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Winterset Cemetery
Winterset, Madison County, Iowa

Submitted by Judy Wight Branson [jlwight@northlink.com].

Pace, Alma, d. 2-9-1991
Pace, Billy Dean, b. 5-5-1928, Ia, d. 12-9-1929, s/o Byron & Ruth F.
Pace, Byron (infant), d. 9-11-1929, s/o Byron & Ruth F.
Pace, Byron, b. 8-29-1890, d. 2-14-1943, h/o Ruth Fern (Beard)
Pace, Kenneth, b. 10-2-1895, d. 9-28-1987
Pace, Lenore Beard, b. 12-16-1919, Ia, d. 9-11-1920, d/o Byron & Ruth F.
Pace, Myles, d. 12-16-1924
Padmore, James E., b. 1878, Ia, d. 2-23-1906
Palmer, Alice (Hazard), d. 1-16-1915, w/o G. D.
Palmer, Clarine A., d. 10-13-1877
Palmer, G. D., d. 2-17-1888, h/o Alice
Palmer, George W., d. 4-23-1977
Palmer, Jonathan Donald, d. 5-25-1983, 3m
Parker, Cora, d. 7-9-1915
Parker, Dorothy Mae, b. 1923, d. no date
Parker, George, d. 4-20-1861
Parker, Harry Steven, b. 6-17-1938, d. 1-9-1979
Parker, Juanita A., d. 7-14-1983, 52y
Parker, Leonard, no dates
Parker, Linda Sue, d. 6-22-1961
Parker, Robert R. Sr., b. 2-2-1919, d. 6-25-1970
Parker, William E., b. 12-1-1913, d. 6-24-1975
Parkins, Clarinda, d. 7-11-1967
Parkins, Ellis, b. 6-1897, M/C, d. 6-29-1960
Parkins, Female, d. 11-22-1898, (no name)
Parkins, Melvin Wallace, b. 4-22-1925, d. 10-8-1977
Parkins, Wanda, d. 9-8-1985
Parrott, Louise, d. 1893
Parrott, Male, d. 11-10-1893
Patrick, Mary Myrtle, d. 5-18-1983, 54y
Patrick, Oliver Rudd Jr., d. 7-17-1977, 83y
Patterson, Bradley M., b. 11-13-1892, M/C, d. 4-5-1968, h/o Lucille S.
Patterson, John Allen, b. 1-20-1816, Pa, d. 5-6-1890, h/o Elizabeth (McCalaster), Civil War Vet.
Patterson, John N., b. 12-4-1838, Il, d. 12-16-1911, s/o Samuel & Almira (Ramsey), Civil War Vet.
Patterson, Lucille S. (Smith), b. 3-1-1899, M/C, d. 2-27-1991, w/o Bradley M.
Patterson, Phyllis, b. 6-15-1921, Ia, d. 6-19-1935, d/o Bradley M. & Lucille (Smith)
Patterson, Samuel S., d. 5-30-1896, 91y
Patterson, Sarah Clyde (Bird), b. 12-9-1863, M/C, d. 11-28-1928, w/o Wm. D.
Patterson, Susan N., d. 10-23-1877, 26y, w/o R. K.
Patterson, William Doran, b. 12-27-1863, Pa, d. 9-4-1952, h/o Sarah C.
Patton, Francis Marion, b. 5-3-1838, Ky, d. 3-25-1908, h/o Mary (Gladdis)
Patton, Hugh G., b. 1861, N.Y, d. 1-2-1932, h/o Maggie (Wolf), Eva (Snyder)
Patton, Lydia (Charles), b. 8-10-1907, Ky, d. 5-7-2001, w/o Ray
Patton, Ray, b. 4-20-1902, d. 8-2-1968, h/o Lydia
Paull, Anna L., d. 1-18-1975, w/o Harvey C.
Paull, Anna T., b. 7-28-1891, d. 12-4-1973
Paull, Harvey Creston, b. 8-16-1914, d. 12-17-2000, h/o Anne L.
Paullin, Edward H., b. 7-1879, Ia, d. 8-8-1969, h/o Nellie F.
Paullin, Esther Matilda (Cline), b. 2-25-1854, Ia, d. 8-9-1934, w/o Wm. H.
Paullin, Evelyn June (Hulin), b. 6-18-1929, Ia, d. 7-19-2001, w/o E. Wayne
Paullin, Frances Ellen, b. 2-4-1911, Ia, d. 3-10-1912, d/o Edward H. & Nellie F.
Paullin, Guyle C., b. 5-19-1900, M/C, d. 11-19-1991, h/o Ruth L
Paullin, Mabel C., b. 10-25-1885, d. 7-24-1974
Paullin, Nellie Frances (Pratt), b. 6-3-1882, Ia, d. 7-24-1939, h/o Edward H.
Paullin, Ruth Lauretta (Johnson), b. 5-31-1902, Ia, d. 11-22-1986, w/o Guyle C.
Paullin, Wendy Wane, b. 6-17-1959, d. 6-17-1959, d/o Edward W. & Evelyn J. (Hulin)
Paullin, William H., b. 6-10-1847, Ia, d. 11-13-1936, h/o Esther M.
Payton, Etta (Thomas), d. 10-26-1877, w/o Frank
Payton, Francis Marion (Frank), b. 5-3-1838, Estel Co. Ky, d. 3-25-1908
Peach, Elsie S., b. 12-30-1872, Ia, d. 2-28-1940, d/o Moston W. & Laura B.
Peach, Ida May, d. 1862
Peach, Laura Belle (Welch), b. 1-20-1850, Md., d. 10-18-1929, w/o Moston W.
Peach, Leander, d. 10-19-1862, 24y, h/o Elizabeth A. (Rhodes), Civil War Vet.
Peach, Moston Wood, b. 2-4-1841, Oh, d. 7-18-1920, h/o Laura B.
Peacock, Etta M. (Acheson), b. 7-29-1882, Ia, d. 11-18-1944, w/o Buren Locke, Ed Peacock
Peacock, Frances Lenore (Martin), b. 1-21-1900, M/C, d. 1-31-1970, w/o Lawrence
Peacock, Hugh, d. 6-13-1970
Peacock, Lawrence, b. 10-21-1893, d. 5-24-1974, h/o Frances L.
Peacock, Sarah Ann, b. 1850, d. 8-18-1943
Peak, Ruth, b. 6-15-1897, d. 12-26-1982
Pearce, Dessie (Koon), d. 6-22-1901, St. Louis, Mo, d/o George
Pearson, Ernest Leroy, b. 2-25-1915, M/C, d. 6-11-2000, h/o Opal L.
Pearson, Etta V. (Lamb), b. 3-13-1887, Va, d. 6-30-1957, w/o Leonard L.
Pearson, Leonard L., b. 4-18-1878, M/C, d. 4-23-1956, h/o Etta V.
Pearson, May Ann Odessa (Holmes), b. 10-4-1857, Ia, d. 5-3-1938, w/o Wm. A.
Pearson, William Allen, b. 2-1855, Ia, d. 1-9-1934, h/o Polly O.
Pease, Infant, abt. 1888, child of F.
Peed, Adella L. (McKay), b. 7-16-1904, Il, d. 8-21-1970, w/o Daniel
Peed, Daniel, b. 9-12-1900, Ks, d. 2-27-1974, h/o Adella L. (McKay)
Peed, Edmond, b. 3-1-1827, In, d. 8-26-1904, h/o Eliza, Hannah (Albertson)
Peed, Eliza (White), b. 4-2-1830, In, d. 2-8-1895, 1st w/o Edmond
Peed, Francis Marion, b. 12-2-1854, In, d. 8-28-1938, h/o Rebecca E.
Peed, George Bernard, b. 12-14-1902, M/C, d. 1-19-1903, s/o Charles T. & Mary F. (Dolson)
Peed, Grace (Prall), b. 7-14-1885, Ia, d. 4-10-1953, w/o Roy M.
Peed, Ira Lee, b. 8-6-1881, M/C, d. 11-17-1977, s/o Francis M. & Rebecca E.
Peed, Mabel Grace, b. 12-19-1887, M/C, d. 12-8-1888, d/o Francis M. & Rebecca Ellen (McGee)
Peed, Rebecca Ellen (McGee), b. 11-1-1856, Ia, d. 2-18-1926, w/o Frank M.
Peed, Roy Miller, b. 1-30-1880, M/C, d. 7-11-1960, h/o Grace.
Penn, Darlene Mabel (Price), b. 11-25-1911, Ia, d. 4-17-1999, w/o Wm. H.
Penn, Don Morris, b. 10-12-1909, d. 5-7-1989
Penn, Edna Allen. (Lorentz), b. 2-26-1916, d. 2-3-1993, w/o Don M.
Penn, J. F., b. 1865, Ia, d. 8-2-1934, h/o Clara (Mills)
Penn, Jimmie Dale, b. 5-19-1946, M/C, d. 7-8-1954, s/o Don M. & Edna A. (Lorentz)
Penn, William H., b. 8-25-1909, d. 10-21-1981, h/o Darlene M.
Penrod, Patricia Lou, b. 1-23-1928, d. 1-22-1978
Peppard, F. A., b. 12-9-1881, M/C, d. 9-9-1883
Percival, Leo C., d. 3-30-1939
Perkins, Alice Augusta, b. 1-27-1862, Ia, d. 4-20-1917, d/o Erastus G. & Rosetta A.
Perkins, Carson Fremont, b. 9-17-1853, Vt, d. 5-2-1899, h/o Mary A.
Perkins, Erastus Gidden, b. 5-20-1822, Vt, d. 8-6-1889, h/o Rosetta A.
Perkins, Infant, d. 8-14-1901, child of Wesley
Perkins, Jessie Mae (Rogan), b. 11-28-1876, Ia, d. 5-24-1947, w/o Matthew M.
Perkins, Mary Ann (McGee), b. 1853, d. 9-20-1926, w/o Carson F.
Perkins, Matthew McGee, b. 8-30-1877, Ia, d. 9-9-1952, h/o Jessie M.
Perkins, Rosa M., d. 10-19-1878
Perkins, Rosetta Angeline (Merrill), b. 11-21-1824, N.H, d. 6-28-1912, w/o Erastus G.
Perkins, Verla L., b. 8-24-1897, M/C, d. 11-22-1898
Perry, James R., b. 7-1886, Il, d. 5-18-1944, h/o Rose P.
Perry, Rose Pauline (Allen), b. 1888, Ia, d. 11-20-1964, w/o James R.
Peters, Cecil Ross, b. 5-13-1878, M/C, d. 7-31-1959, h/o Ory
Peters, Grace E., d. 5-21-1964
Peters, Infant, d. 11-11-1914
Peters, Jessie (Snavely), b. 11-29-1883, M/C, d. 1-9-1930, d/o Joseph L. & Sarah F.
Peters, Joseph Leonard, b. 5-15-1852, Pa, d. 8-3-1915, h/o Sarah F.
Peters, Ory (Hays), d. 8-27-1955, w/o Cecil R., d/o James F. & Phiana M. (Vance)
Peters, Sarah Frances (Snavley), b. 10-29-1851, Ia, d. 6-10-1930, w/o Joseph L.
Peterson, Adolph Carston, b. 1-2-1889, Ia, d. 8-1-1951, s/o Andrew & Anna
Peterson, Albert Benjamin, b. 2-27-1889, Ia, d. 6-16-1969, h/o Gladys C.
Peterson, Andrew, b. 4-30-1857, Ger, d. 5-28-1936, h/o Anna E.
Peterson, Angela Marie, d. 11-2-1962
Peterson, Annabell, d. 12-3-1918
Peterson, Anne Elizabeth (Prehn), d. 2-20-1942, w/o Andrew
Peterson, Carl, b. 8-21-1877, d. 2-26-1965
Peterson, Clarence Edwin, b. 6-9-1895, Ia, d. 3-3-1962, h/o Olga M.
Peterson, Clyde Frederick, b. 8-14-1924, d. 12-7-1986, h/o Helen M.
Peterson, Dora, d. 11-5-1965
Peterson, Edna Marie, b. 10-9-1906, d. 8-18-1988
Peterson, Ella, d. 10-9-1974
Peterson, Fern Elizabeth (Woodley), b. 11-22-1920, Ia, d. 2-23-1998, w/o John A.
Peterson, Gladys Cleota (Newport), b. 8-11-1892, Ia, d. 11-4-1961, w/o Albert B.
Peterson, Hannah (Gunderman), d. 7-27-1921, w/o John F.
Peterson, Helen M. (Braman), b. 3-21-1924, Ia, d. 9-17-2001, w/o Clyde F.
Peterson, John Albert, b. 2-10-1917, M/C, d. 8-27-1990, h/o Fern E.
Peterson, John Frankland, b. 3-15-1867, Ia, d. 12-15-1932, h/o Hannah
Peterson, Laura Florette, b. 6-8-1908, d. 10-22-1986
Peterson, Margaret, d. 4-27-1923
Peterson, Marie (Klingman), d. 2-22-1944, d/o Frank & Ella
Peterson, Olga Marie (Berry), b. 2-1897, M/C, d. no date, w/o Clarence E.
Peterson, Peter B., b. 1856, d. 4-12-1926
Peterson, Peter C., d. 10-1-1923, s/o Andrew & Anna E.
Peterson, William N., d. 11-14-1968
Pettit, Lilliam Irene (Harrison), b. 1-11-1916, M/C, d. no date, w/o Lonnie L.
Pettit, Lonnie Leonard, b. 7-1-1907, d. 11-19-1994, h/o Lillian I.
Phearman, Bernice M. (Cox), b. 11-29-1907, M/C, d. 12-6-1959, w/o Carl
Phearman, Carl J., b. 1-3-1904, Ia, d. 3-16-1992, h/o Bernice M., Hazel M.
Phearman, Hazel Marie (Atkins), b. 11-25-1913, Ia, d. 12-8-2002, w/o Orloff R. Lull, Carl J.
Phelps, Gertrude M. (Duff), b. 5-1873, Ia, d. 3-19-1968, w/o Rees L.
Phelps, Rees L., b. 11-25-1871, Il, d. 10-30-1969, h/o Gertrude M.
Philbrick, David H., d. 3-24-1885, 59y, h/o Drusilla
Philbrick, Drusilla, b. 1823, Il, d. 9-12-1905, w/o David H.
Phillips, Cecil Francis, b. 11-23-1903, M/C, d. 4-15-1986, s/o Thomas C. & Nora E. (Smith)
Phillips, Daniel H., b. 1866, d. 2-28-1922, h/o Ellen
Phillips, Ellen, b. 4-26-1872, Ia, d. 9-1-1958, w/o Daniel H.
Phillips, Gertrude M. (Terrill), b. 2-26-1894, M/C, d. 7-1993, w/o Howard G.
Phillips, Howard G., b. 3-13-1893, d. 7-23-1967, h/o Gertrude M.
Phillips, Melvin, b. 12-14-1927, d. 3-7-1979
Phillips, William N., b. 1874, Co, d. 7-22-1930
Piatt, Andrew Wycoff, b. 2-4-1910, M/C, d. 5-17-1981, s/o John A. & Elizabeth
Piatt, Elizabeth (Speer), b. 2-25-1869, M/C, d. 1-6-1960, w/o John A.
Piatt, John A., b. 5-16-1861, Il, d. 7-25-1939, h/o Elizabeth
Piatt, Lester Lewis, b. 2-16-1899, M/C, d. 9-3-2000, h/o Elsie
Pickel, Marcus, b. 4-27-1838, N. C, d. 2-6-1916, Ks, h/o Martha Jane (Ryner)
Pickering, Esther, d. 10-19-1970
Pickering, Hazel, d. 6-20-1965
Pickering, Raymond C., b. 3-17-1894, d. 8-8-1976
Pickering, Roy, b. 7-24-1911, d. 2-14-1982
Pierce, Malissa Ann (Calfee), b. 2-7-1840, Ky, d. 7-28-1928, w/o Jesse C.
Pierson, William, d. 1-9-1934
Pilmer, George Weed, d. 4-26-1977, 84y
Pilmer, Helen Pearl (Cameron), b. 12-1888, M/C, d. 3-12-1961, w/o George
Pinckney, Joseph Edward, b. 2-28-1938, Ia, d. 2-19-1938, s/o Joseph L. & Linnie M. (Adams)
Pitcock, Amy Amanda (Thrailkill), b. 2-5-1892, M/C, d. 5-22-1971, w/o George
Pitcock, George, b. 7-19-1890, M/C, d. 2-14-1974, h/o Amy A.
Pitzer, Florence Addie, b. 4-10-1856, d. 9-4-1944, d/o John N. & Mary A. (Amoss)
Pitzer, Florence E., d. 1860
Pitzer, John A., b. 1813, d. 5-19-1876, Civil War Vet.
Pitzer, John W., b. 8-20-1859, d. 1-18-1895, h/o Minnie
Pitzer, Kitty, b. 12-2-1865, d. 10-24-1922
Pitzer, Leander, d. 1862, 21y, Battle of Vicksburg, Civil War
Pitzer, Mary Anne (Amoss), b. 1-29-1829, Oh, d. 12-20-1922, w/o John N.
Pitzer, Minnie E. (Trindle), b. 4-3-1861, Ia, d. 10-7-1933, w/o John W.
Pitzer, Walter Z, no dates
Platt, Edward F., d. 11-2-1949, h/o Julia A.
Platt, Julia A., b. 4-10-1886, d. 12-6-1972, w/o Edward F.
Platt, Louis, b. 9-12-1848, In, d. 4-4-1936, h/o Mary
Platt, Louise, d. 6-25-1974
Platt, Mary (Augustine), b. 7-11-1853, Il, d. 4-22-1938, w/o Louis
Platts, Isabella Maria (Shade), b. 8-11-1888, d. 4-17-1974, w/o Wm. P.
Platts, William Perry, b. 11-11-1874, Ga, d. 6-2-1954, h/o Isabella M.
Poe, Naomi (Sue) (Caudle), b. 11-13-1924, M/C, w/o Omar L.
Poffenbarger, Edith, b. 7-14-1887, M/C, d. 7-30-1887, d/o George W. & M. Ida
Poffenbarger, George Washington, b. 6-17-1850, M/C, d. 6-20-1934, h/o M. Ida
Poffenbarger, Male, b. 8-24-1890, M/C, d. 2-6-1893, s/o George W. & M. Ida
Poffenbarger, Mary Ida (Burd), b. 2-19-1857, In, d. 10-23-1926, w/o George W.
Poindexter, Bessie (Dean), b. 1872, d. 2-27-1954, 2nd w/o Charles A.
Poindexter, Charles Allison, b. 6-4-1845, N.C, d. 7-11-1931, h/o Lucinda (Furthoy), Bessie
Poindexter, Doris Kathleen (Sawyer), b. 8-11-1923, M/C, d. 11-15-2000, Ca, w/o Curtis D.
Poindexter, Elizabeth (Armstrong), no dates, d/o G. & S.
Poindexter, Infant, d. 10-8-1923
Poland, Curtis Elwood, b. 10-21-1894, Ia, d. 3-12-1960, h/o Sula M.
Poland, Eleanor (Jackson), b. 7-20-1908, M/C, d. 5-24-1999, w/o James W.
Poland, James Edwin, b. 4-30-1866, Ia, d. 4-12-1919, h/o Margaret M.
Poland, James Willard, b. 2-7-1911, M/C, d. 6-21-1972, h/o Eleanor
Poland, Margaret May (Gibbons), b. 1870, Il, d. 10-12-1954, w/o James E.
Poland, Sula May (Herman), d. 1-11-1969, w/o Curtis E.
Poland, Victor Neal, b. 10-14-1912, Ia, d. 1-20-1913, s/o James E. & Margaret
Polk, Infant, d. 12-4-1899, child of Charles
Polk, Savannah / Sonora, b. 1858, d. 1-26-1923
Ponxs, Carl A., d. 7-30-1923
Pooler, Infant, d. 1882, d/o W. E. & R. J.
Pooler, Susan Harriet (Hobson), b. 4-29-1858, In, d. 8-3-1935, w/o Addison Harrell, Wm. E. Pooler, Mr. Johnston, Albert Bolin
Pooler, William E., d. 2-3-1924
Porter, Emily, d. 5-24-1926
Porter, Jesse James, d. 7-22-1975
Porter, John W., d. 7-6-1962
Porter, Lee Andrew, d. 1-18-1986, 91y
Porter, Leona, b. 1-5-1900, d. 5-5-1985
Porter, Leota, d. 1-18-1908
Porter, Mary L., b. 1845, d. 4-21-1926, w/o W. W.
Porter, Mattie, d. 1-11-1897
Porter, W. W., b. 1842, d. 11-10-1925, h/o Mary L.
Post, John Delbert, b. 9-15-1922, d. 1-20-1990
Post, Margaret E., d. 7-10-1973
Post, William J., d. 6-19-1962
Potter, George Arthur, b. 9-3-1866, M/C, d. 3-27-1928, h/o Hattie
Potter, Hattie M. (Gowin), b. 3-27-1865, In, d. 6-16-1930, w/o George A.
Potter, Roy Albert, b. 2-15-1886, M/C, d. 10-4-1928, s/o George A. & Hattie
Pottorff, Earl, b. 9-11-1916, d. 8-10-1979
Powell, Arta Arminta (Hillis), b. 10-1898, Ia, d. 10-7-1985, w/o Lester V.
Powell, Earl Dwayne, d. 7-23-1960, h/o Daisy Alice (Berry)
Powell, Irma Rebecca (Dale), b. 10-31-1916, Mo, d. 11-13-2000, d/o Forest A. & Roxie C. (Beach)
Powell, Lester V., b. 7-26-1883, Ia, d. 3-23-1944, h/o Arta A.
Powell, Lynda Rebecca d. 6-17-1952, 2y, d/o Lyle
Powell, Nellie Darlene, b. 11-22-1938, Ia, d. 6-3-1939, d/o Earl D. & Daisy A.
Powers, Everett, b. 1897, d. 5-27-1918, Baccarat, Fr. WWI, s/o G. A.
Powers, Lawrence V., d. 4-12-1950, h/o Zella N.
Powers, Phillip F., d. 6-30-1970
Powers, Robert Lawrence, b. 4-11-1925, d. 1-3-1990
Powers, Zella N. (King), b. 9-29-1888, d. 3-5-1966
Pratt, Bertha Edith, d. 9-30-1903
Pratt, Cynthia, d. 6-13-1934
Pratt, Edna Pearl, b. 6-29-1899, Ia, d. 1-3-1915, d/o Edward & Cora
Pratt, Edward H., b. 3-10-1863, Wi, d. 3-24-1917, h/o Cora Eva (Butler)
Pratt, George, b. 1826, Ma, d. 1-19-1908, h/o Rebecca (Lockhart)
Pratt, Harry Francis, b. 11-7-1908 d. 9-5-1990
Pratt, Morris W., b. 3-10-1905, Ia, d. 9-20-1907, s/oWm. & Cynthia (Reed)
Pratt, Opal Frances, b. 10-26-1911, d. 3-11-1979
Pratt, Orville G., b. 6-18-1907, M/C, d. 11-17-1976, s/o Edward H. & Cora M.
Pratt, William, d. 5-30-1951
Preston, Charles, d. 4-13-1966
Preston, David William, b. 7-4-1845, Oh, d. 5-31-1930, h/o Mary A., Esther A., Civil War Vet.
Preston, Ernest, d. 10-17-1951, h/o Kathryn, s/o David W. & Mary A.
Preston, Esther A. (Turcott), b. 6-2-1854, Wi, d. 11-21-1941, w/o John N., David W.
Preston, Kathryn (Davis), b. 5-8-1889, Ia, d. 5-6-1978, w/o Ernest
Preston, Mary Alice (Hall), b. 1-7-1862, Oh, d. 1-9-1912, 1st w/o David W.
Preston, Roy, b. 8-14-1884, Il, d. 10-19-1960, h/o Sarah L., Arvilla
Preston, Sarah Lelia (Eskew), b. 1-1885, Ia, d. 9-27-1934, w/oWalter Breeding, Roy
Price, Barbara (Ruby), b. 1-29-1838, Oh, d. 10-23-1905, Co, w/o Caleb
Price, Caleb, b. 5-24-1836, Oh, d. 12-19-1907, h/o Barbara
Price, Clifton Ruby, b. 8-8-1876, d. 10-7-1953, s/o Caleb & Barbara
Price, Edna Alice (Johnson), b. 1874, d. 8-31-1931, w/o Lemont V.
Price, Lemont Vernon, b. 2-8-1871, M/C, d. 8-24-1932, h/o Edna A.
Price, Loyd Albert, d. 9-8-1905, s/o Lamont V. & Edna A.
Price, Mrs., d. 7-30-1928
Price, Ray M., b. 1872, Ia, d. 2-23-1903
Priddy, Carol E. (Hoyt), b. 10-10-1913, Ia, d. 11-4-1940, w/o Oliver
Prine, Mary Elizabeth, b. 3-2-1986, d. 3-3-1986
Pritchard, Charles Ellis, b. 7-16-1922, Ia, d. 9-13-1938, s/o Elias
Pritchard, Esther A., d. 8-13-1965
Proctor, George Milton Dallas (Dr.), b. 1845, Oh, d. 6-25-1928, h/o Nancy A. (Alexander), Mary A. (Smith), Sarah S.
Proctor, Sarah S. (Killam-Smith), b. 1842, d. 3-26-1932, 4th w/o George M. D.
Pruitt, Margaret, d. 2-7-1922
Pullman, Alvin, d. 11-12-1988
Pullman, Donna, b. 12-1-1926, d. 10-21-1968
Pullman, Emerald Alvin, b. 3-9-1883, Tn, d. 1-9-1962, h/o Lena L.
Pullman, Lena L. (Senn), b. 1904, d. 6-26-1976, w/o Emerald A.
Purcel, Bessie, d. 1877
Purcel, Willie, d. 1866
Purcell, Benjamin, b. 1832, d. 11-4-1897, w/o Mattie
Purcell, Charles, d. 12-5-1900, h/o Dicy
Purcell, Dicy (Hamilton), d. 12-8-1904, w/o Charles
Purcell, James Albert, b. 2-6-1901, Ia, d. 6-25-1911, s/o Charles & Dicy
Purcell, Mary Joan, b. 7-8-1940, Ia, d. 4-5-1941, d/o Henry L. & Pauline M. (Minaer)
Purcell, Matty (Bishop), b. 7-19-1833, In, d. 6-29-1913, d/o Benjamin
Purcell, Robert, d. 2-29-1921
Purcell, Robert, d. 8-27-1909
Purcell, Shirley Mae, b. 1937, Ia, d. 10-31-1937, d/o Joseph
Purcsell, Homer, b. 3-8-1910, Ia, d. 5-14-1910, s/o Lee & Jennie
Purscell, Infant, d. 2-25-1924
Purscell, Infant, d. no dates, child of Matt
Purscell, James M., b. 11-29-1879, Ia, d. 3-16-1952, h/o Hattie M.
Purscell, James M., b. 9-3-1906, Ia, d. 6-24-1918, s/o Leroy J. & Jennie
Purscell, James Madison, b. 3-21-1855, Ia, d. 9-12-1936
Purscell, Jennie (White), b. 1880, Ia, d. 3-6-1922, w/o Leroy J.
Purscell, Joseph E., b. 9-30-1911, d. 8-21-1986
Purscell, Leroy J., b. 3-18-1882, Ia, d. 5-13-1948, h/o Jennie
Purscell, Sarah Ellen (Barlien), b. 5-19-1851, Oh, d. 2-12-1907, w/o James M.
Purscell, Wilbur, b. 11-1884, Ia, d. 10-10-1963, s/o James M. & Sarah E.
Pursell, Albert, d. 12-22-1911
Pursell, Ann, d. 2-26-1886, 81y, w/o Basil
Pursell, Basil, d. 9-23-1879, 83y, h/o Ann, Civil War Vet.
Pursell, Infant, b. 10-4-1884, M/C, d. 10-4-1884
Putnam, George W., b. 11-18-1853, Ia, d. 10-14-1918, h/o Helen M.
Putnam, Helen M. (King), b. 5-26-1853, N.H, d. 6-12-1919, w/o George W.
Pyers, Charles, b. 1869, d. 2-20-1937
Pyers, Edith May (McCleary), b. 11-1879, M/C, d. 6-4-1967, w/o James H.
Pyers, James H., b. 1-19-1872, M/C, d. 10-14-1954, h/o Edith M., s/o Wm. & Elizabeth (Lee)
Quackenbush, Infant Boy, d. 6-8-1969
Queen, Susan Isabelle (Ross), b. 8-29-1852, Oh, d. 5-17-1936, w/o William H.
Quiring, Annie (Ratzloff), b. 11-24-1917, Mn, d. 2-11-2001, w/o Peter C.


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