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Worthing Cemetery
Madison County, Iowa

Lat: 41° 13' 08"N, Lon: 93° 48' 35"W
T74N R26W Sec 11

Contributed by Judy Wight Branson, Nov 19, 2000, updated Jan 09, 2005 [jlwight@northlink.com]. Total records = 41.

Worthing Cemetery is in at the Corner of 300th & Woodland Streets in Ohio Township, Madison County, Iowa.

Worthing cemetery started in the late 1800s, judging from the dates in this transcription and has not been used since about 1968. I have not found out who owns and maintains it. It appears to be a family cemetery.

Research & comparisons were from a transcription done by Mrs. M. C. Wheelwright in 1970, two burial indexes, birth, marriage, death, funeral home, obituaries and cemeter records for Madison County, Iowa and the Social Security records for verification whenever possible, in order to make this list as accurate and complete as possible.

I have transcribed from the headstone photos I took when I visited the cemetery in 2003. Then I compared with all the above resources.
- Judy Wight Branson

Barger, Abraham Valentine, b. 2-23-1818, d. 8-30-1898, h/o Mary
Barger, Mary (Welsh), b. 8-27-1814, d. 2-3-1892, w/o Abraham
Boller, Grace, b. 1882, d. 1968, w/o Norman J.
Boller, John J., b. 2-17-1851, d. 4-5-1935, h/o Margaret B.
Boller, Margaret Buena Vista (Myers), b. 2-23-1858, d. 12-4-1934, w/o John J.
Boller, Norman J., b. 6-16-1881, d. 9-1968, s/o John J. & Margaret B.
Clapper, Fred Elmer, b. 1871, d. 1939, h/o Ollie M.
Clapper, Ollie May (Burkhead), b. 1877, d. 10-6-1947, w/o Fred E.
Clapper, Opal Fay, b. 1-4-1898, d. 12-28-1917, d/o Fred E. & Ollie M.
Clease, Infant, b. 9-19-1906, d. 9-19-1906, s/o A. W. & Eva (Garr)
Divine, Martha J., b. 1824, d. 4-29-1894
Douglas, Estella M. (Pahl), b. 1888, d. 1943, w/o M. Luther
Douglas, M. Luther, b. 1876, d. 6-7-1940, h/o Estella M.
Dulancy, Jessie Reba, b. 9-4-1905, d. 10-12-1905, d/o S. J. & C.R.
Glass, Fred Chandler, b. 1890, d. 1965
Glass, Fred Richard, b. 4-17-1918, d. 10-6-1920, s/o Fred C. & Minnie V.
Glass, Minnie Viola (Patterson), b. 2-2-1887, d. 2-26-1938
Hall, Fredrick Roy, b. 1877, d. 1952, h/o Daisy M.
Hall, Jennie Victoria (Alcox), b. 7-20-1887, d. 12-30-1939, w/o F. Roy
Hays, Thomas, b. 11-13-1840, d. 8-29-1910
Huffman, Rebecca (Worthing), b. 5-4-1859, d. 6-3-1900, w/o Samuel G., Marion Mitchell
McPherson, Claude B., d. 3-19-1904, 6y 11m, s/o D. W. & M. L.
Mitchell, Jennie Elizabeth (Worthing), b. 8-28-1849, d. 2-26-1907, w/o Alexander F.
Mitchell, Marion O'Dell, b. 3-9-1858, d. 9-26-1887, 1st h/o Rebecca
Munson, Hugh H., b. 2-11-1872, d. 4-14-1941, h/o R. Maude
Munson, Rettie Maude (Lusk), b. 8-19-1879, d. 1-3-1949, w/o Hugh H.
Nichols, Mary Catherine (Johnson), b. 6-4-1829, d. 1-2-1909, d/o Jacob & Susan
Patterson, Anna Beryl (Holmes), b. 8-23-1878, d. 12-4-1965, w/o Wilbert O.
Patterson, Eliza (Worthing), d. 2-9-1892, 38y 3m 19d, 2nd w/o George W.
Patterson, George Washington, b. 11-12-1851, d. 8-26-1911, h/o 1st Rachel, 2nd Eliza, 3rd Hannah (Gates)
Patterson, Rachel E. (Worthing), d. 3-9-1888, 30y 7m 27d, 1st w/o George W.
Patterson, Wilburt O., b. 1-5-1878, d. 10-10-1959, h/o A. Beryl
Phillips, Mary (Worthing), d. 10-10-1880, 24y 6m 9d, w/o Zenas F.
Phillips, Zenas Fletcher, b. 1852, d. 1937, h/o 1st Mary, 2nd Isabelle (Steele)
Worthing, Charles E., b. 12-17-1862, d. 9-20-1933, h/o 1st Laura (Mitchell), 2nd Nancy (Ames)
Worthing, John E., b. 10-16-1845, d. 10-15-1933, h/o Julia, Civil War Vet.
Worthing, Julia (Barger), b. 11-14-1846, d. 8-20-1923, w/o John E.
Worthing, Nancy (Ames), b. 1-14-1883, d. 3-30-1928, 2nd w/o Charles E.
Worthing, Richard Seth, d. 12-18-1907, 88y 8m 3d, h/o Sarah
Worthing, Richard, d. 8-5-1881, 12y 5m 9d, s/o Richard S. & Sarah
Worthing, Sarah (Ingram), d. 10-24-1898, 76y 10m 24d, w/o Richard S.

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