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Worthington Cemetery
Madison County, Iowa

Lat: 41° 25' 42"N, Lon: 94° 05' 25"W
Madison Twp R28W Sec 32

Contributed by Judy Wight Branson, Nov 19, 2000, last updated Jan 09, 2005 [jlwight@northlink.com]. Total records = 347.

Worthington Cemetery is at 1793 - 152nd Street & Iowa Avenue in Madison County.

This cemetery was walked and recorded by Joseph Brittain in 1970. Walked and recorded in 2003 by George and Marilyn Bown of the Worthington Cemetery Association. Also, walked and pictures taken of all of the headstones by Mary Hart in 2003.

Research and comparisons from birth, marriage, death, cemetery and funeral home records, two burial indexes and obituaries for Madison County, Iowa and the Social Security records for verification, when possible, in order to make this list as accurate and complete as possible.

I have transcribed from tombstone readings and compared with all the above resources. This is complete up to Jun of 2004.

- Judy Wight Branson

Abrahams, Chalmer L., d. 7-26-1943, s/o Wm. Dean & Opal L.
Abrahams, Charles W., d. 7-26-1943, s/o Wm. Dean & Opal L.
Abrahams, Opal Lucille (McBride), b. 9-27, 1914, d. 10-20-1999, w/o W. Dean
Abrahams, William Dean, b. 2-17-1914, d. 1-27-2002, h/o Opal L.
Aichelle, Edith Myrtle (Brown), b. Apr 18, 1919, d. no date, d/o O. Frank & Anise P.
Allen, Hiram, d. 8-10-1860, 38y, 7m, s/o James & Margaret
Allen, Infant, no dates, 1y, d/o Hiram & Nancy
Allen, James, d. 5-5-1884, 73y 6m 3d, h/o Margaret
Allen, Margaret, d. 6-18-1869, 60y 1m 3d, w/o James
Allen, Mary, d. no dates, 12y, d/o Hiram & Nancy
Allen, Myrtle E., b. 1922, d. no date, w/o O. Kenneth
Allen, Oscar Kenneth, b. 4-12-1908, d. 11-15-1989, h/o Myrtle E.
Allen, Rachel, no dates, 10y, d/o Hiram & Nancy
Anderson, James O., d. 2-23-1884, 10y 11m 8d, s/o G. T. & M. A.
Bennett, Francis, b. 2-2-1839, In, d. 6-29-1914, h/o Margaret
Bennett, Margaret A. (Duff), b. 5-11-1833, d. 7-12-1913, w/o Francis
Bowlsby, Charles H., b. 1879, d. 1880, s/o William & Maria (Duff)
Bowlsby, James T., b. 1866, d. 1882, s/o William & Maria (Duff)
Bowlsby, Maria Harriet (Duff), b. 5-15-1843, d. 5-18-1923, w/o Wm. H.
Bowlsby, William H. (Jr.), b. 1841, d. 5-8-1888, h/o Maria, Civil War Vet.
Bown, Marilyn J. (Grose), b. 2-25-1934, d. 11-2-2002, w/o George
Brown, Anice Pearl (Knox), b. 9-12-1894, d. 1-13-1999, w/o O. Frank
Brown, Clara B., b. 8-19-1860, d. 8-28-1861, d/o George & Rebecca C.
Brown, Dorcas Nellie (Bell), b. 6-25-1866, d. 8-6-1929, w/o Robert J.
Brown, Elizabeth (Lizzie) (Smith), b. 9-1864, d. 1943, w/o Robert F.
Brown, Ella, b. 12-29-1870, d. 2-3-1871, d/o George & Rebecca C.
Brown, George, b. 4-7-1829, d. 1-15-1909, h/o Rebecca C., Civil War Vet.
Brown, Mary F., b. 7-26-1862, d. 2-3-1963
Brown, Oliver Frank, b. 10-1894, d. 1975, h/o Alice P.
Brown, Rebecca C. (Nichols), b. 3-2-1830, d. 2-25-1912, w/o George
Brown, Robert F., b. 11-1-1858, d.11-23- 1942, h/o Lizzie
Brown, Robert J., b. 1-19-1868, d. 7-21-1953, h/o 1ST Nellie D., h/o 2nd Cora B.
Bush, Gurney Ray, b. 12-4-1894, d. 1-24-1934, h/o Pearl
Bush, Beulah E. (White), b. 1891, d. 1920, w/o James L.
Bush, James L., b. 3-31-1888, d. 2-12-1920, h/o Beulah E.
Bush, Opal Marie, b. 2-21-1911, d. 12-29-1911, d/o James L. & Beulah E.
Butler, S. E., d. 12-22-1867, 29y 23d, w/o William W.
Cameron, Della Frances (Fife), b. 8-9-1892, d. 4-20-1968, w/o Walter J.
Chase, Amos, d. 1-21-1889, 78y 11m 13d, h/o Hannah M.
Chase, Anna Pearl, d. 6-11-1889, 3m 2d, d/o Alanson W. & Eva L.
Chase, Hannah M. (Welch), d. 4-12-1898, 83y, 6m 26d, w/o Amos
Clague, Charles E., b. 11-30-1878, d. 8-16-1901, s/o Thomas & Mary E.
Clague, Everet Ray, b. 1-29-1897, d. 7-6-1917, s/o Thomas & Mary E.
Clague, Glenn, b. 10-18-1893, d. 8-18-1966, h/o Hazel B.
Clague, Hazel Bessie (Bell), b. 7-2-1899, d. 7-25-1979, w/o Glenn
Clague, Infant, no dates, d/o Glenn & Hazel
Clague, Lena May (Anderson), b. 5-26-1887, d. 1968, w/o Ralph
Clague, Mary Emily (Ray), b. 7-12-1857, d. 3-18-1939, w/o Thomas
Clague, Ralph, b. 10-7-1888, d. 10-13-1977, h/o Lena M.
Clague, Thomas Eugene, d. 2-13-1924, 69y 4m 26d, h/o Mary E.
Clampitt, Benjamin H., d. 11-6-1860, 5y 3m 18d, s/o W. H. & Sally A.
Clampitt, Elizabeth (Keithley), d. 11-19-1861, 32y 5m, w/o W. F.
Clampitt, Infant, d. 12-6-1867, d/o Wm. H. & Sally A.
Clampitt, Infant, d. 7-15-1859, s/o Wm. H. & Sally A.
Clampitt, Laura J., d. 5-12-1863, 2y 5m 4d, d/o W. F. & Elizabeth
Clampitt, Sally Ann (Keithley), d. 12-8-1871, 39y 7m 1d, w/o Wm. H.
Clampitt, William F., no dates, h/o Elizabeth
Clampitt, William J., d. 7-19-1859, 1y 3m, s/o Wm. F. & Elizabeth
Clements, Arthur T., b. 6-28-1887, d. 4-25-1908, s/o Chalmers O. & Ora C.
Clements, Asa M., d. 8-28-1890, 83y 3m 2d, h/o Mary
Clements, Bertha C., b. 1-31-1881, d. 5-21-1881, d/o Chalmers O. & Ora C.
Clements, Chalmers Orlando, b. 11-7-1859, d. 1-30-1944, h/o Ora C.
Clements, George Thompson, b. 5-10-1833, d. 8-29-1906, h/o Nancy
Clements, Mary (Wallace), d. 4-30-1883, 68y 8m 4d, w/o Asa M.
Clements, Nancy (Milligan), b. 9-19-1828, d. 12-30-1880, w/o George
Clements, Ora Candice/Eunice (Haxton), b. 2-10-1861, d. 11-12-1951, w/o Chalmers O.
Clements, Ora M., b. 5-25-1883, d. 3-23-1944, d/o H. T. & Alice C.
Clements, William W., b. 1892, d. 9-27-1924
Cline, William Clyde, b. 6-3-1910, d. 12-31-1910, s/o James L.& J. Pearl
Cramlet, Florence M., d. 10-12-1896, 21y 5m 6d, d/o Isaac B. & M. Ellen
Cramlet, Isaac B., b. 11-22-1844, d. 1921, h/o M. Ellen,Civil War Vet.
Cramlet, Martha Ellen (Cornman), d. 10-25-1896, 47y, w/o 1st Isaac B.
Cramlet, Nellie, d. 11-14-1896, 11y 11m 11d, d/o Isaac B. & M. Ellen
Crawford, Denison D., b. 11-17-1949, d. 11-30-1989, s/o D. Harold & Juanita A.
Crawford, Denison D., b. 11-17-1949, d. 11-30-1989, s/o Denison H. & Juanita A.
Crawford, Denison Harold, b. 2-22-1906, d. 1-12-1971, h/o Juanita A.
Crawford, Juanita A. (Armstrong), b. 5-9-1911, d. 10-2-1991, w/o Harold
Crocheck, Joseph O., d. 1941, h/o Bertha S. (Bush), s/o John & Barbara
Darlington, Bertha Jeanne (McBride), b. 3-25-1923, d. 6-1977, d/o Charles W. & Ida M.
Davis, Eva M., d. 7-12-1889, 31y 2m 5d, d/o George A. & Flora
Davis, Flora, b. 8-14-1816, d. 11-5-1893, w/o George A.
Davis, George A., b. 2-28-1816, d. 4-24-1899, h/o Flora
Davis, Henry C., b. 7-30-1843, d. 3-21-1895
Davis, B. F., d. 9-3-1875, 11m 25d, s/o L. E. & Helen
Delain, Jane, b. 3-3-1861, d. 7-6-1893, w/o William
Delain, Sarah E., b. 9-1-1878, d. 7-13-1879, d/o Wm. & Jane
Delain, W. Tracy, b. 2-18-1886, d. 12-31-1889, s/o Wm. & Jane
Delain, William, b. 2-19-1857, d. 8-17-1898, h/o Jane
Dickson, James, d. 5-7-1901, 63y 3m 28d
Duff, Eber, b. 3-8-1845, d. 8-13-1923, h/o Angeline
Duff, Mary Matilda, d. 5-7-1893, 58y 2m 26d
Duff, Alice D. (Allie), b. 12-7-1872, d. 5-12-1898, d/o Eber & Angeline
Duff, Angeline (Milligan), b. 8-17-1842, d. 12-23-1916, w/o Eber
Duff, Bert H., b. 3-4-1876, d. 10-28-1903, s/o Wm. & Susan
Duff, Clyde William, b. 1880, d. 1972, h/o Cora K.
Duff, Cora K. (Oldham), b. 1885, d. 5-29-1935, w/o W. Clyde
Duff, David, d. 4-9-1885, 60y, w/o Hannah
Duff, Elizabeth (Dickson), d. 8-28-1907, 78y 6m 6d, w/o James A.
Duff, Elizabeth J., b. 10-31-1829, d. 1-19-1908
Duff, Emaline (Milligan), b. 8-17-1842, d. 10-6-1930, w/o Wm. T.
Duff, Hannah, d. 5-20-1900, 74y, w/o David
Duff, James A., d. 9-9-1903, 75y 1m 11d, h/o Elizabeth
Duff, Maggie A., d. 4-13-1885, 27y 2m 13d, Wm. & Mary A.
Duff, Myrtle May, b. 4-20-1873, d. 2-1-1893, d/o Wm. & Susan
Duff, Sarah Maude, d. 2-21-1887, 12y 12d, d/o Wm. T. & Emaline
Duff, William Thomas, b. 9-14-1839, d. 2-18-1931, h/o Emaline
Duff, William, b. 1800, d. 10-9-1886, h/o Mary Ann (Adams)
Duff, William, b. 7-31-1857, d. 10-11-1892
Epperson, Henry F., d. 11-2-1882, 33y 7m 2d
Fairholm, Guglierol M., b. 1829, d. 1881
Fife, David Oliver, b. 1858, d. 5-20-1911, h/o Mary
Fife, Mary Susan (Gilleland), b. 7-1869, d. 3-13-1917, w/o David
Fife, Ralph Waldo, d. 6-12-1904, 8y 6m 1d, s/o David O. & Mary S.
Flynn, Mary, d. 11-29-1861, 6y 9m, 6d, d/o J. & E.
Frazy, Benjamin Franklin, no dates, Civil War Vet.
Fritz, Edmond B., b. 7-27-1867, d. 5-20-1929, s/o Ludwick & Sarah A.
Fritz, Ludwick, d. 12-25-1892, 64y 6m 20d, h/o Sarah A.
Fritz, Sarah A. (Worth), d. 6-25-1896, 61y 4d, w/o Ludwick
Fry, George C., d. 8-12-1870, 70y 8m 15d, h/o Charlotte
Gatchel, Harvey Sanford, b. 2-11-1844, d. 4-15-1921, h/o Sylvania
Gatchel, Infant, d. 2-7-1876, 2m 7d, d/o Harvey S. & Sylvania
Gatchel, Sylvania (Evans), b. 5-21-1853, d. 1-17-1905, w/o Henry S.
Gatchel, Url Ray, b. 8-4-1885, d. 9-14-1887, s/o Harvey S. & Sylvania
Gibson, James W., b. 7-12-1861, Il, d. 1-9-1937, Estella
Gilleland, Cresslie K., b. 2-10-1901, d. 1968, h/o Helen E.
Gilleland, David W., b. 8-10-1839, d. 3-19-1902, h/o Nancy J.
Gilleland, Ednie L. (Gordon), b. 2-23-1871, d. 10-10-1960, w/o Otis
Gilleland, Helen E. (Nellis), b. 6-22-1913, d. 9-1-1994, w/o Cresslie K.
Gilleland, Jessie, d. 3-16-1894, 19y 7m 11d, d/o David W. & Nancy J.
Gilleland, Nancy J. (Nichols), b. 7-24-1839, d. 7-27-1923, w/o David W.
Gilleland, Otis Henry, b. 8-1871, d. 10-24-1935, h/o Edna L.
Griffith, David T., b. 7-11-1875, d. 1958, h/o Lucy E.
Griffith, Geneva, d. 10-31-1900, 3m, d/o David T. & Lucy E.
Griffith, Lucy Emma (Anderson), b. 1877, d. 11-22-1937, w/o David T.
Grose, Ida M., b. 3-14-1915, d. no date, w/o Roscoe L.
Grose, Roscoe L., b. 11-27-1907, d. 4-13-1986, h/o Ida M.
Hamilton, Benjamin F. (Rev.), b. 12-24-1892, d. 3-1976, h/o Mabel
Hamilton, Mabel (Clague), b. 6-10-1891, d. 3-1977, w/o Benjamin
Hatfield, Elizabeth (Sherry), b. 6-1-1843, d. 5-29-1921, w/o George B.
Hatfield, George B., b. 5-9-1837, d. 5-9-1907, h/o Elizabeth, Civil War Vet.
Hatfield, Kate (Smurr), b. 1869, d. 1895, 1st w/o Milton H.
Haxton, Catherine (Cary), d. 2-3-1886, 79y 3m 11d, w/o James H.
Haxton, Charles Marion, b. 8-28-1890, d. 7-21-1923, s/o Charles M. & Emma D.
Haxton, Emma D. (Clements), b. 1858, d.1892, w/o Charles M.
Haxton, Harvey, b. 3-20-1879, d. 2-3-1880, s/o Charles M. & Emma D.
Hays, Elizabeth (Shull), b. 6-23-1832, d. 4-2-1904, w/o Ebenezer
Hays, Ella A., b. 1842, d. 2-11-1915, w/o Thomas H.
Hays, Fannie (Goode), b. 12-7-1845, d. 9-10-1876, w/o Wm. L.
Hays, Lena E., d. 8-15-1890, 1y 11m 17d, d/o E. T. & N.
Hays, Mary J. (Brown), b. 10-18-1872, d. 8-25-1955, w/o Charles W.
Hays, Mary Rosetta (Whitenack), b. 2-27-1858, d. 5-4-1929, w/o G. Riley
Hays, Nannie L., b. 10-9-1873, d. 3-29-1874
Hays, Rebecca E., d. 12-24-1873, 18y 1m 7d, d/o Ebenezer & Elizabeth
Hays, Robert Ryle, b. 8-11-1901, d. 3-3-1936, d/o Charles W. & Mary L.
Hays, Thomas H., b. 1840, d. 8-29-1910, h/o Ella A., Civil War Vet.
Hays, Valeria M., d. 8-6-1898, 4m 23d, d/o E. T. & N.
Hays, Walter B., d. 12-20-1897, 1y 4m 8d, s/o E. T. & N.
Hays, William L., d. 10-7-1874, 36y 5m 12d, h/o Fannie, s/o John
Hays, Ebenezer, b. 6-29-1825, d. 4-13-1903, h/o Elizabeth
Hays, George Riley, b. 10-2-1859, d. 6-18-1917, h/o Mary R.
Hays, Charles William, b. 10-7-1866, d.12-11- 1944, h/o Mary J.
Hays, Daniel L., b. 10-9-1873, d. 3-20-1874
Hays, Infant, d. 1-27-1877, d/o James F. & Phiana M.
Hays, John H., b. 1846, d. 11-15-1906,h/o Hattie R. Johnson
Henkle, Bertha K. (Oldham), b. 1-24-1876, d. 1-6-1947, w/o Simon W.
Henkle, Edward J., b. 1924, d. 1925, s/o Harry & Helen
Henkle, Infant, d. 10-16-1898, s/o Simon W. & Bertha K.
Henkle, Simon Warrington, b. 4-29-1873, d. 3-28-1940, h/o Bertha K.
Henry, Carrie M., d. 8-5-1884, 11m 13d, adop. d/o Wm. I. & Mollie E.
Henry, Catherine (Walters), d. 5-9-1897, 80y 2m 9d, w/o Samuel
Henry, Cora M., no further information
Henry, Emanuel P., d. 2-18-1903, 63y 10m 4d, h/o Malinda J.
Henry, John Franklin, b. 6-13-1876, d. 11-19-1966, s/o Emanuel P. & Malinda J.
Henry, Lucinda Catherine, b. 6-13-1871, d. 3-24-1963, d/o Emanuel P. & Malinda J.
Henry, Malinda J. (Allen), d. 1-20-1933, 84y 1m 14d, w/o Emanuel P.
Henry, Mollie E. (Dunlap), b. 1847, d. 1927, w/o William I.
Henry, Samuel, d. 8-10-1896, 84y, 6m, h/o Catherine
Henry, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 1-25-1924, 88y 9m 27d
Henry, William I., b. 1846, d. 1893, h/o Mollie E.
Henry, William, no further information
Huffman, Elizabeth, b. 4-17-1814, d. 7-2-1888
Jellison, Alonzo N., b. 7-2-1871, d. 10-12-1871, s/o Paul W. & Minerva
Jellison, Infants, d. 10-27-1862, s's/o Paul W. & Minerva
Jellison, Jessie M., b. 10-9-1875, d. 6-10-1905, d/o Paul W. & Minerva
Jellison, Minerva (Nichols), b. 7-5-1841, d. 6-30-1912, w/o Paul W.
Jellison, Paul W. (Rev.), b. 9-7-1820, d. 1-11-1899,h/o 1st Lavina Wilson, 2nd Minerva
Jones, C. / G., d. 12-16-1862, 1y 10m 25d, s/o J. P. & N.J.
Keast, Arthur P. (Pastor), b. 9-28-1887, d. 12-1973, h/o Elsie M.
Keast, Elsie M., b. 7-29-1894, d. 10-1978, w/o Arthur B.
Kelly, Teresa (Gilleland), b. 9-27-1956, d. 12-2-2000
Klingman, Elizabeth Cambridge (Sims), b. 10-24-1827, d. 1-18-1894, w/o John
Klingman, Infant, b. 8-4-1893, d. 8-6-1893, d/o F. B. & Ella
Klingman, John Francis, b. 9-29-1933, d. 10-10-1933, s/o John & Josephine
Klingman, John, b. 9-6-1819, d. 10-15-1908, h/o Elizabeth
Klingman, Peter, b. 5-27-1789, d. 4-29-1874, h/o Sarah, Vet. War of 1812
Koboldt, Earl Allen, b. 4-19-1914, d. 2-14-1984
Koboldt, Karl, d. 2-28-1941
Koboldt, Mabel Irene (Miller), b. 9-12-1917, d. 6-22-2004, w/o Earl A.
LaPella, Infants, no dates, children of Elbert E. & Rhoda L.
Lineweaver, Carrie Wilhemina (Beck), b. 2-28-1876, d. 12-10-1953, w/o Ellis E.
Lineweaver, Ellis E., b. 5-23-1878, d. 11-1968, h/o Carrie W.
Lineweaver, Lenore Doris (Alexander), b. 2-16-1909, d. 12-12-1999, w/o Louis W.
Lineweaver, LourisWilliam, b. 11-12-1904, d, 2-16-1997, h/o Lenore D..
Logan, Amanda F., d. 12-23-1860, 19y 2m 3d, d/o Wm. M.
Logan, Amanda, d. 9-22-1863, 9m, d/o William & A. P.
McBride, Benjamin Franklin, b.4-24-1857, d. 4-8-1934, h/o Julia A.
McBride, Charles William, b. 12-8-1887, d. 6-1969, h/o Ida M.
McBride, Ida Maude (Clements), b. 6-26-1890, d. 4-28-1931, w/o Charles
McBride, Julia Anna (Bowlsby), b. 5-7-1868, d. 12-16-1940, w/o Benjamin
McBride, Nettie Blanche, b. 12-28-1889, d. 1-14-1932, d/o Benjamin F. & Julia A.
McCleary, Jessie Lucille (Duff), b. 11-28-1885, d. 3-2-1971, w/o John O.
McCleary, John Oliver, b. 8-1-1881, d. 8-1972, h/o Jessie L.
McCullough, Archibald, b. 1800, d. 11-25-1875, h/o Mary A.
McCullough, Mary A., d. 3-15-1870, w/o Archibald
McKee, David R., b. 1881, d. 1967, h/o Josephine
McKee, Josephine (Duff), b. 1-20-1884, d. 11-16-1968, w/o David R.
Miller, Albert, d. 12-1-1912, s/o Earl L. & Onie
Miller, Arabella M. (Rosenbeyer), b. 2-6-1862, d. 10-13-1929, h/o Lawson
Miller, Earl Leonard, b. 11-27-1888, d. 11-30-1948, h/o Onie
Miller, Israel, b. 1818, d. 5-21-1912, h/o Syntha A.
Miller, Kate Onie (Brown), b. 5-27-1890, d. 6-1979, w/o Earl L.
Miller, Katy Lenore, b. 1891, d. 3-2-1905, d/o Lawson B. & Arabella M.
Miller, Lawson B., b. 4-11-1860, d. 11-29-1910, h/o Bessie M.
Miller, Orson Earl, b. 8-23-1915, d. 8-28-1915, s/o Earl L. & Onie
Miller, Syntha A. (Dawes), b. 1828, d. 5-22-1919, w/o Israel
Monk, Daniel Boone, b. 9-4-1871, d. 1-15-1941, h/o Mary A.
Monk, Ellen M., d. 12-17-1911, 34 hr., d/o Daniel B. & Mary A.
Monk, Mary Adeline (Ladd), b. 9-9-1871, d. 10-13-1956, w/o Daniel B.
Nichols, Alfie, d. 10-31-1883, 4y 3m 7d, d/o W. W. & G.
Nichols, Alice C., d. 8-18-1885, 32y 6m, d/o George T. & Mary C.
Nichols, Elizabeth, d. 8-9-1851/1861, w/o F. H.
Nichols, Ernest Vincent, b. 12-10-1869, d. 5-2-1950, h/o Gertrude M.
Nichols, Floyd, d. 11-2-1885, 1y 1m 16d, s/o W. W. & G.
Nichols, George T., d. 3-3-1888, 63y 11m 1d, h/o Mary C.
Nichols, Gertrude M. (McIntyre), b. 3-21-1869, d. 10-6-1961, w/o Vincent
Nichols, Infant, d. 10-10-1887, d/o W. W. & G.
Nichols, Mary C. (Johnson), d. 1-2-1909, 79y 6m 28d, w/o George T.
Nichols, Nathaniel G., d. 3-1-1864, 14y, s/o F. H. & E.
Nichols, S. Cora, d. 12-31-1862, 1y 7m 7d, d/o George T. & Mary C.
Nichols, William W., d. 6-20-1899, 43y 5m 27d, h/o Geneva
Oldham, Andrew, d. 4-26-1884, 78y 2m 14d, h/o Catherine
Oldham, Buena Vista (Klingman), b. 12-22-1850, d. 11-7-1932, w/o John B.
Oldham, Catherine (Boden), d. 9-22-1879, 67y 9m 4d, w/o Andrew
Oldham, Elmer B., b. 1871, d. 1875, s/o John B. & Buena V.
Oldham, Gladys Lucille (Potter), b. 11-26-1906, d. 9-25-1987, d/o Leslie & Mabel E.
Oldham, Jesse, b. 12-18-1836, d. 12-7-1901, s/o Andrew & Catherine, Civil War Vet.
Oldham, John B., b. 9-22-1844, d. 6-18-1916, h/o Buena V.
Oldham, John Jacob, b. 3-7-1913, d. 5-20-1991, s/o Leslie & Mabel E.
Oldham, Leslie Andrew, b.3-23-1882, d. 1-18-1952, h/o Mabel E.
Oldham, Mabel Elettia (Myers), b. 9-19-1880, d. 3-1-1976, w/o Leslie A.
Olson, Blanche Velma (Bowlsby), b. 8-22-1884, d. 1973, w/o Harry L.
Olson, Harry Leach, b. 8-10-1878, d. 8-22-1946, h/o B. Velma
Parkins, Eva L. (Bowlsby), b. 3-26-1872, d. 6-26-1952, w/o J. Howard
Parkins, Glenn, b. 10-15-1903, d. 11-8-1907, s/o J. Howard & Eva L.
Potter, Gladys Lucille (Oldham), b. 11-26-1906, d. 9-25-1989, w/o Marvin F. Bender
Rankin, Caroline (Duff), b. 1-10-1838, d. 11-15-1872, w/o James Jr.
Rankin, Elizabeth (Duff), b. 1801, d. 8-25-1873, w/o James Sr.
Rankin, James (Jr.), b. 4-23-1832, d. 8-7-1911, h/o Caroline
Rhoads, Bessie E., b. 1897, d. 1967, w/o Francis E.
Rhodes, Francis Earl, b. 4-8-1895, d. 11-28-1981, h/o Bessie E.
Rife, Charles F., d. 2-25-1886, 9y 11m 2d, s/o Jackson & M. C.
Rife, Jackson, d. 8-18-1877, 41y 6m, h/o Mary C.
Rodman, Catherine (Milligan), b. 3-10-1837, d. 3-14-1908, w/o James R.
Rodman, Doris Emeline, b. 7-21-1872, d. 4-5-1951, d/o James R. & Catherine
Rodman, George Riley, b. 6-9-1864, d. 9-19-1905
Rodman, James Riley, b. 1-7-1830, d. 3-17-1920, h/o Catherine
Seerley, Charles T., b. 4-1862, d. 12-31-1936, s/o Wm. & Mary E.
Seerley, Elizabeth (Brown), d. 8-20-1869, 79y 9m 6d, w/o Joseph
Seerley, Elwood D., b. 12-21-1859, d. 12-3-1925, s/o Wm. & Mary E.
Seerley, Flora, b. 1864, d. 1964, d/o Wm. & Mary E.
Seerley, Francis H., b, 1857, d. 1945, s/o Wm. & Mary E.
Seerley, Grace, b. 11-29-1865, d. 5-12-1950, d/o Wm. & Mary E.
Seerley, Homer H., d. 11-15-1879, 5y 3m 8d, s/o Wm. & Mary E.
Seerley, Horace A., d. 10-1-1895, 39y 10m 10d, s/o Wm. & Mary E.
Seerley, Ida May, b. 5-4-1868, d. 3-12-1937, d/o Wm. & Mary E.
Seerley, Mary Ellen (Messersmith), b. 11-15-1831, In, d. 10-17-1911, w/o Wm.
Seerley, Mary Ellen, d. 6-2-1870, 1m 21d, d/o Wm. & Mary E.
Seerley, Vick A., b. 1-29-1871, d. 3-23-1950, s/o Wm. & Mary E.
Seerley, Virginia May, b. 5-4-1868, d. 5-4-1868, d/o Wm. & Mary E.
Seerley, William Virgil, b.8-8-1877, d. 11-4- 1933, s/o Wm. & Mary E.
Seerley, William, b. 5-5-1823, d. 4-4-1908, h/o Mary E.
Sellers, Jesse May, d. 3-2-1907, 3y 9m 22d, d/o S. H. & C. M.
Shaffer, Infant, b. 11-9-1909, d. 11-11-1909, d/o Bert D. & L. Emily
Shaffer, Infant, d. 1-28-1905, s/o Bert D. & L. Emily
Silverthorn, Glenn Gerald, b. 9-8-1921, d. 3-9-1986, h/o Ila L.
Silverthorn, Ila Leone (Linn), b. 1921, d. no date, w/o Glenn G.
Silverthorn, Phillip Harold, b. 3-22-1923, d, 6-11-1996, h/o Roberta J., WWII Vet.
Simpson, Sarah A., d. 4-30-1892, 31y 8m 18d, w/o Jerome
Smith, James B., b. 11-29-1913, d. 1-3-1993, h/o M. Lucille, WWII Vet.
Smith, Mabel Lucille (Stanley), b. 1-11-1922, d. no date, w/o James B.
Smith, Richard Lee, b. 3-5-1963, d. 10-6-1991, s/o James B. & M. Lucille
Speer, Andrew J., b. 8-31-1867, d. 8-1899, h/o Mary J.
Speer, Andrew Sheldon, b. 2-18-1830, d. 8-11-1920, h/o Nancy F.
Speer, John G., b. 7-13-1874, d. 8-11-1914, s/o Andew S. & Nancy E.
Speer, Marion, d. 1-12-1869, 4m 28d, s/o Jesse & Eliza E.
Speer, Nancy E. (Evans), b. 3-16-1844, d. 7-15-1920, w/o Andrew S.
Stewart, Bessie Kathryne, d. 1-18-1916, 2d, d/o Olna L. & Lois C.
Stewart, Lois Clair (Miller), b. 8-28-1886, d. 3-14-1957, w/o Olna L.
Stewart, Olna Lee, b. 7-10-1874, d. 3-28-1934, h/o Lois C.
Stock, Albert L., d. 1-25-1890, 5y 11m 25d, s/o John S. & Mary E.
Stock, Eliza E., d. 1-15-1875, 25y 1m 8d, 1st w/o John
Stock, Richard E., d. 2-12-1890, 3y 9m 2d, s/o John S. & Mary E.
Stock, Adie V., d. 4-23-1871, abt. 1y, d/o John S. & Eliza E.
Stock, Mary E., d. 12-13-1874, 11y 2m 3d, d/o John S. & Eliza E.
Sulgrove, John N., d. 9-1-1891, 38y 7m 21d, s/o Emanuel
Terry, William E., 11-25-1843, d. 4-9-1883, h/o Ellen J.
Thompson, Annette Sue, b. 7-6-1967, d. 1-26-1972, d/o Dale & Sandra
Thompson, Walter Leon, d. 1-27-1875, 4m 12d, s/o S. T. & M. I.
Thomson, Demma (Nichols), d. 8-25-1884, 40y 9m 27d, w/o Mark L.
Ulmer, Olive Merdeth (Miller), b. 1-13-1885, d. 1-13-1929, w/o Norman M.
Vance, George V., b. 10-10-1887, d. 2-14-1980
Vance, Lucy Mae (Nichols), b. 8-22-1861, d. 8-28-1953, w/o Walter H.
Vance, Unknown first name, d. 3-6-1880, 10y �m 12d
Vance, Walter H., b. 4-19-1857, d. 12-7-1947, h/o Lucy M.
VanGundy, Emma M. (Brown), b. 3-28-1866, d. 8-16-1903, w/o Byron S.
Vincent, Nettie Alice (Gilliland), b. 10-13-1884, d. 10-11-1949, w/o Winfred
Vincent, Winfred Vernon, b. 3-29-1879, d. 3-25-1952, h/o Nettie A.
Ward, Mary Jane (Sulgrove), b. 10-19-1864, d. 5-10-1899, w/o Wm. A.
Weaver, Agnes, d. 1-27-1877, 80y 7m 7d
White, Benjamin A., b. 6-23-1831, d. 6-8-1912, h/o Nancy E., s/o Wm.
White, Betty Ann, b. 1946, d. 1953
White, Birdie May, d. 11-25-1898, 6m 27d, d/o Willis M. & Harriet A.
White, Harriet Amanda (Simpson), b. 5-9-1867, d. 1-13-1947, w/o 1st Willis M, 2nd Thos. J. Parsons
White, Infant, b. 7-29-1909, d. 7-29-1909, child of Henry & Blanche
White, Lucille, b. 8-30-1910, d. no date, w/o W. Vernon
White, Nancy Elizabeth (Tytus), b. 1-6-1837, d. 2-27-1907, w/o Benjamin A.
White, Rex, b. 1942, d. no date, s/o Vernon & Lucille
White, William Henry, b. 7-17-1873, d. 3-17-1924, h/o Blanche
White, Willis Morgan, b. 2-17-1863, d.1-31-1929, h/o Harriet A.
White, Willis Vernon, b. 4-12-1910, d. 5-18-1995, h/o Lucille
Whitenack, Catherine J. (Murphy), d. 9-7-1899, 81y 4m 30d, w/o John D.
Whitenack, Charles Edward, b. 1851, d. 1906, h/o Cynthia E.
Whitenack, Charlie Clide, b. 1-26-1884, d. 4-9-1885, s/o John D. & Eufield E.
Whitenack, Cynthia Ella, b. 1-1-1858, d. 5-21-1932, w/o Charles E.
Whitenack, John D., d. 7-3-1900, 82y 9m 15d, h/o Catherine J.
Whitenack, Raymond Vinton, b. 5-5-1882, d. 12-3-1933, s/o Charles E. & Cynthia E.
Wolverton, George W., b. 1838, d. 1888, h/o Minerva J.
Wolverton, Minerva Jane (Sulgrove), b. 11-2-1841, d. 11-27-1926, w/o George W.
Woolery, Flora Edna, b. 1-5-1887, d. 12-29-1889, d/o Gilbert B. & Ella
Woolery, Gilbert B., b. 7-9-1858, d.12-1-1928, h/o 1st Ella, 2nd Nancy Stinson
Woosley, Burrel Treble, b. 1832, d. 8-15-1902, h/o Missouri
Woosley, Freddie, d. 12-8-1881,1y 8m 1d, s/o Henry L. & Sarah E.
Woosley, George B. M., d. 12-15-1864, 3y 3m 9d, s/o Burrell T. & Missouri
Woosley, Male, d. 12-11-1876, 5y 11m 15d, s/o Burrell T. & Missouri
Woosley, Missouri (Butler), b. 1833, d. 1902. w/o Burrell T., d/o Eli
Woosley, Stephen A. Douglas, b. 1859, d. 1876, s/o Burrell & Missouri
Woosley, William Eli, b. 1855, d, 1881, s/o Burrell T. & Missouri
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