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North Branch Cemetery
Madison County, Iowa

Lat: 41° 29' 20"N, Lon: 94° 04' 48"W

Contributed by Judy Wight Branson, Nov 19, 2000, last edited Oct 17, 2009 [jlwight@northlink.com].
Total records = 147.

Cemetery located in Madison Township, Section 4, Madison County, Iowa, Ivy Avenue - 1/2 mile north of 115th Street

** Death records state that Millie Barnett's age at death was 38y 8m 19d.

Credits: This cemetery was originally walked and recorded by Joseph Brittian in 1971 and by Lewis E. Morris in 1977. Research and Comparisons from: Two burial indexes, marriage and death records for Madison County and the Social Security records for verification where possible, in order to make this list as accurate as possible.
- Judy Wight Branson

??, Sarah Jane, d/o ??, no dates, unreadable
Adams, James, d. 2-14-1877, 67y 6 m 2 d
Adams, Mary, d. 1-24-1883, 83y 5m 8d
Anderson, C. A., b. 1-5-1847, d. 6-6-1869 / 11-6-1869
Anker, Samuel S., b. 1863, d. 1950, h/o Sarah M.
Anker, Sarah M., b. 1863, d. 1940, w/o Samuel S.
Barnett, Alva E., d. 1883, 1m 21d, d/o L. & L.
Barnett, B;a-me (sp?), d/o H. & L., no dates
Barnett, Elmer M., d. 1-29-1886, 13y 10d, s/o D. & S.
Barnett, Freddie S., d. 9-18-1886, 10y 4m, s/o W. A. & M. A.
Barnett, Henry, no dates
Barnett, Infant, s/o E. & S., no dates
Barnett, Julia Ann, d. 1-15-1871, 59y 9m 11d, w/o William
Barnett, Laura A., d/o D. & S., no dates
Barnett, Millie, d. 9-2-1881, 10y 7m 19d, d/o William & Julia Ann **
Barnett, William E., d. 8-16-1874, 70y 5m 6d, h/o Julia Ann
Barnett, William, d. 8-9-1887, s/o L. & L.
Beesley, Nathan L, s/o W. & M. J., no dates
Beezley, Olive, d. 5-7-1871, 14y 1m 8d, d/o J. & C.
Beezley, William, b. 12-12-1840, d. 10-20-1892, h/o M. J.
Brewster, Lucie J., no dates, w/o L. B., m/o Elbert L. & Wm. E.
Brown, Bradley B., b. 1839, d. 1881, h/o Margaret A. (m) 3-17-1861 Madison Co.
Brown, Lenna, d. 4-21-1879, 4y 1m 16d, d/o Bradley & Margaret
Brown, Margaret A. (Whitnack), b. 1841, d.1876, w/o Bradley
Campbell, Clara B., d. 12-10-1871, 4y 11m, d/o A. C. & J. E.
Campbell, Josephine, d. 3-19-1876, 23y 11m 14d, w/o H.G.
Chessman, John L., d. 5-30-1892, 59y 10m 23d, h/o Sarah A.
Chessman, Sarah A., d. 9-3-1893, 51y 5m 28d, w/o John L.
Compton, Anne E. (Monroe), b. 9-3-1826, d. 3-7-1911 / 1914, w/o Martin, m/o Farrie B. (m), Clara Sandhran, 4-14-1881 & Milton M. (m) Mary A. Croft 7-22-1882, both in Madison Co.
Compton, Eleanor, d. 3 / 9-12-1873, 19y 7m 22d, w/o Isreal
Compton, Mandry E., b. 1870, d.1950
Compton, Martin, b. 9-25-1828, d. 10-8-1903, Civil War Vet.
Conyers, Charlie, s/o A. F. & R. M., no dates
Conyers, Mary D., d. 3-19-1884, 1y 1m 2d, d/o A. F. & M. E.
Cope, Harry, d. 12-19-1873, 58y 7m
Cope, Mary, no dates
Coppock, Herman, b. 1875, d.1877, s/o E. C. & M. W.
Cusher, Ada B., d. 7-27-1873, 5y, d/o M. & D.
Daugherty, William (Bill), b. 1835, d. 1900
Dobbins, William Edgar, d. 10-19-1868, s/o N. E.
Ellis, Mary, d. 4-28-1863/65, 20y/30y 3m 12d, w/o W. M.
Foster, Lucinda L. Coleman, b. 1804, d.1873, w/o Abraham, d/o Jacob M.
Friend, Mary Jo (Jacobson), b. 12-23-1937, d. 11-1974, d/o Henry Lee & Emma A. (Matthews)
Garrett, Henery, b. 1-13-1838, d. 9-17-1872
Griffin, Cyrus, d. 12-15-1867
Griffin, James Henry, d. 6-21-1870, 19y 2m 4d, s/o C. & E.A.
Harber, Howard A., d. 4-19-1940, Iowa PFC 19th Inf. Div.
Hastings, Eddie, s/o W. P. & L., no dates
Hockett, Alvin, d. 8-11-1871, 18y 10m 4d, s/o S. M. & M.
Hockett, Ann S., b. 10-27-1828, d. 6-10-1916
Hockett, Betsy, d/o John & Matilda, no dates
Hockett, Charles F., d. 2-6-188?, s/o S. D. & R. A.
Hockett, Joel, d. 4-20-1894, 66y 8d, w/o ? Courier
Hockett, Mathilda D., d. 3-19-1869, 16y 6m 19d, d/o J. & A.
Hockett, Matilda, d. 10-9-1874, 65y, w/o John
Hockett, Rebecca, d. 2-13-1887, 74y 2m 27d, w/o John
Hockett, Stephen, no dates
Hollett, Michael, no dates
Jacobson, Arthur C., b. 10-3-1887, d. 6-29-1975
Jacobson, Charles T., b. 9-22-1904, d. 10-31-1974
Jacobson, E. G. (Butch), b. 1898, d. 1965
Jacobson, Emma J., b. 8-22-1910, d. 4-1976
Jacobson, John Harry, b. 6-29-1896, d. 6-7-1948, Veteran U.S. Navy
Jacobson, Leander, b. 12-18-1853, d. 1-19-1972
Jacobson, Olga (McGarrigle), b. 1890, d. 1947
Jacobson, Sophia, b. 1863, d. 1944
Jacobson, Suzie E., b. 7-18-1900, d. 12-10-1926
Jocobson, Henry J., b. 1892, d. 1940
Johnson, Eli, no dates
Johnson, G., no dates
Jones, Alice, no dates
Jones, John, no dates
Kenworthy, Ada, d. 1-15-1881, 19y 28d, d/o J. & Mary
Kenworthy, Allen, b. 1871, d. 01-12-1932, h/o Verda J.
Kenworthy, Jesse, d. 3-13-1888, 54 y 11m 10d, f/o Allen
Kenworthy, Mary W. (Spray), d. 3-25-1876, 36y 1m 11d, d/o J. E. & M.
Kenworthy, Verda J., b. 1871, d. 1961, w/o Allen
Knowlton, Otis A., s/o J. M. & Ellen, no dates
Lee, Ruth (Nelson), b. 10-28-1850, d. 9-1888, w/o John
Lewis, Amelia V., no dates
Ludington, William Curtis, b. 12-12-1900, d. 1900, s/o Simeon A. & Hattie S. (Barnett)
Maxwell, Albert E. Leander, no dates
Maxwell, John, no dates
McCown (sp?), Lottie L., d/o A. & F. E., no dates
Meek, Sidney, w/o Alfred, no dates
Mills, Ann (Wroe), b. 1846, d. 1929, w/o David
Mills, David, b. 10-18-1824, d. 7-4-1916, h/o Mary A.
Mills, Hiram, h/o Martha, no dates
Mills, Martha, w/o Hiram, no dates
Mills, Mary A., b. 8-12-1838, d. 8-20-1888, w/o Donald
Mills, Melvin B., b. 8-12-1852, d. 1-9-1880, s/o David & Mary A.
Morgan, Jehu M., s/o J. & R.C., no dates
Nimans, May B., d/o H. & L., no dates
Olaydan, Sarah (Rife), d. 5-31-1873, 25y, d/o W. D. & M. J.
Orahood, Priscilla, d. 12-31-1860, 63y 6m 27d, w/o J. O.
Paullin, Infant, s/o L. E. & E. B., no dates
Peacock, Elwood, b. 1823, d. 1897
Peacock, Naomi, b. 1827, d. 1901
Peacock, Rosa, b. 1873, d. 1903
Prohaska, Agnes, b. 12-15-1871, d. 9-4-1903, d/o Paul & Antonia
Prohaska, Albert, d. 7-3-1889, 9y 11m 1d, s/o Paul & Antonia
Prohaska, Antonia, b. 12-25-1835, d. 8-10-1910, w/o Paul
Prohaska, August, d. 2-19-1891, 13y 7m 27d, s/o Paul & Antonia
Prohaska, Katherine, b. 3-30-1883, d. 5-16-1906, d/o Paul & Antonia
Prohaska, Paul, b. 6-19-1830, d. 11-26-1904, h/o Antonia
Scarborough, Frank, d. 9-22-1873, 11y 5m 28d, s/o F. J. & M. J.
Shatava, Joseph M., no dates
Shatava, Lewis V., no dates
Smith, Sidney P., d. 1-12-1895, 79y 10m 13d
Solomon, James B., no dates
Spencer, Mary E, b. 7-31-1884, d. 12-28-1884, d/o A. & E. A.
Stanley, Ernest, s/o George & Rebecca no dates
Stanley, Francis, d. 3-8-1870, 7y 8m 2d, s/o J. H. & L. A.
Stanley, Isabella, d/o J. & S. W., no dates
Stanley, Seth W., b. 1-17-1873, d. 6-14-1886
Stubbs, William, d. 6-11-1888, 28y 9m 15d
Taylor, Arthur, no dates, unmarked
Taylor, Children of Henry & Hanna (Rollinson), no dates, unmarked
Taylor, Leroy, no dates, unmarked
Taylor, Rose, no dates, unmarked
Thomas, Charles, b. 10-15-1810, d. 10-22-1886, h/o Isabel
Thomas, Isabel, b. 4-3-1823, d. 1-7-1897, w/o Charles
Thomas, Mary (Thomkins), d. 1-11----, 20y, w/o Mark, d/o Jacob & Rachel
Thomas, Sidney, b. 11-23-1883, d. 3-19-1887
Thompson, Mary E., d/o W. B. & B. A., no dates
Thompson, Robert Bruce, d. 1-1876, 3y 6m 16d, s/o J. B. & Margie
Thornton, Albert, d. 10-26-1873, 16y 6m 3d, s/o J. & L.
Usher, Ida B., d/o M. D. & C., no dates
Whitenack, Robert, no dates
Whitenack, Willie J., s/o B. A. & S., no dates
Williams, Jesse, d. 1-30-1869, h/o Alvina Brown (m) 5-3-1858 Madison Co.
Wilson, Edna M., b. 1855, d. 1934
Wilson, Edwin, d. 3-7-1879, s/o A. & E. J.
Wilson, Elijah, d. 3-2-1884, s/o S. & H. R.
Wilson, Jane, d/o S. & M., no dates
Wilson, John, b. 1801, d. 1881, h/o Lydia
Wilson, Lydia, b. 1799, d. 1878, w/o John
Wilson, Lydia, d/o G. & R. S., no dates
Wilson, Sarah, d. 3-7-1889, 26y 5m 1d, d/o Sam & Mary
Wilson, Willie, d. 3-6-1869, s/o S. & H. R.
Wiseman, Joseph, d. 9-16-1869, 1y 11m 8d
Wolverton, Minnie A., d. 12-21-1885,17y 3m 10d, w/o E.
Wolverton, William H., d. 5-30-1889, 16y 11m 11d
Wroe, Alamida, b. 1832, d. 4-5-1912, w/o Richard M.
Wroe, Richard M., b. 5-10-1821, d. 2-13-1893, h/o Sarah E.
Wroe, Sarah E., b. 5-10-1832, d. 4-3-1872, w/o Richard M.
Wroe, William H., d. 5-30-1880, 46y

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