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James Cemetery
Holton, Jackson County, Kansas

Contributed by Chyrl A. Lawrence, Jul 29, 2000 [sodacat231@aol.com]. Total records = 30.

James Cemetery is located 10 1/2 miles west & 3/4 miles south of the intersection of US 75 and State Highway 16 in the city of Holton, Jackson County, Kansas.

There are approximately 40 grave sites of which 7 of those sites no inscriptions were found and several with just initials.

- Chyrl A. Lawrence

ALBIN, Infant Daughter, b. Sep 1880, d. Sep 1880, Blessed are the early dead, Dau. Of S. C. and Laura Albin, [CL]
ALBIN, John, b. 1827, d. 1904, Kansas Pvt Troop 11 Regt Kan Cav. Civil War, [CL]
ALBIN, John, b. Dec 31, 1827, d. May 11, 1902, [CL]
ALBIN, Merel H, b. Feb 17, 1858, d. Jul 1, 1859, [CL]
ALBIN, Sarah A, b. Dec 3, 1833, d. Dec 7, 1869, W/O John Albin, [CL]
ALBIN, William G, b. Nov 23, 1861, d. Nov 3, 1862, [CL]
CRUZAN, H. W, b. Oct 28, 1851, d. Mar 23, 1898. He Giveth His Beloved Sleep, [CL]
CRUZAN, Infant Son, b. Aug 20, 1877, d. Aug 20, 1877, How soon fades the tender flower, s/o H. W. & C. T. Cruzan, [CL]
CRUZAN, Mary E. Bennett, d. Mar 13, 1860, 34y 3m 16d, Mother, w/o Wm Cruzan, [CL]
CRUZAN, William T, b. May 11, 1884, d. Feb 27, 1885, Another sweet flower blossoms in the dew of heaven, s/o H. W. & C. T. Cruzan, [CL]
JAMES, Davis, Feb 26, 1859, 8 yrs 8 ms 10 ds, [CL]
JAMES, Isabella, d. Nov 17, 1885, 70 ys 2 ms 8 ds, [CL]
JAMES, Jackson, d. Dec 5, 1878, 70 ys 2 ms 7 ds, [CL]
JAMES, Preston Jackson, b. 1860, d. 1917, Son of John, Grandson Jackson James, [CL]
KOCH, Lettie, d. Jul 13, 1896, 3 mos. 23 ds, Our Little Darling Lettie, [CL]
MEEK, Dolley, b. May 31, 1871, d. Aug 8, 1872, d/o A. P. & M. J. Meek, [CL]
MEEK, Manettie, b. Nov 4, 1876, d. Feb 21, 1879, d/o A. P. & M. J. Meek, [CL]
MEEK, Mary E, b. Jan 9, 1873, d. Sep 28, 1874, d/o A. P. & M. J. Meek, [CL]
MEEK, Maude, d. Aug 30, 1885, 7 months 10 days, We trust our loss will be her gain and that, with Christ she's gone to reign, [CL]
MEEK, Samuel S, b. Mar 10, 1865, d. Sep 30, 1880, 15 yrs 6 mon 20 days, Son of S. C. & V.A. Meek, [CL]
MEEK, Visa Ann, b. Sep 17, 1828, d. Nov 17, 1880, 52 years & 3 months, Wife of S. C. Meek, [CL]
MEEK, Willie, no dates, Infant, [CL]
MILLER, Brice S, d. Sep 11, 1877, 1 Yr. 1 Mo. 2 D, Our Pet Brice S, Son of Wm & Sarah Miller, Headstone not in original location, [CL]
NOTT, Pearly, d. Oct 29, 1896, 2 yrs 2 mths 27 days, This lovely bud so young and fair, Called home by early doom, Just came to show how sweet a flower, In paradise would bloom, Son of F P & L NOTT, [CL]
OTT, Jacob, b. Sep 12, 1824, d. May 1, 1900, 75y 7m 18d, I am the life, We miss thee from our home dear, We miss thee from thy place, A shadow o'er our life is cast, We miss the sunshine of thy face, Father, [CL]
OTT, Susan, b. Feb 13, 1820, d. Apr 8, 1899, Glory - Parents, Wife of Jacob, [CL]
REED, Laverne, d. Oct 9, 1910, 2 months 6 days, d/o G. L. & Floy M. Reed, [CL]
REED, Tommy, no dates, [CL]
WYKERT, Hanna M, b. Aug 29, 1825, d. Jan 22, 1898, Mother, In my Father's house are many Mansions, H. M. W, Wife of Richard, [CL]
WYKERT, Richard, b. May 25, 1824, d. no date, [CL]

Miscellaneos Footstones

A, J, [CL]
A, S. A, [CL]
A, W, [CL]
A, M. H, [CL]
H. W. C, [CL]
M, M, [CL]
M, D, [CL]
M, M. E, [CL]
M, M, [CL]


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