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Winterset Cemetery
Winterset, Madison County, Iowa

Submitted by Judy Wight Branson [jlwight@northlink.com].

Wickham, Steven R., b. 4-15-1949, d. 10-26-2000, h/o Marilyn
Wicks, Charles H., b. 11-23-1871, Ia, d. 1-8-1951, h/o Retta
Wicks, Retta (Litton), b. 5-5-1872, Ia, d. 2-6-1956, w/o Charles H.
Wiggins, Virgil John, b. 4-28-1918, Ia, d. 7-7-2001, h/o Opal M.
Wight, Arch W., b. 9-13-1873, M/C, d. 2-17-1934, h/o Mata
Wight, Clara (Abrams), b. 8-7-1870, M/C, d. 10-3-1951, w/o Theodore, Nathaniel J. Norris
Wight, Frank E., b. 6-20-1875, M/C, d. 4-2-1937, h/o Blanche V
Wight, George Donald, b. 11-3-1904, M/C, d. 11-13-1978, h/o Margaret
Wight, Harry Merlin, b. 12-3-1898, M/C, d. 12-19-1983, h/o Gladys M.
Wight, Jane (Finlayson), b. 6-1828, Scot, d. 12-22-1901, 2nd w/o Theodore
Wight, Marguerite Ellen (Bek), d. 8-6-1987, w/o George D.
Wight, Mary Blanche V. (Donaldson), b. 7-8-1876, M/C, d. 4-6-1956, w/o Frank E.
Wight, Mary Ellen (Mata) (Hart), b. 11-1-1877, M/C, d. 1-13-1955, w/o Arch W.
Wight, Orpha Mary (Banker), b. 7-7-1891, M/C, d. 2-18-1989, w/o Wallace W.
Wight, Wallace W., b. 12-6-1892, M/C, d. 12-23-1947, h/o Orpha M.
Wight, Ward Eugene, b. 8-17-1910, M/C, d. 8-18-1965, h/o Ione
Wilcox, Ara, d. 9-27-1922
Wilder, Myrtle May, b. 12-25-1880, Ia, d. 7-26-1882
Wiley, Dora Dean (Rex), b. 10-18-1868, Ia, d. 7-4-1937, w/o Wm. B.
Wiley, William Benton, b. 1858, Ia, d. 9-24-1927, h/o Dora D.
Wilkenson, Oscar, d. 2-25-1905
Wilkenson, Vic Lena, d. 10-27-1938
Wilkie, Theodore R., d. 9-26-1933, Oskaloosa, Ia.
Wilkinson, Agnes Iolin, b. 11-26-1905, Ia, d. 5-21-1907, d/o Ira C. & Vilena
Wilkinson, Alvie E., d. 3-18-1968, s/o Oscar R. & Julia A.
Wilkinson, Austin W., d. 2-20-1925, h/o Helen R.
Wilkinson, Cathy Lynn, b. 6-23-1960, d. 6-23-1960, d/o Marvin
Wilkinson, Claissa E., b. 1806, d. 1860, w/o John
Wilkinson, Estina Lois (Thornburg), b. 11-10-1869, Ia, d. 3-1-1910, w/o Wm. F.
Wilkinson, Fern (Lawrence), b. 9-1891, d. 11-1925, w/o Loyd
Wilkinson, Fred H., b. 2-1876, M/C, d. 1-16-1971, h/o Mary E.
Wilkinson, George Arthur, b. 9-1892, Ia, d. 10-25-1918, Fr. WWI, s/o Henry A. & Minnie A.
Wilkinson, Helen Ruth (Davis), d. 5-6-1925, w/o Austin W.
Wilkinson, Henry Andrew, b. 3-21-1862, Ia, d. 3-24-1945, h/o Minnie A.
Wilkinson, Ira Caleb, d. 4-29-1957, h/o Vilena, s/o John B. & Sarah E.
Wilkinson, John B., b. 4-28-1839, Il, d. 10-1-1903, h/o Sarah E., Mary (Harrison)
Wilkinson, Julia Ann (Martino), b. 11-7-1868, Ia, d. 10-9-1949, w/o Oscar R.
Wilkinson, Laura Johanna Wilhemina, b. 4-3-1902, d. 2-26-1990
Wilkinson, Lewis P., d. 1854
Wilkinson, Lida Ruth (Newlon), b. 5-25-1881, M/C, d. 11-17-1959, w/o Phillip R.
Wilkinson, Lina, b. 1872, d. 2-24-1930
Wilkinson, Lloyd, b. 9-23-1889, Ia, d. 7-1944, h/o Fern
Wilkinson, Magdelena (Lena) (Schoenenberger), b. 1857, Oh, d. 5-4-1900, 2nd w/o Wm. S.
Wilkinson, Marvin Eric, b. 2-14-1921, d. 11-30-1985
Wilkinson, Mary Elizabeth (Cridling), b. 10-1883, Ia, d. 9-9-1970, w/o Fred H.
Wilkinson, Minnie Analyle (Darnall), b. 7-24-1866, Ia, d. 4-30-1940, w/o Henry A.
Wilkinson, Oscar R., b. 10-1868, Ia, d. 2-1-1934, h/o Julia A.
Wilkinson, Phillip Read, b. 9-30-1878, M/C, d. 4-1-1971, h/o Lida R
Wilkinson, Sarah Ellen (Clark), b. 5-18-1840, Mo, d. 12-13-1894, 1st w/o John W.
Wilkinson, Vilena (Crawford), b. 2-10-1875, Ia, d. 10-27-1938, w/o Ira C.
Wilkinson, Waldo E., b. 5-21-1899, M/C, d. 7-29-1967, s/o Wm. F. & Estina L.
Wilkinson, William F., b. 10-28-1863, Ia, d. 2-23-1939, h/o Estina L.
Wilkinson, William Sidney, b. 6-26-1837, Il, d. 6-4-1914, h/o Mary (Harris), Lena, Civil War Vet.
Willcox, Archie C. Jr., d. 3-31-1938
Willcox, Charles E., b. 3-11-1899, Ia, d. 4-9-1959, h/o Jessie
Willcox, Eleta Jane (Jordan), b. 2-1-1907, M/C, d. 4-22-1969, w/o Lloyd E.
Willcox, James H., b. 3-30-1882, Ia, d. 5-7-1967, h/o Verdie M.
Willcox, Janet Katherine, b. 1936, d. 1937, d/o Archie
Willcox, Jessie (Lowe), b. 10-7-1902, Tn, d. 2-27-1957, w/o Charles
Willcox, Joseph Franklin, b. 2-14-1870, M/C, d. 10-16-1954, h/o Myrtle M.
Willcox, Lizzie M., d. 8-25-1965
Willcox, Lloyd Earl, b. 5-1-1907, Ia, d. 5-11-1968, h/o Electa J.
Willcox, Lora (Beck), b. 12-27-1904, Ia, d. 7-11-1978, w/o Orville C.
Willcox, Orville Claude, b. 5-9-1905, Ia, d. 12-28-1985, h/o Lorna
Willcox, Verdie Maude (Estel), b. 2-25-1888, M/C, d. 1-13-1967, w/o James H.
Willetts, Arthur D., b. 4-23-1855, Il, d. 3-22-1951, h/o Minnie
Willetts, Minnie (Brobst), b. 11-30-1870, d. 2-23-1958, w/o Arthur
Willey, Alice, d. 9-6-1887, 51y
Willey, Edward H., d. 1-27-1946, h/o Senora
Willey, Ethel Bernice, b. 9-21-1898, Ia, d. 11-4-1918, d/o Edward H. & Senora R.
Willey, Senora R., d. 12-2-1946, w/o Edward H.
Willhelm, Minnie, d. 5-2-1957
Willhelm, Thomas, no dates
Williams, Annie L., b. Oh, d. 4-2-1899, 25y, d/o J. W.
Williams, Annie, d. 4-2-1905
Williams, Audrey A., d. 12-12-1926
Williams, Christina N. (Carrie) (Newerf), d. 6-25-1954, w/o Samuel
Williams, Cleo (Clopton), b. 8-19-1909, d. 6-2-1997, w/o Earl
Williams, Earl, b. 1-11-1909, M/C, d. 2-23-1985, h/o Cleo
Williams, Elizabeth, b. 1814, Va, d. 10-4-1889, w/o Henry Northern, Nathan W.
Williams, Elza Owen, no dates, h/o Lola C
Williams, Emma D., b. 1852, d. 7-25-1910, w/o Leonard
Williams, Esther C., b. 9-24-1899, d. 9-5-1981
Williams, Florence, b. 1878, d. 3-22-1923, w/o Oscar R.
Williams, Gweneth, d. 9-28-1918
Williams, Hannah R., d. 9-23-1866, w/o Nathan W.
Williams, Hettie, d. 3-3-1888, 76y
Williams, Infant, d. 11-4-1910, child of Sam
Williams, Infant, no dates
Williams, James E., b. 10-30-1862, Il, d. 2-14-1945, h/o Nora; Jennie M.
Williams, Jennie May (Black), b. 3-9-1867, M/C, d. 9-23-1955, w/o Ivor Lee McGee, James E. Williams
Williams, Jerry, b. 6-15-1937, M/C, d. 11-1-1956, s/o Earl & Cleo (Clopton)
Williams, John W., b. 1835, d. 4-22-1912, Civil War Vet.
Williams, Kate, d. 5-30-1877, 47y, w/o Eld. A.
Williams, Lenora, b. 1862, d. 11-16-1931, w/o James E.
Williams, Leola, d. 10-29-1978
Williams, Lola Clarice (Felton), b. 3-30-1904, Ia, d. 10-16-2000, w/o Elza O.
Williams, Mark A., d. 1-20-1980
Williams, Nathan W., d. 1-8-1880, 80y, h/o Hannah R.; Elizabeth
Williams, Oscar H., b. 1880, d. 11-1-1958, h/o Florence
Williams, Robert E., b. 12-11-1921, M/C, d. 2-7-1952, s/o Ernest & Audrey
Williams, Ruth (Miller), b. 8-25-1831, Oh, d. 2-8-1920, d/o Michael
Williams, Samuel H., d. 6-19-1949, h/o Carrie
Williams, Sarah Jennie (McDonald), b. 11-5-1852, Oh, d. 5-20-1893, w/o Samuel Duff, Leonard
Williams, William C., d. 11-25-1949
Wilson, Acie A., b. 11-24-1911, d. 7-20-1983
Wilson, Ada E., b. 11-5-1888, d. 10-25-1918, w/o J.W.
Wilson, Andela Winter, b. 7-15-1961, d. 8-19-1961, d/o Gene L. & Yvette (Beatty)
Wilson, Barry Clark, b. 9-26-1946, d. 1-25-1981
Wilson, Carita Mae (Neeley), b. 10-18-1897, Ia, d. 8-26-1964, w/o Eldon L.
Wilson, Carlton Claude, b. 5-11-1899, M/C, d. 3-17-1954, s/o Clark S. & Ida M.
Wilson, Charles H., b. 4-1856, Il, d. 9-9-1924, h/o Emma N.
Wilson, Charlie M., d. 1873
Wilson, Clark Scott, b. 4-30-1852, Oh, d. 1-22-1927, h/o Ida M.
Wilson, Cynthia Ann, b. 4-28-1952, M/C, d. 4-28-1952, d/o Marvin N.
Wilson, Cyrus Lot, b. 1850, Ia, d. 2-16-1924, h/o Elizabeth E.
Wilson, Dempsey E., b. 2-20-1893, M/C, d. 12-27-1955, h/o Blanche
Wilson, Eldon Lee, b. 5-12-1894, M/C, d. 10-1-1976, h/o Carita M.
Wilson, Elizabeth E. (Embree), b. 4-22-1868, Ia, d. 3-5-1947, w/o Cyrus L.
Wilson, Elizabeth, d. 10-26-1918
Wilson, Emma N. (Bardrick), b. 11-1865, M/C, d. 8-1-1955, w/o Charles H.
Wilson, Flossie, b. 12-26-1895, d. 1-29-1984
Wilson, Glenn, b. 9-7-1900, d. 12-31-1968, h/o Mary R.
Wilson, Ida M., b. 1858, d. 10-27-1928
Wilson, Ida Mary (Hall), b. 11-29-1858, Ia, d. 6-21-1955, w/o Clark S.
Wilson, Ida May (Baker), b. 5-15-1860, Ia, d. 6-23-1946, w/o Irvin E.
Wilson, Infant, d. 11-25-1896, child of C.H.
Wilson, Irvin Elwood Tidrick, b. 7-15-1860, Ia, d. 11-12-1932, h/o Ida M.
Wilson, James (Jimmie) Burke, b. 7-10-1932, d. 7-10-1932, s/o Carl
Wilson, James Wyman, b. 8-8-1930, M/C, d. 2-6-1956, Wa, s/o Wyman & Mildred (Lenocker)
Wilson, Jennie M. (Vandenburg), b. 6-5-1881, M/C, d. 1-10-1968, w/o Ray R.
Wilson, John Raymond, b. 7-9-1893, d. 7-20-1978
Wilson, Julie Marie, b. 8-1955, Mo, d. 8-1955, d/o Arnold E.
Wilson, Marvin Neeley Sr., b. 8-25-1921, M/C, d. 7-31-1977, s/o Eldon L. & Carita M.
Wilson, Mary Rose (Stephenson), b. 9-14-1905, M/C, d. 12-21-1972, w/o Glenn
Wilson, Mildred (Lenocker), b. 1-13-1905, Ia, d. 3-22-1998, w/o Wyman R.
Wilson, Ray Richard, b. 1-17-1880, Ia, d. 11-23-1958, h/o Jennie M.
Wilson, Rebeka Alice, b. 12-9-1893, M/C, d. 5-9-1907, d/o Charles H. & Emma M.
Wilson, Ruth, d. 1-7-1921
Wilson, Walter, d. 11-9-1980, 76y
Wilson, Wyman Robert, b. 8-12-1905, M/C, d. 11-2-1980, h/o Mildred
Winjum, Mary Helen (Foster), b. 3-8-1938, Tx, d. 12-10-1958, w/o Francis O.
Winship, Elizabeth Martha, b. 1844, d. 12-11-1921, w/o Nathaniel
Winship, Nathaniel, b. 5-22-1836, Me, d. 6-5-1913, h/o Elizabeth
Winship, Nettie, d. 5-16-1926
Wintrode, Flora B. (Hutchings), b. 4-22-1857, Ia, d. 7-23-1910, w/o John H.
Wintrode, Infant, d. 11-16-1896, child of John H. & Flora
Wintrode, John Henry, b. 12-19-1848, Pa, d. 12-25-1909, h/o Flora
Wintrode, Katherine G., b. 3-14-1894, d. 8-12-1988
Wise, Daniel, b. 1825, Oh, d. 5-10-1913, h/o Elizabeth
Wise, Elizabeth (Potter), b. 8-10-1838, N.Y, d. 3-21-1917, w/o Daniel
Wise, Harry B., b. 1880, M/C, d. 4-5-1950, h/o Ida M.
Wise, Ida Mae (Travis), b. 1-10-1882, Ia, d. 2-4-1941, w/o Harry B.
Wissler, Fannie B., b. 2-17-1836, Oh, d. 9-24-1904
Wissler, Henry (Rev.), b. 11-14-1793, d. 4-3-1887, h/o Mary
Wissler, Mary (Powell), b. 5-14-1803, d. 5-2-1885, w/o Henry
Witherow, James, b. 2-26-1859, Oh, d. 8-30-1918, s/o Wm. & Margaret (Stewart)
Witherow, John K., b. 11-13-1893, M/C, d. 4-6-1959, h/o Marguarite
Witherow, John, b. 12-10-1852, Oh, d. 12-5-1898, h/o Karoline
Witherow, Karoline (Baur), b. 6-1863, Ia, d. 9-28-1902, w/o John
Witherow, Margaret A., b. 1850, d. 6-26-1905
Witherow, Martha (Stewart), b. 1-1832, Ire, d. 1-30-1909, w/oWilliam
Witherow, Waleski, d. 11-3-1931
Witherow, William, d. 2-26-1890, 73y, h/o Martha
Witt, Bessie E. (Wilson), b. 1849, Mo, d. 6-3-1937, w/o John
Witt, John M., b. 12-11-1852, In, d. 4-23-1937, h/o Bessie E.
Wolf, John Robert, d. 5-1-1904, 1y
Wolfe, Kinsman D. (Rev.), d. 2-20-1905
Wolfe, Lee C., d. 12-27-1901
Wolfe, Ralph, d. 3-22-1905
Wolken, Michael, b. 1957, M, /C, d. 2-19-1960, s/o Bruce & Irene (Bush)
Wolken, Ricky Lee, b. 1958, M/C, d. 2-19-1960, s/o Bruce & Irene (Bush)
Wolverton, Edna A. (Datwyler), b. 10-25-1904, Il, d. 10-12-2000, w/o Wm. Ray
Wolverton, Elizabeth, d. 10-22-1924
Wood, Bennie Clyde, b. 6-23-1883, Ia, d. 7-23-1899
Wood, Charles F., b. 9-28-1882, In, d. 9-20-1945, h/o Mabel
Wood, Emily J., b. 1844, d. 1868
Wood, Ida Ladora, d. 8-3-1955
Wood, Infant, d. 7-18-1895, child of A. L.
Wood, John, b. 1813, d. 10-5-1868
Wood, Mabel G., b. 11-28-1877, Ia, d. 4-5-1949, w/o Charles
Wood, Oliver B., d. 1-13-1963
Wood, Sarah D., b. 1841, d. 1886
Wood, Vada, b. 3-1895, M/C, d. 7-18-1895
Woodward, Carmiles, d. 1879 (Infant)
Woodward, Della (McDole), b. 1844, d. 1879/ 8-14-1911, w/o Wm. S.
Woodward, Donald D., b. 8-4-1904, d. 9-20-1979
Woodward, Ella Wilmetta (Rollstin), b. 2-9-1871, Ia, d. 2-14-1940, w/o Ulysses S.
Woodward, Harold, b. 12-26-1907, M/C, d. 8-15-1910, s/o Willis G. & June
Woodward, June (Danforth), b. 6-1-1884, M/C, d. 9-9-1959, w/o Willis G.
Woodward, Ulysses Schyler, b. 1868, Ia, d. 4-23-1954, w/o Ella W.
Woodward, William S., b. 8-23-1839, Va, d. 8-14-1911, h/o Della
Woodward, Willis Floyd, b. 1897, d. 9-16-1918, Fr.WWI, s/o Ulysses S. & Ella W.
Woodward, Willis Gerald, b. 8-3-1877, Ia, d. 7-29-1955, h/o June
Woody, Elton H., b. 1-27-1891, Ia, d. 5-26-1973, h/o Mary A.
Woody, Infant, d. 4-2-1927, child of Elton H. & Mary A.
Woody, Mary Alice (Koser), b. 9-13-1890, M/C, d. 11-3-1956, w/o Elton H.
Woolery, Hubert C., b. 1-18-1900, d. 9-25-1978
Woolery, Nellie Grace, d. 2-26-1989, 92y
Wooner, Frank, d. 2-11-1900
Worley, Essie (Holmes), d. 4-3-1917, w/o Wesley R.
Worley, Fleming Wesley, b. 5-12-1851, Oh, d. 8-20-1914, h/o Harriet I.
Worley, Harriet Isabel (Newman), b. 11-13-1853, Ia, d. 4-3-1917, w/o Fleming W.
Worley, Wesley Raymond, b. 2-22-1877, Ia, d. 5-11-1929, h/o Essie
Worrall, Bruce Gerald, d. 3-22-1990, 55y
Worth, Edward, b. 1897, d. 3-1-1918, France, WWI
Worthing, James, d. 9-20-1917
Wray, Elizabeth (Burnskill), b. 1861, d. 1908, w/o John
Wray, Everett, d. 10-18-1961
Wray, Gladys Ione, b. 8-27-1897, Ia, d. 6-7-1928, d/o John & Elizabeth (Burnskill)
Wray, Infant, d. abt. 1883, child of J.H.
Wray, James H. (Dr.), b. 1853, Pa, d. 11-12-1896, h/o Kate (Guiberson)
Wray, John William, b. 7-17-1853, Il, d. 11-2-1929, h/o Elizabeth
Wray, Ora E., b. 6-10-1890, d. 4-22-1973
Wray, Robert Glenn, b. 6-24-1891, Ia, d. 2-16-1920, h/o Catherine (Chamberlain)
Wright, Adeline (VanScoy), b. 9-8-1857, Ia, d. 12-10-1934, w/o Eli A.
Wright, Bertha, b. 10-21-1888, Ia, d. 1-26-1891
Wright, Carl E., d. 11-28-1948
Wright, Catherine Margerite, b. 7-9-1912, Ia, d. 8-7-1935, d/o W. Harvey & Estella M. (Holland)
Wright, Charles E., b. 2-1-1870, d. 3-9-1967
Wright, Clarence C., b. 1871, d. 6-7-1959
Wright, Dora, d. 8-11-1919
Wright, Edward Archibald, d. 3-25-1989, 88y
Wright, Eli Almond, b. 7-27-1850, W.V, d. 4-1-1940, h/o Adeline
Wright, Elizabeth, d. 4-13-1987
Wright, Ella Wilmeth, d. 4-9-1957
Wright, Everett R., b. 7-8-1905, M/C, d. 11-5-1983, s/o Leroy & Daisy E. (Howard)
Wright, Frank Earl, d. 1-21-1902, 18m, s/o Eli
Wright, Fred E., b. 2-7-1890, M/C, d. 5-28-1960, h/o Mabel
Wright, George W., d. 6-22-1945
Wright, Harvey, d. 9-10-1972
Wright, Hugh, d. 2-3-1940
Wright, Infant, d. 6-8-1941, child of Hugh
Wright, Infant, d. 8-12-1897, child of Eli
Wright, James A., b. 9-26-1906, d. 11-21-1944
Wright, Jerome Elliott, b. 6-16-1902, d. 5-12-1986
Wright, Joanna, d. 11-27-1890, 67y
Wright, Joseph, d. 1864
Wright, Laura d. 1-5-1936
Wright, Loyd, b. 6-5-1885, M/C, d. 4-1957, h/o Virgie
Wright, Lucille T., d. 2-4-1975
Wright, Lucille, d. 8-20-1979
Wright, Mabel (Mapes), b. 9-4-1893, d. 10-14-1988, w/o Fred E.
Wright, Mamie Marie (Moore), b. 3-21-1910, M/C, d. 4-12-1998, w/o Everett
Wright, Mancel O., d. 2-1971
Wright, Mary Elizabeth, b. 3-25-1886, d. 4-13-1987, 101y
Wright, Michael, d. 11-12-1938
Wright, Minnie, d. 3-7-1925
Wright, Nina (B-uck), b. 1876, d. 3-7-1925, w/o C. C.
Wright, No first name, d. abt. 1896
Wright, Sarah A. (McMahen), b. 1843, d. 1-19-1921, w/o W. W.
Wright, Skelton, d. 3-1-1871, 70y
Wright, Vergie I. (Meacham), b. 8-1885, M/C, d. 12-20-1947, w/o Loyd E.
Wright, Wallace William, b. 2-26-1836, Can, d. 4-11-1919, h/o Sarah A., Civil War Vet.
Wright, Wayne M., b. 9-3-1896, d. 11-22-1975
Wright, William Harrell, b. 8-13-1914, d. 2-26-1981
Wright, William O., b. 1-16-1888, Ia, d. 3-13-1944, h/o Maude
Wyatt, Edith, b. 12-15-1904, d. 10-28-1972
Wyatt, John Jr., d. 9-21-1966
Wycoff, Gerald, b. 6-4-1927, d. 9-28-1967
Wylie, James A., d. 2-17-1855, 24y
Wymer, Della, b. 8-9-1924, d. 3-14-1991
Wynkoop, Mary L., b. 10-7-1919, d. 9-15-1988
Wynkoop, Minnie Ellsworth (McComb), b. 2-27-1877, Il, d. 9-29-1941, w/o Zenus A.
Wynkoop, Zenus Alva, b. 9-19-1878, M, /C, d. 12-1-1957, h/o Minnie E.


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