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Thompson Cemetery
Chetwynd, Morgan County, Indiana

Lat: 39° 26' 55"N, Lon: 86° 17' 25"W
Green Township, Sec 27

Contributed by Jeff Curtis, Aug 28, 2006 [jefftcurtis@earthlink.net]. Total records = 54.

To reach this cemetery from Chetwynd drive west on Highway 44 just over a mile. Cemetery is on the north side of the highway. Turn north on a small road, just before
East Road, then left into the cemetery.

This cemetery was very overgrown at the time of the transcription, and appeared to be abandoned.

I have transcribed, with permission, from work completed in May 07, 1967 by Carl and Janet Cowen, when they read all existing and legible stones.

- Jeff Curtis

??, ??, b. 30 Mar 1811, d. 18 Mar 1859, name was broken off
Bailey, Allison, b. 3 Mar 1839, d. 1 Mar 1861, son of Amos and Mary Bailey
Bailey, Amos, b. 20 Aug 1857, d. 5 Mar 1864, son of Amos and Mary Bailey
Bailey, Anna, d. 17 Aug 1851, died in her 64th year
Bailey, Benjamin, b. 16 Sep 183, d. 17 Mar 1863
Bailey, Catharine, d. 24 Feb 1818, age: 40Y 6m 20d, daughter of B and A Bailey
Bailey, James, b. 13 Feb 1846, d. 10 Mar 1864, son of Amos and Mary Bailey
Bailey, James, d. 2 Dec 1841, son of A and M Bailey, much of stone was buried
Bailey, Mary I, d. 28 Mar 1860, age: 5m, daughter of J L and H M Bailey
Bailey, Mary, d. 17 Mar 1864, age: 50y, wife of Amos Bailey
Bailey, Walker, d. 3 Oct 1853, age: 1y 28d, son of A and M Bailey
Elkins, Elizabeth, d. 21 Sep 1889, age: 63y 1m 1d, wife of John
Elkins, John, b. 5 Oct 1823, d. 5 Nov 1869
Ennis, America E, b. 8 Aug 1853, d. 4 Feb 1854, daughter of T and P Ennis
Ennis, Amey E, d. 22 Jul 1872, age: 9y 6m 24d, daughter of J W and A Ennis
Ennis, Arch C, d. 1851, stone badly weathered
Ennis, Darcus, d. 5 Nov 1859, age: 54y 1m 1d, wife of Walker Ennis
Ennis, George W, b. 12 Aug 1849, d. 6 Aug 1855, son of T and P Ennis
Ennis, Hilda, d. 4 Mar 1854, age: 1y 2m 18d, daughter of James and E Ennis, First name not clear
Ennis, James W, b. 4 Oct 1863, d. 6 Dec 1865, son of Wm H and L J Ennis
Ennis, John W, b. 25 Aug 1861, d. 10 Aug 1865, son of Wm H and L J Ennis
Ennis, Joseph, d. 22 Aug 1872, age: 1y 1m 1d, son of J W and A Ennis
Ennis, Lucretia J, b. 22 Apr 1839, d. 21 Dec 1877, age: 38y 7m 29d, wife of Wm H Ennis
Ennis, Nancy, d. 5 Jan 1881, age: 75y 11m 15d, wife of A Ennis
Ennis, Olive F, b. 28 Jun 1871, d. 26 Jan 1877, daughter of Wm H and L. J. Ennis
Ennis, Perline, d. 24 Mar 1884, age: 67y 3m 1d, wife of Thompson Ennis
Ennis, Thompson, b. 17 Feb 1817, d. 28 Jun 1869
Haase, Infant, d. Aug 1862, son of J J and R A Haase
Haase, Robert L, b. 8 Mar 1860, d. 20 May 1866, son of J J and R A Haase, birth year might be 1866
Johnson, Ann, d. 2 Mar 1861, age: 55y 6m, wife of Joseph Johnson
Johnson, Joseph, d. 5 Mar 1894, age: 83y 10m 25d
Pearcy, Fannie E, b. 2 Dec 1842, d. 23 Nov 1894, age: 51y 11m 21d
Pearcy, Infant, d. 1 Nov 1880
Pearcy, Infant, d. 18 Nov 1859, daughter of J and F E Pearcy, Last 8 Pearcy grave within a single fenced in area
Pearcy, Ivy May, no dates, daughter of J and F Pearcy
Pearcy, Jacob, d. 24 Feb 1881, age: 43y 25d
Pearcy, Kate, b. 26 Feb 1876, d. 22 Nov 1894, age: 18y 8m 26d, daughter of Jacob and Fannie Pearcy
Pearcy, Manerva J, d. 19 Feb 1865, age: 24y 9m 20d, wife of Robert Pearcy
Pearcy, Rachel V, d. 11 Nov 1883, age: 14y 7m 15d, daughter of Jacob and Fannie Pearcy
Pearcy, Tillman H, d. 10 Dec 1875, age: 7m 13d, son of J and F E Pearcy
Percy, Eliza, d. 1856
Percy, Olive, d. 13 Aug 1871
Percy, Oscar H, b. 13 Aug 1871, d. 16 Aug 1871, son of R and S Percy
Pierce, Lewis, d. 8 Sep 1860, age: 26y 3m 22d
Scholfield, Nathan W, b. 24 Jul 1854, d. 1 Aug 1854, son of S H and Mary J Scholfield
Scholfield, Robert A, b. 27 Aug 1851, d. 21 Apr 1853, son of S H and Mary J Scholfield
Skaggs, Edna, d. 20 May 1881, age: 80y 5m 5d
Skaggs, John, d. 30 Jul 1871, age: 70y 9m 21d
Skaggs, Mary, d. 13 Oct 1859, age: 1y 6m 1d, daughter of J S and P Skaggs
Skaggs, Perlina, b. 8 Nov 1833, d. 1 Oct 1864, wife of J S Skaggs
Skaggs, Walter M, d. 15 Sep 1859, son of J M and M A Skaggs
Skaggs, infant, d. 9 Dec 18??
Wood, W, d. 22 May 1850, age: 45y 1m 11d
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