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Young Cemetery
Truro, Ohio Township, Madison County, Iowa

Lat: 41° 12' 29"N, Lon: 93° 49' 22"W

Contributed by Judy Wight Branson, March 2000 [jlwight@northlink.com]. Total records = 287.

Originally walked and recorded in 1976 by Mary Ann Banks and Helen Forman.

*Indicates that all or part of that information was taken from death records for Madison County.

Research and Comparisons From: Two burial indexes, birth, marriage, death and cemetery records for Madison County and the Social Security records for verification when possible, in order to make this list as accurate and complete as possible.

Arnold, Eli, b.8-23-1839 Ohio, d.1-5-1917, h/o Julia A., (m) 2-1-1865 Madison Co., Civil War, Iowa, Co. K 10th Inf,. s/o Solomon & Barbary (Stonebrook), f/o Melvin S.
Arnold, Florence L., b.1884, d.1971, w/o Melvin S.
Arnold, Jacob S., b.10-23-1844, d.3-3-1900, h/o Mahala, f/o John F.
Arnold, Julia Ann (Creger), b.12-9-1844, d.11-15-1837, w/o Eli
Arnold, Mahala (Lathrum), b.2-28-1848, d.9-23-1918, w/o Jacob S.
Arnold, Melvin Samuel, b.4-7-1882 Madison Co. d.2-1964, h/o Florence
Barger, Mary (Mrs.), b.Ind., d.3-3-1902, paralysis *
Barnes, Daisy L., b.4-10-1897, d.4-27-1996, w/o Isam K., (m) 6-28-1916
Barnes, Isam K. (Ike), b.9-12-1893, d.9-1966, h/o Daisy L.
Bell, Clara J., d.9-18-1890, 23 d, d/o O. D.& Emma J.
Bell, Emma J. (Arnold), d.8-27-1890, 24y 28d, w/o O. D., d/o Eli & J. A.
Black, Peree b.(Foster), b.1862 Madison Co., d.10-9-1921, 58y 9m 13d, d/o Ruben J. & Barbara E. (Arnold) *
Boran, (?) Catherine, d.9-14-1856, 1y 1m 10d, d/o J. & S.
Bradshaw, Edward David, d.3-22-1888, 44y, h/o Mary A., (m) 11-12-1874 Madison Co.
Bradshaw, John Wesley Jr., d.2-15-1895, 47y 1m 26d, h/o Lurinda, (m) 10-2-1869 Madison Co., s/o John W. & Peree (Arnold)
Bradshaw, Lurinda (Johnson), d.10-26-1912, 61y 11m 20d, w/o J. W.
Bradshaw, Mary (Kale), b.1-16-1824 Oh., d.4-9-1918, d/o George & Mary (Arnold), widow, (possibly the Mary Alice listed below) *
Bradshaw, Mary Alice (Cummings), no dates, w/o E. David
Bradshaw, Nettie (Arnett-Worthing), b.1872 Iowa, d.1966, w/o Walter D., (m) 10-10-1894 Madison Co., d/o J. E. & Julia (Barger)
Bradshaw, Walter D., b.1873, d.2-26-1926, h/o Nettie, s/o John W. & Lurinda (Johnson)
Brand, Buster Paul, b.1966, d.1967
Brokaw, Sarah Jane (Parker), b.9-17-1840, d.6-12-1910, w/o Francis, (m) 3-2-1878 Madison Co., d/o John & Mahala (Moffitt) *
Brown, Arminda (Cassidy), b.1840 Carroll Co. Ohio, d.3-1909, w/o John R.
Brown, Bradie Jane (Creger), b.5-23-1882 Madison Co., d.12-15-1969, w/o Homer D., d/o Samuel M. & Rebecca J. (Reed)
Brown, Homer Daniel, b.2-9-1878 Madison Co., d.12-28-1913, h/o Bradie J., (m) 6-25-1902 Madison Co., s/o John R. & Arminda (Cassidy), f/o Samuel Kenneth
Brown, John Rush, b.3-22-1837 Laporte Co. Ind., 3-13-1902, h/o Arminda, (m) 1866 Clinton Co. Iowa, Civil War Iowa Wagoner Co. G 32nd Vol. Inf.
Browne, Clair, d.1-31-1911, infant d/o M. R.
Burt, John W., b.1904, d.3-11-1961, h/o Venice L.
Burt, Venice L., b.6-12-1907, d.12-31-1997, w/o John W.
Cleavinger, George W., b.9-15-1821 Ohio, d.4-30-1908, abscess, 86y 7m 15d, s/o E. Cleavinger *
Cole, Ida B., d.1974
Cooley, Edward L., b.1863, d.1954
Cooley, Frank, b.1866, d.1891, twin to Fred
Cooley, Franklin J., b.12-24-1833, d.3-13-1904, h/o Rosalie
Cooley, Fred, b.1866, d.1941, twin to Frank
Cooley, George, b.1873, d.1939
Cooley, Rosalie, b.3-13-1839, d.1-21-1925, w/o Franklin J.
Cord, Ashton Reed, b.Iowa, d.2-7-1899, consumption *
Craig, Clara S. (Payne, b.2-24-1850, d.1-8-1901, w/o Geogre H., d/o P. M. & Eleanor (Wetmore)*
Craig, George H., b.6-17-1848, d.4-9-1933, h/o Clara S.
Creger, Addie Ellen (Young), b.10-26-1881 Madison Co., d.8-18-1955, d/o Charles W. & Orinda A. (Kale)
Creger, Aldophes B., no dates, d/o R. A. & M. A.
Creger, Alvin, b.7-7-1852, d.10-4-1922, h/o Della
Creger, Daisy C. (Fenimore), b.2-2-1879, d.9-1979, w/o Ora E., d/o William & L. (Ellis)
Creger, Della, bd.12-29-1911, 58y 20 d, w/o Alvin
Creger, Elizabeth (Middleton), bd.1-5-1904, 63y 8d, w/o Joseph H.
Creger, Henry, bd.1-26-1856, 50y 8m 2d, h/o Risby (?)
Creger, Ida Penelope (Worthing), b.12-14-1867 Oh., d.1944, w/o William O., d/o John E. & Julia (Barger)
Creger, James Theodore, b.8-11-1858, d.2-6-1922, h/o Mary A., (m) 10-16-1879 Madison Co., f/o Euphemia Jane; Mona Ellen; Honora Amanda, s/o Samuel M. & Rebecca J. (Reed)
Creger, John, b.4-30-1901, d.3-29-1859, h/o Mahala M.
Creger, John Theodore, b.12-13-1905 Madison Co., d.4-28-1912, s/o William O. & Ida P.
Creger, Joseph H., b.1850, d.1934, h/o Elizabeth, (m) 12-21-1870 Madison Co.
Creger, Linder F., b.1855, d.1930, h/o Addie E., (m) 1-20-1900 Madison Co., s/o R. A. & Mary A. (Middleton)
Creger, Mahala (Moffett), b.7-18-1811, d.1-30-1870, w/o John
Creger, Mary A. (Swearingen), b.1859, d.1955, w/o J. Theodore, d/o T. B.& Sarah J. (Arnold)
Creger, Ona S., b.7-6-1888, d.3-1974, w/o Verden H.
Creger, Ora E., b.1871 Iowa, d.1964, h/o Daisy C., (m) 12-1-1897, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth (Middleton), f/o Forest Glenn; Paul;
Creger, Rebecca Jane, (Reed), b.9-15-1840 Carroll Co. Ohio, d.1-3-1911, cancer, w/o Samuel M., d/o William & Susannah (Porter) *
Creger, Reuben A., d.11-2-1894, 64y 11m 26d, h/o Reva C., f/o Agnes
Creger, Reva C. (Lucus), b.6-28-1858, d.2-1-1899, w/o Reuben A.
Creger, Risby, b.1809, d.1887, w/o Henry
Creger, Samuel M., b.4-18-1831 Tuscarawas Co. Oh., d.3-1-1903, heart failure, h/o Rebecca J., s/o John & Mahala (Moffitt), Civil War Vet. Co. F 39th Vol. Inf. enlisted 8-17-1862, mustered out 6-24-1865, f/o James Theo.; Amanda E.; Bradie Jane *
Creger, Verden H., b.1873, d.1950, h/o Ona & Cecelia (m) 10-10-1895 Madison Co., f/o Fred
Creger, William, d.9-9-1865, 27y 11m 29d, s/o J. & M.
Creger, William Oscar, b.8-31-1866 Madison Co., d.1941, h/o Ida P., (m) 12-17-1890 Madison Co., s/o Samuel M. & Rebecca J. (Reed), f/o Samuel Merrill; John Theodore
Critz, Criss A., b.1911, d.1974, h/o Edith I.
Critz, Edith I., b.1919, d.--, w/o Criss A.
Cummings, Curtis F., b.1-29-1889, d.2-2-1951, WW I U.S. Navy
Danielson, Cora Bell, b.1892, d.1965, w/o Richard E.
Danielson, Richard E., b.1889, d.1964, h/o Cora Bell
Davis, Ethel Virginia, d.2-19-1921
Delong, Garland Fae, b.1897, d.11-25-1986, 89y, w/o Harry B.
Delong, Harry B., b.1894, d.1958, h/o Garland F.
Dodd, Flossie (Swaringen), b.1-18-1894 Ia., d.11-4-1918, influenza, d/o Daniel & Nancy A. (Fife) *
Downs, Ambary Byron, b.6-5-1888, d.7-6-1959, h/o Doris B., WW I Sgt. Co. A. 168th Infantry
Downs, Doris B., b.1878, d.1931, w/o Ambary Byron
Earl, Hannah (Fulton), b.3-28-1821, d.5-6-1901
Earl, Walker David, b.Madison Co., d.4-3-1896, La Grippe, 1y 11m 13d, s/o Melvin S. & Esther E. (Walker) *
Farr, Charles Alexander, b.Iowa, d.12-19-1899, 18y 1m 7d, epileptic seizures, s/o A. R. & M. *
Fisher, Andrew J., b.1848, d.1919, h/o Anna M.
Fisher, Anna M., b.1847, d.1935, w/o Andrew J.
Foster, Barbara E.(Arnold), b.8-21-1830 Tuscarawas Co. Oh., d.1916, w/o Reuben J.
Foster, David B., d.7-29-1860, 1y 2m 19d, s/o Reuben J. & Barbara E.
Foster, Reuben J., b.5-14-1828 Tuscarawas Co. Oh., d.1919, h/o Barbara J., (m) 4-25-1852 Ohio, Civil War Vet.
Gammon, Helen Louise, d.1918, infant d/o H. E. & Veda L.
Gammon, Veda L. (Bryant), b.12-2-1895 Iowa, d.3-19-1918, complications of childbirth, w/o H. E., d/o Edward J. & Mattie E. ( Parker) *
Gearhard, James O., d.5-11-1893, 30y 6m 20d, s/o Peter & Rhoda D.
Gearhard, Peter, d.6-2-1900, 71y 9m 2d, h/o Rhoda D.
Gearhard, Rhoda D., b.5-26-1828, d.12-18-1910, w/o Peter
Gearhard, Susan (Erwin), b.7-17-1840, d.12-30-1919, w/o William, (m) 10-4-1885 Madison Co.
Gearhard, William, b.8-11-1830 Ind., d.3-30-1911, h/o Catherine Hill & Susan Erwin, s/o Abraham Gearhard *
Gracy, Doyle, b.1-18-1899, d.4-12-1966, h/o Queenie
Gracy, Queenie R., b.6-1-1904, d.10-26-1973, w/o Doyle
Hague, Clark E., b.1892, d.1958, h/o Ruth E.
Hague, Ruth E., b.1901, d.--, w/o Clark E.
Halterman, Clifford, b.1896, d.1939, h/o Ollie C.
Halterman, Ollie C., b.1901, d.--, w/o Clifford J.
Hayes, Clarence E., b.1910, d.1975, h/o Lela I.
Hayes, Lela I., b.1920, d.---, w/o Clarence E.
Heacock, Elizabeth D.(Holmes), d.6-8-1896, 51y 7m 10d, w/o Samuel C.
Heacock, Samuel C., b.1836, d.1915, h/o Elizabeth, (m) 9-18-1866 Madison Co.
Huston, Harold Jasper, b.5-5-1910 Madison Co., d.1961, h/o Hazel C., s/o George W. & Josephine l. (Clements)
Huston, Hazel C., b.1912, d.--, w/o Harold J.
Hutchinson, Grace A.(Strawn), b.1894, d.1964, w/o William E., d/o John I. & Alice (Wallrick)
Hutchinson, Hattie A., b.1866, d.1939, w/o James A.
Hutchinson, James A., b.1853, d.1933, h/o Hattie A.
Hutchinson, Mary Ellen, d.10-29-1895, 2y 8m 18d, d/o J. A. & H. A.
Hutchinson, Ralph Leland, b.6-3-1903, d.1971, h/o Velma Anna, s/o James A. & Hattie A. (Miller)
Hutchinson, Velma Anna, b.1905, d.1950, w/o Ralph
Hutchinson, William E., b.1890, d.1957, h/o Grace A., (m) 6-23-1914 Madison Co., s/o James A. & Harriet A. (Miller)
Imes, George W., b.1845, d.1916, h/o Mary J., (m) 3-31-1881 Madison Co., s/o William & Barbara (Miller)
Imes, Mary Jane (Casky), b.1862, d.1920, w/o George W., d/o Robert & Susanna (Freelan)
Imes, Ralph, d.12-23-1883, 2y, s/o George W. & Mary J. (Caskey)
Isenberger, John J., b.1907, d.1974, h/o Nettie M.
Isenberger, M. M., b.1876, d.1940
Isenberger, Nettie M., b.1908, d.1967, w/o John J.
Iwed, Eva (Morris), b.1921, d.1942
Jeffries, Fred Raymond, b.1875, d.1919, h/o P. H.
Jeffries, George C., b.1852, d.1921, h/o Laura E.
Jeffries, Infant, d.3-10-1903, s/o Fred R. & P. N.
Jeffries, Laura E., b.1856, d.1935, w/o George C.
Johnson, Albert B., b.1853 Lee Co., Iowa, d.1937, h/o Mary J., (m) 10-16-1876 Madison Co., s/o William & Sarah J. (Leasure)
Johnson, E. B., b.1869, d.1945
Johnson, Judy Lynn, b.7-6-1946, d.8-19-1946
Johnson, Mary J. (Foster), b.8-14-1854, d.4-29-1925, w/o Albert B., d/o Ruben & Barbara E. (Arnold)
Johnson, Phyllis C., b.1924, d.--, w/o Roland M.
Johnson, Roland M., b.1922, d.1971, h/o Phyllis
Johnston, Effie, b.Ohio, d.10-25-1906, cancer, 58y 6m 14d, d/o W. S. & Sarah J. (Liscon ?) *
/b> b.1886, d.10-6-1918, 1st h/o Grace M. Bradshaw
Jones, Carl Wesley, b.9-16-1908, d.11-6-1919, s/o Grace M. & Albert V.
Kale, Charles (Charley) Curtis, b.1886, d.6-20-1955, h/o Mona E., (m) 10-12-1910 Madison Co., s/o Evans Elsworth & Sarah Elizabeth (Fife)
Kale, Charles (Charlie) Cornman, b.9-25-1914, d.1948, s/o Charley C. & Mona Ellen
Kale, Edmond A., b.1849, d.1938, h/o Matilda, (m) 11-11-1899 Madison Co., s/o Jackson H. & Elizabeth (Seanigar ?)
Kale, Florence Maude, b.1893, d.1917, 1st w/o Harry W.
Kale, Harry Wilson, b.9-16-1890, d.5-6-1970, h/o Florence & Mildred, WW I Pvt. U.S. Army
Kale, Mary A. (Cummings-Bradshaw), b.1855, d.1944, 2nd w/o Wilson S., d/o Charles & Elizabeth (Mugg ?)
Kale, Nancy Matilda (Tillie) (Lyons), b.1853 Ohio, d.2-13-1922, w/o Edmond A., d/o Andrew E. & Martha Jane (Johnson) *
Kale, Mildred (Boyd), b.2-18-1899, d.--, w/o Harry W.
Kale, Mona Ellen, b.11-15-1890, d.12-22-1937, w/o Charley C., d/o James Theodore & Mary Alice (Swearingen)
Kale, Wilson S., b.1844, d.8-11-1923, h/o Mary A., (m) 8-28-1889 Madison Co., s/o Reuben A. & Rebecca (True), Civil War Calif. Co. G. Inf.
Lamb, C. B.(Rev.), b.1855 Hillsdale, Mich., d.6-28-1899, 42y 5m, h/o Luella C. Morris (m) 8-5-1880 Madison Co., s/o John O.
Lathrum, Clark, b.1-1-1850, d.2-24-1891, h/o Flora
Lathrum, Elsie M., b.8-7-1882, d.12-1976, w/o James H.
Lathrum, Flora, b.8-3-1857, d.8-21-1895, w/o Clark
Lathrum, Glendon, b.9-7-1903 Madison Co., d.11-10-1913, s/o Jesse W. & Mattie A. (Cole)
Lathrum, James H., b.3-21-1888, d.11-1961, h/o Elsie M., f/o Loyd E.
Lathrum, Jesse W., b.11-17-1874, d.5-29-1933, h/o Mattie A.
Lathrum, Loyd Edgar, b.3-22-1909, d.9-21-1971, s/o James H. & Elsie M., WW II U.S.N.R.
Lathrum, Mattie A., b.12-1-1878, d.7-28-1966, w/o Jesse M.
Likens, Susan, b.5-18-1830, d.1-1-1919
Litton, Infant, d.8-22-1900, s/o H. C. & Myrtle
Looper, Inez (Peggy), b.8-6-1899, d.1-27-1993, w/o Lacy Vern
Looper, Lacy Vern, b.4-3-1891, d.6-29-1966, h/o Peggy
Lyons, Amanda M., d.5-1-1880, 19y 1m 29d, d/o Andrew E. & Martha J.
Lyons, Andrew E., b.1827 Harrison Co.Oh., d.12-23-1916, 89y 8m 3d, h/o Martha J., f/o Elsworth
Lyons, Martha J. (Johnson), b.Penn., d.1-4-1882, pneumonia, 51y 2m 24d, w/o Andrew E. *
Lyons, Mary E., b.1863, d.1953, w/o Richard E.
Lyons, Mary (May) E. (Taylor), b.1868, d.1944, w/o Thomas N.
Lyons, Nola Fern, b.2-8-1902 Madison Co., d.3-21-1903, 1y 1m 13d, d/o Thomas N. & Mary E.
Lyons, Raymond A., b.4-1-1904 Madison Co., d.1947, s/o Thomas N. & Mary E. (Taylor)
Lyons, Richard Elsworth, b.1863 Harrison Co. Oh., d.1919, h/o Mary E.
Lyons, Thomas N., b.1867, d.7-7-1955 New Virginia, Ia., h/o Mary E., f/o Garland F., Nola Fern
Mackey, Glen L., b.1905, d.1962
Mackey, Jesse B., b.1876, d.1945
Mackey, Ollie E., b. 1883, d. 1950, w/o Ora L.
Mackey, Ora L., b. 4-1-1880, Ia, d. 7-7-1925, h/o Ollie E., s/o Jesse & Amanda (Sheppard)
McKellip, Frank A., b.3-27-1853, d.3-10-1921, h/o Phoebe A.
McKellip, Phoebe A., b.2-6-1860, d.10-3-1917, w/o Frank A.
McLey, Hattie C., b.1867, d.1943
Merrell, Ora Evelyn, b.1894, d.1897, d/o A. H. & Maggie (Young)
Middleton, J. E., b.1850, d.1924, h/o M. E.
Middleton, Lemon E., d.1-17-1897, 22y 10m 14d, s/o J. E. & M. E.
Miller, Ida D., b.11-11-1879 Iowa, d.1945, w/o S. Walter
Miller, Joseph H., b.1-18-1834 Belmont Co., Ohio, d.1920, h/o Louisa E. (m) 5-6-1869 Madison Co., s/o Samuel & Lavina (Groves)
Miller, Louisa Ellen (Young), b.1849, d.6-5-1900, w/o Joseph H., d/o C. H. & Rebecca (Creger)
Miller, Samuel Walter, b.12-9-1871 Madison Co., d.1940, h/o Ida D., f/o Pauline; Coy, s/o Joseph H. & Louisa E. (Young)
Mills, Evelyn M., b.1827, d.1935
Morris, Floyd W., b.1890, d.1937, h/o Hattie F.
Morris, Frank O., b.1868, d.1925, h/o Mahala B., (m) 12-15-1889 Madison Co., f/o Edith I., s/o Robert & Phoebe (Gee)
Morris, Hala (Hattie) F. (Arnold), b.1893, d.1976, w/o Floyd W., d/o Eli & Julia (Creger)
Morris, Mabel L., b.1931, d.1951
Morris, Mahala B., b.1868, d.1949, w/o Frank O.
Musselman, Benjamin Harrison, b.9-26-1889 Madison Co., d.12-26-1918, pneumonia, h /o V. E., s/o John & Frances R. (Young) *
Musselman, Benjamin Harrison Jr., d.7-3-1982, 63y
Musselman, Frances (Young), b.1855, d.1951, w/o John, d/o Jenkins & Sarah (Buchanan)
Musselman, Infant, b.1919, d.1919, s/o R. I & C. I.
Musselman, John, b.845, d.1907, h/o 1st Clara Trotter, 3rd Frances (m) 4-10-1883 MadisonCo., f/o Cain; Elmer, s/o Joseph & Louise (Edwards)
Musselman, John, b.1845, d.1907, h/o 1st Clara Trotter, 3rd Frances Young, (m) Frances 4-10-1883 Madison Co., f/o Cain; Elmer, s/o Joseph & Louise (Edwards)
Musselman, Opal, b.1907, d.1907, d/o F. E. & H. J.
Musselman, Ruth Irene, b.1915, d.1920, d/o Benjamin H. & V. E.
Musselman, Sarah, b.1893, d.1894, d/o John & Frances
Musselman, V. E., b.10-28-1895, d.7-26-1952, w/o Benjamin H.
Nichols, Elijah, b.3-1-1838, d.2-24-1895, h/o Lourana, Civil War Vet. Illinois Co. F. 28th Inf.
Nichols, Lourana (McMannes), b.1-10-1841, d.6-28-1915, w/o Elijah, m/o John H.
Nichols, Samuel B., b.9-7-1869, d.2-10-1915, s/o Elijah & Lourana
Oakes, Donald W., b.9-22-1910, d.7-10-1964, h/o Carolyn, Pvt. Iowa Co. B.30th WW II
Oakes, Carolyn P., b.1906, d.--, w/o Donald W.
Patterson, Grace M. (Rundell), b.8-1-1884 Iowa, d.5-16-1966, w/o John R., d/o Frank & Cinda (Porter)
Patterson, Herbert Ordell, b.5-16-1910 Madison Co., d.4-24-1916, s/o John R. & Grace M.
Patterson, John R., b.1878 Ohio, d.1929, h/o Grace M., (m) 12-14-1905 Madison Co., s/o G. W. & Rachel (Worthing)
Payne, Eleanor (Whitmore), b.8-12-1826 Ohio, d.6-4-1908, 81y 9m 22d, widow *
Porter, Clarence Russell, d.4-9-1904, 2y 1d, s/o William A. & Josie
Porter, Josie (Dowler), b.1869, d.1959, w/o William A., d/o J. & Martha (Roberts)
Porter, John C., d.7-6-1884, 83y 1m 22d, h/o Nancy E.
Porter, Nancy E. (Creger), b.10-23-1835, d.1-31-1908, w/o John C.
Porter, William A., b.1867, d.1948, h/o Josie, (m) 10-11-1893 Madison Co., s/o John C. & Nancy (Creger)
Queen, Amanda Ellen (Creger), b.1861 Iowa, d.2-10-1894, 33y 21d, cancer, w/o Thomas H. *
Queen, Ora, b.1879, d.1956
Queen, Roxie E., b.8-13-1891 Madison Co., d.3-28-1896, 4y 7m 15d, la grippe, d/o Thomas H. & Amanda E. (Creger) *
Queen, Thomas H., b.1854, d.1939, h/o 1st Amanda E. (m) 11-20-1878 Madison Co., 2nd Alta Estella Kingery (m) 11-25-1899 Madison Co., s/o Hogan & Martha (Runkle)
Rankin, Garry B., b.6-4-1901 Madison Co., d.1975, h/o Opal I., s/o Frank & Ida R. (Heacock)
Rankin, Ida R. (Heacock), b.8-2-1879, d.6-16-1905, w/o Frank O.
Rankin, Opal I., b.8-25-1906, d.5-10-1988, w/o Garry B.
Rayburn, Grace M., b.1889, d.1925
Reed, Charles N., b.1885, d.1959, h/o Maude
Reed, Frank, b.1869, d.1943, h/o Julia
Reed, Frank Foster, b.5-27-1889, d.9-23-1900, s/o M. Bradford & Hester B.
Reed, Hester (Hattie) B.(Reed), b.10-2-1867, d.12-7-1950, w/o M. Bradford, d/o Evan & Mary (Bradshaw)
Reed, Honora Amanda, b.2-3-1899, d.1963, w/o John Fred, d/o John T. & Mary A. (Swearinger)
Reed, James, b.1845, d.1928
Reed, John C., b.3-24-1854 Carroll Co. Ohio, d.5-30-1914, h/o Laura A.
Reed, John Fred, b.1899, d.--, - h/o Honora Amanda
Reed, Julia, b.1869, d.1957, w/o Frank
Reed, Laura A. (Bean), b.1854, d.1927, w/o John C.
Reed, Lula E., b.1871, d.1954
Reed, Mary A. b.1850, d.1931
Reed, Maude, b.10-7-1889, d.9-1986, w/o Charles N.
Reed, M. Bradford, b.3-24-1856, d.2-17-1934, h/o Hester B., (m) 8-20-1887 Madison Co., s/o Benjamin & Rachael (Foster)
Riggle, Bessie (Roby), b.1884, d.--
Roby, Albert E., b.6-7-1856, d.6-21-1924, h/o 1st Effie M. & 2nd Maggie Allcock (m) 3-1-1899 Madison Co., s/o Clark & Elizabeth (Henkle)
Roby, Anna M., b.1879, d.1946
Roby, Dorothy Bell, d.1920, d/o Bessie Riggle
Roby, Effie M. (Johnson), b.4-11-1858, d.10-25-1906, w/o Albert E.
Roby, Ella, b.1861, d.1951, w/o J. Frank
Roby, Florence L. (Jones), b.1871 Ia., d.1954, w/o Walter E., d/o Benton & Lucinda (Foreman)
Roby, Franklin B., d.10-27-1901, 9y 2m 12d, s/o Walter E. & Florence L. (Jones)
Roby, Iver M., d.5-25-1880, 5y 9m 12d
Roby, James Franklin, b.1861, d.10-20-1935, 75y
Roby, Jenny B., d.10-21-1859, 11y 8m 27d
Roby, Jonathan R., b.4-24-1831, d.12-9-1879, h/o Lucinda
Roby, Lenora, d.1-9-1859, 28y 6m 18d
Roby, Livinia, b.1900, d.1950, w/o Paul
Roby, Lucinda (Creger), b.12-26-1835 Ohio, d.5-12-1904, w/o Jonathan R.
Roby, Paul Otis, b.10-2-1898 Madison Co., d.2-25-1988, 89y, h/o Livinia
Roby, Russell Raymond, d.1-24-1983, 87y
Roby, Walter E., b.1869 Iowa, d.1925, h/o Florence L., (m) 8-14-1890 Madison Co., s/o Jonathan & Lucinda (Creger), f/o Russell Raymond; Paul M.
Roy, Allen W., d.7-6-1976
Rundall, Cecelia V., b.1846, d.1930
Rundall, Cinda (Porter), b.4-23-1855, d.4-20-1910, tumor, w/o Franklin P., d/o John C. & Nancy A. (Creger) *
Rundall, Franklin P., b.9-28-1852, d.3-10-1945, h/o Cinda, (m) 2-29-1876 Madison Co.
Rundall, Minerva J., b.2-26-1813, d.1-31-1893, w/o Robert
Rundall, Robert, b.7-12-1814 N. Y., d.1-13-1909, h/o Minerva J., s/o Shadrack & ? Brown
Scholes, George W., b.12-27-1850 Oh., d.6-30-1910, diabetes, h/o Jennie, s/o Reuben & Cornelia (Stoffs) *
Scholes, Jennie, b.1850, d.1935, w/o George W.
Scott, Alexander O., b.12-26-1831 W. Vir., d.9-18-1904, h/o Jane K., (m) 1865 Ohio, f/o Thomas M.; Rebecca Jane; William R.; Edwin S.; Hester M., Civil War Vet.
Scott, Jane K. (Roberts), b.5-1-1833 Ohio, d.5-25-1913, w/o Alexander O.
Scott, Nellie G., d.8-3-1895, 26y 20d, d/o E. S.
Scott, Walter M., b.Iowa, d.8-13-1899, consumption, 28y 14d *
Stoneman, Etha, d.9-4-1896 Iowa, diphtheria, 17y 9m 4d *
Stoneman, Nellie M., d.5-15-1896 Iowa, diphtheria, 15y 8m 28d *
Stoneman. William, b.1-15-1825 Ohio, d.11-29-1910, 85y 10m 14d *
Swan, Cynthia Lynn, b.1-19-1960, d.4-7-1976
Swan, Jean E., b.1929, d.1976, w/o W. Dale
Swan, Lenn Dale, b.1907, d.1946, h/o Mary Alice
Swan, Mary Alice, b.1909, d.--, w/o Lenn Dale
Swan, W. Dale, b.1931, d.--, h/o Jean E.
Swearingen, Daniel, b.1858, d.1938, h/o Nancy Ann, (m) 12-11-1877 Madison Co.
Swearingen, Nancy Anna (Fife), b.1868, d.1920, w/o Daniel, s/o Samuel & Frances A. (White)
Sweezy, Nettie Edith, b.2-27-1870 Ia., d.10-18-1906, w/o C. W., d/o Joseph & Louisa L. (Young) *
Taylor, Infant, d.6-3-1908, s/o W. A. & Maggie
Taylor, Lounda (Johnson), b.11-6-1852 Iowa, d.10-26-1912, d/o John C.*
Taylor, Mary, d.1-23-1899, 63y 6m, w/o J. H.
Thompson, Lula Marie, b.5-28-1918, d.5-30-1918, lived 12 hours, d/o James & O. A.
Umsted, David Keith, b.1922, d.1942
White, Susannah, d.2-13-1902, 83y 9m 27d
Young, C. H., b.1821, d.1912, h/o Margaret & Rebecca, f/o C. W.
Young, Fred E., b.4-27-1874, d.3-27-1904, s/o G. W. & O. A.
Young, G----, d.9-24-1872, 1y 1m 13d, d/o G. M. & J. M.
Young, Ida M., d.8-20-1866, 1y 7m d, d/o G. M. & J. M.
Young, Little Guy, d.5-12-1904, 1y 4d, s/o F. E. & Grace
Young, Lon, b.1862, d.1952
Young, Margaret (Herron), d.1-9-1892, 61y 8m 20d, 2nd w/o C. H., (m) 7-24-1856 Madison Co.
Young, Orinda A. (Kale), d.2-10-1897, 36y 6m 14d, consumption, w/o Charles W. (m) 9-1-1878 Madison Co. *
Young, Rebecca, d.12-16-1854, 27y 8m 2d, 1st w/o C. H.
Zacharias, Mark, d.3-2-1964, twin to Robert
Zacharias, Robert, d.3-2-1964, twin to Mark
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