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Beaver Cemetery (Friends Cemetery)
Beaver, Barton County, Kansas

Lat: 38° 38' 20"N, Lon: 98° 41' 01"W
Beaver Twp, Sec 30

Contributed by Linda Bower, Jan 03, 2006, last edited Apr 01, 2006 [ltbrower@yahoo.com]. Total records = 22.

In rural Barton County from 190th Rd. NE, at Beaver, go west 1 mile on NE 60th Ave to NE 50th Ave, in field on northwest corner.

This cemetery started in about 1902, judging from the existing stones. At one time it was called Friends Cemetery. It is no longer used for burials. I did not find out who owns and maintains it now.

I walked and transcribed this cemetery from all existing and legible tombstone inscriptions, completed in Jan 02, 2006.

- Linda Bower

??, Rae W., no dates, no info, temporary marker
Charles, Eliza E., b. 1891, d. 1915
Christian, ??, d. 11/11/1923, d/o C.W. & S.M., our darling
Hayes, Adalena M., d. 3/1/1908, w/o Frank, aged 34y, 7m, 9d
Jacobs, Fred L., b. 12-13-1888, d. 12/24/1903, Aged 15y, 11 d
Jacobs, Michael, b. 1-1-1840, d. 5/3/1914, s/s/w Nora, GAR, Co I 48th Inf.
Jacobs, Nora, b. 9-21-1849, d. 8/25/1927, s/s/w Michael
McCrane, F. W., b. 1863, d. 1931
Phillips, ??, no dates, children/o Henry & Mirla, asleep in Jesus
Rowe, Virgil O., b. 9/23/1907, d. 8/28/1908, At rest
Ruch, Agusta L., b. 6-24-1839, d. 8/26/1904, s/s/w Ferdinand, Lord Thy will be done
Ruch, Ferdinand E., b. 1-1-1836, d. 2/3/1904, s/s/w Agusta, Lord I come to Thee for rest
Stoskopf, Blanch E., b. 11/26/1910, d. 12/29/1910, d/o M.J. & J.E.
Stoskopf, Emma, b. 1882, d. 1969, Mother stone, s/s/w Melvin, Floyd, Frank
Stoskopf, Floyd, b. 1905, d. 1916, Floyd stone, s/s/w Melvin, Frank, Emma
Stoskopf, Frank, b. 1880, d. 1937, Father stone, s/s/w Melvin, Floyd, Emma
Stoskopf, Melvin, b. 1908, d. 1916, Melvin stone, s/s/w Floyd, Frank, Emma
Stoskopf, Michal Julius, b. 6-28-1876, d. 1/22/1925, Gone But not forgotten
Toadvine, James Merl, b. 9/10/1905, d. 12/23/1905, s/o J.M. & L.K., Asleep in Jesus blessed thought
Toadvine, Ozroe, d. 3/11/1902, s/o J.M. & L.K., Ozroe stone, aged 6y,1m,4d
Westerman, Robert, d. 2/5/1934, s/o O.W. & Leta
Williams, ??, no dates, no info, temporary marker


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