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Mound Cemetery
Howard County, Indiana

Contributed by Frieda Klopfenstein, [klopfensteinf@msn.com].

??, ?...a A., Heavily eroded broken slender marker lying with broken stones
??, Spencer?, d. Nov ?, 1876?, ?? of ? B. ?, Heavily eroded marker
??,, 2 Small white crosses
??,, Heavily eroded, broken stone
??,, illegible small marker near Albert Jordan marker
??,, obelisk type marker lying on its side
??,, short white illegible marker, off of base
Crume, ??, Broken stone
Crume,, Very large stone between Isaac N., Elizabeth M. markers
Gillam, , Large stone marker in middle of several smaller stones,
Hamilton, ??, d. Feb 24, 18??, Broken stone, embedded flat in ground, partially buried",
Hendrix, , Large marker with group of individual stones
Polk, ??, of T.J. & S. Polk, Heavily eroded, dirt caked marker
Rice, ??, Slender white stone near David Rice, mostly buried, illegible
Rice, Cathern?, Tall slender eroded stone, lying on ground
Rodkey, , Large marker between Otho & Beulah


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