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Brush Ridge Cemetery
Crawford Township, Madison County, Iowa

Lat: 41° 20' 11"N, Lon: 93° 49' 44"W
Crawford Township, Sec 34 SE 1/4

Submitted by Judy Wight Branson, Feb 12, 1999, last updated Dec 23, 2004 [jlwight@northlink.com]. Total records = 32.

To reach this cemetery from Winterset, take Hwy 71 South, towards St. Charles, turn left on St. Charles Road, go to Settlers Road, turn left, go to 220th St., turn right, go to 3203 220th St.

Brush Ridge Cemetery is located slightly northeast of the present buildings of Robert Kaldenberg. It is directly north of the Blair Chapel Cemetery about 1-1/2 miles. It is located on a narrow knoll running in an east to north direction at the end of a finger that slopes sharply on three sides. The bottom ground is 500 to 600 feet away and about 1/2 mile south of the present course of Middle River.

In size, this cemetery is about 60 feet by 100 feet. It is currently fenced with woven wire and is in good condition. There are young white oak trees outside and around the cemetery, with one larger white oak tree inside about one-third of the way down from the southwest entrance gate. The undergrowth has been kept down.

This cemetery has also been known as Old Brush Ridge Cemetery and some people have said that there has been a small church or chapel just north of this cemetery at one time.

Brush Ridge Cemetery was about 2/3 full at one time. A number of graves have been moved over the years. The bulk of the graves are in the north half of the cemetery with two markers now in the south part by the gate. The last recorded burial was on Dec 28, 1878.

I have done research and comparisons from two burial indexes, birth, marriage and death records for Madison County, Social Security records for verification where possible and with a previous transcription done by Lewis E. Morris in 1976, to make this list as accurate as possible.

I have walked this cemetery and compared with all the above mentioned resources. This transcription is as complete as I was able to make it.

- Judy Wight Branson

??, ??, d. 6-4-1868, 10''x18''x 2'', no other information on stone
Bell, Ernest, d. 8-16-1871, 1y 4m 14d
Bell, Hannah, d. 9-22-1853, 9m 22d
Bell, Miles B., d. 12-8-1868, 18y 7m 21d
Burchead, John G., b. 5-12-1826, d. 10-21-1869
Cason, Amelia, d. 12-28-1878, 76y
Cason, David I., d. 8-26-1863,
Cason, Infant, d. 9-5-1861, 1y 7m 5d
Cason, J. M., d. 11-6-1894, 26y
Cason, John J., b. 1825, d. 1863, Civil War
Cason, John R. D., d. 2-2-1869, 8m 22d
Cason, John T., d. 1857 ?, ?y 10m 17d (can't read)
Cason, Thomas, d. 1853, 62y 10m 27d
Crosley, Lettia R., d. 2-2-1869, 7m 8d
Gason, John R. D., d. 4-30-1863, 8m 22d
Jones, Elvira, d. 5-12-1861, 17y 11m 1d
Jones, Jemima J., d. 7-24-1893, 37y
Jones, Mary A., d. 1-22-1863, 32y 8m 25d
Jones, Pearl, b. 4-1-1893, d. 4-10-1893, 9d
Jones, Susannah M., no dates
Moser, Peter E., d. 9-5-1860, 9y 5m 11d
Scott, Rachel E., d. 3-3-1868, 11y 7m 12d
Simon, Infant, d. 12-21-1906
Smith, Alice J., d. 8-18-1869
Smith, John W., d. 10-1-1857, 9m 8d
Smith, Margaret, d. 6-9-1855, 1y 21d
Smith, Melinda G., d. 5-9-1855, 3y 4m
Smith, Pemela, d. 1-19-1853, 20y 2m 19d
Smith, Permilia A., d. 2-11-1850, 11m,
Smith, William J., d. 4-9-1853, 3y 19d
Smith, William, d. 2-20-1858, 55y 1m 7d
Worley, Sophrona, d. 6-16-1852, 6y 8m 5d

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