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Rose Hill (IOOF) Cemetery
Mt Carmel Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula [kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 1,225.

a. = age at time of death
b. = date of birth
c. = child
d. = date of death
da. = daughter
f. = father
gf. = grandfather
gm. = grandmother
h. = husband
i. = infant
m. = mother
n. = notes
p. = parents
s. = son
w. = wife


?, Ada L., b.17-aug-1832, d.10-july-1908
?, Eva May, d.15-jan-1866, a.1y 2m 13d
?, George Jr.,11mar-1902
?, Margaret S., b.11-dec-1887, d.22-oct-1901
A.F.W., small marker on johnston lot
ACORD, Harry, b.1874, d.1923
ADAMS, Arthur E., b.18-may-1908, d.10-june-1908, p. e.& o. adams
ADAMS, Belle, d.8-dec-1865, a.11m 24d, p. e. & l.a.adams, p. e. & l.a.adams
ADAMS, Edward, b.16-oct-1829, d.14-dec-1893, major 48th illinois volunteer in the rebellion 1861-186
ADAMS, Elijah, b.4-dec-1832, d.11-jan-1916
ADAMS, Freddie P., b.9-jan-1900, d.10-feb-1900, p. e. & o. adams
ADAMS, George B., d.12-aug-1864, a.10y 11m 14d, p. richard & r.l. adams
ADAMS, Grace, d.18-sep-1869, a.24d, p. e. & l.a.adams
ADAMS, Ida, d.6-aug-1861, a.1y, p. e. & l.a.adams
ADAMS, Infant Daughter,p.e. & l.a.adams
ADAMS, Joseph A., d.22-sep-1856, a.10m 10d, p. ruband & rebecca adams
ADAMS, Lucy A., b.2-dec-1836, d.29-dec-1877, h. elijah adams
ADAMS, Maria L., b.20-oct-1841, d.9-june-1924, h. edward adams
ADAMS, Maud, d.25-oct-1868, a.1y 6m 4d, p. e. & l.a.adams
ADAMS, Reah Pauline, d.26-july-1899, a.2y 1m 17d, p. d.& n.j. adams
ADAMS, Sophia, b.10-oct-1806, d.25-aug-1897, h. joseph adams
ALDRICK, Charles C., b.1888, d.1910
ANDREWS, George V.,copany d.48th illinois infantry
ANDREWS, Joseph, d.18-dec-1887, a.70y 5m 22d
ANDREWS, Mary, d.9-july-1903, a.82y 5m 6d
ANDREWS, Samuel, b.3-apr-1847, d.19-july-1900
ANDREWS, Willie S., d.4-feb-1888, a.37y 4m 2d
ANDRUS, Gertrude Pearl, d.4-dec-1921, a.26y 3m 28d
ANDRUS, Leah, b.1854, d.1916, h. james andrus
ANDRUS, Lyell, b.21-oct-1878, d.11-mar-1900
ANDURS, James,180
ANTHIS, Effa Pearl, d.5-dec-1897, a.1y 3m 19d, p. j. & j. anthis
ANTHIS, Raymond, d.20-july-1903, a.9y 11m 23d, p. j. & j. anthis
ARBUTHNOT, Belle, d.20-feb-1884, a.3y 11m 28d, p. f.g. & s.a.arbuthnot
ARBUTHNOT, Blake, d.27-feb-1878, a.3y 4m 14d, p. f.g. & s.a.arbuthnot
ARBUTHNOT, Everett, d.31-july-1883, a.1y 10m 13d, p. f.g. & s.a.arbuthnot
ARBUTHNOT, Sarah E., d.27-jan-1888, a.68y 8m, h. wm. arbuthnot
ARBUTHNOT, William, d.19-sep-1864, a.53y 1m 2d
ARMSTRONG, Jose, b.1874
ARMSTRONG, Sadie M., b.1873, d.1921, h. jose armstrong
ARNOLD, Albert, b.1877, d.1909
ARNOLD, Barbara, b.1844, d.1910
ARNOLD, Elizabeth B., d.3-dec-1875, a.67y 10m 15d, h. george arnold
ARNOLD, Fred, b.1879, d.1900
ARNOLD, George, b.1846, d.1912
ARNOLD, George, d.24-jan-1850, d.46y 5m 6d
ARNOLD, L.V., b.1846, d.1921
ARNOLD, Eddie, b.29-may-?, a.3m 1d
ARNOLD, Minnie G., d.28-dec-1897, a.18y 3m 15d, p. t.e. & l.v. arnold
ARNOLD, T.E., b.1848, d.1922
AVERY, John E., b.1860, d.1920
BAIRD John W., d.18-jan-1883, a.79y 2m 6d
BAIRD, Candace A., b.19-june-1855, d 27-feb-1909, h. francis m. baird
BAIRD, Francis M., b.11-feb-1848, d.16-jan-1922
BAIRD, Frank L., b.1877, d.1932
BAIRD, Infant, (f.?) frank Baird, d.3-june-1910
BAIRD, Millicent, b.1886
BAIRD, Rebecca, d.10-apr-1895, a.86y 11m 28d, h. john w. baird
BAIRD, Susan R., d.9-jan-1933, a.84y 12d
BAIRD, William J., b.19-dec-1847, d.8-feb-1911
BAKER, Frank, d.14-aug-1874, a.6m 23d, p. o.d.& l.i. baker
BAKER, Infant Son, d.14-nov-1872, p. o.d.& l.i. baker
BALDWIN, Hattie Hughey, d.24-oct-1906, a.38y 18d, h. forest baldwin
BANKES, Caroline H., d.30-oct-1871, a.27y 8m 29d, h. j.a.bankes
BANKES, Levi J., d.18-aug-1869, a.22y 11m 17d, p. p. & m. bankes
BANKES, Margaret, d.5-apr-1870, a.46y 10m 21d, h. p. bankes
BARBELL, Bell, d.25-july-1861, a.8m
BARBER, Avilla, d.12-nov-1884, a.81y
BARBER, Elizabeth, d.27-apr-1860, a.31y, h. j.w. barber
BARBER, Francis M., d.8-jan-1844, a.4y, p. robert & sevillar barber, buried in ohio
BARBER, John T., d.28-may-1829, a.2y, p. robert & sevillar barber, buried in ohio
BARBER, Louisa J., d.12-mar-1851, a.2y, p. robert & sevillar barber, buried in ohio
BARBER, Robert, d.29-jan-1880, a.80y
BARLOW, Robert B., b.1899, d.1903
BAUMGARTNER, Catharine, b.18-sep-1828, d.5-june-1877
BAUMGARTNER, Charles J., b.23-sep-1856, d.11-may-1904
BAUMGARTNER, George J., b.25-dec-1851, d.2-dec-1891
BAUMGARTNER, Infant Son,p.john & mary baumgartner
BAUMGARTNER, John M., b.6-june-1819, d.21-june-1863
BAUMGARTNER, John, b.1880, d.1927
BEALL, Arthur W., b.1870, d.1870
BEALL, Edward F., b.1840, d.1918
BEALL, Ethel, b.1875, d.1886
BEALL, Mary J., b.1850, d.1908
BEALL, Mary W., b.1879, d.1882
BEANBLOSSOM, Herbert L., b.20-feb-1880, d.8-feb-1917
BECK, Florence, b.3-june-1886, d.11-nov-1889, p. w. & i. beck
BECKERMAN, Joseph E., b.1888, d.1926
BEDELL, Eunice L., b.1833, d.1913
BEDELL, George T., b.1832, d.1902
BEDELL, Jay Guy, b.30-dec-1881, d.12-nov-1900, p. c.d.& c.m. bedell
BEDELL, Little Cook, d.23-mar-1881, a.10y, p. c.d.& c.m. bedell
BELL, James
BELL, Martin,48h illinois infantry
BELL, Mattie R., d.29-?-1867, a.7y 7m, p. robert & sara s. bell
BELL, Maud Marion, b.6-aug-1865, d.3-may-1880, p. robert & sara s. bell
BELL, Virgiline, b.27-feb-1877, d.13-apr-1878, p. robert & sara s. bell
BERGER, John M., d.24-feb-1868, a.2m 27d, p. j.& s. berger
BERNINGER, C.M., b.23-sep-1855, d.4-aug-1918
BERNINGER, Louella E., b.15-mar-1861, d.7-dec-1906, h. c.m. berninger
BESORE, George W., d.4-jan-1863, a.25y 2m 13d
BESORE, Julia A., d.4-feb-1864, a.24y 1m 9d, a.24y 1m 9d, p. c. & r. cuqua, h. g.w. besore
BIDDLE, Crawford S., b.26-aug-1854
BIDDLE, Dr. E.D., b.1857, d.1012
BIDDLE, Mary Louise, d.30-sep-1885, infant
BIDDLE, Laura Hughes, b.20-jan-1861, d.9-oct-1926
BIDDLE, Thomas Shannon, d.16-june-1880, d.4m 23d
BLIZZARD, or GIZZARD, or CLIZZARD, Armelia, d.18-feb-1867, a.60y
BLOOD, Henry Edson, b.1842, d.1911
BLOOD, Louise Adams, b.1846, d.1920
BOCKHOUSE, Susan, b.21-apr-1838, d.13-nov-1905, h. william bockhouse
BOCKHOUSE, William, b.19-apr-1836, d.3-jan-1875,company g 2nd illinois cavalry
BOLERJACK, Earl, d.23-aug-1928, a.38y 10m 6d
BOLERJACK, Mattie, d.20-nov?, a.42y 11m
BOYER, Mary J., d.10-dec-1864, h. augustus boyer
BREWER, Anna, b.1-sep-1874, d.29-dec-1908, h. l.j. brewer
BREWER, C. or G.L., b.19-sep-1853, d.30-sep-1878
BREWER, Malinda, b.1844, d.1918
BRINES, Carrie, b.30-apr-1867, d.12-jan-1905, p. j.r. & a.e. brines
BRINES, Eliza A., b.1840, d.1928
BRINES, Emobetta, b.26-aug-1859, d.25-apr-18??, p. c.g. & e.f. brines
BRINES, J.R. Sr., b.1844, d.1925
BRINES, Mary E., b.22-jan-1843, d.27-sep-1914
BROWN, Edith, d.8-june-1887, a.1y 1m 5d?, p. j.h. & a.m. brown
BROWN, Ethel F., d.15-apr-1902, a.11m 8d, p. j.h. & a.m. brown
BROWN, Noble Vern, d.12-sep-1899, a.1y 7m 22d, p. j.h. & a.m. brown
BURNS, Belle S., b.20-oct-1862, d.1-aug-1889, h. g.c. burns
BURNS, Hannah U., b.1829, d.1911
BURNS, Neil C., b.1820, d.1895
BURRUCKER, Charles, b.28-june-1868, d.12-dec-1868
BURRUCKER, Henry, b.3-sep-1843, d.1-may-1927
BURRUCKER, Mary E., b.25-sep-1844, d.29-mar-1879
BUYER, Paul F., d.3-nov-1898, a.10d, p. rev. j.l. & c.l. buyer
CAPIN, Nellie, b.25-dec-1867, d.3-feb-1925
CARDER, Clara F., b.9-june-1854, d.21-mar-1883, h. i.t. carder
CARRELL, Robert Wilson, d.19-feb-1928, a.4y 4m 9d
CARSON, Ermine, b.23-sep-1964, d.24-feb-1868, h. j.s. carson
CARSON, James S., b.1856, d.1927
CHANEY, E.J., b.18-dec-1819, d.8-apr-1873
CHIPMAN, Alice M., d.20-aug-1868, a.17y 7m 12d, h. w.f. chipman
CHIPMAN, Draper, d.22-sep-1871, a.57y 4m 11d
CHIPMAN, Elean, d.2-aug-1887, a.1y 8m, p. w.f. & h.s. chipman
CHIPMAN, Helen S., d.1-june-1888, a.35y 1m 8d, h. w.f. chipman
CHIPMAN, Sarah T., d.8-feb-1877, a.24y 9m 2d
CHIPMAN, William, b.1844, d.1928
CLARK, Emily Caroline, d.1-nov-1856, a.21y, h. jas. h. clark
CLARKE, A.A.B., b.1843, d.1906
CLARKE, Annie H., b.1843, d.1916
CLARKE, George S., b.1867, d.1926
CLINE, Sallie J., d.26-oct-1883, a.33y 5m 5d, h. william cline
CLIZZARD or BLIZZARD, or GIZZARD, Armelia, d.18-feb-1867, a.60y
COLEMAN, George H., b.17-may-1885, d.21-july-1915
COLEMAN, Mary, b.15-oct-1848, d.21-jan-1923?
COLEMAN, Maud G., b.1881, d.1924
COLLARD, Daniel M., b.17-july-1833, d.20-nov-1887
COLLARD, Margaret E., b.22-dec-1846, d.22-dec-1914, h. d.m. collard
COMPTON, Levi, d.28-jan-1879, a.11y
COMPTON, V.G., b.29-jan-1839, d.13-apr-1912, company g. 48th illinois infantry
CONWAY, Marie J., d.2-jan-1858, p. s.b. & j.f. conway
COPELAND, Jane E., b.1847, d.1922
COPELAND, Phoebe, b.1819, d.1904
COPELAND, Samuel, b.1806, d.1891
COPELAND, Sarah, b.1840, d.1915
COPP, ?, d.4-aug-1857, a.8d
COPP, George William, d.17-mar-1859, a.5y 8m 19d
COPP, John, b.1820, d.1892
COPP, Sarah E., b.1826, d.1864
CORRIE, Albert, b.1848, d.1928
COSTALLO, Francis H., b.26-aug-1861, d.5-may-1862, p. j.t. & a.m. costallo
COUCH, John, b.6-jan-1906, d.12-may-1907, p. j.f. & d.c. couch
COUCH, Lothia C.
CRAIG, E.F., b.1839
CRAIG, J.D., b.1837, d.1903, company m. 4th illinois cavalry
CRAIG, Lewis F., b.1870
CRAIG, Nora D., b.1875, d.1903
CRANDOLL, Gladys V., d.7-jan-1912, a.23y 7m 12d
CRANDOLL, James, d.7-nov-1923, a.52y 11m 20d
CRANDOLL, John R., b.11-mar-1851, d.17-mar-1880
CRANDOLL, John William, d.25-apr-1928, a.2m 9d
CRAVATH, Austin,p.r. & r.j. cravath
CRAVATH, Ella Bell, d.17-sep-1863 or 8, p. r. & r.j. cravath
CRAVOTH, Robert Charles, b.24-nov-1865, d.21-mar-1870, p. robert & r.j. cravoth
CROW, Charles, b.1870
CROW, Ettie, b.1872, h. charles crow
CROW, Maud, b.1896, d.1912, p. c. & e. crow
CUMMINS, George C., b.30-aug-1874, d.18-may-1908, p. c.f. & m.f. cummins
CUMMINS, Shirley P., b.15-feb-1881, d.29-aug-1905
CUQUA, Charles B., b.17-nov-1863, d.5-aug-1907
CUQUA, Frank G., b.16-feb-1837, d.8-july-1878
CUQUA, Harry R., b.29-apr-1872, d.6-jan-1893
CUQUA, Mary Jane, d.21-june-1912, a.73y
CUQUA, Rebecca, d.4-jan-1881, a.69y
CURTIS, Virgil G., b.7-july-1859, d.10-jan-1902
DAVENPORT, E. Blake, b.21-dec-1877, d.6-aug-1927
DAVIS, Elmer E., b.1861, d.1900
DAVIS, Mary, d.18-july-1859, a.8d, p. j.p. & sarah m. david
DEISCHER, Infant, d.19-apr-1924, a.10d
DEPUTY, Abner G., b.1851, d.1932
DEPUTY, George W., d.18-oct-1865, a.22y 8m 11d, p. t.t. & m.m. deputy, 62nd illinois infantry
DEPUTY, Mary M., b.15-feb-1823, d.27-apr-1892, a.69y 2m 8d
DEPUTY, Sarah J., d.20-nov-?, a.?y 10m 29d
DEPUTY, Thomas T., d.14-apr-1887, a.68y 2m 23d
DOLLAHAN, Harry H., d.22-mar-1885, a.13d, p. j.f. & m.l. dollahan
DORNEY, Grace L., b.1858, d.1927
DOUGLASS, Ansel P., b.12-feb-1892, d.13-june-1913, p. j.f. & m.m. douglass
DOUGLASS, J.P., d.15-mar-1868
DOUGLASS, Minttie M., b.7-may-1870, h. j.p. douglass
DYAR, Andrew F., d.9-oct-,185, a.80y 8m 11d
DYAR, Edward F., b.19-nov-1862, d.4-feb-1889, a.26y 2m 15d
DYAR, Elizabeth B., d.15-dec-1874, a.83y 8m 26d, h. a.f. dyar
DYAR, Elizabeth, b.24-july-1822, d.18-aug-1900, h. j.d.dyar
DYAR, John A., d.1-feb-1855, a.3m 15d, p. john d.& e. dyar
DYAR, Louisa L., d.20-sep-1857, a.6m 15d, p. john d.& elizabeth dyar
DYAR, William H., b.25-mar-1870, d.27-jan-1862
DYE, Patricia Ann, b.20-dec-1923, d.24-dec-1923
DYER, Joel H.,copany f. 1st colored cavalry
E.H.P., small marker on johnston lot
EICHHORN, Pauline S. Landes, b.24-may-1868, d.19-apr-1925, h. e.f. eichhorn
ELLIOTT, Albert W., b.1844, d.1927
ELLIOTT, Bertha Rose, b.1886, d.1913, h. c.d.elliott
EPPERSON, Anna, b.4-may-1853, d.15-apr-1875, h. j.w. epperson
EPPERSON, James W., b.2-nov-1854, d.21-feb-1875
EUBLMAN, Carrie, b.25-apr-1878, d.30-nov-1904
FINNELL, Rhoda E., b.1875, d.1911
FISHER, Caroline, b.15-nov-1828, d.3-jan-1873, p. d.& c. fisher
FISHER, Daniel, b.9-may-1818, d.13-mar-1880, p. d.& c. fisher
FISHER, George I., b.30-oct-1846, d.29-nov-1876, p. d.& c. fisher
FISHER, Jennie, d.21-aug-1885, a.27y 5m 17d, h. a.l. fisher
FISHER, Loretta E.M., d.15-apr-1888, a.4m 6d, p. j.j. & m.m. fisher
FISHER, Louis F., b.20-oct-1854, d.5-aug-1855, p. d.& c. fisher
FISHER, Pollie A.G., b.31-mar-1861, d.31-aug-1865, p. d.& c. fisher
FISHER, Sarah A.M., b.20-jan-1853, d.9-sep-1855, p. d.& c. fisher
FORD, Ada Belle, b.2-dec-1874, d.31-dec-1874, p. h.d.& m.i. ford
FORD, Harvey H., b.11-may-1831, d.28-aug-1882
FOSTER, M.J., b.1850, d.1918
FOX, Elijah B., b.1869, d.1929
FOX, Elijah, d.5-jan-1870, a.39y 24d
FOX, Enola C., b.1879, d.1919
FOX, Francis E., b.16-sep-1843, d.2-mar-1926
FOX, Jessie Jane, b.1863, d.1927
FREEMAN, Edward Franklin, b.15-oct-1917, d.29-jan-1919
FREEMAN, Maud H., b.1886, d.1932, h. a.m. freeman
FROMAN, Arthur S., b.15-sep-1886, d.29-sep-1905, p. t.j. & m.a.froman
FROMAN, Hazel B., b.1896, d.1922
FROMAN, Infant Daughter, d.4-apr-1903, p. z. & 3.m. froman
FROMAN, Infant, d.9-jan-1932, p. z. & e.m. froman
FROMAN, Mary A., b.23-nov-1854, d.1-sep-1910, h. thomas j. froman
FROMAN, Oath, b.1879, d.1914
FROMAN, Ruth, b.7-nov-1904, d.19-may-1906, p. a.a.& k. froman
FROMAN, Thomas J., b.28-sep-1855, d.7-jan-1922
FROMAN, Zenor, b.13-may-1891, d.29-apr-1832
FROST, Emily, d.11-feb-1891, a.65y 7m 17d, h. henry frost
GEIGER, Anna, b.14-oct-1878, d.13-may-1907, h. j.f. geiger
GIBSON, Alexander, d.21-july-1850, a.67y 5m 7d
GIBSON, J.J.,Su. R.S.N., b. 30-apr-1836, d.19-feb-1870, a.33y 9m 19d
GIBSON, James,copany g. 87th illinois infantry
GIBSON, M.,cosort, a.gibson
GIZZARD, or BLIZZARD or CLIZZARD, Armelia, d.18-feb-1867, a.60y
GLICK, Alice H. Wood, b.20-apr-1859, d.11-july-1880, h. l.j. glick
GLICK, George Andrew, d.7-feb-1926, a.80y 6m 9d
GLICK, George, d.6-sep-1882, a.82y 5m 6d
GLICK, Lewis, b.20-july-1823, d.16-july-1895, a.71y 11m 26d
GLICK, Mary, b.12-sep-1822, d.7-july-1898, a.75y 9m 25d
GLICK, Minnie J., d.6-may-1880, a.5y 3m 11d, p. w.f. & m.s. glick
GLICK, Rachael, d.25-jan-1879, a.1m 11d, p. j.e. & l. glick
GLICK, Rachel, d.9-jan-1891, a.91y 2m 22d, h. george glick
GLICK, Victor L., b.30-june-1880
GOFORTH, C.O.B.,a.56y 2d
GOFORTH, James Lutes, d.25-mar-1859, a.1y 11m 8d, p. c.o.b. & f.e. goforth
GOFORTH, Mary L., b.16-aug-1853, d.21-mar-1926
GOFORTH, Thomas Ephraim, d.1-jan-1848, a.1y 1m 22d, p. c.o.b. & f.e. goforth
GOFORTH, William A., b.12-may-1848, d.22-july-1908
GOODART, John Allen, b.1883, d.1920
GOODART, Willa, b.1895, d.1925
GOODYEAR, Eliza, b.9-june-1821, d.12-dec-1901, h. george h. goodyear
GOODYEAR, George H., b.17-june-1819, d.14-dec-1901
GORDON, Infant Daughter, d.8-june-1878, p. r.s. & m.l. gordon
GORDON, Libbe, d.19-apr-1876, a.2y 2m 17d, p. r.s. & m.l. gordon
GORDON, Mary L., b.1840, d.1907
GORDON, Robert S., b.1838, d.1907
GORDON, Wilcom, d.9-feb-1876, a.12d, p. r.s. & m.l. gordon
GOTT, Hazen, b.18-aug-1841, d.31-dec-1870
GOTT, William E., b.25-apr-1856, d.27-july-1870, p. l. & m. gott
GOULD, Bradley B., b.27-june-1817 in bridgeport conn., d.28-sep-1885, a.68y 3m 1d
GOULD, Jerome, b.15-may-1847, d.17-mar-1926, a.79y 2d
GOULD, Leroy Kavanough, b.7-july-1891?, d.1-sep-1903, p. j. & l. gould
GOULD, Lydia, b.27-mar-1842, d.15-dec-1909, h. jerome gould
GOULD, Mary E., b.28-july-1837, d.3-oct-1904, h. b.b. gould
GOULD, Mary F., d.8-july-1862, a.40y 3m 5d, h. b.b. gould
GOULD, Murlin C., b.1909, d.1924
GRAHAM, Sarah S., d.16-june-1869, a.28y 9m 6d, h. william graham
GRAHAM, William, d.9-oct-1871, a.41y 6m 22d, surgeon 40th ill inf.
GREEN, Eddie, d.12-sep-1869, a.11m 9d, p. e.b. & emily l. green
GREEN, Emily Lutes, b.1837, d.1926
GREEN, Judge E.B., b.1837, d.1923
GREEN, Pearl E., b.1875, a.1916
GREER, Eliza M., b.8-jan-1892, d.20-feb-1858, h. william greer
GREER, Elizabeth, b.5-mar-1854, d.9-june-1906, h. w.c. greer
GREER, James M., b.25-jan-1833, d.12-mar-1857, p. w. & e.m. greer
GREER, Mary E., d.28-jan-1870, a.19y 4m 26d, p. s.d.& w.a.greer
GREER, S.D., d.15-oct-1912, a.88y 7m 20d
GREER, William C.,copany g. 129th indiana infantry
GREER, William C., d.16-sep-1860, a.38y 7m 7d
GREER, William, d.4-may-1835, a.39y
GREER, Winna A., d.23-mar-1905, a.75y 4m 9d, h. s.d.greer
GREGG, Mary W., d.june-1930
GREY, George B., d.5-oct-1914
GRUNDON, Clara A., b.1856, d.1901, h. cyrus m. grundon
GRUNDON, Cyrus M., b.1849, d.1914
GRUNDON, Edgar L., b.28-mar-1907, d.19-apr-1907, p. b.f. & s. grundon
GRUNDON, Lewis, d.8-july-1899, a.7y 9m 24d, p. g.m. & g.a.grundon
GRUNDON, Ruth M., d.12-may-1900, a.5m 6d, p. u.g. & e.t. grundon
GRUNDON, Ulysses G., d.22-apr-1931, a.67y 2m 10d
HALL, Edith, b.1849, d.1921, h. j.s.g. h,ll
HAM, Ab. L., b.1860, d.1906
HAM, Clay, b.8-may-1835, d.5-oct-1841
HAM, E. Jane, b.1848, d.1921
HAM, Elizabeth, b.3-dec-1839, d.5-july-1881
HAM, Emma, b.1856, d.1898
HAM, George S., b.1852, d.1916
HAM, Hattie, b.1846, d.1908
HAM, Henry, b.1837, d.1902, company i 40th ill inf.
HAM, John W., b.1842, d.19--, company c. 115th ill inf.
HAM, Margaret, b.18-aug-1815, d.15-may-1897, h. t.j. ham
HAM, Mary L., b.1854, d.19-
HAM, R. Ellen, b.1844, d.1914
HAM, T.J., b.30-mar-1808, d.10-oct-1868
HAM, Thomas, b.15-sep-1841, d.21-sep-1841
HAMMACKER, Adam, b.16-oct-1816, d.26-june-1898
HAMMACKER, Hattie S., d.2-sep-1876, a.1y 6m 12d, p. j.a.& m.e. hammaker
HAMMAKER, Alfred S., b.29-aug-1844, d.15-nov-1880, a.36y 2m 15d
HANSON, Robert Stephen, b.1908, d.1921
HARGRAVE, Jennie, b.25-oct-1869, d.20-nov-1911, h. john h. hargrave
HARGRAVE, Richard,copany k. 152nd indiana infantry
HARMON, Hannah H., b.27-feb-1843, d.31-oct-1921, h. wm. m. harmon
HARMON, Mary Eliza, b.1-apr-1861, d.6-may-1867, p. wm. m. & h.h. harmon
HARMON, William Jr., d.22-feb-1929, a.20d
HARMON, William M., b.1-oct-1830, d.23-nov-1867
HARNISH, Frederick, b.15-jan-1826, d.15-feb-1867
HARNISH, Rosa, b.20-jan-1832, d.17-may-1910, h. frederick harnish
HARPER, Earl P., d.17-sep-1889?, a.1y 9m 10d?, p. c.c. & belle harper
HARRINGTON, Dan'l, b.lewistown, pa., 2-mar-867, a.70y
HARRINGTON, E.S., d.25-jan-1868, a.33y 4m 6d, p. h.h. & e.s. harrington
HARRINGTON, Edgar Sears, d.21-july-1868, a.6m 12d, p. h.h. & e.s. harrington
HARRINGTON, Edna, d.16-feb-1867, a.1y 1m 24d, p. h.h. & e.s. harrington
HARRINGTON, H.H., d.13-nov-1869, a.32y 8m 10d
HARRINGTON, Henry, d.2-mar-1867, a.3y 11m 24d, p. h.h. & e.s. harrington
HARRINGTON, Laura R., d.11-aug-1859, a.5d, p. h.h. & e.s. harrington
HARRINGTON, Mary A., d.1-aug-1860, a.3d, p. h.h. & e.s. harrington
HARRIS, Carl Admiral, d.5-july-1882, a.1y 11m 6d, p. louis a.& e.j. harris
HARRIS, Edwin A., b.30-mar-1889, d.22-feb-1894, p. e.j. & v. harris
HARRIS, Elijah, d.8-july-1869, a.85y 21d
HARRIS, Elizabeth, d.3-sep-1863, a.74y 8m 1d, h. elikah harris
HARRIS, Francis, d.16-oct-1871, a.39y 8m 8d
HARRIS, Infant Son, d.7-sep-1916, p. j.w. & r. harris
HARRIS, John R., b.11-oct-1822, d.18-may-1907
HARRIS, Juliet, d.29-apr-1876, a.47y 7m, h. w.e. harris
HARRIS, Martha, b.19-oct-1814, d.29-aug-1886, a.71y 10m 11d
HARRIS, Mary E., b.july-1837, d.19-sep-1902, h. j.r. harris
HARRIS, Mary, b.28-july-1828, d.28-apr-1888, h. john r. harris
HARRIS, Ruth, b.1886, d.1929, h. john w. harris
HARRIS, William H., b.16-mar-1844, d.17-sep-1909
HARTMAN, Charlie, d.18-july-1855, a.1m 20d, p. j. & m. hartman
HARTMAN, Ellen B., d.7-aug-1867, a.6y 2m 27d, p. j. & m. hartman
HARTMAN, John, d.28-aug-1882 in new haven conn., a.34y 1m 3d
HARTMAN, Lizzie, d.13-may-1881 in new haven, conn., a.34y 1m 25d
HARTMAN, Mary B., b.1824, d.1890
HARTMAN, Maud M., b.24-sep-1868, d.13-oct-1892, p. john & lizzie hartman jr.
HARVEY, Annie E., b.1899, d.1900, p. o.r. & a.e. harvey
HARVEY, Beauchamp A., b.1850, d.1927
HARVEY, Eleanor, b.3-nov-1830?, d.22-oct-1898, h. dr. james harvey
HARVEY, James, M.D., b.6-apr-1821, d.12-dec-1896
HAVILL, Elizabeth C., b.2-dec-1847, d.3-feb-1878, p. philip & mary havill
HAVILL, Frank, b.15-sep-1842, d.5-june-1907, a.64y 8m 20d
HAVILL, Frank, b.18-mar-1878, d.26-mar-1878, p. frank w. & lizzie havill
HAVILL, Guy, b.6-sep-1876, d.15-sep-1876, p. f.w. & l. havill
HAVILL, Joseph Warren, b.21-mar-1837, d.8-july-1885
HAVILL, Lizzie, b.3-oct-1846, d.30-july-1906, a.59y 9m 27d
HAVILL, Mary Tilton, b.22-apr-1814, d.8-apr-1884
HAVILL, Philip, b.15-aug-1809, d.1-mar-1878
HAVILL, St. Clair, b.19-nov-1874, d.26-nov-1895, a.21y 7d, p. frank w. & lizzie havill
HAZELTON, Oliver, b.1884, d.1916
HENDRICKS, Blanche, d.20-sep-?, a.1y 4m 10d
HIGBEE, Anna C., d.22-june-1902, a.65y 8m
HIRES, Mary, b.1840, d.1889
HODGES, C. or. G.W., b.17-july-1863, d.20-nov-190?
HODGES, Infant Daughter, d.29-nov-1901, p. c.or g.w. & m. hodges
HOFFMAN, W.S., b.17-feb-1850, d.3-feb-1913
HOKE, Elizabeth, b.28-mar-1793, d.21-july-1852, a.59y 3m 24d, consort jacob hoke sr.
HOKE, Jacob F., d.28-july-1816, a.13y 11d, p. p. & c.m. hoke
HOKE, Jacob S., b.1-nov-1790, d.21-july-1852
HOKE, John II., d.14-mar-1876, a.25y 1m 3d
HOKE, Philip, d.7-nov-1856, a.33y 1m 22d
HOOVER, Clemintine, b.oct-1872, d.9-nov-1896, p. s.b. & f.f. reinhard
HOSKINSON, Clara F., b.1858, d.1932
HOSKINSON, Eddie G., d.21-sep-1861, a.6m 11d, p. i. & j.m. hoskinson
HOSKINSON, F.A., d.10-june-1888, a.61y 9m 3d
HUGHES, Esther Louisa, b.1882, d.16-sep-1883, a.11m 7d, p. william h. & mary f. hughes
HUGHES, James Neville, b.8-mar-1856, d.9-nov-1892
HUGHES, Mary Frances, b.1846, d.1906, h. william h. hughes
HUGHES, William H., b.1846, d.1917
HUGHES, Wilma, b.1892, d.1904, p. c.e. & m.l. hughes
HUGHEY, Martha D., d.4-jan-1900, a.66y 10m 15d, h. lewis hughey
HUNT, Alice Gibbs, b.26-apr-1849, d.29-mar-1902
HUNT, Elmae, b.1895, d.1899, p. n.d.& e.s. hunt
HUNT, Herbert Waldo, b.20-feb-1877, d.19-oct-1878
HUNT, Horace Gibbs, b.9-dec-1882, d.11-may-1894
HUNT, Oliver Goldsmith, b.24-sep-d.21-mar-1902
HURD, Fannie C., d.15-feb-1882, a.28y 8m 27d, h. j.u. hurd
HURD, Leila, d.8-aug-1876, a.5y 11m 16d, p. j.u. & f.c. hurd
HUTCHINSON, H.H., d.19-feb-1927, a.72y 10m 10d
HUTCHINSON, Laura A., d.8-dec-1896, a.5y 5m 26d, p. h.c. & s.a.hutchinson
HUTCHINSON, Willie G., d.12-apr-1897, a.2m 12d, p. h.c. & s.a.hutchinson
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