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Bump Compton Cemetery
Coffee Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula [kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 54.

Located in Coffee Precinct, Sec 9, near Keensburg, Wabash County, Illinois.

The original tombstone recordings were done by Geraldine Satterthwaite in January-1984.

The original tombstone recordings can be viewed at the Public Library in Mt. Carmel, IL - Contact Louise Taylor [bttaylor@hotmail.com]

The cemetery datafile was constructed by Shannon Swain at anxie99@yahoo.com in September-1999.

The datafile has been .TXT file converted and enhanced by Paul M. Kankula in September-1999.

b. = date of birth
d. = date of death
a. = age at death
p. = parents
h. = husband
w. = wife

ANTHIS, Stella E., b. 14-aug-1881, d. 17-aug-188?, p. w.r. & s.o. anthis
ANTHIS, William, b. 5-june-1890, d. 18-june-1892, p. w.r. & s.o. anthis
ANTHIS, William R., d. 21-june-1901, a. 45y 8m 13d
BAIRD, Mary, d. 27-nov-1880, a. 68y 18d, h. s. baird
CARLTON, Robert, d. 9-dec-1868, a. 61y 11m 17d
COMPTON, Elijah, d. 10-feb-1857, a. 33y 1m
COMPTON, Elijah E., b. 31-july-1857, d. 20-july-1880, p. f. & s. compton
COMPTON, Ezra, d. 15-sep-1856, a. 23y, p. john & rebecca compton
COMPTON, Francis, b. 3-nov-1813, d. 3-sep-1862, a. 48y 10m
COMPTON, Francis, b. 3-nov-1816, d. 3-sep-1862
COMPTON, Hester, b. 12-apr-1844, d. ?-june-1846, p. francis & sarah a. compton
COMPTON, James, b. 1-june-1825, d. 30-nov-1856
COMPTON, James N., b. 24-dec-1845, p. a. & n. compton, stone broken
COMPTON, Jeremiah, b. 2-apr-1851, d. 2-apr-1864, p. j. & m.a. compton
COMPTON, Mary, d. 3-feb-1864, a. 11y 4d, p. f. & s. compton
COMPTON, Rebecca, d. 27-june-1832, a. 4m 24d, p. elijah & a. compton
COMPTON, Rebecca, d. 31-dec-1843, p. a. & n. compton
COMPTON, Sarah A., b. 20-mar-1818, d. 23-apr-1897
COMPTON, Sarah P., b. 17-nov-1853, d. 23-feb-1869, p. j. & m.a. compton
COMPTON, Wilbur, b. 17-dec-1850, d. 2-oct-1881
COMPTON, William, d. 6-mar-1891, a. 31y 4m 27d, p. f.f. & s.a. compton
COWLING, Caroline, b. 10-may-1861, d. 1-apr-1869, p. w.h. & n. cowling
COWLING, Nancy, d. 27-feb-1873, a. 51y 1m 13d, h. w.h. cowling
GARERETT (Garrett?), Infant Daughter, b. 18-july-1892, p. f.& h.g. garrett
GARNER, Charity, b. 22-june-1839, d. 8-mar-1900, a. 60y 8m 16d, h. d.b. garner
GARNER, James M., b. 11-jun-1874, d. 26-nov-1913
GARRETT, Bailey, b. 1838, d. 1915
GARRETT, Hannah H., b. 27-apr-1840, d. 15-sep-1884, a. 44y 4m 18d
GARRETT, Sarah J., b. 10-mar-1838, d. 27-may-1858, a. 20y 1m 17d
JOHNSON, Oscar M., b. 27-aug-1889, d. 15-nov-1892, p. w.h. & m.e. johnson
KEEN, Ada Augusta, b. 22-feb-1855, d. 12-sep-1862, p. o.h. & m.p. keen
KEEN, Amy Porter, b. 23-jan-1889, d. 10-may-1889, a. 5m 15d, p. w.e. & m. keen
KEEN, Bertha M., b. 19-aug-1877, d. 22-apr-1906, h. e.c. keen
KEEN, Daniel, d. 8-aug-1874, a. 80y 3m 6d
KEEN, Daniel, b. 8-oct-1857, d. 31-aug-1858, a. 10m 23d, p. o.h. & m.p. keen
KEEN, Elizabeth V., b. 25-sep-1850, d. 2-aug-1851, p. d. & j. keen
KEEN, Julidda, b. 18-oct-1807, d. 20-apr-1873, a. 65y 6m 2d, h. daniel keen
KEEN, Margaret P., b. 14-feb-1823, d. 11-jan-1889, a. 65y 10m 27d, h. o.h. keen
KEEN, O.H., b. 8-oct-1817, d. 30-aug-1877, a. 59y 10m 22d
KEEN, Oliver P., b. 19-aug-1862, d. 31-aug-1887, a. 25y 12d, p. o.h. & m.p. keen
KEEN, Oliver Porter, b. 12-sep-1908, d. 18-may-1911, p. e.c. & a. d. keen
KEEN, Ornamil H., b. 3-feb-1860, d. 2-apr-1884, a. 24y 1m 29d, p. o.h. & m.p. keen
KEEN, Thomas J., d. 17-jan-1869, a. 31y 11m
LYNCH, Sarah O., b. 1858, d. 1921
PETERS, Mabel, b. 26-may-1890, d. 15-feb-1891, p. r. & l. peters
PIFER, John, b. 7-june-1845, d. 26-july-1864, p. j. & m.a. pifer
PRUITT, Mary, d. 20-jan-1896, a. 38y 4m 10d, h. jas s. pruitt
SHARP, Helen N., b. 7-oct-1905, d. 1-mar-1907, p. h.e. & j.m. sharp
SHARP, Julia, b. 15-mar-1848, d. 13-sep-1892, h. chas w. sharp
SHARP, Lovina D., d. 13-june-1889, a. 23y 10m 19d, p. c.w. & julie sharp
SHARP, Mollie A., b. 13-june-1870, d. 28-sep-1892, a. 22y 3m 15d, h. h.h. sharp
STROTHERS, Belle, b. 1861, d. 1940
STROTHERS, John, b. 1859, d. 1934
STROTHERS, Roy E., b. 1890, d. 1964

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