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Bankert Cemetery
Alexander County, Illinois

Contributed by Kevin Snell [snellsrus@prodigy.net].  Total records = 49.

Bankert Cemetery is located in Alexander County, two miles west of the town of Gale, Illinois. Situated on a high wooded ridge that overlooks the surrounding farmlands.

Following is a listing of known burials and additional genealogical information compiled by the author, Kevin Snell and updated in 1995.

1 - Holshouser, Lois Verdean, Aug 10, 1931-Aug 11, 1931, (daughter of Wm. Albert & Alberta Kaufman Holshouser. This unmarked grave is located at the end of infants grandmothers, Daisy Kaufman's footstone.)

2 - Kaufmann, Frank B., Dec 26, 1866-Jan 4, 1889, (son of Adam Kaufmann)

3 - Kaufman, Mary Alice, wife of Eugene Kaufman, died Dec 8, 1902, Aged 29 yrs. A loving wife, a mother dear a faithful friend lies buried here. (Mary Alice was the first wife of Eugene, some records indicate that her DOB was Feb 25, 1873. She was the daughter of Malinda Lee Callens & stepdaughter to Pink Callens.

4 - Kaufman, George W., Sept 27, 1859-July 15, 1880, (son of Adam Kaufmann)

5 - Two small stones appear to be infant burials. (possibly Kauffman children)

6 - Kaufman, Friederike, wife of Adam Kaufmann, June 27, 1838-June 12, 1878, (maiden name Hoofmaster or Hoofmeister. Authors gg-grandmother)

7 - Kaufman, Adam, Dec 25, 1826-Dec 14, 1905, A father and a husband dear. A faithful friend lies sleeping here. (authors great great grandfather, immigrated from Germany in 1840 alone at the age of 13 yrs)

8 - Unmarked Kaufman infant grave (great grandchild of Adam Kaufmann)

9 - Kaufman, Eugene, Jan 30, 1861-Feb 13, 1947, Daisy, Mar 10, 1880-Nov 16, 1960, (Daisy was Eugene's second wife. Her name was actually Laura Ellen Lawrence but was called by her nicname, Daisy. She was the daughter of John F & Sarah J Lawrence. Some records indicate that Eugene's year of birth was 1868. Eugene was the son of Adam & Friedereke Kaufmann.)

10 - Kaufman, Lloyd E., son of Eugene & Daisy Kaufmann, Oct 22, 1915-Feb 7, 1919, A loved one from us is gone, A voice we loved is stilled. a place is vacant in our home which can never be filled. (child was grandson of Adam Kaufmann)

11 - Kaufman, Flora, daughter of Eugene & Alice Kaufman, Feb. 9, 1902-Feb. 15, 1902, Like a flower she passed away, Destroyed in all her bloom, waking in a brighter time, she finds no death or gloom.(baby is granddaughter of Adam Kaufman. Flora's middle name was Ellen.)

12 - Kaufman, Julia, daughter of Eugene & Alice Kaufman, May. 9, 1899-Sept. 2, 1899, Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest, God called thee home, he thought it best. (infant was granddaughter of Adam Kaufman. Julia Adline was twin to Ida, whom survived childhood.)

13 - Moll, Maryan, wife of Hamilton A. Moll, and daughter of Adam Kaufmann, April 12, 1864-Mar. 24, 1886 aged 22yrs, 11 mths, 9days.

(two actual stones present on the following plot, one having been covered with earth for years)

14 - Simpkins, Louisa, wife of W.C. Simpkins, died Feb. 18, 1900, 41yrs, 9mths, 27days. (date of birth should be approx. May 22, 1858. daughter of Adam Kaufmann)

15 - Simpkins, W. Columbus, Nov.2, 1861-Apr.27, 1931, husband of Louisa Simpkins

16 - Goodman, Arthur S. Feb. 28, 1902-Jan. 18,1967, Beulah A., Sept.2, 1911-Jan. 18, 1980 (Beulah is the daughter of Eugene & Daisy Kaufman)

17 - Benifield, Charley L., Jan 26, 1875-Jan. 6, 1918, (husband of Molly Kaufman Benifield whom is buried at Lindsey Cemetery in McClure.(this is Adam Kaufmann's son-in-law)

18 - Benifield, ??, Jan 11, 1902-Jan 18, 1902, A little Bud of love to Bloom with God Above. (this is Charlie Edward Benifield, son of #17 above. Charlie L and Mollie Kaufman Benifield. Infant was the grandson of Adam Kaufmann)

19 - Kaufman, Robert E., Sept 10, 1861-Mar 12, 1888, George & Eve lies to my right and left (Robert is the son of Adam Kaufmann)

20 - Simpkins, William Harley, son of W.C. & L. Simpkins, Died Sept 24, 1886, aged 8 yrs, 8 mths, 28 days, (DOB Dec 27, 1877, child was the grandson of Adam Kaufman)

21 - One small stone marker, idenity unknown

22 - Goodman, Rachel E., Feb 8, 1860-Jan 23, 1884, Though short my day yet now I rest, and praise my god amoung the best.

23 - One stone marker, idenity unknown

24 - One stone marker, idenity unknown

25 - M. J. G., died 1878, (Gearing family member burial, this headstone is hand etched out 3" shale rock found locally. This is possibly the grave of Mary Gearing born 1870, daughter of Mary & John)

26 - Gearing, Mary, Feb 4, 1861-Oct 23, 1897, (This headstone is hand etched out of shale rock)

27 - Gearing, John E., Jan 2, 1849-Aug 12, 1902, (Husband of Mary Gearing)

28 - M. A. G., died 1878, (Gearing family member burial. Headstone is hand etched out of shale rock

29 - Gearing, Eve V., March 27, 1888-Nov 15, 1890, (possibly child of Mary & John Gearing)

30 - Monument at top of Bankert Cemetery, Inscription reads: In memory of the family of G. W. Gearing, Died 1851, F. Bankert, Died 1865, Mrs. S. G. Bankert, Died 1880, Ballance of the family is four children. (1860 Alexander County Census list a Frederick Bankert age 49; wife- Sophia 37 yrs; son-Lenuul 9 yrs; dau-Catharine 6 yrs; son-John 11 yrs and Frederick Jr 2 yrs. also in this household was Rachael Gearing 6 yrs old.)

31, 32, 33 & 34 - Four stone marked graves near the above monument, running along the top of the cemeterys ridge at its highest point. (these are possibly the grave of the Gearings and Bankerts mentioned on the above monument)

35 - Lonheinne, H. C., Recruit 19th US Infantry, (civil war veteran)

36 - Edmonson, R. M., Co. M, 6th Illinois Cav., (civil war veteran), (This is the grave of Robert Edmondson, brother to #39 below. the 1870 Alexander County Census shows he was born ca 1835 in Tenn)

37 - Damron, Wm. J., Co E, 18th Illinois Infantry, (civil war veteran)

Graves #38, 39 & 40 are within a steel fence

38 - Damon, W. S., Co M, 6th Illinois Cav., (civil war veteran), (first husband of #39 Allie and brother inlaw to #36)

39 - Lonhienne, Allie L., wife of U. L. Lonhienne, died Sept 8, 1911 Aged 69 yrs, 11 mths, 24 days., (she is a sister to # 36 and widow of #38. She is buried between her first and second husbands)

40 - Lonhinne, Urbain J., May 24, 1862-Dec 30, 1915, (second husband of Allie #39)

41 - Craig, Rachel, In Memory of Rachel, wife of Nathaniel Craig, Died Mar 30, 1868, aged 36 yrs ___mths ___days.

42 - Craig, John, July 29, 1828-May 13, 1877, Aged 48 yrs, 7 mths, 14 days, Erected by Wife (husband of Sarah Craig) (This is a very large headstone, approx 6' tall with a very ornate top, deeply engraved)

43 - Craig, Sarah, 1833-1909, (wife of John Craig)

John and Sarah Craig listed in the 1870 alexander County Census as 41 & 37 yrs old respectfully. John was born in Tenn and Sarah was born in North Carolina. also listed in this household was: Warren Craig 6 yr old born in Ill, John Frasier 31 yurs old born in Ill, M. K. frazier 19 yrs old female born in Ill and Chert Rice 15 yr old male also born in Illinois.

44 - Craig, Leonard, son of J. & S J. Craig, born and died Jan 23, 1862

45 - Craig, Sarah Lucretia, daughter of J. & S. J. Craig, Born & Died Dec 10, 1861, (this is the oldest marked burial in this cemetery)

46 - Craig, Louiza Agatha, daughter of J. & S. J. Craig, Dec 27, 1856-May 1, 1862

47 - Harden, Edward, 1874-1919, Janet W. 1882-1908

48 - Two small stones near oak tree approx 10' east from footstone of #10., (These are the graves of Albert Frank Kaufman's children, Virgil Wayne born & died Nov 1921 and Celest Louis born Jan 8, 1924- ?)

49 - Two graves marked only by stones (near #41)

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