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Horine Cemetery
Bullitt County, Kentucky

Lat: 3803'18"N, Lon: 8549'53"W

Contributed by Alan Murray, Apr 14, 2002 [ssg-murray@webtv.net]. Total records = 9.

Exact directions I am unable to give. It is about a two miles into the reservation Horine Reservation, 1 Mile is down a trail from a permanent camp site.

The cemetery is very near the Jefferson County/Bullitt County line. It is located in the Horine Reservation which is part of the Jefferson County Parks System.

The stones were recorded on 14 April 2002.

- Alan Murray

Armstrong, James Daniel, b. 1942, d. 1979
Arnston, Infant, d. Aug 20, 1947, c/o Herbert & Dorothy (Horine)
Horine, Elizabeth B., b. Jan 23, 1867, d. May 11, 1953
Horine, Emmet C., b. Aug 10, 1907, d. Jul 2, 1908, s/o Ralph B. & Hallie B.
Horine, Emmet Field, b. Aug 3, 1885, d. Feb 1, 1964
Horine, George, MD, b. Apr 10, 1857, d. Dec 8, 1903
Horine, Helen R., b. Feb 5, 1890, d. May 20, 1965
Horine, James F., b. Feb 9, 1859, d. Mar 24, 1910
Robinson, Nina M. (Horine), b. Dec 8, 1887, d. Oct 22, 1960


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