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Adath Jeshurun Cemetery
Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Contributed by Alan Murray [SSG_Murray@webtv.net]. Total records = 72.

It is located at the corner of Preston Highway and Locust Lane in Louisville. There were more burials in the cemetery that were not recorded due to they being more recent.

(H) Stands for Hebrew writing on the stone.

Ades, Bettie Shapensky, b.May 4 1868, d.July 7 1942 (Mother)
Ades, Simon, b.June 15 1868, d.Dec 1 1942 (Father)
Bailen, Minnie, b.1882, d.1911
Barger, Fannie R., b.1876, d.1942 (Mother)
Barger, Louis E., b.1872, d.1944 (Father)
Blieden, Bertha, b.1880, d.1930 (H)
Blieden, Isaac, b.1875, d.1953 (Father)
Blieden, Minnie, b.1884, d.1947 (Mother)
Blieden, Sarah, b.1848, d.1931 (H)
Bohn, Sarah B., b.July 13 1861, d.Dec 24 1941
Brill, Samuel Z, b.1870, d.1939 (Father) (H)
Brill, Yetta, b.1868, d.1943 (Mother) (H)
Cohen, David, b.1859, d.1945 (Father)
Cohen, Jennie, b.1873, d.1948 (Mother)
Debrovy, Hyman E., b.Apr 6 1856, d.Aug 10 1932 (Father)(H)
Debrovy, Malvia, b.Dec 6 1866, d.Dec 23 1962 (Mother)(H)
Edelman, Sarah, b.1864, d.1930 (Mother)(H)
Edelstein, Moses, b.1864, d.1961 (Father)(H)
Edelstein, Rosa, b.1872, d.1936 (Mother)(H)
Evans, Eli B., b.1864, d.1932 (Father) (H)
Evans, Jacob Samuel, b.1871, d.1930 (H)
Evans, Marie B., b.1870, d.1936 Mother (H)
Farber, Anna, b.1869, d.1940 (Mother)(H)
Farber, Louis, b.1864, d.1931 (Father)(H)
Friedman, Jacob, b.1866, d.1933 (F) (H)
Friedman, Lena, b.1872 1947 (Mother) (H)
Gladstein, Faye, b.Aug 31 1873, d.June 22 1949 (Mother)
Gladstein, Meyer, b.Sept 25 1872, d.Aug 31 1939 (Father)
Goldstein, Hannah Esther, b.1866, d.1958
Goldstein, Hyman, b.1874, d.1947 (H)
Haskell, Rebecca, b.1875, d.1969 (H)
Haskell, Simon, b.1870, d.1941 (H)
Hyman, Jacob, b.1861, d.1933 (Father)
Hyman, Tillie, b.1864, d.1932 (Mother)
Jacobstein, Sarah, b.1861, d.1938, d.May 25 (Mother)
Kahn, Davis, b.1868, d.1936 (Father) (H)
Kahn, Pearl, b.1875, d.1943 (Mother) (H)
Kaplin, Rebecca, b.1870, d.1939 (Mother)(H)
Kasdan, Sam, b.1876, d.1954 (Father) (In memory of Mother Chana Liba Kasdan Buried; Velna Poland)
Khourt, Fanny, b.1863, d.1943 (Mother) (H)
Khourt, Harris P., b.Dec 26 1864, d.Dec 31 1910 (H)
Khourt, Philip, b.1893, d.1938 (Son) (H)
Krebs, Jennie Krebs, b.1876, d.1959 (Mother)(H)
Krebs, Sam, b.1869, d.1953 (Father)(H)
Landau, Hannah B., b.June 30 1856, d.Jan 14 1943
Landau, Joseph , b.Sept 29 1858, d.Feb 3 1941
Levine, Albert L., b.1969, d.1957 (Husband)
Levine, Mary, b.1869, d.1957 (Wife)
Morguelan, Rebecca, b.Apr 15 1864 Aug 11 1951
Moseson, Alvin Davis, b.1897, d.1938 (Son)
Moseson, Betty Davis, b.1874, d.1948 (Mother)
Moseson, Israel, b.1867, d.1940 (Father)
Pepperkorn, Fannie, b.1876, d.1945 (Mother)
Pepperkorn, Simon, b.1871, d.1936 (Father)
Peromchek, Sarah, b.1853, d.1929 (Mother) (H)
Ramm, Adolph, b.1871, d.1939 (Uncle)
Rosenberg, Samuel, b.1859, d.1939 (Father) (H)
Rothstein, Joseph S., d.Oct 28 1929 (Father)(H)
Rothstein, Mrs. C., d.June 5 1889 Aged 47 Years
Rothstein, Mrs. Rachel, d.June 19 1896 Age 85
Schneider, Minnie, b.1860, d.1939 (Same Stone as Above)
Schneider, Philip, b.1864, d.1954 (Same Stone as below)
Seidenman, Annie M., b.1875, d.1945 (H)
Seidenman, Jacob Israel, b.1871, d.1943 (H)
Simerman, Betty R., b.Nov 7 1867 Mar 25 1948 (Mother)
Simerman, Harry L., b.June 9 1894 March 30 1945 (Son)
Switow, Annie, b.March 5 1875, d.December 10 1951 (H)
Switow, Michael, b.April 1 1864, d.October 19 1940 (H)
Wilson, David I., b.1866, d.1957 (Father)(H)
Wilson, Hannah R., b.1879, d.1946 (Mother)(H)
Winer, Abraham, b.1866, d.1911(Same Stone as Rachel)
Winer, Rachel Kassel, b.1875, d.1931 (Same Stone as and wife of Abraham Winer)

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