cemetery #1".

Fred Hatfield has authorized Cemetery Records on the Internet to publish only the names of the interred, and their birth and death dates.

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O'Brien (Riviere), Margaret, 15-May-1862
O'Brien, Belle Huyghe, 13-Dec-1920, 11-Jan-1981
O'Brien, Boyce S.
O'Brien, Delbert J., 1-Jan-1912, 1-Jan-1992
O'Brien, Matilda C.
O'Brien, Maud, 8-Dec-1927
O'Callaghan, Florance, 1-Jan-1874, 1-Jan-1919
O'Callaghan, Marie K., 1-Jan-1884, 1-Jan-1955
O'Connell, John P., 15-Oct-1870, 22-Jul-1895
O'Connell, Stephe
O'Connell, Stephen
O'Connor (Bultman), Mollie, 1-Jan-1872, 1-Jan-1929
O'Connor, Annie, 30-Jan-1882
O'Connor, Catherine, 9-Nov-1863, 22-May-1922
O'Connor, Jordan B., 2-May-1898
O'Connor, Joseph P., 1-Jan-1875, 1-Jan-1932
O'Connor, Matilda J., 13-Mar-1875, 10-Mar-1953
O'Connor, Mrs. Ann, 26-Sep-1886
O'Donnell, Peter
O'Dowd, Burdetta Gibbons, 28-Sep-1960
O'Dowd, J. Dudley, 30-Nov-1905, 22-Nov-1912
O'Meara (Cosgrove), Loretta F., 1-Jan-1881, 1-Jan-1925
O'Meara, George
O'Rorke (Rusha), Catherine, 1-Jan-1850, 1-Jan-1926
O'Rorke, Thomas, 12-Nov-1876
O'Rorke, Thomas E., 13-Oct-1895
O......., Sgt. Raymond, 12-Sep-1933
Ober (Wilson), Mary, 8-Feb-1900
Ober, Christine W., 22-May-1817, 24-Sep-1894
Ober, Fred A., 31-Jul-1811, 14-Mar-1913
Ober, Frederic W., 6-Sep-1864, 14-Nov-1891
Ober, Ida C., 11-Mar-1869, 29-Dec-1917
Oberschmidt, Elizabeth R., 1-Jan-1859, 1-Jan-1931
Ochse (Jager), Catharine, 11-Jun-1868
Ochse (Peters), Elizabeth, 21-Dec-1852, 29-Sep-1916
Ochse, Peter, 11-Feb-1820, 21-Jun-1871
Oddfellows Society Tomb 4x4
Oehme (Folger), Corinne, 1-Jan-1857, 1-Jan-1944
Oehme, Charles F.
Oertling, Auguste, 10-Aug-1873
Oertling, Auguste, 12-Oct-1871, 10-Aug-1873
Oertling, Frederick, 22-Sep-1891
Oertling, Johanna, 11-Oct-1887
Offenbacher (Walter), Anna Mari, 28-Nov-1877
Ogden (Biamonti), Marie Antoine, 1-Feb-1823, 14-Nov-1876
Ogden (Cox), Grace Augusta, 18-Apr-1874, 19-Feb-1959
Ogden, Abner Nash, 1-Jan-1809, 1-Jan-1875
Ogden, Abner Nash, 6-Jan-1876, 29-Apr-1894
Ogden, Andrew, 1-Feb-1876, 22-Feb-1876
Ogden, Anita, 10-Mar-1879, 23-Aug-1879
Ogden, Dunbar Hunt, 12-Apr-1878, 12-Apr-1952
Ogden, Eliza, 17-Mar-1844, 14-Feb-1913
Ogden, Elizabeth, 28-Apr-1872, 11-Oct-1895
Ogden, Francis Johnston, 28-Sep-1905, 28-Jul-1989
Ogden, Horatio Nash, 1-Jan-1840, 1-Jan-1883
Ogden, Judge Robert, 15-Sep-1775, 6-Feb-1857
Ogden, Martha Kennedy, 24-Nov-1838, 18-Mar-1902
Ogden, Robert Manning, 19-Apr-1848, 3-Mar-1873
Ogden, Robert Wade, 28-Jan-1817, 24-Mar-1878
Ogden, Warren C., 21-Dec-1904, 2-Jul-1989
Ogden, William F., 3-Feb-1813, 26-Feb-1899
Ogden, William F., 18-Jan-1867, 17-Jan-1929
Ohle (Forrer), Catherine, 12-Sep-1892
Ohle, Betha B., 3-Dec-1881, 4-May-1965
Ohle, Chas., 29-May-1877, 19-May-1950
Ohle, Emma, 10-Apr-1922
Ohle, John B., 5-Apr-1911, 29-Sep-1957
Ohle, Wm., 9-May-1875
Ohle, Wm., 10-Nov-1882
Ohlen (Sirjacques), Julia, 26-Oct-1908
Ohler, Martin, 18-Mar-1867
Oliver, David B., 3-Jul-1924, 9-Oct-1982
Olivier, Nicholas Dominique Y., 22-Mar-1912, 2-Jan-1988
Olroyd (Etter), Susan, 29-May-1849
Oltmann (Monsess), .........., 22-Aug-1821, 13-May-1900
Oltmann, Heinrich, 14-Oct-1818, 22-Oct-1867
Olwell, Josephine, 14-Nov-1897
Onyett, Ann, 31-Aug-1830
Onyett, Mary, 13-Jan-1861
Onyett, William, 7-Nov-1836
Orkus, James, 1-Jan-1901, 1-Jan-1988
Orkus, Louis, 24-Jan-1895, 16-Aug-1969
Orkus, Mary, 17-Jun-1874, 23-Apr-1961
Orkus, Mildred, 1-Jan-1915, 1-Jan-1970
Orkus, Wm., 1-Jan-1867, 1-Jan-1945
Orr (Taylor), Carrie Bell, 21-Oct-1859, 28-Jul-1913
Orr, Benjamin
Orr, Helena Bell, 18-Jul-1865
Orthmann, Jeannette Kernan, 26-Jun-1902, 31-Aug-1972
Orthmann, Louis Henry, 2-Feb-1897, 1-Nov-1976
Ortte, Chas. H., 19-Jul-1934
Ortte, Philo B., 1-Jan-1876, 1-Jan-1955
Ortte, Willy, 10-Jun-1902, 16-Mar-1915
Ory (Hufft), Floristene, 14-Jun-1927
Ory, Florence
Osborn, G.C.
Oser (Badel), Pauline, 9-Aug-1843, 7-Aug-1907
Oser (Badel), Pauline, 9-Aug-1843, 7-Aug-1907
Oser, Francis J., 8-Jul-1874
Oser, Francis J., 8-Jul-1874
Ostoff (Dietz), Carolina, 25-Mar-1791, 5-Aug-1853
Otnott (Dreyer), Catherine, 14-Mar-1904
Ottendgreer, Josephine, 9-Feb-1847, 29-Aug-1911
Ottman (Landwehr), Maria, 4-Sep-1836, 13-Jan-1901

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