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Shawnee Cemetery
Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas

6300 Quivira Rd, Shawnee KS

Lat: 39° 01' 06"N, Lon: 94° 43' 23"W

Contributed by Linda Lewis, May 21, 2007 [webmaster@cottonhills.com]. Total records = 588.

From Kansas City, MO, take I35 South 9 miles to the Shawnee Mission Parkway exit. Turn right (west) on Shawnee Mission Parkway. Turn right on Quivira Rd. Turn right on W 61st Terrace to enter the cemetery.

This cemetery is the center cemetery of 3 adjoining cemeteries located on Quivira in Shawnee, KS. This cemetery is bordered by Quivira Rd on the west, W. 61st Terrace on the south, residential housing on the south, and Pleasant View cemetery on the north. See diagram.

This is a complete transcription of all existing and legible gravestones and markers done in Apr of 2007. I photographed all of the stones, Carol Rollins transcribed from the photos, and I took it back to the cemetery and checked for errors. Photos available upon request.

- Linda Lewis

Abner, Ada P, b. 1870, d. 1962, Mother, West Sec. Row-14
Abner, John W M D, b. 1867, d. 1956, Father, West Sec. Row-14
Allen, Adaline, d. 20 Mar 1900, age: 86yr 11mo 20da, Wife of J D Allen, Gillespie Monument, West Sec. Row-5
Allen, James D, d. 2 Mar 1894, age: 82yr 1mo 21da, Gillespie Monument, West Sec. Row-5
Anderson, Delmar G, b. 1940, d. 1996, West Sec. Row-4
Anson, Pete M, b. 2 Apr 1913, d. 1 Sep 1983, West Sec. Row-16
Antram, Elizabeth D, d., Wife of Benj Antram, Broken and illegible, West Sec. Row-6
Applegarth, Percy C, b. 15 Nov 1892, d. 17 Dec 1984, Jack, West Sec. Row-3
Archer, Elizabeth, b. 17 Jan 1834, d. 22 May 1912, Mother, s/w Thomas Archer, West Sec. Row-3
Archer, Thomas, b. 24 Mar 1825, d. 24 Apr 1908, Father, s/w Elizabeth Archer, West Sec. Row-3
Archer, Tom, b. 1877, d. 1923, West Sec. Row-3
Atkinson, Amy, b. 1897, d. 1901, Daughter, West Sec. Row-12
Baker, Robert E, b. 10 Feb 1882, d. 24 May 1951, West Sec. Row-3
Barnett, Mary, b. 8 Feb 1818, d. 5 Mar 1882, West Sec. Row-10
Barnett, Porter, b. 7 Jun 1806, d. 15 Jun 1881, West Sec. Row-10
Bauer, Erney, d. 9 Oct 1900, age: 7yr 1mo 25da, Son of E and B M Bauer, Broken, West Sec. Row-14
Beattie, Bertha May, b. 10 Mar 1881, d. 17 Mar 1882, s/w Mary Delphine Beattie, West Sec. Row-14
Beattie, Mary Delphine, b. 20 Dec 1876, d. 24 Oct 1878, s/w Bertha May Beattie, West Sec. Row-14
Behringer, Jacob, b. 1837, d. 1915, CO L 3 PA HV ARTY, s/w Mary Behringer, West Sec. Row-20
Behringer, Mary, b. 1844, d. 1914, s/w Jacob Behringer, West Sec. Row-20
Bender, David, b. 1846, d. 1925, Father, West Sec. Row-16
Bender, Edward, b. 1887, d. 1980, Son, West Sec. Row-16
Bender, Elizabeth M, b. 6 Dec 1855, d. 23 Sep 1900, age: 44yr 9mo 17da, Mother Wife of David Bender, West Sec. Row-16
Bender, Henry, b. 1882, d. 1966, Son, West Sec. Row-16
Bender, Rudolph, b. 1880, d. 1979, Son, West Sec. Row-16
Bennett, Roy S Jr, b. 14 Oct 1929, d. 11 Apr 2000, West Sec. Row-14
Berry, David Joseph, b. 29 Jul 1957, d. 15 Sep 1979, West Sec. Row-7
Bishop, Arlow P, b. 1910, d. 1985, Grandfather, West Sec. Row-12
Blanton, Vincent, b. 1790, d. 1885, Fife Major 10 VA Regt War of 1812, West Sec. Row-4
Blazer, Henry Roger, b. 1869, d. 1954, Father, West Sec. Row-1
Blazer, Lucy Alice, b. 1878, d. 1961, Mother, West Sec. Row-1
Bousman, Alice L, b. 1868, d. 1955, Wife, s/w James P Bousman, West Sec. Row-6
Bousman, Daniel L, b. 2 Apr 1874, d. 28 Dec 1910, Daniel, Bousman Monument, West Sec. Row-2
Bousman, Fred, b. 1874, d. 1926, West Sec. Row-8
Bousman, Helen, b. 3 Apr 1851, d. 11 Oct 1911, Mother, s/w Wesley P Bousman, West Sec. Row-8
Bousman, James P, b. 1848, d. 1925, Husband, s/w Alice L Bousman, West Sec. Row-6
Bousman, Mary J, b. 2 Sep 1839, d. 10 Mar 1904, Bousman Monument, West Sec. Row-2
Bousman, Myrtle L, b. 6 Feb 1884, d. 10 Jan 1890, Bousman Monument, West Sec. Row-2
Bousman, Olive M, b. 1871, d. 1944, Aunt Ollie, West Sec. Row-2
Bousman, Wesley P, b. 20 Jun 1839, d. 29 Dec 1927, Father, s/w Helen Bousman, West Sec. Row-8
Bowdon, Andrew C, b. 1879, d. 1890, East Sec. Row-1
Bowdon, John F, b. 1878, d. 1879, East Sec. Row-1
Bowers, Allie M, b. 1898, d. 1996, s/w Elmer L Bowers, West Sec. Row-20
Bowers, Catherine, b. 1833, d. 1920, East Sec. Row-1
Bowers, Donald E, b. 1926, d. 1940, Our Son, West Sec. Row-20
Bowers, Elmer L, b. 1892, d. 1967, s/w Allie M Bowers, West Sec. Row-20
Bowers, Leonard, b. 1815, d. 1876, East Sec. Row-1
Bowers, Raymond E, b. 23 Jun 1917, d. 8 Feb 1969, Kansas PVT BTRY E7 TNG REGT WWII, West Sec. Row-20
Bowman, Caroline, b. 1838, d. 1904, Mother, West Sec. Row-6
Bray, B Scott, b. 29 Mar 1971, d. 9 Nov 1998, Husband Father Son and Brother, West Sec. Row-15
Brems, John C, b. 17 May 1940, d. 21 Jan 2001, m. 20 Aug 1960, s/w Sharon L Brems, West Sec. Row-2
Brems, Sharon L, b. 28 Apr 1941, d. 23 Feb 2005, m. 20 Aug 1960, s/w John C Brems, West Sec. Row-2
Brimblecom, Betty J, b. 13 Mar 1928, d., m. 29 Jun 1949, s/w Samuel H Brimblecom, West Sec. Row-6
Brimblecom, Samuel H, b. 30 Dec 1925, d. 2 Mar 2000, m. 29 Jun 1949, s/w Betty J Brimblecom, West Sec. Row-6
Britain, Carrol H, b. 13 Aug 1926, d., Buddies Forever, s/w Victoria M Britain, West Sec. Row-16
Britain, Lee Ann, b. 21 Feb 1995, d., G Mom, West Sec. Row-16
Britain, Victoria M, b. 27 Sep 1931, d., Buddies Forever, s/w Carrol H Britain, West Sec. Row-16
Brown, Bass, b. 7 Aug 1855, d. 2 Dec 1912, Father, West Sec. Row-18
Brown, Eli, d. 7 9/Feb/Feb00Jul 1938, Kansas Sgt SO Pioneer Inf, West Sec. Row-18
Brown, H R, b. 1 Jan 1884, d. 5 Jan 1925, West Sec. Row-18
Brown, John A, b. 27 Apr 1888, d. 11 Jan 1904, West Sec. Row-18
Buie, Bruce, b. 1900, d. 1926, West Sec. Row-7
Buie, Inez E, b. 1879, d. 1973, s/w John A Buie, West Sec. Row-7
Buie, John A, b. 1877, d. 1960, s/w Inez E Buie, West Sec. Row-7
Bullar, A F, d., CO B 3 IA Inf, West Sec. Row-9
Bullard, Coprine, b. 1859, d. 1933, West Sec. Row-9
Bullard, Wm E, b. 1868, d. 1924, West Sec. Row-9
Burch, Charles F, b. 28 Apr 1937, d. 4 Nov 2001, West Sec. Row-18
Burge, Eugene, b. 21 Oct 1919, d. 23 Sep 2001, PFC US Army WWII, s/w Grace Burge, West Sec. Row-19
Burge, Grace, b. 30 Jan 1919, d., s/w Eugene Burge, West Sec. Row-19
Burns, Dorothy Josephine, b. 10 Dec 1950, d. 3 Mar 2004, Dottie Jo, West Sec. Row-7
Buschmeyer, Eleanor M, b. 23 Jun 1926, d., s/w Harold A Buschmeyer, West Sec. Row-14
Buschmeyer, Harold A, b. 9 Oct 1928, d., s/w Eleanor M Buschmeyer, West Sec. Row-14
Campbell, A V, b. 1826, d. 1891, Mother, West Sec. Row-12
Campbell, D G, b. 1821, d. 1890, Father, West Sec. Row-12
Campbell, Kevin Blaine, b. 16 Jun 1960, d. 14 Sep 1994, Husband Son Brother, West Sec. Row-16
Campbell, Patricia Carol, b. 16 Dec 1937, d., s/w Ransell Gay Campbell, West Sec. Row-16
Campbell, Ransell Gay, b. 24 Feb 1937, d. 9 Jan 1997, s/w Patricia Carol Campbell, West Sec. Row-16
Caray, Debi Christmas, b. 1950, d. 1994, West Sec. Row-19
Carman, Alice, b. 1854, d. 1891, Mother Wife of Augustus Carman, West Sec. Row-14
Carman, Augustus, b. 1841, d. 1884, Father, West Sec. Row-14
Carter, Lee R, b. 1878, d. 1936, Father, s/w Robert Carter and Mary E Carter, West Sec. Row-10
Carter, Mary E, b. 1883, d. 1967, Mother, s/w Robert Carter and Lee R Carter, West Sec. Row-10
Carter, Robert, b. 1904, d., Son, s/w Mary E Carter and Lee R Carter, West Sec. Row-10
Cashman, Pearl, b. 1882, d. 1941, Mother, West Sec. Row-11
Cass, Carol A, b. 1961, d., s/w Irvin and Peggy L and Randy L Cass, West Sec. Row-18
Cass, Irvin Herb, b. 1937, d. 1998, s/w Peggy L and Randy L and Carol A Cass, West Sec. Row-18
Cass, Peggy L, b. 1936, d., s/w Irvin and Randy L and Carol A Cass, West Sec. Row-18
Cass, Randy L, b. 1958, d. 1996, s/w Irvin and Peggy L and Carol A Cass, West Sec. Row-18
Castle, Marylou, b. 1925, d. 1993, West Sec. Row-16
Cathey, Doris V, b. 19 Nov 1923, d., s/w Robert E Cathey, West Sec. Row-17
Cathey, George W, b. 1874, d. 1952, s/w Ida G Cathey, West Sec. Row-14
Cathey, Ida G, b. 1877, d. 1961, s/w George W Cathey, West Sec. Row-14
Cathey, Ogan G, b. 1911, d. 1947, West Sec. Row-14
Cathey, Robert E, b. 27 Jul 1918, d. 28 Dec 2001, Sea Bees US Navy WWII, s/w Doris V Cathey, West Sec. Row-17
Chace, Albert Henry, b. 1874, d. 1945, West Sec. Row-14
Chace, Annalee Carman, b. 1879, d. 1926, Mother, West Sec. Row-14
Chace, Edward P Dr, b. 5 Dec 1870, d. 5 Feb 1914, West Sec. Row-16
Chace, Lydia E, b. 20 Nov 1846, d. 30 Jan 1934, West Sec. Row-16
Chace, Thos Dr, d. 9 Sep 1893, age: 30yr 11mo 3da, COL R I L A, West Sec. Row-16
Chessher, Pheobe B, b. 1 Apr 1875, d. 25 Aug 1914, West Sec. Row-20
Chicks, Billy, b. 16 Aug 1930, d. 1 Dec 2002, West Sec. Row-18
Clark, Bert C, b. 1897, d. 1970, Husband and Father, Mason, West Sec. Row-2
Clark, Maude M, b. 1898, d. 1969, Wife and Mother, Eastern Star, West Sec. Row-2
Cleary, Jennie I, no dates, Wife, West Sec. Row-20
Cleary, Thomas P, b. 1889, d. 1947, Husband, West Sec. Row-20
Conn, Cleta C, b. 1887, d. 1918, East Sec. Row-1
Conway, Gladys B, b. 1901, d. 1988, West Sec. Row-18
Cornelisse, Peter, b. 1912, d. 1994, Loving Husband and Father, West Sec. Row-20
Cox, Etta M, b. 1882, d. 1938, Mother, West Sec. Row-10
Cox, John R, b. 1905, d. 1973, s/w Nadine C Cox, West Sec. Row-10
Cox, Lee A, b. 1879, d. 1960, Father, West Sec. Row-10
Cox, Nadine C, b. 1903, d. 1992, s/w John R Cox, West Sec. Row-10
Craig, Victoria Ann Vicky, b. 1970, d. 2000, Loving Daughter sister Mother and Friend, West Sec. Row-8
Crocker, Darrell Lee, b. 26 Aug 1948, d. 17 Dec 1997, West Sec. Row-15
Cummings, Sarah E, b. 1857, d. 1947, Mother, West Sec. Row-20
Cunningham, Judith Lea, b. 3 Feb 1944, d. 22 Feb 2000, Mother, West Sec. Row-15
Dagan, Mary, d., s/w Nick Dagan, East Sec. Row-1
Dagan, Nick, d., s/w Mary Dagan, East Sec. Row-1
Davis, Dean E, b. 1884, d. 1968, Father, West Sec. Row-2
Davis, Edna A, b. 1887, d. 1960, Mother, West Sec. Row-2
Davis, Florence M, b. 1882, d. 1973, Mother, s/w Tom W Davis, West Sec. Row-13
Davis, Harold T, b. 1912, d. 1977, TEC5 US Army WWII, West Sec. Row-13
Davis, Ken L, b. 10 Aug 1950, d. 31 Oct 1994, Miami Co SHERIFF, West Sec. Row-19
Davis, Kenneth Dean, b. 1908, d. 2001, s/w Marcy Loy Davis, West Sec. Row-20
Davis, Marcy Loy, b. 1909, d. 2000, s/w Kenneth Dean Davis, West Sec. Row-20
Davis, Tom W, b. 1885, d. 1948, Father, s/w Florence M Davis, West Sec. Row-13
Denham, Bernice Stiles, b. 1892, d. 1980, s/w Leland S Denham, West Sec. Row-20
Denham, Leland S, b. 1889, d. 1987, s/w Bernice Stiles Denham, West Sec. Row-20
Doehler, M, b. 1863, d. 17 Aug 1886, West Sec. Row-4
Dollison, Fannie, b. 1880, d. 1967, s/w Lewis Perce Dollison, West Sec. Row-17
Dollison, Lewis Perce, b. 1883, d. 1949, s/w Fannie Dollison, West Sec. Row-17
Douglas, Althea Ann, b. 10 Mar 1867, d. 30 Mar 1962, West Sec. Row-3
Douglas, Charles B, b. 17 Feb 1867, d. 27 Jul 1943, West Sec. Row-3
Douglas, Emma Ida, b. 28 Oct 1860, d. 15 Oct 1942, West Sec. Row-3
Douglas, Fernanda E, b. 27 Sep 1857, d. 13 May 1942, West Sec. Row-4
Douglas, Frank R, b. 30 Jul 1857, d. 16 Jan 1927, West Sec. Row-4
Douglas, Julia A, b. 8 Oct 1828, d. 1 Feb 1904, West Sec. Row-3
Douglas, Martha Ella, b. 7 Dec 1865, d. 5 Aug 1935, West Sec. Row-3
Douglas, Pearl, b. 1876, d. 1969, s/w Henry C Douglas, West Sec. Row-2
Douglas, Thomas, b. 4 May 1822, d. 4 Jan 1895, West Sec. Row-3
Duffner, Frank X, b. 1870, d. 1943, West Sec. Row-2
Duffner, John F, b. 1901, d. 1961, West Sec. Row-2
Duffner, Minnie L, b. 1860, d. 1955, West Sec. Row-2
Earnshaw, Charles C, b. 25 Jul 1906, d. 25 Mar 1980, PFC US Army World War II, West Sec. Row-6
Earnshaw, Edwin H, b. 1873, d. 1946, West Sec. Row-1
Earnshaw, Ellen G, b. 1876, d. 1952, West Sec. Row-1
Earnshaw, Harriet, b. 30 Jun 1816, d. 7 Dec 1886, age: 70yr 3mo 7da West Sec. Row-12
Earnshaw, Henry, b. 1879, d. 1914, Brother, West Sec. Row-7
Earnshaw, Henry, b. 30 Sep 1845 Yorshire E, d. 17 Aug 1912 Shawnee Ks, Father, s/w Mattie Earnshaw, West Sec. Row-1
Earnshaw, Joanna, b. 1854, d. 1897, Mother, West Sec. Row-7
Earnshaw, Mattie, b. 11 Aug 1846 Utica NY, d. 3 Dec 1901 Shawnee Ks, Mother, s/w Henry Earnshaw, West Sec. Row-1
Earnshaw, Nathaniel, d. 2 Nov 1874, Broken, West Sec. Row-12
Earnshaw, Norman E, b. 30 Jul 1912, d. 5 Feb 1957, Kansas PFC 703 Military Police BN World War II, West Sec. Row-6
Earnshaw, William, b. 1849, d. 1924, Father, West Sec. Row-7
Eastwood, Elsie, b. 1907, d. 1929, West Sec. Row-6
Eaton, Charles, d. 13 May 1879, age: 1yr 6mo 5da, Son of L and E Eaton, West Sec. Row-15
Eaton, Esther Ann, b. 1844, d. 1892, West Sec. Row-15
Eaton, Lanson, b. 1845, d. 1883, West Sec. Row-15
Eaton, William, b. 1874, d. 1901, West Sec. Row-15
Edin, Eric M, b. 17 Feb 1986, d. 16 Dec 1991, s/w Tyler J Edin, East Sec. Row-4
Edin, Tyler J, b. 9 May 1990, d. 23 Feb 1998, s/w Eric M Edin, East Sec. Row-4
Elliott, George M, b. 22 Jul 1828, d. May 1892, age: 63yr 8mo 2da, DEAR FATHER, East Sec. Row-2
Ellis, Clyde Ernest, b. 13 Mar 1907, d. 3 Mar 1980, West Sec. Row-9
Ellis, Florence Geneva, b. 4 Mar 1909, d. 18 Dec 1978, West Sec. Row-9
Everhart, Anna, b. 1863, d. 1932, s/w Henry Everhart, West Sec. Row-15
Everhart, Henry, b. 1855, d. 1942, s/w Anna Everhart, West Sec. Row-15
Fairhurst, James B, b. 1880, d. 1969, s/w Meda Blanche Fairhurst, West Sec. Row-3
Fairhurst, Meda Blanche, b. 1885, d. 1967, s/w James B Fairhurst, West Sec. Row-3
Fanger, ??, d. 12 Jan 1877, age: 42yr mo da, Wife of H R Fanger, Stone overgrown in ground, West Sec. Row-1
Fangrow, Katherine, b. 8 Nov 1835, d. 18 Mar 1904, Mother, West Sec. Row-7
Fastner, Doris L, b. 11 Oct 1920, d. 24 May 1994, m. 12 Oct 1946, Mother, s/w Edward R Fastner, West Sec. Row-17
Fastner, Edward R, b. 2 Nov 1912, d. 27 Dec 1996, m. 12 Oct 1946, Father US Army Air Corps WWII, s/w Doris L Fastner, West Sec. Row-17
Ferguson, Harriett, d. 19 Jul 1892, Wife of John C Ferguson, West Sec. Row-16
Ferguson, Jane, b. 5 Apr 1806, d. 28 Jul 1881, West Sec. Row-16
Ferguson, John C, b. 31 Aug 1828, d. 20 Jul 1898, West Sec. Row-16
Field d., s/w Willis Dale Field, West Sec. Row-14
Field, Willis Dale, b. 10 Jul 1923, d. 11 Oct 1991, s/w ??? Field, West Sec. Row-14
Fisher b. 17 Jun 1923, d. 19 Jun 1923, Dau of Mr and Mrs O W Fisher, West Sec. Row-11
Fisher, Nellie L, b. 7 Feb 1888, d. 5 Feb 1965, Mother, West Sec. Row-11
Fisher, Ottis W, b. 1889, d. 1943, West Sec. Row-11
Flack, Frances L, b. 1928, d. 1997, m. 17 Apr 1948, s/w Robert A Flack, East Sec. Row-4
Flack, Robert A, b. 1928, d. 1997, m. 17 Apr 1948, s/w Frances L Flack, East Sec. Row-4
Flatt, Dennis, b. 1828, d. 1876, Mason, West Sec. Row-5
Fortner, J F, d., CO D 36 Ohio Inf, West Sec. Row-4
Freeman, Richard G, b. 29 Apr 1951, d. 2 Aug 2000, m. 7 Feb 1981 West Sec. Row-6
Gabriel, Fred J, b. 29 Aug 1930, d. 15 Mar 2001, m. 31 Mar 1956, s/w Joan L Gabriel, West Sec. Row-11
Gabriel, Joan L, b. 11 Mar 1933, d. 18 Jun 1998, m. 31 Mar 1956, s/w Fred J Gabriel, West Sec. Row-11
Garnett, Hallis Lee, b. 18 Aug 1916, d. 23 Dec 1997, Husband and Father, West Sec. Row-8
Garnett, Mary Jo, b. 25 Dec 1914, d. 27 Jul 2000, Wife and Mother, West Sec. Row-8
Garrett, Floyd S, b. 1889, d. 1961, Father, s/w Lulu I Garrett, West Sec. Row-4
Garrett, Gilbert, b. 1895, d. 1977, PVT US Army WWI, s.w Grace M Garrett, West Sec. Row-9
Garrett, Gladys I, b. 15 May 1921, d., Wife and Mother, s/w Howard D and Sybil B Garrett, West Sec. Row-7
Garrett, Grace M, b. 1896, d. 1977, s/w Gilbert Garrett, West Sec. Row-9
Garrett, Hiley, b. 1866, d. 1945, s/w William Garrett, West Sec. Row-16
Garrett, Howard E, b. 18 Mar 1917, d., Husband and Father, s/w Gladys I and Sybil B Garrett, West Sec. Row-7
Garrett, Lulu I, b. 1894, d. 2000, Mother, s/w Floyd S Garrett, West Sec. Row-4
Garrett, Mary, b. 1863, d. 1932, West Sec. Row-16
Garrett, Norma L, b. 14 Feb 1923, d., m. 28 Feb 1943, s/w Roland W Garrett, West Sec. Row-6
Garrett, Roland W, b. 16 Mar 1921, d., s/w Norma L Garrett, West Sec. Row-6
Garrett, Susan, b. 21 Mar 1836, d. 29 Jul 1921, s/w Uriah Garrett, West Sec. Row-16
Garrett, Sybi B, b. 11 Mar 1921, d., Wife, s/w Gladys I and Howard E Garrett, West Sec. Row-7
Garrett, Uriah, b. 25 Nov 1835, d. 2 Apr 1889, s/w Susan Garrett, West Sec. Row-16
Garrett, William, b. 1864, d. 1941, s/w Hiley Garrett, West Sec. Row-16
Gastl, Bert J Joe, b. 3 Feb 1928, d., s/w Carol D Gastl, West Sec. Row-18
Gastl, Bert J, b. 1902, d. 1990, Gastl Monument, West Sec. Row-3
Gastl, Bessie C, b. 1904, d. 1993, Gastl Monument, West Sec. Row-3
Gastl, Carol D, b. 38 Nov 1937, d. 27 May 2004, s/w Bert J Joe Gastl, West Sec. Row-18
Gastl, LeRoy F, b. 1925, d., Gastl Monument, West Sec. Row-3
Gehman, Martha Goddard, b. 1886, d. 1923, West Sec. Row-17
Gilbreath, Charles F, b. 1883, d., s/w Mary Nellie Gilbreath, West Sec. Row-18
Gilbreath, Mary Nellie, b. 1888, d. 1950, s/w Charles F Gilbreath, West Sec. Row-18
Gilkey, Stella M, b. 1873, d. 1951, West Sec. Row-9
Gillespie, Effie, b. 1875, d. 1962, West Sec. Row-5
Gillespie, Emma, d. 31 May 1906, age: 57yr 6mo 30da, Wife of J T Gillespie, Gillespie Monument, West Sec. Row-5
Gillespie, Estella K, b. 3 Jan 1867, d. 8 May 1963, West Sec. Row-3
Gillespie, Eugene Allen, b. 18 Feb 1880, d. 1 Feb 1960, West Sec. Row-3
Gillespie, James T, d. 8 Feb 1926, age: 79yr 3mo 2da, Gillespie Monument, West Sec. Row-5
Gillespie, Roy F, b. 8 Jul 1910, d. 23 Mar 1985, Brother, West Sec. Row-5
Givens, Ruby I, b. 24 Mar 1916, d. 26 Mar 1995, m. 16 Oct 1967, s/w Virgil H Givens, West Sec. Row-17
Givens, Virgil H, b. 16 May 1911, d. 1 Oct 1991, m. 16 Oct 1967, s/w Ruby I Givens, West Sec. Row-17
Goddard d., Blank Foot Stone, West Sec. Row-17
Goddard, Carl E, b. 8 Sep 1898, d. 6 Jan 1980, Mason, s/w Louise M Goddard, West Sec. Row-8
Goddard, Charles, b. 1846, d. 1926, Father, West Sec. Row-17
Goddard, Elizabeth, b. 5 Mar 1851, d. 17 Aug 1878, Wife of Chas Goddard, West Sec. Row-17
Goddard, Harvey, b. 1890, d. 1918, West Sec. Row-17
Goddard, James, b. 1872, d. 1947, West Sec. Row-17
Goddard, Louise M, b. 23 Apr 1919, d. 20 Jun 1982, s/w Carl E Goddard, West Sec. Row-8
Goddard, Lucinda, b. 1860, d. 1948, Mother, West Sec. Row-17
Granger, Harriett, d., Wife of Sam L Granger, Broken, West Sec. Row-18
Griffey, Mildred E, b. 1911, d. 1973, Wife, West Sec. Row-9
Griffey, Ray M, b. 13 Apr 1927, d. 4 Aug 1991, Loving Husband, West Sec. Row-9
Grimm, Anthony Victor, b. 22 Jun 1937, d. 24 Jan 2005, m. 10 Feb 1968, Navy Our Children Cathleen and James and Mary Grimm, s/w Elsie Mae Rhodes Grimm, West Sec. Row-18
Grimm, Elsie Mae Rhodes, b. 19 Mar 1946, d., m. 10 Feb 1968, s/w Anthony Victor Grimm, West Sec. Row-18
Grueninger, Anthony, b. 19 Jul 1856, d. 22 May 1931, s/w Elizabeth Grueninger, West Sec. Row-19
Grueninger, Elizabeth, b. 6 Aug 1861, d. 29 Oct 1921, s/w Anthony Grueninger, West Sec. Row-19
Guido, William Todd, b. 8 Sep 1973, d. 15 Jul 2003, Beloved Father Son Brother and Friend, West Sec. Row-18
Hamilton, Margaret E, b. 1848, d. 1904, West Sec. Row-15
Hamilton, Mary A, b. 1830, d. 1894, s/w Washington Hamilton Erected by their daughter Inez, West Sec. Row-10
Hamilton, Washington, b. 1828, d. 1891, s/w Mary A Hamilton Erected by their daughter Inez, West Sec. Row-10
Hamilton, William B, b. 1840, d. 1906, West Sec. Row-15
Hanks, Ellen M, b. 1847, d. 1923, West Sec. Row-12
Hanks, Martin V, b. 1842, d. 1922, West Sec. Row-12
Hanks, Robert Lee, b. 1924, d. 1931, West Sec. Row-12
Hansen, Everett Leroy, b. 8 Nov 1921, d. 8 Nov 1999, S Sgt US Marine Corps World War II Korea, West Sec. Row-4
Harden, Frank C, b. 1890, d. 1974, s/w Olie M Harden, West Sec. Row-6
Harden, Olie M, b. 1886, d. 1966, Mother, s/w Frank G Harden, West Sec. Row-6
Harper, Jno, d., CO G 104th OHIO Inf, East Sec. Row-2
Hayes, Harrison, b. 18 May 1839, d. 4 May 1904, age: 64yr 11mo 18da, Corp'l, CO I 34 Ohio Inf, s/w Julia Hayes, West Sec. Row-5
Hayes, Julia, b. 29 Oct 1844, d. 28 Aug 1872, age: 27yr 10mo 5da, His Wife, s/w Harrison Hayes, West Sec. Row-5
Heaton, Myrtle E, b. 1902, d. 1951, s/w William H Heaton, West Sec. Row-15
Heaton, William H, b. 1881, d. 1971, s/w Myrtle E Heaton, West Sec. Row-15
Hedberg, Ben H, b. 6 Apr 1910, d. 7 Sep 1970, West Sec. Row-3
Hedberg, Gertrude H, b. 29 Apr 1880, d. 14 Dec 1978, West Sec. Row-3
Hedberg, William E, b. 28 Jun 1877, d. 18 Apr 1911, West Sec. Row-3
Heidler, Evelyn Pearl, b. 1916, d. 2000, Mother, West Sec. Row-3
Hoge, Ellwood, b. 6 Jan 1826, d. 25 Dec 1914, West Sec. Row-6
Hoge, Maryann, b. 4 Feb 1845, d. 11 Oct 1933, West Sec. Row-6
Hoge, Sarah M, d. 16 Dec 1894, age: 90yr 11mo 12da West Sec. Row-6
Hollenback, B F, b. 4 Mar 1836, d. 21 Jun 1918, s/w Catherine E Hollenback and Phoebe B Tweed, West Sec. Row-10
Hollenback, Benjamin T, b. 2 May 1871, d. 21 Mar 1903, s/w Willard P Hollenback and Charles R Hollenback, West Sec. Row-10
Hollenback, Bennie T, b. Aug 1878, d. 5 Nov 1878, West Sec. Row-3
Hollenback, Catherine E, b. 7 Aug 1836, d. 3 Sep 1919, s/w B F Hollenback and Phoebe B Tweed, West Sec. Row-10
Hollenback, Charles R, b. 24 Feb 1863, d. 19 Feb 1905, s/w Willard P Hollenback and Benjamin T Hollenback, West Sec. Row-10
Hollenback, Frank P, b. 29 Jul 1855, d. 1 Jan 1922, West Sec. Row-3
Hollenback, Infant, d. 9 Sep 1888, age: yr 4mo da, Son of W P and R E Hollenback, West Sec. Row-10
Hollenback, Lillian, d. 1876, Baby, West Sec. Row-10
Hollenback, R E, d. 23 Aug 1888, age: 16yr 11mo 28da, Wife of R E Hollenback, West Sec. Row-10
Hollenback, Raymond C, b. 15 Aug 1892, d. 7 Mar 1893, West Sec. Row-3
Hollenback, Sadie E, b. 29 Sep 1882 12, d. 12 Sep 1962, West Sec. Row-3
Hollenback, Willard P, b. 31 Mar 1888, d. 25 Dec 1902, s/w Benjamin T Hollenback and Charles R Hollenback, West Sec. Row-10
Honn, Clara, b. 1848, d. 1926, s/w Joe M Honn, West Sec. Row-6
Honn, Harry, d. 4 ?? 1873, Son of J M and G Honn, Stone in tree, West Sec. Row-6
Honn, Joe M, b. 1846, d. 1916, s/w Clara Honn, West Sec. Row-6
Horner, Baby, d., West Sec. Row-11
Horner, Edith M, b. 4 Jul 1884, d. 9 Feb 1962, West Sec. Row-2
Horner, Edward B, b. 1816, d. 1874, Father, West Sec. Row-11
Horner, Frank V, b. 15 Aug 1905, d. 29 Aug 1973, West Sec. Row-1
Horner, Ida May, b. 1889, d. 1941, s/w Melvin B Horner, West Sec. Row-10
Horner, Luther, b. 1867, d. 1930, West Sec. Row-11
Horner, Mary J, b. 1824, d. 1905, Mother, West Sec. Row-11
Horner, Melvin B Sr, b. 21 Aug 1909, d. 6 Sep 1984, US Army WWII, West Sec. Row-12
Horner, Melvin B, b. 1889, d. 1938, s/w Ida May Horner, West Sec. Row-10
Horner, Nelson, d., CORPAL CO E 12 D S C N, East Sec. Row-3
Horner, Ralph H, b. 1 Mar 1884, d. 1 Aug 1955, West Sec. Row-2
Horner, T L, b. 1844, d. 1912, West Sec. Row-11
Horner, Virginia L, b. 1864, d. 1875, Sister, West Sec. Row-11
Jadwin, Joseph E, d., Footstone, West Sec. Row-9
Jenkins, Mary A, d. 12 May 1885, age: 83yr mo da West Sec. Row-14
Jessup, Alta M, b. 1894, d. 1965, s/w Earl Jessup, West Sec. Row-2
Jessup, Earl R, b. 1883, d. 1954, s/w Alta M Jessup, West Sec. Row-2
Johns, Evelyn M, b. 22 Apr 1926, d. 14 Feb 2003, East Sec. Row-4
Johns, Kevin Robert, b. 28 Dec 1954, d. 10 Aug 1992, East Sec. Row-4
Johns, Melissa Anne, b. 19 Sep 1956, d. 29 Jul 2001, East Sec. Row-4
Johnson, Albert, b. 13 Aug 1811 Schoharie Co NY, d. 6 Mar 1888, Father, Johnson Monument, West Sec. Row-4
Johnson, Anna, b. 30 Aug 1812 Seneca Co NY, d. 28 Aug 1879, Mother, Johnson Monument, West Sec. Row-4
Johnson, Fred, d., West Sec. Row-4
Johnson, Kyle Richard, b. 1985, d. 2003, Son, West Sec. Row-19
Johnson, Myrtle, d. 1879, Wife of W H Johnson, West Sec. Row-13
Johnson, Sarah, b. 1861, d. 1935, s/w Wm H Johnson, West Sec. Row-13
Johnson, Wm H, b. 1850, d. 1918, s/w Sarah Johnson, West Sec. Row-13
Johnston, Bessie L, b. 13 Nov 1890, d. 11 Jan 1975, West Sec. Row-3
Joiner, Kenneth N, b. 27 Jan 1908, d. 13 Jul 1964, West Sec. Row-8
Joiner, Purdie B, b. 28 Feb 1883, d. 1 Sep 1927, Mother, West Sec. Row-8
Jones, J W, b. 1860, d. 1929, West Sec. Row-13
Jones, Lizzie, b. 8 Nov 1866, d. 22 Mar 1890, age: 24yr 4mo 14da, Wife of J W Jones, West Sec. Row-13
Jones, Pearl Beldin, b. 1893, d. 1987, West Sec. Row-13
Jones, Rose Kanally, b. 28 Mar 1895, d. 11 Sep 1919, West Sec. Row-13
Joy, Curtis D, b. 5 Sep 1914, d. 17 Dec 2001, s/w Ruth A Joy, West Sec. Row-17
Joy, Ruth A, b. 19 Jan 1917, d., s/w Curtis D Joy, West Sec. Row-17
Justice, Alfred, d., Broken and buried, West Sec. Row-13
Justice, Baby, d., s/w Jeanette Justice, West Sec. Row-7
Justice, Jane, b. 1830, d. 1884, s/w William Justice, West Sec. Row-13
Justice, Jeanette, b. 1892, d. 1911, s/w Baby Justice, West Sec. Row-7
Justice, Sarah, b. 11 Mar 1809, d. 26 Sep 1884, Wife of Alfred Justice, West Sec. Row-13
Justice, William P, d. 19 Sep 1876, age: 13yr 10mo 7da, Son of W and J Justice, West Sec. Row-13
Justice, William, b. 1826, d. 1895, s/w Jane Justice, West Sec. Row-13
Kahle, Anna, b. 1884, d. 1884, West Sec. Row-20
Kahle, Carl F, b. 1886, d. 1897, West Sec. Row-20
Kahle, Edward L, b. 1895, d. 1908, West Sec. Row-20
Kahle, Elizabeth, b. 1859, d. 1901, Mother, West Sec. Row-20
Kahle, Lena F, b. 1893, d. 1900, West Sec. Row-20
Keeran, Amanda E, b. 1861, d. 1943, Mother, s/w James C Keeran, West Sec. Row-1
Keeran, Bert, b. 3 Sep 1881, d. 3 Mar 1963, West Sec. Row-1
Keeran, James C, b. 1849, d. 1935, Father, s/w Amanda Keeran, West Sec. Row-1
Kent, Kenneth B, b. 2 Jan 1928, d., Husband, s/w Sally J Kent, West Sec. Row-15
Kent, Sally J, b. 20 Dec 1934, d. 6 Mar 1993, Wife, s/w Kenneth B Kent, West Sec. Row-15
Kiene, Dorothea L, d., Mother, s/w Dr James R Kiene Sr and Thomas F Kiene, West Sec. Row-17
Kiene, James R Sr MD, b. 7 Jul 1924, d. 10 Dec 1998, Father US Army WWII, s/w Dorothea L Kiene and Thomas F Kiene, West Sec. Row-17
Kiene, Thomas F, b. 1962, d. 2000, s/w Dr James R Kiene Sr and Dorothea L Kiene, West Sec. Row-17
Kiser, Cornelia, b. 1846, d. 1895, Mother, West Sec. Row-20
Kiser, Elijah E, b. 1844, d. 1935, Father, West Sec. Row-20
Knapp, Judy D, b. 7 May 1931, d., s/w Roy E Knapp, West Sec. Row-17
Knapp, Roy E, b. 23 Jan 1930, d. 1 Mar 2005, s/w Judy D Knapp, West Sec. Row-17
Knauber, George, b. 10 Jul 1828, d. 6 Jul 1892, s/w Margaret Knauber, West Sec. Row-3
Knauber, L A, b. 1894, d. 1932, West Sec. Row-9
Knauber, Margaret, b. 10 May 1832, d. 6 Nov 1892, s/w George Knauber Mason, West Sec. Row-3
Knauber, Theo W, b. 1866, d. 1920, West Sec. Row-9
Knoff, Frederick C, b. 31 Jul 1820, d. 7 Apr 1904, Knoff monument, West Sec. Row-1
Knoff, Henry James, b. 16 Jul 1861, d. 14 Apr 1918, Husband of Effie, Son of Frederick and Mary, Buried in this cemetery, plot unknown, West Sec. Row-1
Knoff, Katie, b. 18 Apr 1857, d. 17 Aug 1907, Knoff monument, West Sec. Row-1
Knoff, Mary A, b. 6 Sep 1824, d. 14 Nov 1898, Knoff monument, West Sec. Row-1
Krumm, Carrie, b. 1872, d. 1903, West Sec. Row-1
Krumme, Gary R, b. 26 Jul 1942, d. 13 Jan 1999, PVT US Marine Corps Vietnam, West Sec. Row-7
Krumme, George R, b. 1913, d. 2000, West Sec. Row-7
Krumme, Pauline F, b. 1921, d., West Sec. Row-7
Kyle, Hiram, b. 30 Jun 1841, d. 20 Jul 1931, Father GAR Co D 2nd Ind Cav, s/w Mary Kyle, West Sec. Row-17
Kyle, Jesse, d., Co K 74 IND Inf, West Sec. Row-17
Kyle, Mary, b. 22 Jul 1866, d. 6 Jun 1951, s/w Hiram Kyle, West Sec. Row-17
LaCoy, Jason A, b. 16 May 1969, d., Son, s/w Sharon E LaCoy, East Sec. Row-4
LaCoy, Sharon E, b. 15 Feb 1942, d. 24 Mar 2003, Mother, s/w Jason A LaCoy, East Sec. Row-4
Lane, Ada L, b. 1861, d. 1911, East Sec. Row-1
Lane, Edward, b. 1860, d. 1911, East Sec. Row-1
Larsen, Almeda Lucile, b. 19 Nov 1898, d. 8 May 1958, West Sec. Row-3
Larsen, Curtius, b. 14 Nov 1873, d. 21 Sep 1922, West Sec. Row-3
Larsen, Elizabeth J, b. 12 Feb 1834, d. 2 Aug 1913, s/w Henry O Larsen, West Sec. Row-3
Larsen, Henry O, b. 27 Apr 1837, d. 29 Mar 1915, s/w Elizabeth J Larsen, West Sec. Row-3
Larsen, Jennie Alice, b. 10 Mar 1869, d. 25 Dec 1942, West Sec. Row-3
Larsen, Richard Odell, b. 22 Feb 1869, d. 11 Sep 1949, West Sec. Row-3
Larson, Burt Gustav, b. 24 Mar 1921, d., s/w Mary Frances Larson, West Sec. Row-9
Larson, Mary Frances, b. 2 Jan 1922, d. 4 Apr 2002, s/w Burt Gustav Larson, West Sec. Row-9
Lasater, Dallas N, b. 1898, d. 1988, s/w Selma I Lasater, West Sec. Row-13
Lasater, Selma I, b. 1908, d. 1998, s/w Dallas N Lasater, West Sec. Row-13
Linn, Cathy E, b. 17 Oct 1957, d. 23 Nov 2000, m. 27 Jun 1981, s/w Larry A Linn, West Sec. Row-5
Linn, Larry A, b. 20 Jan 1952, d., m. 27 Jun 1981, s/w Cathy E Linn, West Sec. Row-5
Lobdell, Ed, b. 1920, d. 1987, Father, s/w Helen Lobdell, West Sec. Row-13
Lobdell, Helen, b. 1914, d. 2000, Mother, s/w Ed Lobdell, West Sec. Row-13
Loercher, Christina, b. 25 May 1847, d. 16 Sep 1907, s/w Michael Loercher, West Sec. Row-11
Loercher, Florence S, b. 1899, d. 1987, Mother, West Sec. Row-5
Loercher, Michael, b. 1859, d. 1874, Son, West Sec. Row-11
Loercher, Michael, b. 6 Oct 1829, d. 16 Apr 1905, s.w Christina Loercher, West Sec. Row-11
Loomas, Emma C, b. 1877, d. 1939, West Sec. Row-5
Loomis, Mary L, b. 10 Apr 1916, d. 12 Nov 1997, West Sec. Row-5
Love, Geraldine Joann, b. 11 Sep 1930, d. 8 Dec 2001, m. 13 Nov 1949, Mother of Robert and Keith Love, West Sec. Row-17
Lowe, Benjamin W, b. 4 Nov 1802, d. 9 Jul ????, Broken and illegible, West Sec. Row-7
Lutjens, Infant, d., Of W G and Carie Lutjens, West Sec. Row-5
Lutjens, Mary L, d., age: 62yr mo da West Sec. Row-5
Mackey, Charles L, b. 14 Jul 1960, d. 17 Apr 2002, Son Husband and Father, West Sec. Row-19
Mahoney, Charles F, b. 10 Jan 1926, d. 26 Sep 1997, S Sgt US Army WWII, West Sec. Row-15
Majors, Alexander, d. 17 Jul 1878, West Sec. Row-17
Manion, Benjamin E, b. 1854, d. 1936, s/w Martha I Manion, West Sec. Row-1
Manion, Martha I, b. 1860, d. 1904, s/w Benjamin E Manion, West Sec. Row-1
Marks, Robert O, b. 9 May 1937, d. 19 Dec 1998, Father, West Sec. Row-8
McClanahan, Clara Mae, b. 14 Apr 1897, d. 19 May 1975, s/w James Henry McClanahan, West Sec. Row-10
McClanahan, James Henry, b. 13 Jun 1892, d. 2 Feb 1976, s/w Clara Mae McClanahan, West Sec. Row-10
McDaniels, Glen D, b. 1931, d. 1996, s/w Norene McDaniels, West Sec. Row-20
McDaniels, Norene, d., s/w Glen D McDaniels, West Sec. Row-20
McDougall, Elizabeth E, d. 29 Jan 1901, age: 54yr 7mo 17da, Wife of George McDougall, s/w George Paul McDougall, West Sec. Row-4
McDougall, George M, d., Sgt Co M 2 Colo Cav, West Sec. Row-4
McDougall, George Paul, d. 16 Mar 1886, age: 63yr mo da, s/w Elizabeth E McDougall, West Sec. Row-4
McDougall, Paul W, b. 1875, d. 1917, s/w Rosanna C McDougall, West Sec. Row-4
McDougall, Rosanna C, b. 1877, d. 1958, s/w Paul W McDougall, West Sec. Row-4
McGee, Minnie E, b. 1 Apr 1925, d. 27 Jun 2000, m. 7 Feb 1943, s/w Ralph G McGee, West Sec. Row-13
McGee, Ralph G, b. 22 Apr 1921, d. 18 Dec 1990, m. 7 Feb 1943, s/w Minnie E McGee, West Sec. Row-13
McKinnis, Lance D, b. 1971, d. 1983, Son, West Sec. Row-20
McNatt, Esther A, b. 1892, d. 1987, s/w Joseph W McNatt, West Sec. Row-11
McNatt, Joseph W, b. 1880, d. 1964, s/w Esther A McNatt, West Sec. Row-11
Meserole, Harold G, b. 1922, d., s/w Lucile K Meserole, West Sec. Row-14
Meserole, Lucile K, b. 1922, d. 1991, s/w Harold G Meserole, West Sec. Row-14
Meyer, Fred, b. 1822, d. 1895, East Sec. Row-1
Meyers, Lester H, b. 1905, d. 1994, s/w Ruth E Meyers, West Sec. Row-16
Meyers, Ruth E, b. 1905, d. 1992, s/w Lester H Meyers, West Sec. Row-16
Miller, Albert L, b. 1840, d. 1925, Father, West Sec. Row-15
Miller, Alice M, b. 1858, d. 1949, s/w Delbert C Miller, West Sec. Row-11
Miller, Delbert C, b. 1854, d. 1941, s/w Alice M Miller, West Sec. Row-11
Miller, Hattie, b. 20 Mar 1856, d. ?? Oct ????, Illegible, West Sec. Row-15
Miller, Nettie, b. 25 Dec 1848, d. 13 Jun 1902, Dau of Leonard and Betsey Miller, West Sec. Row-15
Miller, Timothy Leonard, b. Vermont, d. Kansas, age: 65yr 4mo 22da, Married in Michigan, West Sec. Row-15
Mitchell, George M, b. 26 Apr 1928, d. 5 Jun 1999, Husband, West Sec. Row-15
Moeller, Christiana M, d. 24 Jun 1899, age: 74yr mo 24da West Sec. Row-2
Moeller, Frank Otto, b. 17 May 1856, d. 13 Oct 1872, Son of John H and Christina M Moeller, West Sec. Row-2
Morrissey, Dan Paul, b. 27 Dec 1951, d. 7 Jun 2002, Dad and Grandpa, East Sec. Row-3
Munns, Edna May, b. 1881, d. 1962, s/w James Munns, West Sec. Row-18
Munns, James Alfred, b. 1876, d. 1946, s/w Edna May Munns, West Sec. Row-18
Murray, Winifred M, b. 1 Oct 1913, d. 8 May 1996, Peggy, East Sec. Row-4
Myers, Anna E, b. 28 Nov 1840, d. 28 May 1887, s/w John Myers, West Sec. Row-7
Myers, John, b. 28 Jun 1830, d. 16 Mar 1884, s/w Anna E Myers, West Sec. Row-7
Myers, Suzanne, b. 1945, d., East Sec. Row-4
Nelson, Beulah E, b. 1909, d. 1990, s/w Floyd E Nelson, West Sec. Row-13
Nelson, Dorothy E, b. 1918, d. 2001, West Sec. Row-8
Nelson, Floyd E, b. 1910, d. 1991, s/w Beulah E Nelson, West Sec. Row-13
New, Sarah Jane, b. 20 Nov 1845, d. 19 Sep 1897, Wife of J W New, West Sec. Row-10
Noreen, Raylene Elletha, b. 21 Jan 1942, d., m. 20 Feb 1960, s/w Robert Coy Noreen, West Sec. Row-3
Noreen, Robert Coy, b. 2 Feb 1938, d. 5 Jul 2003, m. 20 Feb 1960, TSGT US Air Force Vietnam, s/w Raylene Elletha Noreen, West Sec. Row-3
Odell, Adam, b. 5 Mar 1848, d. 6 May 1869, s/w Thomas Odell, West Sec. Row-2
Odell, Thomas, b. 22 Jan 1790, d. 23 Jul 1861, s/w Adam Odell, West Sec. Row-2
Paffen, Rebecca Lynn Peterson, b. 1951, d. 2006, West Sec. Row-12
Peachey, Emily M, d. 1903, s/w Henry E Peachey and Mary Ann Peachey, West Sec. Row-18
Peachey, Frank, b. 1874, d. 1966, Father, s/w Ulalah Peachey, West Sec. Row-18
Peachey, Henry E, b. 1846, d. 1912, Father, s/w Mary Ann Peachy and Emily M Peachey, West Sec. Row-18
Peachey, Mary Ann, b. 1846, d. 1928, Mother, s/w Henry E Peachey and Emily M Peachey, West Sec. Row-18
Peachey, Percy, b. 1903, d. 1982, Brother, West Sec. Row-18
Peachey, Ulalah, b. 1876, d. 1969, Mother, s/w Frank Peachey, West Sec. Row-18
Perkins, Agnes P, b. 1887, d. 1959, s/w Albert R Perkins, East Sec. Row-2
Perkins, Albert R, b. 1884, d. 19??, s/w Agnes P Perkins, East Sec. Row-2
Peterson, Susan Lee, b. 1950, d. 1993, West Sec. Row-12
Provost, Katherine C, b. 1895, d. 1988, Eastern Star, s/w Laurence R Provost, West Sec. Row-2
Provost, Laurence R, b. 3 Dec 1896, d. 28 Nov 1990, Mason,PVT US Army World War I, s/w Katherine C Provost, West Sec. Row-2
Pyle, Ernest Arthur, b. 12 Oct 1948, d. 6 Nov 2002, Father, West Sec. Row-18
Rannells, Carl S, b. 1885, d. 1944, West Sec. Row-6
Rannells, William D, b. 1857, d. 1934, West Sec. Row-6
Rannells, Wm C, d. 15 Jan 1873, age: 59yr mo da, Broken, West Sec. Row-6
Ranney, Glenn E, b. 16 Sep 1926, d. 8 Oct 2000, m. 7 Jun 1947, s/w Jeanette O Ranney, East Sec. Row-4
Ranney, Jeanette O, b. 1 Dec 1927, d. 6 Jun 2002, m. 7 Jun 1947, s/w Glenn E Ranney, East Sec. Row-4
Reed, Guy Ralph, b. 1913, d. 1999, Dad, West Sec. Row-11
Reed, Ralph L Jr, b. 1944, d. 1995, East Sec. Row-4
Reed, Ruth Anna Horner, b. 1914, d. 1979, Mother, West Sec. Row-10
Renner, Florence A, b. 1887, d. 1929, Daughter, West Sec. Row-4
Renner, Fred J, b. 1877, d. 1927, Son, West Sec. Row-4
Renner, Jacob, b. 1835, d. 1905, s/w Mary C Renner, West Sec. Row-4
Renner, Mary Ann, b. 6 Aug 1874, d. 13 Sep 1954, s/w William J Renner, West Sec. Row-16
Renner, Mary C, b. 1844, d. 1927, s/w Jacob Renner, West Sec. Row-4
Renner, Susie E, b. 1881, d. 1916, Daughter, West Sec. Row-4
Renner, William J, b. 5 Jun 1866, d. 9 Apr 1923, s/w Mary A Renner, West Sec. Row-16
Rhodes, James, b. 25 Jan 1932, d., m. 24 Dec 1952, s/w Phyllis A Rhodes, West Sec. Row-1
Rhodes, Phyllis A, b. 13 Jul 1933, d., m. 24 Dec 1952, s/w James Rhodes, West Sec. Row-1
Richards, B, b. 1833, d. 1892, s/w M Richards, West Sec. Row-14
Richards, Mary A, b. 1840, d. 1919, s/w B Richards, West Sec. Row-14
Roberts, Alice Rose, b. 26 Nov 1941, d. 21 Feb 1998, Mother of Kathy and Michael Roberts, East Sec. Row-4
Ross, Elzina T, b. 10 Mar 1844, d. 5 Mar 1914, s/w Richard A Ross and John A Ross, West Sec. Row-18
Ross, John A, b. 3 Sep 1884, d. 3 Dec 1889, Their Son, s/w Elzina T Ross and Richard A Ross, West Sec. Row-18
Ross, Richard A, b. 10 Oct 1836, d. 10 Jun 1929, s/w Elzina T Ross and John A Ross, West Sec. Row-18
Russell, Kathleen S, b. 1940, d., m. 24 Jun 1956, s/w William J Russell, West Sec. Row-15
Russell, Mark E, b. 16 Jun 1960, d. 15 Jan 1994, Beloved Son and Brother, West Sec. Row-18
Russell, William J, b. 1939, d. 1992, m. 24 Jun 1956, s/w Kathleen S Russell, West Sec. Row-15
Sautter, Emma Louise, b. 1872, d. 1956, Mother, West Sec. Row-2
Sautter, Ernest F, b. 1864, d. 1908, Father, West Sec. Row-2
Sautter, Ernest F, d. 22 Jul 1879, age: 51yr 7mo 25da West Sec. Row-2
Sautter, Mildred Louise, b. 1900, d. 1955, Daughter, West Sec. Row-2
Scherle, Margaret, d. 21 Sep 1901, age: 86yr 1mo 15da, Grandma, s/w Conrad and Rosianna Widmer, West Sec. Row-9
Schraeder, Anna Bruce, b. 1872, d. 1936, West Sec. Row-5
Schraeder, William H, b. 1860, d. 1922, West Sec. Row-5
Schuetz, Joseph E, b. 1849, d. 1901, West Sec. Row-14
Schuetz, Mary A, b. 1851, d. 1893, West Sec. Row-14
Seeley, Mary, b. 1899, d. 1934, West Sec. Row-2
Sherman, Theodore, b. 2 Jul 1860, d. 16 Feb 1892, West Sec. Row-20
Simons, Birdie Mae, b. 2 May 1893, d. 19 Feb 1947, West Sec. Row-8
Sloan, Beulah I, b. 1916, d. 1973, s/w Clarence A Sloan, West Sec. Row-9
Sloan, Clarence A, b. 1922, d. 1972, s/w Beulah I Sloan, West Sec. Row-9
Smay, Arthur M, b. 1907, d. 1975, Son, West Sec. Row-11
Smay, Charles E, b. 1922, d. 1943, Son, West Sec. Row-11
Smay, Clarence, b. 1884, d. 1966, Father, s/w Stella Smay, West Sec. Row-11
Smay, Harold G, b. 1911, d. 1959, Son, West Sec. Row-11
Smay, Stella, b. 1887, d. 1977, Mother, s/w Clarence Smay, West Sec. Row-11
Smith, Baby, d., Buried handmade concrete marker, West Sec. Row-12
Smith, Christianna, d. 28 Oct 1894, age: 80yr 8mo 24da, Wife of J S Smith Mother, s/w James S Smith, West Sec. Row-18
Smith, Daisy F, b. 1905, d. 1976, West Sec. Row-8
Smith, Elizabeth, b. 25 Dec 1881, d., Illegible, West Sec. Row-19
Smith, James S, d. 28 Aug 1879, age: 64yr 10mo 14da, Father, s/w Christinanna Smith, West Sec. Row-18
Smith, John, d., Illegible, West Sec. Row-19
Smith, Minnie E, d. 1887, age: yr 10mo da, Daughter of J and Kathie Smith, West Sec. Row-18
Smith, Nicole R Nicki, b. 6 Dec 1974, d. 12 Sep 1993, Daugher, Picture on Stone, West Sec. Row-19
Smith, William C, b. 1884, d. 1955, West Sec. Row-19
Sood, Baby Boy, d. 9 Jun 2006, Amos Funeral Home Marker, East Sec. Row-3
Sood, Bharat, b. 11 Dec 1996, d. 24 Dec 1998, Stone and Amos Funeral Home Marker, East Sec. Row-3
Stiles, Charles S, b. 1844, d. 1938, s/w Margaret Stiles, West Sec. Row-20
Stiles, Margaret, b. 1864, d. 1913, West Sec. Row-20
Stookey, Alice Edith, b. 23 Aug 1909, d. 27 Mar 1978, West Sec. Row-14
Stoughton, Fidelia, b. 1856, d. 1940, Wife of George Stoughton, West Sec. Row-13
Stoughton, George, b. 1847, d. 1933, CO C 14TH CO K 139th ILL Inf, West Sec. Row-13
Stoughton, Milton H, b. 31 May 1893, d. 6 Apr 1910, West Sec. Row-13
Stoughton, Thomas E, b. 27 Dec 1877, d. 28 Oct 1879, West Sec. Row-13
Strassser, Julia, b. 8 Sep 1863, d. 2 Sep 1905, s/w Kossuth L Strasser, West Sec. Row-4
Strassser, Kossuth L, b. 16 Oct 1851, d. 13 Jul 1890, s/w Julia Strasser, West Sec. Row-4
Strickland, Carrie P, b. 1905, d. 1968, Mother, West Sec. Row-18
Strickland, Hobart W, b. 1899, d. 1941, age: 42yr mo da, Husband, Mrs J W Jones Service, West Sec. Row-18
Strickland, John C, b. 30 Aug 1865, d. 11 Nov 1911, West Sec. Row-18
Strickland, Kenneth W, b. 1930, d. 1947, Brother, West Sec. Row-18
Strickland, Leonard N, b. 1930, d. 1976, Brother, West Sec. Row-18
Sturdevant, Jean Davis, b. 1915, d. 1996, Mother, West Sec. Row-4
Sturdevant, Leroy, b. 1913, d. 1987, Father, West Sec. Row-4
Sullivan, Helen Frances, b. 1896, d. 1986, West Sec. Row-10
Sullivan, Henry B Jr, b. 1924, d. 2000, West Sec. Row-10
Sullivan, Henry Bradley Sr, MD, b. 1886, d. 1958, West Sec. Row-10
Sullivan, Mary Margaret, b. 1928, d. 1996, West Sec. Row-10
Switzer, Amos J, d. 9 Mar 1904, age: 61yr 1mo 26da, Erected by Amos J and Zilla A Switzer, Switzer Monument, West Sec. Row-9
Switzer, Julian, d. 13 Aug 1886, age: 71yr 4mo 19da, s/w Samuel Switzer, West Sec. Row-7
Switzer, Lucy M, d. 9 Sep 1880, age: yr 9mo 9da, Erected by Amos J and Zilla A Switzer, Switzer Monument, West Sec. Row-9
Switzer, Samuel, b. 7 Oct 1811, d. 3 Jun 1892, s/w Julian Switzer, West Sec. Row-7
Switzer, Thomas B, d. 31 Jul 1892, age: 22yr 9mo 16da, Erected by Amos J and Zilla A Switzer, Switzer Monument, West Sec. Row-9
Switzer, William A, d. 22 Nov 1891, age: 21yr mo 28da, Erected by Amos J and Zilla A Switzer, Switzer Monument, West Sec. Row-9
Switzer, Zilla, d. 6 Mar 1918, age: 71yr mo 26da, Erected by Amos J and Zilla A Switzer, Footsone Mother, Switzer Monument, West Sec. Row-9
Tarr, Elizabeth J, b. 1852, d. 1926, Mother, West Sec. Row-8
Tarr, John Delano, b. 1861, d. 1936, Father, West Sec. Row-8
Tarr, Russell Delano, b. 12 Dec 1898, d. 13 May 1965, MISSOURI PVT ENGINEERS WWI, West Sec. Row-8
Thomas, Charles H, b. 1 Oct 1925, d. 13 Mar 1996, m. 20 Aug 1955, s/w Marcella R Thomas, West Sec. Row-16
Thomas, Hilma A, b. 1908, d. 1982, West Sec. Row-11
Thomas, James Foster, b. 14 Sep 1955, d. 3 Apr 2000, Loving Dad to Mathew and Connor and Jonathan, West Sec. Row-8
Thomas, Marcella R, b. 18 Dec 1932, d., m. 20 Aug 1955, s/w Charles H Thomas, West Sec. Row-16
Thompkins, Claude L, b. 1889, d. 1956, s/w Nora E Tompkins, West Sec. Row-17
Thompkins, Nora E, b. 1884, d. 1956, s/w Claude L Tompkins, West Sec. Row-17
Trewett, Leiter D, b. 1898, d. 1987, s/w Mary Ellen Twewett, West Sec. Row-8
Trewett, Mary Ellen, b. 1899, d. 1992, s/w Leiter D Trewett, West Sec. Row-8
Tweed, Phoebe B, b. 4 Jul 1880, d. 18 Jul 1896, s/w B F Hollenback and Catherine E Hollenback, West Sec. Row-10
Viglietti, Clelia C, b. 12 Apr 1923, d., s/w Jacinto T Viglietti, West Sec. Row-19
Viglietti, Jacinto T, b. 24 Mar 1922, d. 17 Oct 2003, s/w Clelia C Viglietti, West Sec. Row-19
Vinson, Dolores J, b. 1932, d. 2004, West Sec. Row-18
Wade, Carl Tilden, b. 1876, d. 1880, West Sec. Row-14
Wade, James M, b. 1836, d. 1919, Father, West Sec. Row-14
Wade, Martha E, b. 1848, d. 1924, Mother, West Sec. Row-14
Wagner, Donna M, RN, b. 20 Feb 1918, d. 13 Oct 1994, West Sec. Row-19
Ward, Martha, b. 1824 New York City, d. 28 Dec 1894, West Sec. Row-12
Wasmond, Mary Elizabeth, b. 1858, d. 1946, Wife, s/w William Wasmond, West Sec. Row-5
Wasmond, William, b. 1847, d. 1926, Husband, s/w Mary E Wasmond, West Sec. Row-5
Watson, Samuel, d. 16 Jan 1895, age: 83yr mo da, CO A 17th ILL Inf, West Sec. Row-17
Webb, James E, b. 16 Aug 1954, d. 22 Jun 1997, West Sec. Row-9
Webber, Fred J, no dates, buried handmade concrete marker, West Sec. Row-9
Weber, Frances Kaye, b. 31 Dec 1944, d. 9 Jun 1998, Mother, West Sec. Row-8
Wentworth, Michael L, b. 7 Jul 1970, d. 22 Feb 1973, West Sec. Row-11
Wheeler, Grady, b. 1923, d., Father, s/w Mildred Wheeler and Joseph E Wheeler, West Sec. Row-18
Wheeler, Joseph E, b. 1961, d. 2001, Son, s/w Grady Wheeler and Mildred Wheeler, West Sec. Row-18
Wheeler, Mildred, b. 1926, d., Mother, s/w Grady Wheeler and Joseph E Wheeler, West Sec. Row-18
White, Alice, b. 1853, d. 1924, Mother, West Sec. Row-12
White, Fredia, b. 1884, d. 1895, West Sec. Row-12
White, John J, b. 1852, d. 1928, Father, West Sec. Row-12
White, Lulu A, b. 1891, d. 1943, West Sec. Row-12
White, Malinda, b. 1832, d. 1905, West Sec. Row-10
Widmer, Casper W Cap, b. 18 Aug 1920, d. 17 Feb 1997, m. 12 Jul 1943, Father, s/w Hester M Widmer, West Sec. Row-9
Widmer, Conrad, d. 1 Jun 1898, age: 69yr 9mo 21da, Father, s/w Rosianna Widmer and Margaret Scherle, West Sec. Row-9
Widmer, George Maurice, b. 20 May 1952, d. 28 May 1952, West Sec. Row-9
Widmer, Hester M, b. 17 Aug 1924, d., m. 12 Jul 1943, Mother, s/w Casper W Cap Widmer, West Sec. Row-9
Widmer, Rosianna, d. 25 Jul 1916, age: 75yr 6mo 25da, Mother His Wife, s/w Conrad Widmer and Margaret Scherle, West Sec. Row-9
Widmer, William Bill C, b. 25 Jan 1955, d. 7 Mar 2000, Husband and Father, West Sec. Row-9
Williamson, Etna V, b. 1877, d. 1956, West Sec. Row-12
Williamson, John P, b. 1844, d. 1902, West Sec. Row-7
Williamson, Lulu M, b. 1881, d. 1962, West Sec. Row-8
Williamson, Mary L, b. 1851, d. 1924, West Sec. Row-7
Wilson, Archie S, b. 1880, d. 1942, Son, West Sec. Row-14
Wilson, Jennie, b. 1860, d. 1936, Mother, West Sec. Row-14
Wilson, John F, b. 1844, d. 1928, Father, West Sec. Row-14
Wilson, William, b. 1878, d. 1920, Son, West Sec. Row-14
Windle, Inez Hamilton, b. 1853, d. 1935, West Sec. Row-5
Windle, John C, b. 1860, d. 1937, West Sec. Row-5
Wirth, Edward P, b. 27 Oct 1923, d. 5 Apr 1999, s/w Norma Jean Wirth, West Sec. Row-13
Wirth, Norma Jean, b. 1 Sep 1924, d., s/w Edward P Wirth, West Sec. Row-13
Woldt, Carl G, b. 19 Jun 1899, d. 24 Jul 1899, West Sec. Row-11
Woldt, Frederick, b. 27 Feb 1820, d. 21 Sep 1898, West Sec. Row-9
Wolfe, Clinton D, b. 1910, d. 1995, s/w Mary Gaines Wolfe, West Sec. Row-4
Wolfe, Mary Gaines, b. 1916, d., s/w Clinton D Wolfe, West Sec. Row-4
Wood, Robert F, b. 14 Apr 1930, d. 12 Jun 2005, Brandy and Maggie Sgt US Army KOREA, West Sec. Row-11
Wortman, Richard Lee, b. 1943, d. 1961, West Sec. Row-1
Wright, Mary K Kitty, b. 4 Feb 1931, d. 1 May 1992, s/w Robert P Wright, West Sec. Row-14
Wright, Robert P, b. 25 Oct 1925, d. 2 Jul 1993, s/w Mary K Kitty, West Sec. Row-14
Yantis, A Norvell, b. 15 Feb 1910, d. 10 May 1958, s/w Doris G Yantis, West Sec. Row-16
Yantis, Albert N, b. 15 Feb 1910, d. 10 May 1958, Kansas Sgt AGF Repl Depot 4 WWII, West Sec. Row-16
Yantis, Doris G, b. 17 Feb 1915, d. 9 Apr 2000, s/w A Norvell Yantis, West Sec. Row-16
Yeats, Hester L, b. 15 Dec 1918, d. 11 Sep 2001, m. 24 Dec 1939, s/w Willard H Yeats, West Sec. Row-6
Yeats, Willard H, b. 16 Apr 1918, d., m. 24 Dec 1939, Will, s/w Hester L Yeats, West Sec. Row-6

??, ??, Broken and buried, by Julian and Samuel Switzer, West Sec. Row-7
??, ??, Broken and buried, West Sec. Row-12
??, ??, Broken and buried, West Sec. Row-15
??, ??, Broken and illegible, East Sec. Row-1
??, ??, Broken and illegible, West Sec. Row-7
??, ??, Broken buried stone, West Sec. Row-3
??, ??, Buried, West Sec. Row-15
??, ??, Father, West Sec. Row-5
??, ??, Illegible, East Sec. Row-1
??, ??, Illegible, East Sec. Row-1
??, ??, Illegible, East Sec. Row-1
??, ??, Illegible, West Sec. Row-10
??, ??, Illegible, West Sec. Row-13
??, ??, Illegible, West Sec. Row-14
??, ??, Illegible, West Sec. Row-14
??, ??, Large block, East Sec. Row-5
??, ??, Large block, East Sec. Row-5
??, ??, Missing stone, East Sec. Row-1
??, ??, Missing Stone, West Sec. Row-3
??, ??, Missing stone, West Sec. Row-3
??, ??, Stone missing, West Sec. Row-19
??, Infant, Our Baby, East Sec. Row-1
Chace, ??, Illegible, West Sec. Row-16
Fangrow, ??, Father, West Sec. Row-7
Miller, ??, Illegible, West Sec. Row-15
Richey, ??, Illegible, West Sec. Row-11
Scott, ??, West Sec. Row-19

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