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Wilford Cemetery
Wilford, Fremont County, Idaho

Lat: 43° 55' 01"N, 111° 39' 01"W
T? R41E Sec 20

Contributed by Sue Siepert, Nov 19, 2004, last edited Nov 19, 2009 [me2susie@yahoo.com]. Total records = 2,231.

Take State Highway 20 into Saint Anthony, Idaho. At main entrance, turn south on Bridge Street, go .01 miles, turn east on 6th St. S, which turns into 3rd E, going south. As you get into the country, this road turns into 2400 E Road, go 2.4 miles. Turn east on 300 N Road for 1.0 miles, then turn south on 2500 E Road for .7 miles. Turn east on 225 N Road for .3 miles which leads you directly into the Wilford cemetery.

These are the complete records of this cemetery to date. In 1896-1897 an epidemic spread through the community of Wilford. There were so many deaths during this time, that some were buried without any markers at all, and some only had a stone with a name marking their graves.

In 1880 the LDS Church plotted out the town site and cemetery for the town of Wilford. In a few years it was a boomtown waiting for the railroad. When the railroad bypassed the town of Wilford, people started moving out and the town became what it is today a small farming community. Some of those first settlers, still have ancestors living in the area.

The cemetery is located on a rise above the farms, it is owned and managed by the community. It is well taken care of and still in use. Lots are available for purchase.

All transcriptions came from the tombstones themselves, compiled by me in the cemetery. After I completed this task, a Wilford Cemetery Board Member gave me a listing of some of the graves that had missing tombstones. I completed this transcription Aug 05, 2004.

- Sue Siepert

Total recordss : 2375
Tombstones/Records: 1972
Tombstones I couldn't read: 43
Tombstones with no dates: 360

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