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Medimont Cemetery
Medimont, Kootenai County, Idaho

Submitted by Mary Garrison, Nov 04, 2002 [mycougars@adelphia.net]. Total records = 74.

Take Highway 3 off I90 (east of Coeur d' Alene). Just past Milepost 106 Medimont Rd goes to the North (there was a road sign saying Evans Creek). The cemetery is approximately 1.7 miles in from the highway. At the first T in the road go straight. You will cross over a train bridge and the pavement ends. Stay to the left. When the road Y's stay to the left. At the mailboxes (S Lake Street) go to the right and the cemetery is .2 miles up the hill.

The Medimont Cemetery is located in a small community named Medimont off Highway 3 in Kootenai County. This is an older cemetery in a natural state. Many of the stones were overgrown with bushes.

The transcriptions were completed in July of 2002 by Mary Garrison. Records were checked against the Idaho Death Records and obituaries from the newspaper.

s/s Same Stone
s/p Same Plot

Ahlstrom, Annie Jeanette, b. 03-27-1865, d. 07-28-1949, s/s Nels
Ahlstrom, Godfrey Wayne, b. 08-26-1894, d. 03-07-1918
Ahlstrom, Nels A, b. 1862, d. 01-01-1942, s/s Annie
Ahlstrom, Rosie E, b. 1884, d. 1924, s/p Blessing
Allen, Fred E, b. 12-15-1902, d. 11-05-1918
Arrasmith, Jessie Rasor, b. 1881, d. 1969, s/p John Rasor
Beers, Benjamin James, b. 10-17-1885, d. 11-27-1918, s/p Mary
Beers, Mary Ann Elizabeth, b. 03-13-1914, d. 08-07-1918, s/p Benjamin
Blessing, Anna M, b. 01-19-1858, d. 08-11-1940, s/s Titus
Blessing, Bessie K, b. 1893, d. 1906, s/p Phillip
Blessing, Clara J, b. 10-23-1893, d. 02-1983, s/p Phillip
Blessing, John W, b. 1896, d. 1906, s/p Phillip
Blessing, Phillip R, b. 1890, d. 1906, s/p John
Blessing, Titus, b. 08-14-1855, d. 07-16-1937, s/s Anna
Blessing, Walter L, b. 11-05-1888, d. 06-23-1967, s/p Phillip
Bracking, Carrie M, b. 04-22-1864, d. 09-28-1950, s/p James
Bracking, James Gordon, b. 08-02-1895, d. 10-06-1936, s/p Carrie
Bracking, Thomas W, b. 08-20-1862, d. 04-03-1954, s/p Carrie
Burlingame, Ernest H, b. 11-02-1885, d. 06-15-1942
Campbell, William Percy, b. 01-31-1909, d. 03-18-1951, s/p Maude Wilcox
Carlson, Gustof Adolf, b. 12-23-1880, d. 11-05-1949
Cherry, Infant Boy, b. 09-18-1975, d. 09-18-1975, s/s Karissa
Cherry, Karissa Anne, b. 08-22-1970, d. 08-23-1970
Clough, Loraine Lucia, b. 04-03-1848, d. 12-01-1927, s/p William
Clough, William H, b. 07-17-1910, d. 01-26-1925, s/p Loraine
Davey, Anna May, b. 05-01-1864, d. 08-05-1943, s/p Frank
Davey, Frank John, b. 08-17-1861, d. 11-21-1938, s/p Anna
Eva, Bessie H, b. 05-02-1877, d. 01-21-1937, s/p Thomas
Eva, Garfield, b. 11-27-1899, d. 09-24-1963, s/p Thomas
Eva, Thomas E W, b. 07-12-1861, d. 12-08-1943, s/p Garfield
Gould, Charles W, b. 07-05-1872, d. 08-03-1945
Harris, Frances Jane, b. Age 70, d. 12-1909
Jensen, Jengens Peter, b. 05-12-1876, d. 11-07-1936
Kellom, Leigh R, b. 11-18-1890, d. 11-28-1906
Kerr, Anthony McCabe, b. 08-15-1862, d. 09-17-1930
Lamb, Anna B, b. 1881, d. 10-31-1909, s/p Blessing
Lane, Eugene Albion, b. 10-12-1931, d. 12-31-1943
Maitland, Albert R, b. 09-22-1912, d. 09-12-1923, s/p Fred
Maitland, Clarence H, b. 03-27-1887, d. 06-05-1979, s/p Fred
Maitland, Fred E, b. 01-19-1901, d. 10-13-1979, s/p Clarence
Maitland, Fred Hanni, b. 05-12-1847, d. 11-05-1928, s/p Albert
Maitland, Mary Belle, b. 01-30-1931, d. 02-04-1983, s/p William
Maitland, Minnie Eleanor, b. 06-26-1868, d. 03-31-1933, s/p Fred
Maitland, William Leonard, b. 10-29-1906, d. 01-21-1994, s/p Mary
Moe, Edward L, b. 12-23-1865, d. 06-19-1943
Moe, Iver, b. 01-30-1837, d. 08-10-1925
Moe, Joseph O, b. 1863, d. 1924, s/p Melissa
Moe, Melissa, b. 09-18-1872, d. 10-24-1948, s/p Joseph
Moe, Percy Claude, b. 07-26-1896, d. 02-29-1920
Noble, Charles W, b. 11-01-1872, d. 05-17-1947, s/p Rasor
Palmer, Roy Harold, b. 01-04-1905, d. 07-08-1910
Rasor, John Wilbur, b. 1872, d. 01-29-1934, s/p Jessie Arrasmith
Sanders, Allen, b. 03-19-1864, d. 05-17-1928, s/s Mary J
Sanders, Mary Jane, b. 02-19-1863, d. 05-07-1923, s/s Allen
Shaffer, Frank G, b. 1868, d. 1949
Shaffer, G William, b. 1875, d. 1930
Shatwell, Bertha, b. 03-18-1867, d. 09-29-1938, s/p John
Shatwell, John, b. 03-08-1874, d. 04-26-1962, s/p Bertha
Slayter, Bernice, b. Age 4 Mo 26 Days, d. 08-23-1906, s/p James
Slayter, James Walter, b. 07-28-1858, d. 12-19-1911, s/p Bernice
Snider, John C, b. 10-19-1922, d. 07-14-1987, s/p Marie
Snider, John H, b. 1865, d. 1947, s/p Marie
Snider, Marie N, b. 1874, d. 1933, s/p John C
Thompson, Clyde E, b. 1945, d. 1946
Thompson, Grace V, b. 12-19-1897, d. 01-05-1967
Thompson, Herbert Elmer, b. 07-30-1893, d. 11-21-1934, s/p Violet
Thompson, Violet Mae, b. 1897, d. 1967, s/p Herbert
Wagner, Emil F, b. 03-16-1908, d. 06-27-1916, s/p Johanna
Wagner, Johanna, b. 1885, d. 07-22-1933 , s/p Emil
West, Gertrude Alice, b. 01-13-1882, d. 02-15-1936, s/p Ward
West, Infant, b. 12-20-1932, d. 12-20-1932
West, Ward N, b. 08-27-1872, d. 02-15-1963, s/p Gertrude
Wilcox, Maude Campbell, b. 12-31-1908, d. 11-04-1991, s/p Wm Campbell
Wood, Patricia, d. 02-15-1964, Infant

??, b. 1886, d. 1933

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