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Stotler Cemetery
Lyon County, Kansas

Contributed by Jean Pinick [PIRERA@aol.com]. Total records = 44.

1 mile West of Stotler Church & 1 Mile North on West side of road where the Stotler school house use to stand in front.

There are a total of 44 graves and Mrs Selma Fager Melgren kept this list. I got it in Oct 1980 and she died at age 96 on Jan 17, 1981. There are no headstones to mark any of these graves. you go to the old Stotler Church and turn west, go to first corner and then go north to a group of trees. That is how she described how it was situated. Since I received this list there has been a new Stotler Church built on Highway 56 west of Osage City, Ks. This cemetery would be just across the line in Lyon Co. Ks.

1 P G Anderson (Emil Peterson grandfather)
1 Grandfather Peterson or Emil
1 Frances Peterson (Emil Peterson Brother)
1 Grandmother Melgren (C P Melgrens mother)
1 Edythe Melgren (C P Melgrens daughter)
2 Mr & Mrs Pholson (Carl Blexe's grandparents)
8 Mr & Mrs John Anderson & 6 children
2 Mr & Mrs Peter Anderson (Mrs Chas Grandstrom parents)
2 Mrs Mongres Lundgren & infant (Eric Lundgrens mother)
1 August Lungren (Enoc Lungren brother)
1 infant Lungren (Doug & twin brother)
1 Carl Lungren (Charles Lungren son)
1 Agnes Lungren (Charles Lungren daughter)
1 Beva Olson (Emil Olsons sister)
1 Jennie Fagerstrom (Emma Fredechsons sister)
1 Theodore Fagerstrom (Emma Fredechsons brother)
1 Mrs A P Walstrom
1 Clarence Walstrom
1 Tena Luistadt (Victor Lundstadt sister)
1 Clarence Luistadt (Victor Lundstadt brother)
1 Emil Gustafson
1 infant Gustafson
1 Bertha Hoglund (Clarence Hoglund sister)
1 Edna Josephsons (Rev Josephsons daughter)
3 Mr John Swenson & 2 wifes
1 Mrs P G Anderson (P G Andersons 1st wife, Irene Hamlers mothers stepmother)
1 Johan Anderson ( E P Melgrens, brother-in-law)
1 Oscar Johnson (Pete Johnsons son)
2 2 girls (Joe Lundholms sisters or half sisters)
2 Enoch & Selma Johnson (later moved to Rapp cemetery)
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