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Lafayette Cemetery #1
New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Surnames Beginning With F:  Burials = 514

The Lafayette Cemetery #1 is located in the uptown Garden District of New Orleans.  Fred Hatfield photographed all the plaques in the cemetery, which includes burial and genealogical information.  You can purchase a CD-ROM of the complete records and photographs from Fred Hatfield.  For more information, visit his website, "Historic Lafayette Cemetery #1".

Fred Hatfield has authorized Cemetery Records on the Internet to publish only the names of the interred, and their birth and death dates.

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Fa......, Pauline, 24-Mar-1851
Faber (Spitzfaden), Christina, 28-Nov-1840, 20-Jun-1921
Fabre (Burke), Georgie S., 7-Mar-1949
Fabre, Robert Barrow, 20-Apr-1923
Fabregas, James, 16-Mar-1899
Faivre, ....... S., 1-Jan-1977
Faivre, ........, 1-Jan-1946
Faivre, Anna Mary, 1-Jan-1825, 1-Jan-1907
Faivre, Emile, 1-Jan-1823, 1-Jan-1906
Faivre, Jean Pierre, 1-Jan-1854, 1-Jan-1854
Faivre, Louis, 1-Jan-1867, 1-Jan-1868
Faivre, Louise, 20-Oct-1874
Faivre, Marie, 5-May-1865
Fallon Sr., Henry, 12-Feb-1933
Fallon (Bongard), Katie, 27-Mar-1936
Fallon (Williams), Nora Annie, 25-Jun-1917, 22-Dec-1970
Fallon, Emma D., 20-Oct-1900
Fallon, Emma D., 20-Oct-1900
Fallon, Frederick
Fallon, Henry
Fallon, Henry Nelson, 19-Sep-1930
Fallon, Julia, 2-Mar-1920
Fallon, Patrick J., 10-Nov-1912, 3-Jul-1984
Fals (Williams), Mary J., 19-Sep-1898, 6-Jul-1961
Fanning Jr., Frank J., 18-Nov-1908, 19-Jul-1982
Fanning Sr., Frank J., 1-Jan-1882, 1-Jan-1946
Fanning, Elizabeth B.
Fanning, George Lyons, 8-Sep-1915, 6-Sep-1962
Fanning, Gerard Ernest, 1-Jan-1925, 1-Jan-1926
Fanning, Henrietta, 23-Feb-1851, 2-Jun-1851
Fanning, Jas. G.
Fanning, Patrick M., 27-Mar-1907, 4-Aug-1970
Fanning, Rosanna Jane, 1-Jan-1920, 1-Jan-1921
Fanning, Rosanna Lyons, 1-Jan-1884, 1-Jan-1957
Farley (Williams), Bridget, 25-Dec-1826, 7-Mar-1911
Farrae, Charles Roy, 16-Feb-1962
Farrae, Miriam Mehle, 9-May-1969
Farrell (Gauche), Mary McPhelin, 4-Dec-1840, 9-Aug-1887
Farrell, Annie Schroeder, 2-Dec-1946
Farrell, Ernest R., 18-Jun-1872, 6-Jan-1957
Farrell, Mary B., 2-Feb-1876, 26-Mar-1960
Farrell, Michael J., 23-Dec-1863, 9-Jan-1900
Farrell, O.
Farrell, Theodore B., 19-Jun-1860, 29-Aug-1895
Farrelly, James, 10-Aug-1855
Farrelly, James, 10-Aug-1855
Fasnacht, L.
Fassman (Maginnis), Julia C., 24-Sep-1867
Fassmann, Ada, 28-Apr-1852
Fassmann, Amenaide, 1-Jan-1878, 1-Jan-1953
Fassmann, Augusta, 29-May-1860
Fassmann, Blanche, 4-May-1851
Fassmann, Damillia, 9-May-1839, 9-Nov-1885
Fassmann, Damillia, 9-May-1839, 9-Nov-1885
Fassmann, E. Victor, 1-Jan-1862, 1-Jan-1940
Fassmann, E.V.
Fassmann, Edward Victor, 1-Jan-1835, 1-Jan-1909
Fassmann, Eleonora, 3-Jul-1843
Fassmann, Eliza A., 9-Apr-1875
Fassmann, Emma, 22-Apr-1842
Fassmann, Frank, 1-Jan-1871, 1-Jan-1908
Fassmann, Henry, 29-Dec-1867
Fassmann, Henry, 1-Jan-1876, 1-Jan-1910
Fassmann, James Wallace, 11-Apr-1839
Fassmann, Marshall W., 1-Jan-1858, 1-Jan-1886
Fassmann, Thomas Wharton, 1-Jan-1870, 1-Jan-1933
Fassmann, Virginia, 1-Jan-1860, 1-Jan-1945
Fassmann, William Sevey, 1-Jan-1864, 1-Jan-1936
Fassmann, Wm. Henry, 2-Jan-1847
Father (Dickey), 24-Dec-1824, 7-Jul-1901
Faule, Anna C., 1-Jan-1859
Favre (Robin), Pamela, 26-Sep-1815, 25-Oct-1909
Fay, Anna M., 20-May-1894
Fay, E.A., 17-Jan-1869
Fay, F.J., 8-May-1877
Fay, G.Jn., 7-Sep-1885
Fay, H.J.
Fay, Jacob, 13-Apr-1867
Fay, Rosa Amelia, 9-Feb-1870
Fayssoux (Hayward), Margaret C., 1-Aug-1878, 1-Sep-1972
Fayssoux (McLellan), Sarah A., 19-Aug-1839, 25-Apr-1910
Fayssoux (Scudder), Seymoura, 15-Feb-1865, 12-Apr-1922
Fayssoux, Callender I., 1-Nov-1820, 30-Aug-1897
Fayssoux, WIlliam McLellan, 18-Jul-1873, 17-Feb-1930
Fehsenfeld, Henry, 27-Sep-1830, 10-Dec-1893
Feld, Aura G., 1-Jun-1912, 8-Nov-1985
Feldner Jr., Henry W., 30-Jan-1899, 11-Nov-1943
Feldner Sr., Henry W., 11-Feb-1857, 31-Aug-1908
Feldner Sr., Henry W., 11-Feb-1857, 31-Aug-1908
Feldner (Brummer), Christine, 14-Nov-1819, 13-Jun-1891
Feldner (Compeeren), Ernestine, 16-Oct-1880, 13-Dec-1914
Feldner (Duckert), Henrietta A., 3-May-1893
Feldner (Loof), Augusta C., 7-Sep-1858, 29-May-1918
Feldner, Antoinette Googuet, 30-Aug-1895, 28-Feb-1983
Feldner, Augusta C.
Feldner, Bertha L.J., 9-Nov-1880
Feldner, Charles P., 18-Mar-1888, 14-May-1932
Feldner, Edna H.
Feldner, Geo. D., 1-Jan-1854, 1-Jan-1915
Feldner, George D.
Feldner, Henry W.
Feldner, J. Edward H.
Feldner, J. Phil., 27-Nov-1891, 18-Nov-1940
Feldner, Jeannette C., 6-Mar-1884, 2-May-1892
Feldner, John P., 31-Oct-1824, 21-Jun-1866
Feldner, Lavada Faye Robbin, 30-Apr-1920, 26-Mar-1991
Feldner, Merlin A., 24-Mar-1895, 28-Sep-1938
Feldner, Warren P., 19-Aug-1920, 26-Feb-1995
Felger, Angel Georgie, 1-Jul-1855
Felger, Daniel, 2-Nov-1855
Felger, Gentle Louisa Mary, 23-Aug-1864
Fell (Baker), Anna Margaretta, 1-Apr-1888
Fell (Blake), Olive, 21-Jul-1930
Fell (Boucher), Dora, 22-May-1900
Fell (Macmurdo), Gertrude H., 23-Sep-1879
Fell, Channing Moore, 3-Sep-1898, 15-Jan-1982
Fell, Colden C., 11-Dec-1949
Fell, Elizabeth B., 13-Aug-1905, 26-Nov-1969
Fell, Florence Dodd, 30-Oct-1951
Fell, Jeffery J., 6-Dec-1896, 7-May-1965
Fell, John R.
Fell, Margaretta W.
Fell, Mercer Saltonstall, 16-Jul-1903
Fell, Peter R, , 26-Sep-1812, 2-Jul-1882
Fell, Rosalie Dunbar, 23-May-1880
Fell, William Sutton, 24-Jul-1930
Fellrath, Wm.
Felmeden (Sommers), Henrietta L, 1-Jan-1865, 1-Jan-1929
Felmeden (Welster), Louisa, 1-Jan-1836, 1-Jan-1906
Felmeden, Chas. A., 1-Jan-1874, 1-Jan-1931
Felmeden, Emilia D., 1-Jan-1857, 1-Jan-1907
Felmeden, Emma A.V., 1-Jan-1859, 1-Jan-1933
Felmeden, Henry P., 1-Jan-1862, 1-Jan-1865
Felmeden, John H., 1-Jan-1825, 1-Jan-1877
Felmeden, Louis A.
Felmeden, Louis A., 1-Jan-1867, 1-Jan-1894
Felmeden, Otto A., 1-Jan-1871, 1-Jan-1878
Felt (Scherer), Catherine, 22-Feb-1904
Fenimore, ....... E.
Fenn, Norma
Fenner MD, Erasmus Darwin, 12-Apr-1807, 4-May-1866
Fenner (Payne), Carrie, 15-Mar-1846, 17-Mar-1942
Fenner, Caroline, 6-Nov-1876, 20-Aug-1877
Fenner, Charles E., 14-Feb-1834, 11-Oct-1911
Fenner, Charlotte, 19-Jul-1872, 11-Jan-1873
Fenner, Guy C., 31-Jan-1879, 1-Apr-1919
Fenner, Henry Payne, 24-Nov-1870
Fenner, Payne, 5-Apr-1874, 18-Nov-1874
Ferguson (Bacon), Kitty Rayne, 21-Jan-1880, 16-Mar-1962
Ferguson (Cantrell), Elvira S., 8-Dec-1895
Ferguson (Earhart), Virigina B., 26-Sep-1915
Ferguson (Findly), Annie E., 11-Apr-1847, 3-Jan-1884
Ferguson (Gregory), Mary France, 13-Dec-1846, 12-Feb-1931
Ferguson (Roudillon), Ysobella, 17-Sep-1892, 9-Jun-1954
Ferguson, Anne H., 1-Jan-1863
Ferguson, Charles, 7-Mar-1857
Ferguson, Clarence Gregory, 17-May-1883, 13-Mar-1954
Ferguson, Edwin Given, 3-Dec-1873, 31-Aug-1878
Ferguson, Edwin Q., 12-Jul-1872
Ferguson, Edwin S., 20-Nov-1846, 28-Mar-1935
Ferguson, Elizabeth B., 28-Dec-1867
Ferguson, Frances B., 15-Jul-1867, 21-Nov-1964
Ferguson, H.B.
Ferguson, Henry B., 29-Oct-1841, 13-Jan-1881
Ferguson, Henry C., 14-Sep-1837
Ferguson, Isabel H., 15-Oct-1843, 26-Jul-1930
Ferguson, J. Charles, 1-Sep-1861
Ferguson, J.H., 1-Jan-1838, 1-Jan-1915
Ferguson, John Q., 1-Jan-1863
Ferguson, Mary Love, 7-Oct-1876, 30-Aug-1878
Ferguson, Sercy, 29-Aug-1878, 30-Aug-1878
Ferrell, Ray Edward, 22-Jul-1906, 23-Jun-1988
Ferrell, Viola Naffe, 29-Jan-1918, 20-Apr-1967
Ferriere (Shropshire), Blanche, 7-Dec-1868
Ferryall, Marie Louise, 28-Feb-1848, 19-Jun-1916
Fessenden (Mayo), Tryphosa, 2-Dec-1810, 6-May-1891
Fey (Stoll), Madalina, 24-Oct-1858
Fiegel, Geo. W.H., 12-May-1877, 22-Mar-1952
Fiegel, Julia, 1-Jan-1857, 1-Jan-1933
Fiegel, Louise A., 14-Dec-1879, 7-Jul-1967
Fietzner (Dietze), Marie, 18-Sep-1851, 19-May-1941
Filcher, Johan Friederich, 7-Nov-1808, 28-Mar-1849
Finch, Jennie McInerney, 20-Oct-1918
Findly (Berry), Hannah F., 6-May-1842, 23-Sep-1867
Findly (Ferguson), Annie E., 11-Apr-1847, 3-Jan-1884
Findly, Sarah W., 12-Feb-1808, 18-Jun-1879
Findly, Thomas M., 4-Nov-1844, 28-Sep-1867
Finn, Janet, 4-Jan-1890
Finn, Thomas, 1-Dec-1885
Finney, Florence Higbee, 27-Apr-1916
Fischer (Rauch), Catherine, 20-Apr-1823, 9-Aug-1872
Fish, ........er, 30-Apr-1884
Fisher (Kupferle), Mathilda, 29-Sep-1866, 25-Apr-1940
Fisher (Puster), Elizabeth, 24-Feb-1839, 21-Aug-1926
Fisher (Ripp), Bertha, 26-Nov-1869, 20-Feb-1933
Fisher (Schaneville), Bessie, 1-Jan-1889, 1-Jan-1977
Fisher, Adam J., 1-Jun-1863, 8-Dec-1925
Fisher, Aline Caulfield, 27-Apr-1881
Fisher, Amelia, 15-Mar-1872, 7-Jul-1932
Fisher, Barbara, 1-May-1841, 28-Mar-1920
Fisher, Charles, 12-Jan-1873, 29-Dec-1879
Fisher, Elizabeth, 15-Nov-1884, 18-Jul-1885
Fisher, Esther Caulfield
Fisher, Herman, 19-Dec-1863, 9-Nov-1909
Fisher, John, 30-Jul-1837, 17-Oct-1892
Fisher, John, 26-Jul-1866, 23-Nov-1934
Fisher, Julia, 6-Mar-1870, 4-May-1945
Fisher, Katherine, 25-Dec-1867, 22-Feb-1943
Fisher, Peter, 9-Feb-1829, 9-Aug-1884
Fisher, Philip, 6-Sep-1879, 28-Sep-1915
Fisse, George, 6-Oct-1897, 21-Feb-1958
Fisse, Rosalie, 1-Jan-1901, 1-Jan-1993
Fitch (Elkin), Jane M., 21-Mar-1890
Fitisoff, Mary, 19-Jan-1948
Fitisoff, Michael
Fitzner (Bartels), Matilda, 22-Apr-1889, 28-Nov-1923
Fitzner, Albert C., 7-Dec-1898, 25-Dec-1899
Fitzner, Ernest, 30-Nov-1878, 1-Sep-1889
Fitzner, Gustave, 3-Jan-1831, 29-Jul-1929
Fitzpatrick (Shearer), Letita J, 22-Jul-1909
Fitzpatrick, Annie L., 10-Sep-1867
Fitzpatrick, John F.
Fitzpatrick, John Francis, 25-Dec-1894, 13-Aug-1895
Flanagan, Frank, 1-May-1846, 20-Aug-1893
Flanagan, Katie, 17-Oct-1877, 6-Sep-1882
Flanagan, Lucy P., 1-May-1851, 9-Feb-1914
Flanigan (Wendel), Margaret, 20-Jan-1912
Flanigan, Amelia, 1-Jan-1873, 1-Jan-1948
Flanigan, Wm., 1-Jan-1873, 1-Jan-1949
Flanner (Lestelle), Matilda, 13-Oct-1901, 7-Jun-1934
Flanner, Daisy Sers, 1-Jan-1861, 1-Jan-1941
Flanner, Francis J., 1-Jan-1895, 1-Jan-1949
Flanner, Myrtle E. Burkholder, 30-May-1905, 7-Apr-1937
Flanner, Thomas J., 1-Jan-1854, 1-Jan-1941
Fleischmann, Jacob, 12-Mar-1848, 12-Sep-1875
Fleming, Penelope L., 22-Jul-1900
Flemmich, Charles
Flemmich, Dick
Flemmich, Eleanor L., 1-Jan-1830, 1-Jan-1914
Flemmich, Stoney
Flettrich, Alma Patorek, 25-Oct-1895, 21-Aug-1974
Flettrich, Leon A., 1-Jan-1895, 1-Jan-1967
Flick (Grinage), Clair, 18-Jan-1938
Flick (Linden), Helena, 18-Feb-1944
Flick, Christian
Flick, Edward P., 28-Aug-1897
Flick, Henrietta C., 1-Jan-1897, 1-Jan-1979
Flick, Julie Ann, 6-Jan-1947
Florance, Mollie Blackman, 1-Jan-1853, 1-Jan-1914
Florence (Blackman), Mollie, 1-Jan-1853
Florence, H.C.
Flower Jr., James, 22-Feb-1854, 26-Oct-1892
Flower (Folger), Loulie M., 1-Jan-1847, 1-Jan-1935
Flower (Lewis), Laurette, 4-Nov-1851, 5-Oct-1886
Flower (Scott), Minerva A., 1-Jan-1824, 1-Jan-1919
Flower, Edward McCall, 13-Feb-1890, 15-Apr-1890
Flower, I.G.
Flower, James, 1-Jan-1824, 1-Jan-1891
Flower, James, 8-May-1880, 24-May-1881
Flower, Jessie S.
Flower, Jessie S., 10-May-1847, 15-Jun-1881
Flower, Jessie Scott, 8-Feb-1888, 4-May-1890
Flower, Rich'd
Flower, Richard, 8-Jul-1822, 25-Mar-1876
Floyd, George, 30-Apr-1858, 23-Dec-1863
Fluke, Victoria Smith, 25-Apr-1951, 10-Aug-1995
Flurey (Twilbeck), Stella, 6-Jun-1902
Flynn (Quinn), Joanna, 24-Mar-1858
Flynn (Schmidt), Frances, 16-May-1954
Flynn, Albert H., 3-Nov-1934
Flynn, Charles, 28-Nov-1883, 15-Oct-1918
Flynn, Edward H., 28-Aug-1915, 16-May-1966
Flynn, Flossie B., 4-Aug-1914, 31-Jan-1979
Flynn, James T.
Flynn, John, 11-May-1888
Flynn, Leoney Odeil, 9-Nov-1915, 4-Apr-1918
Flynn, Margaret
Flynn, Thomas
Flynn, Thomas, 28-Nov-1896
Folds (Kelly), Elisabeth, 18-Jan-1889, 1-Jul-1906
Folds, Dennis
Folger Jr., N.C., 1-Jan-1838, 1-Jan-1872
Folger (Flower), Loulie M., 1-Jan-1847, 1-Jan-1935
Folger (Godfrey), Madeline, 1-Jan-1819, 1-Jan-1904
Folger (Keller), M. Georgie, 1-Jan-1842, 1-Jan-1909
Folger (Oehme), Corinne, 1-Jan-1857, 1-Jan-1944
Folger (Vienne), Alice, 1-Jan-1850, 1-Jan-1878
Folger, .........
Folger, Charles Wm., 1-Jan-1835, 1-Jan-1868
Folger, Frederick G., 1-Jan-1842, 1-Jan-1870
Folger, Gideon L., 1-Jan-1844, 1-Jan-1888
Folger, James L., 1-Jan-1854, 1-Jan-1897
Folger, Kate, 1-Jan-1853, 1-Jan-1884
Folger, Nathan C.
Folger, Nathan C., 1-Jan-1810, 1-Jan-1878
Folsom (Gentin), Henrietta, 19-Mar-1816, 26-Sep-1915
Folsom (Gentin), Josephine, 6-Nov-1870
Folsom, Frederick Hodge, 25-Apr-1860, 2-Nov-1867
Folsom, George, 13-Jun-1831, 24-Nov-1890
Folsom, Georgina M., 11-Aug-1862, 3-Dec-1892
Folsom, Josephine
Font (Jones), Leonore B., 21-Apr-1842, 20-Jun-1925
Font (Penisson), Celestine, 9-Mar-1825, 11-Sep-1904
Font (Selaring), Serafina L., 9-Sep-1851
Font, Alma
Font, Blanche L., 1-Jan-1875, 1-Jan-1953
Font, Dr. Jule, 18-Dec-1811, 15-Jul-1874
Font, J. Fred
Font, Joseph Freceric, 6-Oct-1905
Font, Mary Azidee, 1-Jan-1872, 1-Jan-1957
Font, Maude C., 1-Jan-1870, 1-Jan-1957
Font, Myrrha, 1-Jan-1882, 1-Jan-1919
Font, Ora, 3-Mar-1876, 26-Mar-1877
Font, Rasalie V., 24-Jul-1852, 25-Aug-1853
Font, Rosa J., 16-May-1857, 27-Jul-1871
Font, Salvadore Joseph, 4-Jul-1816, 6-Sep-1877
Font, Zola, 6-Sep-1879, 28-Mar-1882
Fonte Sr., Dominic Anthony, 7-Mar-1950
Fonte, Catherine, 19-Apr-1926
Fonte, Peter, 11-Nov-1918
Ford (Short), Margaret R., 10-May-1881
Ford (Wickware), Irene, 26-Dec-1880
Ford, Dr. J.S.
Ford, Edith S., 8-Nov-1883, 27-Apr-1966
Ford, Jesse William, 27-Oct-1876, 15-Feb-1937
Ford, Marguerite, 29-Mar-1906, 18-Sep-1920
Ford, Rosalou Graner, 26-Jun-1889, 17-Mar-1950
Ford, V. Audrey, 27-Dec-1917, 28-Feb-1966
Forrer (Grau), Catherine, 22-May-1826, 1-Jan-1882
Forrer (Ohle), Catherine, 12-Sep-1892
Forrer, Caroline, 11-Aug-1850, 23-Sep-1934
Forrer, Henry, 10-Nov-1856, 22-Nov-1932
Forrer, J. Jacob, 1-Jan-1810, 16-Dec-1877
Forrest Sr., Hubert Andrew, 1-Jan-1890, 1-Jan-1962
Forschler (Bittenbring), Leonie
Forshee (Quaid), Eleanor McArth, 28-Dec-1905
Forstall (Rawlins), Adele, 1-Jan-1887, 1-Jan-1966
Forstall, Oscar John, 1-Jan-1881, 1-Jan-1947
Forsyth, Libby, 15-Sep-1892, 3-Jun-1899
Forsythe, Dewey, 17-Sep-1877, 21-Oct-1878
Foster Jr., Edward, 30-Apr-1900, 26-Dec-1981
Foster (Hall), Lillie Virginia, 24-Jul-1864, 28-Aug-1928
Foster (Saunders), Mary Charlot, 31-Aug-1847, 15-Oct-1917
Foster (Ward), Ruby, 1-Jan-1877, 1-Jan-1965
Foster, Carrie Nellie, 31-Jul-1876, 29-Oct-1880
Foster, Celeste K., 25-Jul-1904, 4-May-1993
Foster, Charles A., 1-Jan-1848, 16-Aug-1903
Foster, Charles Henry, 15-Dec-1841, 7-Dec-1895
Foster, Charles S., 22-Mar-1869, 13-Jan-1943
Foster, Edward, 2-Aug-1863, 8-Oct-1930
Foster, Helen S., 16-Nov-1870, 7-Aug-1953
Foster, Robert Balch, 7-Mar-1872, 17-Oct-1933
Foster, Victoria
Foucher, Mary A., 10-Aug-1892
Fouert, Felecie T., 1-Jan-1880, 1-Jan-1940
Fouin, Lillie Lemm, 4-Oct-1886, 8-Jun-1965
Fouin, Oscar L., 1-Jan-1878, 1-Jan-1932
Foy (Burke), Mary Ann, 17-Mar-1852
Fraas (Eppling), Margaret, 21-Jan-1926
Fraas (Rasch), Margarette, 11-May-1913
Fraas, G.
Fraas, Jacob C., 19-Dec-1930
Fracois, J.H.
Franck (Galle), Katie, 9-Dec-1921
Franck (Reems), Sophie, 7-Jul-1933
Franck (Rohm), Katherine, 7-Oct-1924
Franck, Charles, 15-Nov-1854, 17-May-1906
Franck, John, 21-Jan-1882, 7-Oct-1888
Franck, Sophie
Francois (Allard), Marie Rose, 5-Nov-1886
Francois (Payne), Josephine H., 1-Dec-1861
Francois, Andrew, 1-Jan-1854, 1-Jan-1925
Francois, Ermina Chauvin, 1-Jan-1856, 1-Jan-1924
Francois, J.H.
Francois, Marius
Frank Sr., Julius, 15-Feb-1895, 4-May-1970
Frank (Dennis), Stella, 26-Jun-1930
Frank (Jung), Julia, 27-May-1860, 1-Feb-1935
Frank (Kissinger), Margaretha, 28-Sep-1829, 1-Feb-1903
Frank (Kron), Philipine, 20-Mar-1843, 6-Dec-1890
Frank, Adam, 27-Oct-1832, 25-Aug-1898
Frank, Adam L., 18-Jan-1930
Frank, Carol Ann, 3-Jan-1952, 15-Mar-1980
Frank, Elizabeth K., 1-Jan-1890, 1-Jan-1982
Frank, Joseph D., 19-Mar-1885, 29-May-1946
Frank, Julius, 15-Feb-1895, 4-May-1970
Frank, Lorane, 3-Jun-1979
Frank, Louis K., 16-Oct-1846, 7-Apr-1916
Frank, Louis K., 17-May-1917
Frank, Margaret Julia, 2-Mar-1882, 22-Mar-1885
Frank, Nicholas, 21-Apr-1897, 4-Jan-1969
Frank, Philip, 7-Jul-1835, 21-Apr-1893
Frank, Verna E., 19-Apr-1918, 10-Dec-1918
Frankenbush, Fanny F., 1-Jan-1866, 1-Jan-1937
Frankenbush, Joseph W., 31-Aug-1859, 1-Jan-1948
Frankling, Peter, 19-Feb-1848
Frankling, Peter, 19-Feb-1848
Fransen, Albert J., 5-Feb-1988
Fransen, Beryl E., 20-Nov-1917, 16-Jun-1990
Frantz (Theurer), Emily, 10-Jun-1862, 12-Jul-1887
Frech (Uebele), Barbara, 1-Nov-1912
Frech, William, 30-Oct-1930
Frederic, Isabella Harris, 28-Oct-1916
Fredon (Michel), Maria, 17-Feb-1891
Freese, John, 1-Jan-1891, 1-Jan-1954
Freese, Theresa, 1-Jan-1894, 1-Jan-1970
Fremont, E.
French, Amon J., 28-May-1868
French, Permilia, 30-May-1855
Frenzel (Meyer), Frau Caroline, 7-May-1878
Frere (Guinozzo), Jean Huth, 1-Jun-1926, 12-Jan-1996
Freret II, Alice Lafaye, 1-Jan-1875, 1-Jan-1959
Freret II, James P., 22-Nov-1869, 16-Jan-1921
Freret III, James P., 21-Oct-1914, 5-Feb-1929
Freret (McCall), Lise Jones, 1-Jan-1842, 1-Jan-1914
Freret (Stewart), Eugenie, 10-May-1870
Freret, Blaise Cenas
Freret, Douglass Vincent, 1-Jan-1903, 1-Jan-1973
Freret, Edward Harry
Freret, Emma Kiefer, 1-Jan-1878, 1-Jan-1961
Freret, Eugene Barclay
Freret, Eugenie
Freret, Frederick George, 1-Jan-1838, 1-Jan-1904
Freret, Frederick William, 1-Jan-1862, 1-Jan-1924
Freret, L. Emile, 18-Oct-1873, 4-Sep-1924
Freret, Lise Jones
Freret, Marguerite Bradburn, 1-Jan-1907, 1-Jan-1988
Freret, Olivia Anne, 1-Jan-1864, 1-Jan-1925
Freret, Robert
Freret, Thomas Randolph, 1-Jan-1905, 1-Jan-1976
Freret, Vincent Rillieux, 1-Jan-1877, 1-Jan-1943
Freudenstein (Hagelberger), Eli, 16-Oct-1818, 8-Dec-1889
Freudenstein (Kienle), Caroline, 12-Nov-1842, 5-Nov-1902
Freudenstein, Heinrich Adam, 3-Oct-1854, 7-Dec-1862
Freudenstein, Johannes, 24-Mar-1811, 18-Dec-1875
Freudenstein, John M., 21-Jan-1845, 31-Dec-1898
Freudenstein, Margaretha Josep, 6-Jun-1848, 7-Jul-1849
Freudenstein, William A., 17-Aug-1877, 27-Mar-1953
Freudenstein, William F., 15-Feb-1852, 8-Aug-1918
Frey Sr., Frederick W., 30-Sep-1905, 6-Oct-1995
Frey (Nungesser), Mary Anna, 4-Aug-1838, 16-Jan-1924
Frey, Elizabeth Weick, 18-Mar-1873, 13-Sep-1967
Frey, Ella Kramer, 21-Sep-1883, 20-Jan-1946
Frey, Ethel Marshall, 20-Nov-1905, 24-Feb-1997
Frey, Frederick A., 11-May-1882, 6-Jun-1959
Fricke, Palmarie Mary, 13-Oct-1895, 6-Sep-1962
Friedel, Jennie
Friederich, ........., 19-Jan-1841
Friederich, Amelia
Friederich, Anna Kath, 17-Apr-1816, 12-Aug-1871
Friederich, Fritz, 14-Feb-1843, 5-Aug-1871
Friederich, George Rudolf, 3-Apr-1867, 10-Mar-1891
Friederich, Mat, 1-Jun-1815
Friederich, Wilhelm, 1-Feb-1816, 1-Sep-1858
Friedman (Lemm), Florence, 1-Jan-1891, 1-Jan-1976
Friedman, Elizabeth, 14-Jan-1850, 6-Aug-1923
Friedman, Henry, 10-Feb-1873, 11-Jul-1926
Friedman, M.
Friedman, Minerva E., 1-Jan-1900, 1-Jan-1977
Friedman, Nicholas, 1-Jan-1901, 1-Jan-1989
Friedman, William J., 1-Jan-1885, 1-Jan-1939
Friesen (Reese), Frieda Maria, 10-Jul-1896, 13-Jan-1962
Friess, Otto, 10-Sep-1861, 25-Oct-1890
Friou, Edwin Augustus, 23-Oct-1835, 25-Aug-1853
Frost, George H.
Frost, Gilbert, 25-Nov-1873, 9-Apr-1876
Fruedenstein (Butler), Agnes, 15-Nov-1940
Fruedenstein (Butler), Augusta, 4-Jul-1856, 7-Jul-1885
Fruedenstein, Clara E., 17-Jul-1880, 30-Jul-1900
Fruedenstein, H.
Fruedenstein, W.
Fruh, Louisa, 14-Dec-1915
Fruthaler (Habisreitinger), Ros, 30-May-1889
Fruthaler, Phil, 30-Oct-1874
Fryou, Mary J. Pearce, 29-Aug-1865, 13-Apr-1929
Fuchs Sr., George, 1-Jan-1860
Fuchs, Chas. J., 14-Jul-1869, 15-Oct-1928
Fuchs, Emile, 1-Jan-1889
Fuchs, Frederick W., 11-Dec-1899, 25-Aug-1919
Fuchs, Henry, 1-Jan-1884
Fuchs, John, 15-Jul-1879, 20-Jan-1954
Fuchs, John S., 17-Nov-1912
Fuchs, Little Ella, 1-Jan-1882
Fuchs, Louise Lagau, 25-Sep-1882, 2-Aug-1948
Fuchs, Magdalena Wagner, 1-Jan-1890
Fuchs, Mary, 30-Oct-1865, 17-Feb-1936
Fuchs, Wm. B., 1-Jan-1884
Fuentes, Celestine B., 1-Jan-1900, 1-Jan-1969
Fuentes, Wm. Jos., 1-Jan-1890, 1-Jan-1952
Fulkerson, Fannie C., 5-Nov-1837, 31-Jan-1924
Fuller (Welman), Annie Ruth, 1-Aug-1916, 7-Feb-1995
Fuller, Henry C., 31-Aug-1887
Fuller, Henry James, 3-Jan-1915, 23-Feb-1951
Fuller, Josephine, 20-Nov-1886
Fuller, Wilhelmina
Fullmer (Eagle), Catherine B., 16-Aug-1888
Fullmer (Granzin), Mary E., 8-Jan-1847, 17-Jun-1907
Fullmer, Catherine Louise, 10-Apr-1886, 4-Sep-1892
Fullmer, Charles Edwin, 14-Nov-1903
Fullmer, F.W.
Fullmer, Frederick William, 23-Feb-1873
Fullmer, Frederick William, 9-Jul-1902
Fullmer, George P., 21-Dec-1856, 27-Dec-1856
Fulton, Florence Thompson, 1-Mar-1863, 29-Oct-1937
Fuselier, Ferdinand, 30-Aug-1895, 13-Apr-1983

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