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Hopewell Cemetery
Downs, McLean County, Illinois

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 49.

Contributor's Index:

Killion, Alice Virginia, b. 20 Feb 1864, d. 16 Mar 1944, w/o Issac, d/o Jeremiah Miller, [DB]
Killion, Edward M., b. 26 Jun 1880, d. 6 Dec 1914, s/o Mathias and Mary M. (Phillips) Killion, [DB]
Killion, Elizabeth (Ratliff), b. 25 Apr 1830, d. 16 Feb 1858, w/o James E. Killion, [DB]
Killion, Grace Irene Arvin, no dates, [DB]
Killion, Infant, d. 10 Apr 1898, d/o Issac and Alice V. (Miller) Killion, [DB]
Killion, Issac, b. 1 Mar 1858, d. 5 Jul 1923, h/o Alice Virginia (Miller) Killion, [DB]
Killion, James E., b. 3 Mar 1828, h/o Elizabeth (Ratliff), s/o Mathias J. and Nancy A. (Barnett) Killion, [DB]
Killion, Jessie L., b. 1864, d. 24 Jan 1947 hus. of Lucy A., [DB]
Killion, John N., b. 5 Feb 1858, d. 10 Oct 1858, s/o John E. and Elizabeth (Ratliff) Killion, [DB]
Killion, Lucinda (Sales), b. 17 Mar 1827, d. 1 Oct 1903, w/o Mathias J. Killion, [DB]
Killion, Lucinda E., d. 16 Feb 1872, d/o Mathias J. and Martha J. (Phillips) Killion, [DB]
Killion, Lucy A., b. 31 Jul 1860, d. 9 May 1939, w/o Jessie L. dau. of Samuel and Katherine (Koytz) Betchel, [DB]
Killion, Mary M. (Phillips), b. 10 Nov 1954, d. 6 Apr 1931, w/o Mathias, [DB]
Killion, Mary M. (Phillips), no dates, [DB]
Killion, Mathias J., b. 26 Apr 1804, d. 22 Feb 1888, h/o Nancy A. (Barnett), h/o Lucinda, [DB]
Killion, Mathias, b. 6 Sep 1849, d. 5 Jan 1903, h/o Mary M. (Phillips) Killion, [DB]
Killion, Nancy A., b. 21 Jan 1805, d. 13 Nov 1843, w/o Mathias J. Killion, d/o John and Nancy Barnett, [DB]
Killion, Nancy E., b. 20 Jun 1852, d. 29 Oct 1957, d/o James E. and Elizabeth (Ratliff) Killion, [DB]
Killion, Nellie M., b. 10 Aug 1877, d. 4 Nov 1884, d/o Mathias and Mary M. (Phillips) Killion, [DB]
Killion, Oren Albert, b. 10 Jan 1898, d. 23 Oct 1898, s/o Jessie L. and Lucy A., [DB]
Killion, William Jasper, b. 14 Nov 1836, d. 23 Jan 1868, s/o Mathias J. and Nancy A. (Barnett) Killion " Civil War Veteran 1861-1865", [DB]
Phillips, Bernice (Teter), b. 1890, d. 1993, w/o Charles L. Phillips, [DB]
Phillips, Charles L., b. 19 Sep 1886, d. 8 Jan 1950, h/o Bernice (Teter), s/o James T. and Martha J. Phillips, [DB]
Phillips, Edward O., b. 1 Jun 1892, d. 16 Feb 1923, s/o James T. and Martha J. IL Private 143rd Inf 31st Div., [DB]
Phillips, Elmer, b. 16 Nov 1882, d. 16 Nov 1960, s/o Solomon and Sarah E. "buried Park Hill Cemetery Bloomington, IL, [DB]
Phillips, James T., b. 23 Feb 1851, d. 27, Feb 1928, h/o Martha J.(Killion), [DB]
Phillips, John W., b. 28 Dec 1874, d. 26 Feb 1932, h/o Leola (Price), s/o James T. and Martha J.(Killion), [DB]
Phillips, Lee Ola, b. 25 Jun 1878, d. 21 Mar 1937, w/o John W., d/o T.J. Price, [DB]
Phillips, Martha J. , b. 14 Oct 1852, d. 26 Mar 1916, w/o James T., d/o Mathias J. and Lucinda (Sales) Killion, [DB]
Phillips, Mary E., b. 3 Jan 1875, d. 30 Dec 1946, w/o William T., d/o Wm. and Elvina (Hutchinson) Lesch, [DB]
Phillips, Milton C., b. 5 Nov 1885, d. 10 Mar 1959, s/o Solomon and Sarah E., [DB]
Phillips, Nettie C. Crowder, d/o Solomon and Sarah E., [DB]
Phillips, Sarah E. , b. 13 Jun 1844, d. 9 Apr 1933, w/o Solomon, d/o Laban and Sarah (Irvin) Teter, [DB]
Phillips, Solomon, b. 5 Mar 1840, d. 15 May 1914, h/o Sarah E. (Teter) Co. A 168th Penn. Inf., [DB]
Phillips, William T., b. 12 Jul 1873, d. 19 Oct 1964, h/o Mary E.(Lesch), s/o Solomon and Sarah E., [DB]
Phillips, William, b., b. 30 Apr 1848, d. 25 Dec 1868, s/o Theophilus and Lavina (Wilcox) Phillips , [DB]
Teter Infants, no dates, sons of Benjamin and Caroline (Winner) Teter, [DB]
Teter, Benjamin, b. 14 Jul 1816, d. 20 May 1893 Caroline (Winner), [DB]
Teter, Caroline (Winner), b. 8 Apr 1834, d. 22 Apr 1914, w/o Benjamin Teter, [DB]
Teter, Esther M., b. 21 Mar 1860, d. 18 Apr 1936, w/o Laban C. Teter, m. 8 Mar 1877, d/o William and Harriet P. Honnor, [DB]
Teter, Ida M. (Lantz), no dates, [DB]
Teter, Laban C., b. 13 Jan 1840, d. 11 May 1884, h/o Mary Jane, h/o Esther M. Co. K 26th Regt.IL Vol. Inf, [DB]
Teter, Laban, b. 1807, d. 28 Jul 1883, h/o Sarah (Irvin) Teter, [DB]
Teter, Margaret, Burial Unknown, w/o Jonathan Teter, d/o Isaac and Elizabeth (Baird) Oswalt, [DB]
Teter, Mary E., b. 4 May 1867, d. 8 Dec 1873, d/o Benjamin and Caroline (Winner) Teter, [DB]
Teter, Mary Etta, b. 28, 1880, d. 8 Jan 1884, d/o Laban C. and Esther M. (Honnor), [DB]
Teter, Mary Jane, w/o Laban C. Teter, m. 24 Aug. 1865, d/o Isaac and Elizabeth (Baird) Oswalt, [DB]
Teter, Sarah (Irvin), b. 20 Mar 1809, d. 22 Feb 1877, [DB]
Teter, William C., b. 14 Oct 1885, d. 25 Jan 1889, s/o Laban C. and Esther M. (Honnor), [DB]


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