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Old Bethel Cemetery
Belmont Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula [kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 472.

Located in the southern part of Belmont Precinct in Wabash County Illinois.

The original tombstone recordings were done by Geraldine (Keneipp) Satterthwaite in January-1984.

The original tombstone recordings can be viewed at the Public Library in Mt. Carmel, IL-contact Louise Taylor [bttaylor@hotmail.com].

The cemetery datafile was constructed by Shannon Swain at [anxie99@yahoo.com] in September-1999.

The datafile has been .TXT converted and enhanced by Paul M. Kankula in September-1999.


a. = age at death
b. = date of birth
d. = date of death
h. = husband
p. = parents
w. = wife


ABORN, Hannah, b.28-feb-1839, d.8-sep-1912, h. lavil aborn
ABORN, Lavil, b.19-oct-1812, d.15-july, 1899, a.86y 8m 26d
ABORN, Tommy, d.2-feb-1879, a.3y 11m 18d, p. l. & h. aborn
ANDERSON, A.M., b.17-nov-1858, d.18-july-1907
ANDERSON, Infant Daughter, b.29-dec-1900, d.12-jan-1901, p. a.m. & r. anderson
ANDERSON, Sally M., b.13-oct-1863, d.9-apr-1893, a.29y 5m 27d, h. a.m. anderson
ANDERSON, Silvia E., b.29-dec-1900, d.29-mar-19-1, p. a.m. & r. anderson
ARNOLD, Clide, b.22-sep-1889, d.12-mar-1891, a.1y 5m 20d, p. r. & h. arnold
ARNOLD, Cynthia A., b.22-nov-1827, d.26-aug-1905, a.77y 8m 22d
ARNOLD, Eliza Ann, d.4-sep-1883, a.62y 6m 10d, h. thomas arnold
ARNOLD, Eliza Ellen, b.13-july-1863, d.8-may-1879, a.15y 8m 25d, p. t. & e.a.arnold
ARNOLD, Hannah, b.6-apr-1821, d.10-may-1888
ARNOLD, Hattie, d.3-may-1874
ARNOLD, Henry C., b.10-nov-1845, d.9-may-1909, Co. F. 152 Ill Inf.
ARNOLD, Infant Daughter, b.& d.5-dec-1883, p. r. & m. arnold
ARNOLD, Infant Daughter, b.& d.20-sep-1878, p. l. & l. arnold
ARNOLD, Infant Daughter, b.& d.17-feb-1894, p. a.& r. arnold
ARNOLD, Infant Son, b.13-may-1891, d.13-aug-1891, p. l.m. & lizzie arnold
ARNOLD, Infant Son, b.& d.23-oct-1892, p. h.c. & h.e. arnold
ARNOLD, Isaac, d.29-nov-1857, a.17y 8m 27d, p. j.& h. arnold
ARNOLD, Jacob, d.4-dec-1855, a.6y 6m 20d, p. ? & e.a.arnold
ARNOLD, James, d.18-nov-1879, a.64y 7m 3d
ARNOLD, Jenettie L., b.20-dec-1906, d.13-mar-1907, p. h.c. & h.e. arnold
ARNOLD, Lizzie, b.9-apr-1888, d.11-aug-1891
ARNOLD, Mary, b.1860, d.1927, h. tilford arnold
ARNOLD, Melissie, d.28-nov-1881, a.20y 11m 12d, p. t. & e.a.arnold
ARNOLD, Thomas F., b.10-feb-1818, d.18-may-1883, a.67y 3m 8d
ARNOLD, Tilford, b.6-may-1851, d.3-may-1886
ARNOLD, William H., b.17-mar-1847, d.21-july-1905
BAIRD, Alice, d.3-dec-1886, a.41y 11m 26d, h. wilson baird
BAIRD, Emma A., b.1879, d.1928
BAIRD, Ephraim P., d 31-aug-1865, a.27y 5m 26d, p. r. & j. baird
BAIRD, Franklin, d.6-jan-1868, a.36y 6m 7d, p. r. & j. baird
BAIRD, Irena, b.10-aug-1871, d.11-dec-1875, p. l.b. & l.a.baird
BAIRD, Jease, b.13-july-1877, d.9-feb-1879, p. l.b. & l.a.baird
BAIRD, John, d.1-may-1879, a.63y 26d
BAIRD, John T., d.15-june-1873, a.10m 2d, p. h. & a.baird
BAIRD, Julia, d.4-july-1889, a.73y 8m 7d
BAIRD, Laura A., b.19-mar-1865, d.21-jan-1901, h. e.c. baird
BAIRD, Mary M., d.24-dec-1873, a.7y 3m 18d, p. john & julia baird
BAIRD, Wilson, b.28-sep-1844, d.20-sep-1880, a.35y 11m 22d, Co. G. 48th Ill. Inf.
BALLARD, Adaline, d.18-feb-1852, a.1y 3m 16d, p. a.& n. ballard
BALLARD, Arthur, d.1877, p. d.j. & a.l. ballard
BALLARD, Barton, b.5-july-1836, d.17-mar-1905
BALLARD, Benjamin F., b.20-jan-1855, d.4-jan-1877, a.22y 4m 15d, killed in cyclone in Parkinsons bldg.
BALLARD, Donyal J., b.22-may-1828, d.10-july-1852
BALLARD, E.P., d.18-dec-1869, a.5y 9m 10d, p. h.p. & m.j. ballard
BALLARD, Edwin Paris, d.29-jan-1878, a.4y 3m 7d, p. d.j. & a.l. ballard
BALLARD, Eliza J., b.16-sep-1836, d.28-june-1880, h. barton ballard
BALLARD, Ellen Miller, d.27-aug-1853, a.31y 9m 14d, p. j. & nancy miller
BALLARD, George W., d.29-july-1875, a.23y 25d, p. h.p. & m.j. ballard
BALLARD, H.P., d.4-july-1863, a.1y 8m, p. h.p. & m.j. ballard
BALLARD, Howard P., d.21-june-1874, a.48y 8m 22d
BALLARD, James Madison, b.20-nov-1850, d.1-oct-1851, p. h.p. & m.j. ballard
BALLARD, John B., b.6-aug-1857, d.4-oct-1858, a.1y 1m 28d, p. j. & n. ballard
BALLARD, Jeremiah, d.22-dec-1904, a.82y 7m 4d
BALLARD, Joseph, b.25-may-1792, d.27-may-1858, w. martha ballard
BALLARD, Joseph W., d.5-feb-1852, a.9m 2d, p. j. & e. ballard
BALLARD, Malinda M., d.11-apr-1880, a.23y 3m 4d, p. h.p. & m.j. ballard
BALLARD, Martha, d.25-oct-1856, a.50y, h. joseph ballard
BALLARD, Mary G., d.29-aug-1880, a.34y 1m 23d, p. d.j. & a.l. ballard
BALLARD, Mary J., d.8-june-1880, a.49y 7m 19d, h. h.p. ballard
BALLARD, Nancy, d.3-aug-1894, a.64y 5m 19d, h. j. ballard
BALLARD, Sarah Catherine, b.10-jan-1852, d.17-sep-1853, p. j. & n. ballard
BARE, Arlety R, b.10-nov-1855, d.19-dec-1907, h. j.g. bare
BARE, Hattie C., b.6-apr-1881, d.30-oct-1894
BARE, J.G., b.4-feb-1846, d.15-june-1922
BARE, Joseph, b.1-may-1812, d.5-apr-1892, a.80y 4m 1d
BARE, Lorena, b.& d.3-may-1900, p. j.e. & s.a.bare
BARE, Margaret, b.19-jan-1824, d.5-feb-1900, a.76y 17d, h. joseph bare
BARE, Lottie M., d.13-sep-1876, a.22y 1m 3d, p. j.& m. bare
BARE, Sarah E., d.23-aug-1874, a.1m 11d, p. j.g. & a.r. bare
BARTON, George E., b.17-feb-1866, d.29-nov-1908
BENSON, Eliza S., d.2-apr-1886, a.27y 3m 13d, h. l.e. benson
BENSON, Otto, (n dates)
BINCE, Cassie, b.5-dec-1841, d.26-jan-1916
BINCE, D.B., b.1-july-1864, d.4-july-1918, a.54y 3d
BINCE, Infant Daughter, d.29-apr-1886, a.5d, p. j.m. & m. bince
BINCE, Infant Daughter, d.19-july-1881, p. j.m. & c. bince
BINCE, Infant Son, b.4-jan-1898, d.29-jan-1898, p. d.b. & l. bince
BINCE, Infant Son, b.1-june-1891, d.3-june-1891, p. d.b. & l. bince
BINCE, Jacob E., b.16-sep-1856, d.24-1889, a.32y 4m 8d
BINCE, Jesse W., b.13-jan-1871, d.15-dec-1897
BINCE, John M., b.27-dec-1828, d.5-nov-1900
BINCE, John W., d.12-aug-1878, a.24y 8m 15d
BINCE, Johnie, d.2-nov-1887, a.8m 17d, p. j.e. & c.e. bince
BINCE, Lena, b.14-may-1864, d.1-jan-1902, a.37y 7m 17d
BINCE, Lena B., b.14-mar-1864, d.1-jan-1902, h. d.b. bince
BINCE, Mina B., d.11-sep-1883, a.7m 21d, p. j.m. & c. bince
BORE, Alice A., b.12-feb-1857, d.16-sep-1888, h. e.y. bore
BORE, Bertha M., d.29-jan-1887, a.1m 27d, p. e.y. & a.a.bore
BORKHOUSE, John C., b.19-dec-1890, d.27-dec-1890, p. r. & s. borkhouse
BORKHOUSE, Sarah P., b.25-jan-1858, d.27-dec-1890, a.32y 6m 2d, h. w.r. borkhouse
BRATTON, John W., b.29-mar-1878, d.29-apr-1897, p. e. & m. bratton
BRATTON, Jonathan, b.18-may-1837, d.27-mar-1894
BRATTON, Liddie W., b.24-jan-1872, d.1-mar-1897, p. e. & m. bratton
BRATTON, Nancy, b.27-aug-1837, d.27-july-1910
BRATTON, Robert B., b.29-sep-1887, d.24-jan-1888, p. e. & m. bratton
BRATTON, Stella, d.24-jan-1879, a.1y 5m 29d, p. j.b. & n.b. bratton
BRIDWELL, Alice, b. 7-dec-1848, d.16-jan-1, 1881
BREDWELL, H.D, b.30-sep-1841, d.15-feb-1908, Co. G. 48th Ill Inf.
BREDWELL, Martha E, b.26-nov-1853, d.15-sep-1912, h. h.d.bredwell
BRINES, Amos, b.16-apr-1874, d.1-dec-1894, a.20y 7m 15d, p. harvey & rosaline brines
BRINES, Harvey, d.22-oct-1883, a.35y 7m 9d
BRINES, Rosaline M., d.29-feb-1884, a.34y 1m 23d, h. harvey brines
BRISTOW, Mary A., b.3-dec-1858, d.23-mar-1915, h. aden parmenter
BROWN, Alonzo H., d.14-jan-1890, a.1y 2m, p. s.g. & m.l. brown
BROWN, Charlie P., d.3-dec-1892, a.17y 5m 24d, p. g.w. & m.e. brown
BROWN, Fannie May, d.4-mar-1893, a.25y 9m 11d, h. albert brown
BROWN, Isabelle, d.8-nov-1858, a.7d, p. g.w. & elizabeth brown
BROWN, Maria L., b.26-may-1849, d.8-jan-1912, h. samuel brown
BROWN, Mary, b.28-feb-1817, d.30-apr-1868
BROWN, Samuel G., b.11-apr-1850, d.26-nov-1897
BROWN, Victor B., d.14-aug-1892, a.14y 5m 14d, p. s.g. & m.l. brown
BRUMFIELD, Blanch, b.31-dec-1886, d.19-feb-1887, p. w. & a.brumfield
BRUMFIELD, E., b.13-sep-1821, d.31-mar-1870
BRUMFIELD, Hannah E., d.20-jan-1854, a.8m 6d, p. w.f. & r.p. brumfield
BRUMFIELD, William, a.69y
BRUMFIELD, William, d.8-sep-1853, a.24y 2m 28d
BRYNES, Elmira, d.7-july-1866, a.48y 1m 21d, h. a.brynes
BUTLER, Sarah, b.1860, d.1924
CARTER, Sarah, d.25-dec-1928, a.66y 10m 15d
CLARK, Ada F., b.8-dec-1877, d.22-june-1880, p. s. & g. or c. clark
CLAYTON, Reuben J., b.14-june-1833, d.19-mar-1896
COALE, Edwin A., b.26-sep-1871, d.21-nov-1894, a.23y 1m 25d, p. w.n. & e.a.coale
COALE, Elizabeth A., b.9-mar-1838, d.1-apr-1913, h. w.w. coale
COALE, Little Ray, b.13-july-1888, d.8-mar-1894, p. j.p. & m. coale
COALE, W.W., b.24-sep-1833, d.30-dec-1903
CORY, A.W., d.19-oct-1887, a.75y 6m 17d
CORY, Eliza, d.2-jan-1887, a.71y 4m 17d, h. a.w. cory
CORY, Henry J., b.21-dec-1849, d.23-feb-1880
CORY, Infant Son, d.28-oct-1880, p. a.& l. cory
CRACKEL, Mary, d.13-jan-1911, a.78y 11d, h. john crackel
CRACKEL, Sadie, d.28-feb-1900, a.15y 5m 25d, p. o.c. & m. crackel
CROW, J.H., b.29-dec-1825, d.12-nov-1895, a.69y 10m 2d, Co. F. 38th Ind.Inf.
CROW, Logan O., d.5-sep-1890, a.23y 10m 10d
CROW, Lucy J., d.6-may-1903, a.77y 7m 21d, h. j.h. crow
CROW, Susan M., d.27-feb-1876, a.12y 6m 15d
DEAN, Thomas, b.23-feb-1859, d, 27-jan-1881, a.21y 11m 4d
DICKSON, Frankie, d.27-oct-18??, p. w.c. & n. dickson
DICKSON, Rev. William C., b.3-jan-1838, d.19-nov-1877, a.39y 10m 16d, Southern IL M.E. Church
DOUGLAS, Ellen J., b.13-mar-1831, d.14-june, 1874, h. j.j. douglas
DOUGLAS, William, Co G. 136 Ind.Inf.
DRAKE, Eliphat P., d.27-june-1883, a.16y 7m 27d, p. g.f. & s.e. drake
DRAKE, Isibella, p.s.f. & s.e. drake
DRAKE, S.F., d.3-nov-1883, a.49y 3m 28d
DRAKE, Samuel, Sg. Co. F. 6th Ill. Inf.
EASTWOOD, Ruth Anna, b.18-june-1841, d.8-apr-1896, a.54y 9m 20d, h. philip rose
EASTWOOD, William L., b.8-apr-1809, d.13-may-1858
EPLER, Bertha, b.7-jan-1838, d.13-jan-1922
EPLER, Infant Son, b.20-aug-1898, d.20-aug-1898, p. j.p. & m. epler
EPLER, Jacob, d.15-jan-1879, a.7d, p. john & b. epler
EPLER, John, b.14-jan-1835, d.21-june-1881
EPLER, Lucinda, d.2-apr-1879, a.2y 2m 2d, p. john & b. epler
EWALD, Catherine E., b.5-mar-1813, d.5-june-1892, a.79y 3m
EWALD, Infant Twin, b.26-jan-1895, d.24-feb-1895, p. g.c. & j. ewald
EWALD, Infant Twin, b.5-may-1888, d.5-may-1888, p. g.c. & j. ewald
EWALD, John, b.20-apr-1816, d.10-june-1889, a.73y 1m 10d
EWALD, Mary M., b.7-may-1890, d.27-may-1890, p. w. & r. ewald
EWALD, William , b.1849, d.1930
FEARHEILY, Avil, d.20-aug-1894, a.5y 11m 21d, p. j.f. & a.m. fearheily
FEARHEILY, Guy L., b.10-mar-1886, d.8-june-1886, a.2m 8d, p. j.f. & a.m. fearheily
FEWKES, Bertha M., b.30-aug-1866, d.25-apr-1884
FEWKES, Ellen A., d.26-oct-1861, a.10m 22d, p. j. & s. fewkes
FEWKES, Emma, d.18-aug-?, p. j.c. & s.m. fewkes
FEWKES, Hannah M., d.26-apr-1875, a.26y 7m 12d h. henry fewkes
FEWKES, Henry, d.24-mar-1874, a.28y 6m 4d
FEWKES, James R., b.3-oct-1860, d.14-june-1891, w. elsie m. fewkes
FEWKES, John, b.12-apr-1836, d.1-sep-1894
FEWKES, Mary, p.j. & s.m. fewkes
FEWKES, Mary L., d.9-oct-1872, a.1y 14d
FEWKES, Rosie Lenaroce, b.8-dec-1888, d.12-jan-1895, a.9y 1m 1d, p. f.r. & e.h. fewkes
FEWKES, Sarah M., b.3-mar-1839, d.13-sep-1914, h. john fewkes
FILDES, W. , (n dates)
FLOYD, Charlie, d.1-jan-1879, a.1m, p. l.l. & s. floyd
FLOYD, L.L., d.14-oct-1876, a.43y 9m 17d
FLOYD, Minnie M., d.18-july-1874, a.12d, p. l.l. & s. floyd
FLOYD, Willie, d.17-nov-1872, a.1y 11m 14d, p. l.l. & s. floyd
FRENCH, Hazel, b.24-feb-1895, d.24-dec-1895, p. c.a.& a.l. french
FRENCH, Lizzie R., b.15-feb-1864, d.18-july-1926, h. p.d.french
FRENCH, Naomi G., d.14-sep-1889, a.1y 11m 14d, p. p.d.& e.r. french
FRENCH, P.D., b.22-apr-1855, d.1-sep-1904
GAMBREL, Thompson, d.2-apr-1867, a.30y 7m 13d
GARRETT, Cephas Wilber, b.6-dec-1897, d.28-jan-1898
GARRETT, Evalyan Beatrice May, b.16-nov-1911, d.6-aug-1913
GARRETT, Infant, p.g.w. & c.m. garrett
GARRETT, Infant, b.1-aug-1910, d.1-aug-1910, p. g.w. & c.m. garrett
GAY, A.P., b.29-dec-1836, d.3-dec-1910, Co. H. 25th Ind.Inf.
GAY, Eliza, b.11-jan-1829, d.4-sep-1893, h. timothy gay
GAY, Isham, (n dates)
GAY, Mary E., b.8-nov-1841, d.18-apr-1898
GAY, Nancy E., b.6-mar-1862, d.18-may-1876
GAY, Sarah E., b.5-july-1867, d.8-oct-1899, h. isham gay
GAY, Willie C., b.25-nov-1864, d.20-may-1876
GINTHER, Ida M., d.4-apr-1894, a.2y 11m 15d, p. j. & g. ginther
GLICK, Alice J., b.21-dec-1884, d.24-aug-1912
GLICK, Eunice E., b.10-mar-1893, d.8-feb-1911
GILKINSON, Joshua, b.21-dec-1830, d.27-jan-1878
GILKISON, Mildred J., d.9-july-1878, a.29y 10m 13d, h. geo. w. gilkison
GILKISON, Minnie B., d.8-mar-1878, a.1y 6m 4d, p. g.w. & m.j. gilkison
GRAY, Arthur, b.21-apr-1887, d.9-sel-1887, p. j.m. & m. gray
GRAY, Grace M., d.29-nov-1898, a.6y 5m 9d, p. j.m. & m. gray
GRAY, George E., b.10-may-1884, d.13-aug-1890
GRAY, James, b.1864
GRAY, Nellie G., b.18-july-1889, d.26-aug-1889, p. j.m. & m. gray
GRAY, S.B., b.11-oct-1880, d.18-oct-1888
GRAY, Samantha, b.1864, d.1931
GROFF, B.F., b.29-aug-1850, d.29-sep-1916
GROFF, Eddie E., d.20-oct-1897, a.18y 8m 2d
GROFF, Eva P., b.15-apr-1893, d.26-june-1894, p. b.f. & h.e. groff
GROFF, Harriet E., b.28-jan-1845, d.22-dec-1914, h. b.f. groff
GROFF, L. Elmer, d.6-may-1897, a.20y 2m 5d
GRIFFITH, Mary W., d.16-dec-1857, h. abraham griffith
HAINS, Edward, B., b.1-mar-1840, d.25-feb-1891, Co. F. 58th Ind Inf.
HAINS, Sarah J., b.20-july-1836, h. edward hains
HALL, Eddie, d.6-july-1886, a.1y 3m, p. c.e. & e.o. hall
HALL, Infant Son, d.5-mar-1858, a.2m 15d, p. e.a.& m.a.hall
HALL, Joseph H., d.25-sep-1881, a.6m, p. c.e. & e.o. hall
HALL, Mary Ann, d.4-mar-1858, a.27y 3m 11d, h. e.a.hall
HALL, Minnie E., d.16-apr-1889, a.10m 22d, p. c.e. & e.o. hall
HANEY, Belinda, d.23-oct-????, a.70y
HANEY, Elizabeth, b.5-mar-1874, d.24-sep-1895, h. samuel haney
HANEY, Elizabeth, b.6-mar-1842, d.1-nov-1907, h. j.w. haney
HANEY, Infant Daughter, d.19-july-1893, p. s. & e. haney
HANEY, J.W., b.28-aug-1842, d.8-sep-1916
HANEY, James, b.12-jan-1878, d.15-july-1878, p. j.w. & e. haney
HANEY, James W., d.17-apr-1892, a.2y 1m 22d, p. m.e. & s.j. haney
HANEY, Montreville, Copl. Co. C. 136 Ill. Inf.
HANEY, Samuel, d.31-mar-1876, a.65y
HANEY, Samuel E., d.20-aug-1929, a.37y 4m 18d
HANEY, Vern, b.10-aug-1894, d.1-oct-1918, p. s. & e. haney, Co. L. 11th Inf. Killed in France Argonn Battle.
HANEY, Willie, d.2-nov-1886, a.6y 9m 23d, p. j.w. & e. haney
HARPER, James M., b.6-jan-1856, d.3-may-1875, a.19y 4m 27d
HEATH, Trophia A.Z., b.23-june-1894, d.12-feb-1895, p. h. & f.b. heath
HENDRECKSON, Emma, d.10-feb-1876, a.24y 4m 14d, h. g.b. hendreckson
HENIKEN, Julia M., b.19-feb-1867, d.24-feb-1897, h. james heniken
HILL, Lucinda, d.17-aug-1872, a.6-y 11m 20d, h. j.f. hill
ILES, Henry, Copl. Co. B. 89 Ohio Inf.
INGRAM, Carrie, d.20-june-1880, a.4m, p. j.a.& h.m. ingram
INGRAM, Charles E., d.20-sep-1878, a.1y 7m 21d, p. j.a.& h.m ingram
INGRAM, Flora B., d.10-sep-1878, a.3m 10d, p. j.a.& h.m. ingram
INGRAM, James H., d.1-sep-1876, a.2y 2m 27d, p. j.a.& h.m. ingram
INGRAM, John T., d.10-feb-1876, a.5y 1m 8d, p. j.a.& h.m. ingram
INGRAM, Jonathon, d.4-?-1874, a.58y 7m 18d
INGRAM, Mary, d.2-feb-1867, a.1m, p. s.p. & m. ingram
INGRAM, Mary, d.29-nov-1867, a.23y, h. samuel p. ingram
INGRAM, S.P., Co G. 48th Ill.
JOACHINIS, Grant, b.2-aug-1886, d.19-sep-1887
JOACHINIS, Loren, 24july-1888, d.4-feb-1889
JOHNSON, Cynthia A., b.22-july-1878, d.2-sep-1878, a.1m 10d
JOOCHINS, Adline, d.5-nov-1872, a.2y 8m 18d, p. j. & m.j. joochins
JOOCHINS, Anna, d.5-sep-1879, p. e. & e. joochins
JOOCHINS, Bertha Dell, d.20-aug-1881, a.4y 1m 28d, p. e. & e. joochins
JOOCHINS, Clarence, d.27-june-1874, a.2m 2d, p. j. & s.e. joochins
JOOCHINS, Clide, d.29-june-1887, a.5m 5d, p. j. & s.e. joochins
JOOCHINS, Conrad, d.25-july-1894, a.81y 12d
JOOCHINS, Frances E., d.27-feb-1880, a.25y 6m 6d, h. gett joochins
JOOCHINS, Frank, d.11-jan-1876, a.1y 6m, p. j. & m.j. joochins
JOOCHINS, George, d.15-dec-1873, a.3y 9m 22d, p. e. & e. joochins
JOOCHINS, Herminia, d.1-oct-1879, a.61y 8m 20d, h. c. joochins
JOOCHINS, John, d.22-oct-1868, a.7m 9d, p. j. & m.j. joochins
JOOCHINS, John, d.22-aug-1878, a.36y 2m 2d
JOOCHINS, Mary J., d.3-dec-1876, a.36y 4m 13d, h. john joochins
JOOCHINS, Peter, b.9-may-1859, d.6-oct-1864, p. c. & h.j. joochins
JOOCHINS, Sarah E., d.27-mar-1887, a.35y 1m 14d, h. justus joochins
KALH, Edna Gladys, b.8-?-1914, d.18-?-1917, a.2y 5m 10d, p. w.f. & a.kalh
KALH, Reba D., d.1-jan-1931, a.5y 2m 17d
KIMBALL, Mary C., b.22-oct-1854, d.13-aug-1876, a.21y 3m 22d, h. jesse f. kimball
KING, B.W., b.28-sep-1820, d.27-june-1881
KINGSBURY, Lyman, d.14-july-1874, a.70y 4m 11d
KLIEM, C.F.E., b.14-dec-1808, d.16-jan-1880
KNOWLES, W.H., b.24-july-1857, d.2-jan-1889, a.31y 5m 9d
LANCE, Bertha M., d.25-june-1891, a.7y 6m, p. j.h. & j.m. lance
LANCE, Irma K., d.18-feb-1908, a.20y 2m 13d, p. j.h. & j.m. lance
LANCE, James H., b.1859, d.1922
LANCE, Justina, b.1863, d.1947, h. james lance
LANCE, Mauda L., d.30-mar-1895, a.3y 4m 25d, p. j.h. & j.m. lance
LANDIS, Infant Son, b.& d.13-nov-1899, p. j.a.& ibba landis
LANDIS, Vivian Fern, b.10-oct-1899, d.10-oct-1899, p. s.a.& c.a.landis
LANE, John W., d.25-may-1881, p. d.& m. lane
LANE, Mary, Nodates, p. d.& m. lane
LANE, Martha, d.26-jan-1894, a.72y, h. d.lane
LEGG, Bailey R., b.7-oct-1890, d.21-mar-1904, p. g.m. & r.c. legg
LEGG, Charles G., b.1-dec-1907, d.12-feb-1908, p. j. & m. legg
LEGG, George B., b.7-june-1882, d.17-sep-1882, p. g.m. & r.c. legg
LEHR, Anna, b.3-jan-1842, d.6-sep-1916, h. jacob lehr
LEHR, Elizabeth, b.10-jan-1882, d.31-oct-1903, p. j. & a.lehr
LEHR, George, b.22-sep-1873, d.10-feb-1909, p. j. & a.lehr
LEHR, Jacob, b.17-apr-1834, d.9-sep-1905
McCABE, Elizabeth, b.18-sep-1841, d.4-sep-1882, h. wilford mccabe
McCABE, Francis, b.11-mar-1814, d.8-feb-1884, a.69y 10m 28d
McCABE, Patrick, d.21-june-1884, a.84y 3m 4d
McCABE, Sarah, d.15-july-1879, a.7m, p. w. & m. mccabe
McCLAIN, Charles, d.14-dec-1882, a.76y 10m 8d
McCLAIN, Eber, d.31-may-1868, a.21y 5m 17d
McCLAIN, Henry, d.25-sep-1852, a.17y 10m 11d, p. chas & louisa mcclain
McCLAIN, Louisa, d.29-apr-1860, a.49y 7m 27d, h. chas mcclain
MCCLANE, Anna, d.2-nov-1898, a.73y 3m 12d, h. chas mcclane
McCLANE, Roy Dale, d.21-apr-1881, a.8y 1m 13d, p. dr. c.r. & m.c. mcclane
McRIGG, John, b.20-sep-1826, d.15-sep-1910
McRIGG, Mary J. Ballard, b.4-aug-1830, a.22-jan-1900, h. john mcrigg
MESSERLY, William, Co E. 5 W.V.a.Cav.
MICHAEL, Benjamin F., d.26-mar-1875, a.1y 3m 16d, p. j.& s. michael
MICHAEL, Edward B., b.10-apr-1880, d.11-dec-1880, a.8m 1d
MICHAEL, James, d.26-oct-1870 or 76, a.1y 10d, p. j.& s. michael
MIDDLETON, Fannie M., d.27-mar-1880, a.1y 4m 12d, p. l.m.& m.m. middleton
MIDDLETON, Mary C., d.24-aug-1876, a.28y 3m 12d, h. larner middleton
MIDDLETON, Mary E., d.17-june-1877, a.17y 1m 3d, p. d.& g. middleton
MIDDLETON, Thomas W., d.3-aug-1879, a.10y 2m, p. l.m. & m.m. middleton
MONTGOMERY, Frankie, d.11-feb-1879, a.1y 2m 21d, p. a.n. & n.j. montgomery
MORE, G.F., b.1861, d.1913, Sheriff of Wabash County 1907-1910
MORGAN, Bertha M., d.31-dec-1893, a.4y 11m 28d, p. f.a.& s.c. morgan
MORGAN, Ira L., d.4-dec-1875, a.1y 5m 12d, p. f.a.& s.c. morgan
MORGAN, Lizzie, d.20-apr-1880, a.23y 9m 5d, h. luther morgan
NEAVEILL, Caroline R., b.1875, d.11-mar-1926, a.51y 1m 7d
NEAVEILL, Johnny, (n dates)
NEAVEILL, Thomas V., b.3-feb-1898, d.8-apr-1898, p. w.d.& c.r. neaveill
NEAVEILL, William D., b.1870
ONYET, Ada B., b.6-apr-1875, d.4-aug-1903, p. l. & m.a.onyet
ONYET, Beulah B., b.2-dec-1894, d.26-dec-1895, p. l. & m.a.onyet
PAINTER, Joseph M., b.8-sep-1856, d.7-nov-1857, a.1y 1m 29d, p. jos. & rachel painter
PARMENTER, Aden T., d.19-may-1857
PARMENTER, Bessie, b.3-july-1892, d.16-july-1892, p. a.f. & m.a.parmenter
PARMENTER, Effie May, b.28-aug-1894, d.24-sep-1895
PARMENTER, Frances, b.& d.1-july-1893
PARMENTER, Harry, b.10-feb-1870, d.1-feb-1916
PARMENTER, Henry, b.5-oct-1828, d.17-feb-1900
PARMENTER, Henry Edward, b.19-june-1856, d.16-june-1927, a.64y 11m 2d
PARMENTER, Infant, b.21-dec-1891, d.23-dec-1891, p. e. & e. parmenter
PARMENTER, Infant, b.12-july-1883, d.21-july-1883
PARMENTER, Lester M., d.2-nov-1868, a.2y 5m 22d, p. h. & n.j. parmenter
PARMENTER, Nancy J., b.18-mar-1830, d.14-may-1904
PATTON, Calvin, d.4-oct-1875, a.41y 6m 22d
PETER, Infant Son, d.27-dec-1876, p. l.f. & s.e. peter
PHAR, Callie, d.28-feb-1876, a.1m 28d, p. j.a.& c. phar
PHAR, Caroline, d.9-feb-1876, a.35y 5m 11d, h. john a.phar
PHAR, Ephriam S., d.29-jan-1878, a.17y 3m 26d, p. j.a.& c. phar
PHAR, Harriet, d.2-apr-1881, a.43y 1m 22d, h. john phar
PHAR, Ida May, d.10-aug-1859, p. j.a.& c. phar
PHAR, John A., b.18-june-1834, d.24-jan-1890, a.9m 9d
PHAR, Sarah Fanny, d.19-feb-1871, a.3y 24d, p. j.a.& c. phar
POLLMAN, Edna May, b.11-may-1889, d.18-nov-1889, a.6m 7d
POLLMAN, Infant Son, b.18-oct-1882, d.18-oct-1882, p. w. & c. pollman
PROCTOR, Elizabeth, d.5-may-1867, a.76y 9m 25d, h. john proctor
PROCTOR, Mary E., d.21-aug-1856, a.4m 6d, p. j.m. & lydia proctor
PROCTOR, Thomas, b.18-dec-1821, d.26-may-1847, a.25y 5m 8d, p. john & elizabeth proctor
PUTMAN, Alfred, b.25-nov-1859, d.18-jan-1890, a.30y 1m 23d
PUTMAN, Alfred D., b.15-sep-1822, d.4-apr-1878
PUTMAN, Catherine, b.1870
PUTMAN, D.Z., b.1868, d.1918
PUTMAN, Glenn E., b.2-july-1888, d.9-dec-1888, p. d.z. & k.m. putman
PUTMAN, Rebens P., b.12-dec-1833, d.20-aug-1883, h. alfred putman
PUTMAN, Tryphosa, d.12-feb-1862, a.62y 7m 10d
PUTMAN, William E., d.10-mar-1876, a.12y 3m 25d, p. a.d.& r.p. putman
RAVENSTEIN, Dora B., d.31-aug-1888, a.19y 10m 6d, p. j. & c.c. ravenstein
RAVENSTEIN, James C., d.14-mar-1898, a.24y 9m 24d
RAVENSTEIN, Thomas H., d.6-jan-1878, a.1y 8m 6d, p. j. & c.c. ravenstein
RICE, Sherman, d.24-may-1892, a.19y 5m 15d
RICE, William B., Co C. 87th Ill. Inf.
RIGG, ?, d.1-mar-1881, a.1y 1m 6d, p. d.b. & s.c. rigg
RIGG, Albert, b.5-nov-1850, d.26-aug-1853, p. r.j. & m. rigg
RIGG, Alfred, b.16-july-1831, d.17-nov-1872, a.41y 4m 6d
RIGG, Alice, d.2-oct-1885, a.11m 5d, p. g.h. & c.j. rigg
RIGG, Amos, d.18-nov-1923, a.74y 9m 29d
RIGG, C.L., d.29-june-1887, a.72y 6m 26d
RIGG, Caroline S., b.25-aug-1804, d.5-dec-1858, a.54y 4m 10d, h. geo p. rigg
RIGG, Catherine, d.5-apr-1877, a.57y 11m 20d, h. c.l. rigg
RIGG, Clara, d.5-may-1900, a.51y 7m 14d, h. geo h. rigg
RIGG, Daniel B., b.1840, d.1884, Co. C. 115th Ill. Inf.
RIGG, Emma J., d.7-oct-1878, a.18y 9m 13d, p. alfred & hattie rigg
RIGG, Florence J., b.15-dec-1865, d.26-june-1866, p. w. & rebecca rigg
RIGG, George P., b.6-sep-1793, d.14-dec-1867, a.74y 3m 8d
RIGG, George R., d.30-aug-1855, a.11m 15d, p. j.h. & m.j. rigg
RIGG, George S., b.4-may-1844, d.17-dec-1917
RIGG, Infant, b.13-dec-1887, d.18-dec-1887, p. p.s. & m.m. rigg
RIGG, James H., b.31-dec-1825, d.4-dec-1880, a.51y 11m 3d
RIGG, James H., Jr., b.18-aug-1873, d.11-may-1893
RIGG, James O., d.11-feb-1878, a.1m 7d, p. j.o. & p.a.rigg
RIGG, Julia A., b.6-mar-1860, d.29-july-1889, a.29y 4m 23d
RIGG, Martha J., b.10-mar-1827, d.29-oct-1891, a.64y 7m 19d
RIGG, Mary, b.16-jun-1808, d.10-may-1868, h. john rigg
RIGG, Mary E., d.4-oct-1879, a.36y 4m 26d
RIGG, Matilda, b.1850, d.1876
RIGG, Rachel J., d.4-apr-1877, a.31y 1m 11d, h. henry h. rigg
RIGG, Rebecca, b.25-dec-1810, d.19-apr-1871, h. john rigg
RIGG, Rebecca P., b.24-jan-1833, d.3-may-1917, h. w.m. rigg
RIGG, Sarah, b.15-june-1836, d.3-mar-1856, h. thomas j. rigg
RIGG, Sarah Ann, d.20-nov-1929, a.88y 7m 28d
RIGG, Sheridan P., b.1869, d.1925
RIGG, T.J., b.11-aug-1850, d.19-dec-1911
RIGG, William V., Co C. 115th Ill. Inf.
RIGG, Virgil F., d.25-aug-1889, a.1y 1d, p. j.s. & e. rigg
RIGG, W.M., b.27-sep-1832, d.29-july-1901
RIGG, William P., b.2-jan-1830, d.16-june-1861, a.31y 6m 14d
RISLEY, Enos, Cop. Co. G. 48 Ill. Inf.
RISLEY, Jane, d.28-aug-1875, a.62y 10m, h. jeremiah risley
RISLEY, Rachel, d.9-mar-1867, a.19y 2d, h. e.b. risley
ROSE, Philip, b.15-apr-1840, d.23-may-1909, a.69y 1m 8d, Co. H. 48th Ill. Inf.
RUSSELL, Bessie G., b.1886, d.1901
RUSSELL, Maggie S., d.6-sep-1888, a.1y 2m 6d, p. c or g. & m. russell
SANDERS, Cassander, b.13-aug-1819, d.16-oct-1888
SANDERS, Maurice S., d.2-dec-1871, a.2m 22d, p. j. & m.j. sanders
SANDERS, William C., b.26-jan-1820, d.29-sep-1882, a.62y 8m 3d, Co. a.2nd Regt Inf. Ky Vol Mex War
SAWYER, Edgar W., b.15-mar-1883, d.7-may-1911
SAWYER, Hattie C., b.28-may-1853, d.6-sep-1896, h. s. sawyer
SAWYER, James H., b.1877, d.1905
SAWYER, Margaret P., b.18-june-1875, d.15-feb-1889, a.13y 7m 27d
SAWYER, Minta P., d.29-sep-1876, p. h. & n.e. sawyer
SAWYER, Nancy E., b.22-aug-1848, d.3-apr-1883, h. henry sawyer
SAWYER, Rachel, d.june-????, a.79y 9m 11d
SAWYER, Rosa May, d.11-nov-1894, a.14y 5m 2d, p. j. & l. sawyer
SEILER, Martha A., b.11-jan-1846, d.2-oct-1886, h. peter seiler
SEILER, Peter, b.17-nov-1827, d.17-nov-1880, Co. I. 131st Ill Inf.
SHADLE, Malinda, d.1-mar-1877, a.37y 4m, h. alfred shadle
SHELLBORN, C.J., b.24-sep-1860, d.15-feb-1902
SHELLBORN, Cledum, b.16-may-1892, d.16-sep-1897, p. c.j. & c.b. shellborn
SHELLBORN, Otto, b.15-july-1882, d.17-aug-1882, p. c.j. & c.b. shellborn
SKILES, James S., b.5-oct-1872, d.9-dec-1884, p. s.g. & a.e. skiles
SKILES, Samuel G., Co H. 34th Ky Inf.
SLOAN, Lucinda, b.22-sep-1816, d.29-dec-1837, h. w.b. sloan
SMITH, Priscilla, d.28-july-1879, a.56y 10m
SMITH, Thomas B., d.8-june-1868, a.45y 6m
SMITH, Thomas B., Co L 113 Ill. Inf.
SPORE, James H., d.27-dec-1880, a.44y 7m 6d
STANNINGER, Clarence, d.26-july-1892, a.1m 8d, p. j.w. & d.m. stanninger
STEVENS, Charles M., b.1838, d.27-dec-1889, a.51y 10m 10d
STEVENS, Frances Emily, b.1836, d.1914
STEVENS, James L., d.2-may-1886, a.21y 7m 26d, p. c.m. & f.e. stevens
STEWART, James F., d.10-jan-1877, a.15y 10m 24d, p. a.& r. stewart
STEWART, Roesannan, d.8-oct-1877, a.37y 11m 19d, h. a.stewart
STINSON, Cynthia Ann, b.18-mar-1823, d.13-dec-1852, h. thomas stinson
STOVER, Emily, b.8-aug-1810, d.6-dec-1887
STRABON, Delilah, b.5-jan-1834, d.27-apr-1899, a.65y 3m 22d
STRABON, James, b.5-jan-1827, d.23-apr-1878, a.51y 3m 4d
STRAHAN, George B., b.15-apr-1862, d.21-feb-1916
STRAHAN, Lettie A., d.17-may-1859, h. george strahan
TANQUERY, Alfred, b.21-june-1816, d.25-july-1895
TANQUERY, Flora, b.31-may-1854, h. john tanquery
TANQUERY, Infant Son, b.24-july-1881, d.24-july-1881, p. john f. tanquery
TANQUERY, John F., b.1-jan-1846, d.13-dec-1903
TANQUERY, Lydia Pearl, b.22-mar-1884, d.23-nov-1890, a.6y 8m 1d,
TANQUERY, Mollie Parker, b.27-aug-1875, d.29-apr-1876, a.8m 2d
TANQUERY, Susannah, b.6-sep-1813, d.29-jan-1849, h. alfred tanquery
TANQUERY, Therrisa, d.21-nov-1887, a.74y 2m 15d, h. a.tanquery
THOMPSON, Ferrel B., b.17-jan-1856, d.17-july-1903
THOMPSON, Mary E., b.4-dec-1858, d.2-mar-1920, h. ferrel thompson
TUGAW, William N., d.7-apr-1880, a.18y 9m 13d, p. p. & e. tugaw
VANSENDEN, C. Osia, b.2-aug-1879, d.20-nov-1879, p. j.a.& s. vansenden
VANSENDEN, Frank B., d.3-july-1878, a.2m 20d, p. j.a.& s. vansenden
VANSENDEN, Herman W., b.1862, d.1929
VANSENDEN, J.A., b.28-may-1830, d.5-feb-1901
VANSENDEN, J. Henry, b.26-feb-1876, d.21-july-1876, p. j.a.& s. vansenden
VANSENDEN, Jessie M., b.1872
VANSENDEN, Mary E., d.22-apr-1860, a.7m 10d, p. j.a.& s. vansenden
VANSENDEN, Samantha Rigg, b.14-feb-1837, d.1-feb-1905, h. j.a.vansenden
VORIES, Hesther, d.29-apr-1869, a.44y 2m 22d
WALLER, Ida Augusta, b.11-dec-1890, d.1-nov-1892
WALSER, Kittie, d.1-aug-1879, a.31y 1m 28d, h. m. walser
WALSER, Loren, b.6-jan-1868, d.5-nov-1884, p. m. & k. walser
WEIFT, Rev E.H., b.12-apr-1855, Colchester Conn., d.7-june-1883, St. Louis Mo., a.28y 1m 27d
WHEELER, Mary J., b.11-mar-1856, d.16-oct-1892
WILBUR, Coral B., b.15-july-1909, d.3-jan-1910, p. m.f. & m.e. wilbur
WIRTH, Infant Daughter, d.3-oct-1883, p. c.l. & h. wirth
WISENBERGER, Mary E., b.9-oct-1868, d.6-may-1885, a.16y 7m 27d
WISENBERGER, Nettie W., d.22-sep-1869, a.1y 11m 14d, p. benjamin & c.n. wisenberger
WOOD, Daniel, d.18-feb-1931, a.69y 8m 8d
WOOD, Mary J., b.6-sep-1829, d.6-feb-1896, a.66y 5m h. w. wood
WOOD, Minnie, b.15-may-1865, d.22-apr-1917, h. d.w. wood
WOOD, Richard, d.7-dec-1930, a.26y 7m 17d
WOOD, Ross, b.23-feb-1888, d.14-feb-1889, a.11m 21d, p. d.& m. wood
YOUNG, Anne, b.6-jan-1825, d.28-nov-1898, h. wm. m. young
YOUNG, William M., b.5-feb-1824, d.17-may-1899


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