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Old Lancaster Cemetery
Village of Lancaster, Wabash County, Illinois

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula [kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 379.

Located in Coffee Precinct, Sec 9, near Keensburg, Wabash County, Illinois.

The original hand written tombstone inscriptions were done in 1931 by B.J. Walters (b1891-d1960) and are somewhat difficult to read. These recordings were also proof-read by Virginia Perry at vperry@midwest.net..

The original tombstone recordings can be viewed at the Public Library in Mt. Carmel, IL - Contact Louise Taylor (bttaylor@hotmail.com)

The cemetery datafile was constructed by Shannon Swain at anxie99@yahoo.com in September-1999.

These recordings have been .TXT file converted and enhanced by Paul M. Kankula of Seneca, SC, 21-Feb-1999.Other Lancaster Precinct Cemeteries: Caryle, Cunningham, Freeman, Jordan Creek (aka Old Brick - recorded), New Lancaster (aka Harrison - recorded), St Paul & Seibert(recorded).


a. = age at time of death
b. = date of birth
c. = child
d. = date of death
da. = daughter
f. = father
gf. = grandfather
gm. = grandmother
h. = husband
i. = infant
m. = mother
n. =- notes
p. = parents
s. = son
w. = wife

ALBIN, Dorotha E., 27-jan-1864, a.20-4-0, d.russel & rachel albin.
ANDERSON, Martha, b.23-mar-1810, d.20-oct-1858, consort (mate) of henry anderson.
ANDERSON, Martha Ann, d.18-jun-1859, a.0-2-23, d.of s. & p. anderson.
BACHE, James C., d.-dec-1883, a.1-6-?, s. of e.m. & olive bache.
BACHMAN, Cora V., d.14-mar-1883, a.2-2-0.
BAILEY, Bowdin, d.30-nov-1872, a.43-3-8.
BAILEY, Drusilla, b.18-aug-1802, d.15-apr-1845, a.42-7-28, w. of elias bailey, small h.c. stone nearby, mary b.Stone nearby marked 28-sep-1841.
BAILEY, Elenora, d.18-may-1871, a.3-5-16, d.of b.& m. bailey.
BAILEY, Elias, b.15-apr-1802, d.6-jan-1854.
BAILEY, Emma, b.6-aug-1870, d.8-sep-1871, d.b.& m. bailey.
BAILEY, Fanny J., b.20-jan-1861, d.6-apr-186?, d.of j.j. & m.e. bailey, small unmarked stone nearby.
BAILEY, Florence M., b.26-dec-1872, d.17-oct-1900, d.of b.& m. bailey.
BAILEY, Laura, d.19-nov-1861, a.0-11-2, d.of b.& m. bailey.
BAILEY, Mable Z., d.5-oct-1880, a.0-4-18, d.of n?.m. & i.m. bailey.
BAILEY, Martha Ellen, d.23-sep-1922, a.83-9-12, (2) small unmarked stones nearby.
BAILEY, Mary C., d.1-may-1912, a.75-11-19, w. of bowdin bailey.
BAILEY, William E., d.27-oct, a.14-2-28, s. of l.c. & r.a.bailey, small unmarked stone nearby, m.j. mcm? Stone nearby.
BAILEY, William H., d.31-jul-1857, a.1-9-16, s. of b.& m. bailey.
BERGER, Mary, b.19-may-1891, d.13-oct-1895, a.1-1-27, d.of g. & e. berger.
BERNINGER, Azariah, b.6-apr-1837, d.7-feb-1896, a.58-10-1.
BERNINGER, George, d.9-???-1865, a.?0-?-20, s. of i. & s.a.berninger.died in jan, jun or jul? 7-Oct-1920?
BERNINGER, Hannah E., d.22-jul-1861, a.0-6-27, d.of i. & s.a.berninger.
BERNINGER, Isiah, 21dec-1834, d.27-apr-1905, h. of sarah a.berninger.
BERNINGER, Issac L., d.2-jul-1865, a.3-0-6, s. of i. & s.a.berninger.
BERNINGER, Maryann P., d.18-jan-1875, a.40-2-27, w. of c. berninger.
BERNINGER, Morris W., d.7-apr-1876, a.0-1-0, s. of i. & s.a.berninger.
BERNINGER, Sarah A., b.9-mar-1842, d.30-dec-1907, w. of isiah berninger, b.21-dec-1834?, d.27-apr-1905?.
BIEHL, John F., d.30-oct-1932, a.62-11-13.
BIEHL, Martha J., d.20-sep-1870, a.2-3-7, d.of d.& s.e. biehl.
BIEHL, Sarah E., d.11-apr-1873, a.24-5-26, w. of d.biehl.
BLOOD, Asenath, b.1-dec-1804, d.25-jan-1880, w. of horace blood.
BLOOD, Horace, b.28-jul-1805, d.11-nov-1884, h. of asenath blood.
BOWMAN, Sabrina E., d.6-oct-1860/66. a.0-4?-?, d.of s. & m.a.bowman.
BOWMAN, William, d.10-feb-1862, a.1-0-25, s. of s. & m.a.bowman.
BOYD, George H., b.9-jul-1853, d.18-apr-1857, s. of j.f. & a.boyd.
BRINES, Alta May, b.7-may-1847, d.18-dec-1897.
BRINES, Angeline, b.4-dec-1856, d.11-aug-1903, w. of george w. brines.
BRINES, George W., b.20-jan-1852, d.10-jun-1929, h. of angeline brines.
BROWN, Eliza Knight, b.5-apr-1833, d.24-nov-1858, h. of john m. brown.
BROWN, John C., d.23-aug-1864, a.0-4-15, s. of j.m. & e. brown.
BROWN, John M., b.23-sep-1828, d.31-mar-1864, h. of eliza knight brown.
BROWN, William M., d.31-aug-1858, a.1-3-12, s. of j. & e. brown.
BURTON, Albert, b.2-feb-1883, d.14-jun-1926.
BURTON, Arenia E., b.17-mar-1901, d.4-jul-1901, p. j. & m.a.burton.
BURTON, Charles, b.19-apr-1886, d.20-apr-1886.
BURTON, Clara F., d.13-apr-1932, a.48-2-9.
BURTON, Dora A., d.3-sep-1871, a.0-0-6, d.of s.m. & s.j. burton.
BURTON, Elsie R., b.22-jun-1884, d.31-may-1925, (1) unmarked, he? Infant d.20-apr???? & mary d.25-feb-???? stones nearby.
BURTON, George W., d.21-jun-1910, a.17-8-28, s. of j. & m. burton.
BURTON, George W., d.25-dec-1878, a.3-9-18, s. of g.n. & i.j. burton.
BURTON, George W., b.25-dec-1846, d.4-nov-1910.
BURTON, Ida Ann, b.14-dec-1907, d.8-jan-1908, d.of j. & m.a.burton.
BURTON, Infant, b.16-sep-1903, d.17-sep-1903, p. j. & m.a.burton.
BURTON, James, b.1-jan-1828, d.28-aug-1894, h. of martha jane burton.
BURTON, Joseph A., b.10-mar-1894, d.15-apr-1895, s. of j. & m.a.burton.
BURTON, Lizzie, b.11-jan-1880, d.19-apr-1895.
BURTON, Loretta, d.9-aug-1878, a.0-2-15, d.of s.n. & i.j. , buton
BURTON, Martha J., d.23-feb-1869, a.18-1-23, d.of j. & m.j. burton.
BURTON, Martha Jane, b.15-mar-1825, d.11-dec-1891, a.66-6-26, w. of james burton.
BURTON, Rebecca E., b.18-jun-1855, d.25-jul-1858, d.of j. & m. burton.
BURTON, Reva M., b.20-may-1902, d.1-oct-1902, p. j. & m.a.burton
BURTON, Sarah, b.8-jun-1848, d.24-apr-1886, w. of george m. burton.
CATTE, Rachel Dorney, b.2-sep-1879, d.7-jul-1920, w. of jesse catte.
COURTER, a.E., 18may-1833, d.3-oct-1898, w. of n.f. courter.
COURTER, Amanda Q., d.29-may-1868, a.2-10-7, d.of n.f. & a.e. courter.
COURTER, Eben W., b.16-jan-1868, d.8-may-1895.
COURTER, Ester C., d.17-aug-1864, a.0-9-16, d.of n.f. & a.e. courter, d.28-oct-1854?
COURTER, Newton J., d.2-nov-1874, a.18-6-10, s. of n.f. & a.e. courter.
COURTER, Robert M., d.17-aug-1864, a.1-7-24, s. of n.f. & a.e. courter.
COURTER, W. F., b.27-jul-1832, d.26-dec-1905, a.73-4-29.
CUNNINGHAM, Edith, b.9-sep-1865, d.25-sep-1890.
CUNNINGHAM, Mary A., b.18-feb-1832, d.18-nov-1879, a.27-9-0.
DAIBER, Charles, d.21-jan-1884, a.0-0-22, s. of t. & a.e. daiber.
DAIBER, Infant Daughter, d.2-dec-1879, a.0-0-12, d.of t. & a.e. daiber.
DARNEY, William, b.28-jan-1879, a.9-?-?, s. of f. & g. darney.
DEISCHER, Albert S., b.1859, d.1913.
DEISCHER, Elizabeth, d.20-may-1928, a.75-3-3.
DEISCHER, Jacob W., b.1868, d.1917.
DEISCHER, James b.E., b.1831, d.1917.
DEISCHER, Mary A., b.1833, d.1917.
DORNEY, Charlotte, b.9-mar-1831, d.16-feb-1916, w. of john.
DORNEY, John, b.14-jan-1822, d.21-jan-1905, h. of charlotte.
DORNEY, William I., d.28-jan-1879, a.9-?-?, s. of f. & g. dorney.
DREIBELBIS, Emanuel Oliver, b.2-feb-1880, d.18-may-1881, s. of f.j. & e.m. dreibelbis
DREIBELBIS, Joseph J., d.9-jul-1879, a.1-6-23, s. of f.j. & e.m. dreibelbis.
ECHISS, Emmanuel, b.9-jul-1832, d.25-feb-1880, co-e 63 ill inf, small w.d., b.s., m.s. & (1) unmarked stones nearby.
FESSEL, Anna M., b.1835, d.1923.
FESSEL, John G., d.14-dec-1868, a.33-10-14.
FESSEL, Lewis C., b.7-jun-1857, d.27-aug-1927.
FESSEL, Susan, b.25-sep-1861.
FISHER, Flora E., b.22-apr-1907, d.5-nov-1909, d.of p.b.& b.j. fisher.
FITE, Elizabeth A., b.1849, w. of hiram f. fite 1843-1922.
FITE, Hiram F., d.31-jul-1890, a.19-4-25, s. of h.f. & anne fite.
FITE, Hiram F., b.1843, d.1922, h. of elizabeth a.fite.
FITE, Hiram F., b.1877, d.1890, s. of hiram f. & elizabeth a.fite.
FITE, Julia, b.1873, d.of hiram f. & elizabeth a.fite.
FORNOFF, August, d.26-dec-1878, a.29-9-26.
FORNOFF, Caroline E., b.1?-feb-1816, d.24-sep-1897, a.81-7-5.
FORNOFF, Charles, 15mar-1899.
FORNOFF, Eddie L., d.15-???-1881, a.2-0-25, s. of j. & e.j. fornoff.
FORNOFF, Elizabeth Augusta, b.1844, d.1906.
FORNOFF, John, b.18-oct-1810, d.3-dec-1897, a.87-1-15.
FORNOFF, Josephine, b.17-sep-1860, d.29-jul-1908.
FOSTER, Cliffie L., d.23-jan-1901, a.0-0-25, s. of t.o. & k.s. foster.
FOSTER, Infant, d.1-dec-1901, p. t.o. & k.s. foster
FOSTER, Nora May, b.7-mar-1895, d.15-jul-1906, d.of t.o. & k.s. foster.
FREEMAN, Lydia, d.-sep-1854, a.19-0-20.
FRENCH, Infant Son, 30may-1905, s. of a.d.& kate e. french.
FRIEND, Charlie E., b.7-dec-1856, d.23-jun-1860, a.3-6-16, s. william & evelena friend.
FRIEND, Evelena, b.22-apr-1837, d.22-feb-1899, a.61-10-0, w. of dr william friend.
FRIEND, George, s.of william & evelena friend.
FRIEND, Marie F., b.7-aug-1861, d.17-jul-1862, a.0-11-10, d.of william & evelena friend.
FRIEND, Miles E., b.7-aug-1861, d.20-aug-1861, a.0-0-23, s. of william & evelena friend.
FRIEND, Mollie E., d.3-feb-1867, a.2-3-24, d.of william & evelena friend.
FRIEND, Victor E., b.7-mar-1858, d.2-jun-1860, a.2-2-25, s. of william & evelena friend.
FRIEND, Dr William, b.2-dec-1828, d.4-dec-1905, a.77-0-2.
FRY, William E., b.12-jul-1841, d.9-feb-1916, co-a 59 ill inf, m.j.b.& h.c.b.stones nearby.
GADDEY, Clarissa, b.4-mar-1898, d.28-nov-1909, s. of c.e. & m.e. gaddey.
GAHRETT, Sarah E., d.23-sep-1875, a.1-1-7.
GAINES, Augus R., d.10-apr-1860, a.54-8-3.
GARBETT/SABRETT, Sarah E., d.23-sep-1875, a.1-1-7.
GARD, James, d.15-jun-1862, a.21-5-26.
GARDNER, Stephen, d.1-jun-1844, a.45-0-0.
GEHRETT, Catharine, d.4-jan-189?4, a.88-8-9, w. of nathan gehrett, (1) unmarked, i.s. c.g. stones nearby.
GEHRETT, Nathan R., b.21-may-1821, d.20-sep-1896, a.75-3-28.
GEISLER, Clara, d.8-jun-1880, a.22-3-10, w. of j.n. geisler.
GEISLER, Fannie, d.20-jun-1880, a.0-1-6, d.of j.n. & c. geisler.
GEISLER, Jacob, b.24-apr-1830, d.4-dec-1917.
GEISLER, Mary Ann, b.11-mar-1835, d.14-jan-1898.
GEISZLER, Hannah, d.17-may-1866, a.62-3-14, w. of nicholas geiszler.
GIMPLE, Della M., D.28-may-1884, a.0-1-12, d.of a.& h.m. gimple.
GINTHER, Jacob, b.27-jul-1832, d.2-mar-1887.
GINTHER, Mary E., b.8-jan-1889, d.7-apr-1889, d.of a.& e. ginther.
GINTHER, Ruben, b.13-feb-1859, d.10-jul-1859, s. of j. & s. ginther.
GINTHER, Sofia, b.13-may-1833, d.24-oct-1903, w. of j. ginther.
GOLDBURGH, Nancy, b.1-jan-1825, 13-jun-1852, w. of s.s. goldburgh.
GREATHOUSE, George, d.6-nov-1857, a.10-10-0, s. of j.a.& hester greathouse.
GREATHOUSE, Gertrude L., b.29-oct-1888, d.7-jul-1889, d.of e. & a.c. greathouse.
GREATHOUSE, Infant Daughter, d.6-sep-1877, d.6-sep-1877, d.of e. & a.s. greathouse
GREATHOUSE, Infant Son, b.2-nov-1878, d.2-nov-1878, s. of e. & a.s. greathouse.
GREATHOUSE, John A., b.5-jan-1822, d.5-nov-1885, a.63-10-0
GREATHOUSE, John E., b.1852, d.1898, small unmarked stone nearby.
GREATHOUSE, Marie, b.1896, d.1897, d.of j.e. & e.j. greathouse.
GREATHOUSE, Mattie L., b.8-oct-1886, d.20-dec-1886, d.of e. & a.c. greathouse
GRIESMER, Abraham, d.25-may-1889, a.47-2-7.
GRIESMER, b.F., d.20-jan-1883, 56-4-16.
GRIESMER, Katie, b.1-aug-1879, d.23-nov-1879, a.1-3-17, d.of b.f. & m.a.griesmer.
GRIESMER, Margaret Schwartz, b.1845, d.1919, w. of abe griesmer, (2) small unmarked stones nearby.
GRIESMER, Martha A., b.1-aug-1879, d.6-jun-1882, a.9-10-0, d.of b.f. & m.a.griesmer.
GRIESMER, Mary A., b.28-nov-1832, d.1-jul-1907, w. of b.f. griesmer.
GRIESMER, Ralph Edgar, d.3-oct-1900, a.4-9-3, s. of l.j. & l.l. griesemer, (3) small unmarked stones nearby.
GRIESMER, Rosa E., d.6-feb-1891, a.4-2-2, d.of f.m. & p.j. griesmer.
GRIESMER, Tressie C., b.21-may-1889, d.5-oct-1891, a.2-4-15, d.of a.& m. griesmer.
GROMAN, Catherine, d.19-mar-1883, a.70-9-12.
GUNN, Elleanora, d.31-oct-1852, a.1-5-26, d.of j.j. & l.b.gunn.
GUNN, Joanna, b.7-mar-1849, d.15-aug-1849, d.of s.s. & e. gunn.
GUNN, Mary Caroline, d.21-jul-1850, a.1-3-3, d.of j.h. & l.b.gunn.
HAMMACHER, Abram C., d.26-dec-186?, a.3-0-9, s. of a.& susan hammacker.
HAMMACHER, Elizabeth, b.8-may-1813, d.9-jan-1859, a.45-8-1, w. of abraham hammacker.
HAMMACHER, Susan, d.18-feb-1868, a.50-1-27, w. of a.hammacker.
HARRISON, H.M., b.1-dec-1853, d.7-jul-1928
HARRISON, Henrietta, b.6-jul-1855, d.3-oct-1921, w. of h.m. harrison.
HARRISON, Lena B., b.1880, d.1924, d.of h.m. & h.l. harrison.
HARRISON, Nora O., b.8-jan-1892, d.8-apr-1892, d.of h.m. & h.c. harrison.
HASTING, Mary, b.13-oct-1873, d.17-feb-1897, a.23-4-4, w. of f. hasting.
HEATH, Etta, b.24-jul-1878, d.29-jan-1901, w. of b.heath.
HENRICKS, Helen, b.4-nov-1904, d.27-nov-1904, d.of thomas & mary henricks.
HERSHEY, Cullen A., d.10-jan-1893, a.0-2-21, p. c.a.& n.e. hershey.
HERSHEY, Franklin O., d.6-jan-1881, a.0-8-27, p. c.a.& n.e. hershey.
HERSHEY, Isaac, d.18-aug-1899, a.83-5-11.
HERSHEY, Isaac, d.??-dec-1874, s. of j.b.& m.e. hershey.
HERSHEY, Jamina , d.4-mar-1883, a.73-0-14, w. of issac hershey.
HERSHEY, John E., b.1845, d.1896.
HERSHEY, Mabel K., d.13-apr-1841, a.28-2-10, w. of jacob hershey.
HERSHEY, Marie E., b.1846, d.1923.
HERSHEY, Mary E., d.9-nov-1873, a.30-10-19, d.of issac & jamina hershey.
HERSHEY, Mary Maud, d.19-dec-1872, a.0-3-10, d.of j.b.& m.e. hershey.
HIGGINS, Barney, b.24-feb-1817, d.10-feb-1877, h. of lucetta higgins.
HIGGINS, Betsey, d.25-sep-1847, a.70-4-27.
HIGGINS, Betsey, d.14-???-????, d.of john & ? e.h. higgins, b.n., m.k. & (2) unmarked small stones nearby.
HIGGINS, Daniel W., b.23-sep-1839, d.14-may-1857, s. of john & judah higgins.
HIGGINS, George W., d.12-aug-1859, a.0-4-7, s. of john & judah higgins.
HIGGINS, George W., b.19-may-1840, d.9-jun-1840, s. of s.w. & m. higgins.
HIGGINS, George W., d.25-may-1855, a.31-0-0, consort of mary higgins.
HIGGINS, James P., d.9-oct-1883, s. of j.f. & s.h. higgins, small unmarked stone located nearby
HIGGINS, Jane, d.19-mar-1865, a.64-7-11, w. of william higgins.
HIGGINS, John, d.27-apr-1852, a.73-6-4.
HIGGINS, John, b.14-jan-1813, d.18-jan-1902.
HIGGINS, Judah, b.29-dec-1816, d.12-may-1891.
HIGGINS, Lucetta, b.16-feb-1819, d.12-nov-1916, w. of barney higgins.
HIGGINS, Naomi, d.13-mar-1879, a.0-2-1, d.of j.f. & s.r. higgins.
HIGGINS, Sophia A., d.19-oct-1843, a.1-4-9, d.of g. & p. higgins.
HIGGINS, Sophia E., b.15-dec-1853, d.30-aug-1854, d.john & judah higgins.
HIGGINS, William, d.29-mar-1864, a.19-8-27, s. of s. & p. higgins.
HIGGINS, William, d.12-jan-1864, a.63-0-13.
HINDERLEITER, Armena, b.10-dec-1844, d.14-nov-1926, w. of lewis f. hinderleiter.
HINDERLEITER, Bessie J., b.8-jun-1888, d.12-feb-1904, d.of i.f. & e. hinderleiter.
HINDERLEITER, Caroline, b.7-may-1834, d.11-apr-1910.
HINDERLEITER, Daniel, d.17-feb-1894, a.28-3-27, s. of l.f. & s.a.hinderleiter.
HINDERLEITER, Emma, b.7-feb-1858, w. of william f. hinderleiter.
HINDERLEITER, Estella M., d.27-feb-1884, a.0-6-12, d.of l.f. & r. hinderleiter.
HINDERLEITER, Grace E., d.19-jul-1887, a.2-4-15, d.of d?.f. & e. hinderleiter.
HINDERLEITER, Lewis F., b.23-jul-1825, d.20-oct-1909, h. of armena.
HINDERLEITER, Mary, b.5-mar-1821 in lehigh co pa, d.15-oct-1902, a.81-7-10.
HINDERLEITER, Melvin, b.10-dec-1907, d.12-apr-1915, s. n?.c. & d.m. hinderleiter.
HINDERLEITER, Robert L., d.2-feb-1888, a.14-0-25, s. of l.f. & m. hinderleiter.
HINDERLEITER, Samuel F., d.4-may-1877, a.30-1-3.
HINDERLEITER, Sarah A., d.16-oct-1877, a.14-1-16.
HINDERLEITER, William, d.21-may-1882, a.62-3-21.
HINDERLEITER, Willaim F., b.1-nov-1858, d.4-dec-1902, h. of emma.
HINDERLIGHTER, Mary, b.5-mar-1821, d.15-oct-1902, a.81-7-10, w. of lehigh hinderlighter.
HUNT, Lewis Marian, d.22-jul-1852, a.9-9-22, s. of c/s. & l. hunt.
KENEIPP, Hester Ann, b.24-mar-1855, d.17-jun-1860, a.5-2-23, d.of e.e. & barbara keneipp.
KENEIPP, Mildred J., b.4-jan-1860, d.4-jun-1862, a.2-0-5, d.of e.e. & barbara keneipp.
KEPPIE, Verlan R., d.6-nov-1932, 0-0-0, small unmarked stone nearby.
KERCHER, George, b.19-nov-1850, d.2-oct-1852, s. of j. & m. kercher.
KERCHER, Jonathan, b.31-jan-1822, d.31-jan-1854, Karcher?
KNIGHT, Alexander, b.19-jul-1929, d.28-aug-1854.
KNIGHT, Andrew, b.10-mar-1787, d.27-oct-1865, a.78-7-17, h. of sally knight.
KNIGHT, Martha B., b.4-apr-1831, d.10-sep-1854.
KNIGHT, Mary, b.22-mar-1800, d.4-dec-1874, w. of andrew knight.
KNIGHT, Sally, d.20-jul-1841. a.46-0-0, w. of andrew knight.
KNOERR, Julia C., b.12-mar-1868, d.2-apr-1909.
KOEBLER, Henry. H.
LEIGHTY, John, b.27-may-1814, d.18-mar-1905.
LEIGHTY, Lydia, b.13-jul-1817, d.11-jul-1878, w. of john leighty
LUEKRING, Sarah M. Dorney, b.31-may-1863, d.6-nov-1903, w. of rev. s.j. luekring.
MARX, Alvin C., b.25-sep-1887, d.13-nov-1895, a.8-1-18.
MARX, Annette Isabelle-(2003), b.1864 in lancaster il, d.1914 in chicago il, w. of william m marx-(2497), nee annette isabelle seibert.
MARX, Elmer L., d.23-jun-1895?, a.0-4-6, s. of n.m. & a.i. marx.
MARX, Henry C., d.24-sep-1886, a.0-0-10, s. of I?.c. & j.a.marx.
MARX, James S., b.19-jul-1892, d.5-oct-1896, a.4-2-16.
MARX, Margaret, b.1837, d.1910, w. of philip h. marx.
MARX, Monzell, b.1913, d.1913, d.of h.a.& a.m. marx.
MARX, Paul E., b.11-apr-1913, d.16-nov-1913, s. of o.e. & l.m. marx.
MARX, Philip H., b.1832, d.1915, h. of margaret.
MARX, Sylvia, b.1909, d.1909, d.of h.a.& a.m. Marx.
MARX, Willie C., d.26-aug-1891, a.1-11-18, s. of n..m. & a.i. marx.
MAYNE, Eva A., d.23-jul-1875, a.12-9-14, d.of l.s. & e.e. mayne.
MAYNE, Frances, d.28-sep-1860, a.59-1-3, w. of b.f. mayne.
MAYNE, Infant Daughter, d.18-jun-1876, d.of l.s. & e.e. mayne.
Mc JILTON, Dr Edward, d.13-jan-1888, a.45-6-11.
Mc JILTON, Infant, Nomarkings on stone.
Mc JILTON, Judah, d.13-dec-1870, a.24-8-6, w. of edward mc jilton.
Mc MILLEN, Archibald, d.17-aug-1853, a.29-5-28.
Mc MILLEN, Elias, b.21-aug-1852, d.26-dec-1853, a.1-4-5, s. of james & margaret j. mc millen.
Mc MILLEN, James, d.8-dec-1864, a.74-8-16, h. of margaret.
Mc MILLEN, Jasper B., b.5-feb-1841, d.19-feb-1859, a.18-0-14, s. of luther l. & margaret mc millen, j.h. small stone nearby
Mc MILLEN, Luther L., d.31-jul-1855, a.36-6-14.
Mc MILLEN, Lydia, b.8-jun-1794, d.29-may-1845, a.50-0-21.
Mc MILLEN, Margaret J., d.13-apr-1875, a.77-7-25, w. of James Mc millen.
Mc MILLEN, Martha J., d.21-jun-1875, a.44-6-20, w. of james mc millen.
NADING, Ganelle, d.6-sep-1911, a.0-1-6, p. a.a.& s.e. nading.
NADING, Infant, d.11-sep-1910, p. a.a.& s.e. nading.
NADING, Mary Jane, d.20-jul-1872, a.24-5-14, w. of r.e. nading.
NADING, Melvin Lyle, b.19-may-1922, d.8-dec-1922, s. of a.a.& s.e. nading, small unmarked stone nearby.
PEACH, Margarie L., b.18-mar-1897, d.23-jul-1847, d.of b.& s.j. peach
PIZLEY, Sarah Orenda, b.24-apr-1838, d.18-mar-1860, a.21-10-24, w. of f. pizley, d.of s.s. & l. gunn
PRESTON, Susan, d.10-jul-1845, (4) unmarked small stones nearby.
PRUNTY, Naomi E., d.4-aug-1855, a.16-8-6, w. of p.c. prunty.
RAYBUCH, Adelia, d.4-feb-1898, a.64-0-25, w. of william raybuch.
RAYBUCH, Sophia E., b.20-jul-1863, d.20-jul-1865, d.of w. & d.Raybuch, small unmarked stone nearby.
RAYBUCH, William, h.of adelia.
REED, Newton Roland, b.31-mar-1798, d.17-oct-1857
REIBER, Andreas, b.8-mar-1783, d.8-nov-1865, a.82-6-0.
REIBER, Henry, d.15-may-1813, a.69-1-17.
REIBER, Margaret, b.3-dec-1814, d.20-jul-1893, a.78-7-17, small unmarked stone nearby.
REIBER, William, d.3-oct-1883, a.37-10-24.
REYNOLDS, U. Newton, b.28-mar-1896, d.1-jan-1899, s. of w. & r. reynolds.
RICHARD, Sophia, d.7-sep-1872, a.63-9-24.
RIDGELY, Ellen, d.13-oct-1899, a.46-0-4, w. of george m. ridgely
RIDGELY, George M., b.1860, d.1928.
RIDGELY, Infant Son, d.19-jul-1872, s. of r. & m.m. ridgely, (1) small unmarked & m. mcm? stones nearby.
RULEY, Infant Son, b.30-aug-1859, d.30-aug-1859, s. of h.j. & m. ruley.
SANDLIN, James, b.2-jul-1825, d.6-apr-1904.
SANDLIN, Margaret, w.of james sandlin.
SANDLIN, Mary, d.24-sep-1873, a.40-8-27, w. of james sandlin.
SCHERER, Anna Gertrude, d.28-mar-1883, a.0-1-10, d.of peter & mary a.scherer.
SCHERER, Fannie Belle, d.15-mar-1876, a.0-0-3, twin d.of peter & mary a.scherer.
SCHERER, Ivan Marshall, d.23-dec-1886, a.1-4-4, s. of peter & mary a.scherer
SCHERER, Kattie Alice, d.21-mar-1876, a.0-0-10, twin d.of peter & mary a.scherer.
SCHERER, Laverna Amelia, d.14-sep-1881, a.0-11-26, d.of peter & mary a.scherer.
SCHERER, Mary A., d.17-jun-1893, a.48-3-5, w. of peter scherer.
SCHLENKER, Gideon, d.25-aug-1873, a.69-11-6.
SCHLENKER, Sarah, d.29-oct-1884, a.80-3-29.
SCHRODER, Amanda L., b.15-sep-1845, d.10-nov-1919, w. of samuel schroder.
SCHRODER, Samuel, b.11-mar-1839, d.3-nov-1900, h. of amanda l. schroder.
SCHUCKER, Herbert G., 18jun-1892, d.20-oct-1895, a.3-4-5, s. of a.& l. schucker.
SCHUCKER, Infant Son, d.16-jul-1884, a.0-0-1, s. of j.s. & s.a.schucker.
SCHUCKER, William E., b.10-mar-1883, d.20-oct-1884, a.1-7-10, s. of a.& l. schucker.
SCHWARTZ, Christian C., b.6-mar-1871, a.58-6-6.
SCHWARTZ, Latnia, b.15-jan-1908, a.94-4-30, (1) unmarked & a.r. stones nearby.
SEIBERT, Adam, b.15-aug-1901, d.13-may-1907, d.of l.l. & e.i?. seibert.
SEIBERT, Bertram E., d.18-oct-1874, a.0-11-16, s. of d.& j.m. seibert.
SEIBERT, Catharine-(2493), b.31-mar-1842 in lancaster il, d.19-sep-1925 in lancaster il, w. of solomon seibert-(2012). SEIBERT, Fannie E., d.8-nov-1892, a.9-10-0, d.of j.n. & m.l. seibert
SEIBERT, Infant Daughter, d.15-sep-1881, d.of d.s. & e. seibert.
SEIBERT, Infant Son, d.6-oct-1880, s. of s. & s.a.seibert.
SEIBERT, Jacob-(1996), b.11-sep-1836 in lancaster il, d.28-nov-1906 in lancaster il, w. mary jane williams-(2001).
SEIBERT, Josie E., d.8-jan-1891, a.4-3-26, d.of c.j. & c.e. seibert
SEIBERT, Maria-(2490), b.15-jun-1833, d.9-oct-1898, a.65-4-4, w. of william seibert-(2476), small e.v.s. stone nearby.
SEIBERT, Mary I., b.25-mar-1900, d.15-sep-1900, d.of l.l. & e.I?. seibert
SEIBERT, Mary Jane-(2001), b.10-jan-1840 in wilson county tn, d.27-feb-1916 in lancaster il, w. of jacob seibert-(1996).
SEIBERT, Solomon-(2012), b.15-aug-1838 in lancaster il, d.4-aug-1900 in lancaster il, h. of catherina ann seibert-(2493) his first cousin.
SEIBERT, William-(2476), b.24-jul-1830, d.23-may-1903 in lancaster il, a.72-10-29.
SEISLER, Clara, d.8-jun-1880, a.22-3-10, h. J.n. seisler.
SEISLER, Fannie, d.20-jun-1880, a.0-1-6, d.Of j.n. & c. Seisler.
SEISZLER, Hannah, d.17-mar-1866, a.62-3-14, w. Of nicholas seiszler
SEYBALD, Charles, b.8-mar-1839, d.29-sep-1931
SEYBALD, Elizabeth, b.25-oct-1845, d.13-dec-1922.
SLICKENMYER, Jacob, d.21-sep-1893, a.46-7-18.
SLICKENMYER, Marie, d.17-jun-1887, a.37-2-15, w. of jacob slickenmyer.
SLICKENMYER, Sady L., d.21-jul-1879, a.2-0-27, d.of j. & m. slickenmyer.
SMITH, Charles E., b.4-mar-1859, d.5-sep-1859, s. of rozander & rebecca smith.
SMITH, Cynthia A., b.13-jan-1835, d.9-apr-1905.
SMITH, Elizabeth I?., b.26-aug-1842, d.28-jun-1862, a.19-9-28
SMITH, Elvin E., 16may-1913, d.26-may-1913, s. of e.r. & m.m. smith.
SMITH, George W., b.9-jul-1849, d.6-sep-1849, s. of r. & r. smith.
SMITH, Infant Daughter, d.of j.k. & a.smith.
SMITH, Infant Daughter, d.7-feb-1890, d.Of h.b.& t.a.smith.
SMITH, Infant Son, d.7-feb-1890, s. of h.b.& theresa a.smith.
SMITH, Ira I., d.25-feb-1893, a.1-0-28, d.of william & ida l. smith.
SMITH, James K., d.1-jan-1883, a.31-2-20.
SMITH, John L., d.18-nov-1860, a.0-2-22, s of rozander & rebecca smith.
SMITH, Lora Ida, b.10-jan-1857, d.24-apr-1861, d.of rozander & rebecca smith.
SMITH, Marthann E., d.8-jan-1867, a.13-10-25, d.of rozander & rebecca smith.
SMITH, Mary, d.3-nov-1821, a.25-9-1, small unmarked stone nearby.
SMITH, Minnie, b.9-may-1870, d.25-sep-1875, d.of r. & c. smith
SMITH, Ralph O., b.10-jun-1895, d.11-oct-1898, a.3-4-1, s. of b.f. & s.l. smith.
SMITH, Rebecca, d.26-aug-1860, a.32-2-30, w. of rozander smith.
SMITH, Rozander, b.9-apr-1817, d.5-feb-1916.
SMITH, Sarah, d.19-mar-1906, a.42-1-27, w. of b.f. smith.
SMITH, Stephen W., b.3-oct-1850, d.5-apr-1856, s. of r. & r. smith.
SMITH, Theresa A., b.10-may-1866, d.8-dec-1899, w. of h.b.smith.
SMITH, Thomas A., d.6-sep-1874, a.0-9-4, s. of r. & c.a.smith.
SMITH, William Irl, b.30-sep-1905, d.26-mar-1913, s. of william & ida l. smith.
SPITLER, David, b.1-apr-1815, 24-mar-1883.
STANINGER, A., d.20-may-1872, a.28-10-12.
STANINGER, Caroline, d.12-oct-1858 in lancaster il, a.0-9-0, d.of daniel-(2022) & catharine-(2500) staninger
STANINGER, Mary Catharine-(2500), b.27-sep-1821 in berks county pa, d.11-feb-1888 in lancaster il, first w. of daniel staninger-(2022), nee m catharine biehl.
STANINGER, Daniel-(2022), b.24-dec-1820 in lehigh county pa, d.31-may-1897 in lancaster il, w. mary catharine biehl-(2500) & elizabeth j ingersoll-(2501).
STANINGER, Eliza J.-(2501), b.3-may-1831 in allentown pa, d.29-jul-1914 in lancaster il, second w. of daniel staninger-(2022), nee eliza j ingersoll.
STANINGER, Fannie S., b.11-dec-1887, 9-feb-1888, d.of a.& c.e. staninger.
STANINGER, Flora E., b.26-aug-1881, d.25-sep-1881, d.of a.& c.e. staninger.
STANINGER, Julius, d.4-feb-1885, a.0-1-15, s. of h. & p.e. staninger.
STANINGER, Ortho, b.10-aug-1840, d.27-apr-1898, s. a.& c.e. staninger.
STEININGER, Mary Ann, b.14-oct-1850 in lancaster il, d.3-may-1855 in lancaster il, d.of daniel & catharine steininger.
STOLTZ, Caroline, d.23-feb-1932, a.77-2-7.
STOLTZ, Katie Estella, b.1884, d.1907, w. of edgar stoltz.
STOLTZ, Lewis L., b.1-mar-1852, d.16-nov-1893, a.41-8-15.
STORCKMAN, Chloe, b.23-mar-1897, d.28-aug-1897, d.of w.e. & c.j. storckman.
SULLIVAN, Ada P., b.23-dec-1875, d.23-nov-1887.
TARPLEY, Charles L., d.15-nov-1915, a.25-8-8, (2) small unmarked stones nearby.
TARPLEY, J. Dane, b.1859, d.1896.
TARPLEY, James E., d.5-jul-1894, a.1-1-0, s. of g.m. & l. tarpley.
TARPLEY, Lorettia, d.15-jun-1898, a.38-0-14, w. of george m. tarpley.
TARPLEY, Margaret C., b.1865, d.16-apr-1930, a.64-6-5.
TARPLEY, Mary E., d.6-oct-1893, a.4-5-25, d.of g.m. & l. tarpley.
TOMPSON, Frank J., b.31-oct-1882, d.14-aug-1889.
TOMPSON, George O., b.15-dec-1884, d.31-aug-1890.
TOMPSON, Gliden, b.17-sep-1894, d.16-oct-1894.
WETZEL, Beulah Innes, b.18-aug-1892, d.13-oct-1842, d.of henry wetzel b.24-aug-1856 & matilda f. Wetzel b.25-nov-1868.
WETZEL, Elma F., d.11-feb-1885, a.27-3-17, w. of h. wetzel.
WETZEL, Henry, b.24-aug-1856, d.21-aug-1903, (3) small unmarked stones nearby.
WETZEL, Matilda F., b.25-nov-1868, d.19-sep-1842, w. of wetzel.
WETZEL, Minnie C/S., d.22-jul-1879, a.1-3-16, d.of henry & elmie wetzel.
WETZEL, Willimena C. F., d.31-may-1881, a.58-5-19.
WEYL, Martha E., d.3-feb-1932, a.41-11-6.
WILLIAMS, Ester A., d.23-dec-1874, a.20-10-8, w. of f.m. williams.
WILLIAMS, Infant Son, s.of f.m. & e.a.williams.
WISE, Daniel, d.27-oct-1921, a.76-10-19, h. of elizabeth wise.
WISE, Elizabeth, d.31-jul-1888, a.36-10-24, w. of daniel wise.
WISE, Laura, d.15-dec-1901, a.27-1-9.
WOODWARD, Caroline, d.14-feb-1857, a.49-0-0, w. of s.n. woodward.
WOODWARD, Frances N?., d.12-jun-1851, a.5-7-0, d.of s.c. woodward.
WOODWARD, George D., d.22-may-1862, a.0-11-6.
WOODWARD, Permetta J., 21dec-1847, d.24-feb-1849, a.1-2-3.
WOODWARD, Turrisan M., d.1-may-1844, a.1-0-10.
YOUNG, Dorothy C., d.22-apr-1929, a.21-3-17.


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