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Beardsley-Beem Cemetery
Madison County, Iowa

Scott Twp, Sec 29
2408 265th Street
1/2 mile south, in pasture

Lat: 41°15'45"N, Lon: 93°58'29"W

Submitted by Judy Wight Branson, Aug 11, 2001, updated Aug 28, 2003 [jlwight@northlink.com].  Total records = 97.

This cemetery was originally walked and recorded by Irwin & Zella Edwards and Lewis E. Morris in 1975.

This information was taken from two cemetery indexes, birth, marriage, and death records for Madison County, Iowa.

Allen, Daniel W., d. 7-7-1881, 6y 10m 11d, w/o J. M. & M. A.
Allen, Johnnie F., d. 7-12-1881, 9y 17d, s/o J. M. & M. A.
Baker, Effa, d. 10-27-1868, 6m 26d, d/o D. & F.
Beardsley, Alamea, b. 8-23-1872, d. 9-4-1873, d/o Noel M. & M. Jane (White)
Beardsley, Dick Tracy, no dates
Beem, Amanda C. (Heacock), b. 1833. d. 8-6-1868, 35y 14d, w/o William J.
Beem, Esther, d. 2-7-1857, 1m 6d, d/o W. L. & A. I.
Beem, William J., b. 1836, d. 10-11-1884, 59y 6m 23d, h/o Amanda C, f/o Harrison Durham; Marion L.; Millie L. (Rhyno); Mary Louetta (Ray); Levy Adeline; Ida Ann (Imes); Ulysses S. G.; Amanda C. (Jones)
Beem, William P.H., d. 7-26-1856, 8m 2d, s/o M. W. & L.
Bevin, Grace B., b. 3-13-1892, d. 12-22-1892, d/o B. & A.
Bishop, Bertha, d. 1-7-1858, 18y, d/o D. & V.
Bishop, David, d. 10-28-1865, 52y 2m 28d
Bishop, Henrietta, d. 10-23-1858, 1y 7m 20d, d/o D. & V.
Bishop, Mitchell, d. 8-23-1853, 1y 7m 26d, s/o D. & V.
Black, Editha, b. N. C., d. 4-9-1898, 77y 1m 20d
Black, Infant, d. 2-7-1871, s/o M. G. & C. B.
Black, James S. F., d. 2-13-1871, 49y 8m 16d
Black, M., no dates
Bowden, Julia May, b. 4-1-1872, Madison Co., d. 11-5-1894, d/o W. A. & Rachel
Bowden, Rachel M., d. 2-4-1881, 26y 3m, w/o W. A.
Brownell, Minnie L. (Burns), b. 1-12-1868, Il., d. 11-9-1898, w/o Frank Alva,d/o John & Mary Eliza (Haggard)
Burns, John, b. 4-8-1835, Sheffield, Eng., d. 2-24-1891, h/o Mary E., f/oGeorge F.; Wm. Oscar; Mira L.; John Edw.; Minnie L.; Frank M.
Burns, Mary Eliza (Haggard), b. 2-1836, Il., d. 10-16-1913, w/o John
Clark, Charles David, b. 10-31-1845, d. 6-14-1886, unmarked grave
Clark, Dora May, b. 1880, d. 1881, d/o Charles D., unmarked grave
Clark, Hannah Ann, b. 3-26-1886, d. 3-27-1881, d/o Charles D., unmarked grave
Compton, Elizabeth, d. 8-15-1873, 62y 2m 8d, w/o A.
Dryden, Mary J., d. 5-2-1874, 28y 2m 7d, w/o J. A.
Emanuel, Pearly M., d. 4-29-1890, 2y 9m 9d, d/o A. L. & L. E.
Foresman, Rebecca (Oaks), b. 1805, d. 6-25-1865, w/o Samuel
Foresman, Samuel A., d. 11-5-1866, 28y 5m 15d, s/o Samuel & Rebecca
Gabbert, Henry R., d. 9-11-1869, 2y 6m 21d, s/o R. R. & R. A.
Gregory, Joseph, b. 4-12-1867, d. 8-16-1867, s/o John W. & Deborah Ann Jane (Quinn)
Hann, Bertha, d. 9-3-1891, 20d
Hann, Elizabeth, d. 3-28-1863, 78y
Hann, Lewis M., d. 1-2-1896, 5y 5m 26d
Hann, Walker M., d. 2-8-1890, 1y 7m 16d
Harper, Joseph A., b. 5-4-1859, Ia., d. 8-22-1915, h/o Mary E., (m) 9-3-1889, s/o Wheatley & Mary (Bauer) *
Harper, Froeste?, d. 1-16-1896, 3y 5m 7d, s/o Joseph A. & Mary E.
Harper, Mary E., b. 3-15-1862, Jasper Co. Ia., d. 10-23-1895, w/o Jos. A.,d/o Hiram & Phoebe
Harrell, Chester D., b. 2-17-1834, d. 10-15-1878, h/o Lucretia L., (m) 11-15-1857, Madison Co., f/o Mary Della (Thrift); Freddie; Wm. Lewis; Lydia O. (Kline); Emily M. (Cox); Florence I. (VanBuskirk)
Harrell, Edmond Walker, b. 6-13-1828, Jackson Co. In., d. 10-26-1914, h/o Mary M., s/o Wm. & Mary B. (Peck), f/o Elvira (Holmes); Addison M.; Eva; Edgar *
Harrell, Eramus, d. 6-15-1878, 3y 1m 3d
Harrell, Eva, b. 8-22-1868, d. 4-27-1864
Harrell, Freddie, d. 8-25-1880, 6y 5m 23d, s/o Chester D. & Lucretia L.
Harrell, G. N., no dates
Harrell, George W., b. 10-19-1891, d. 12-12-1907, s/o L. W. & Maria E. (Buskirk) *
Harrell, I. N., no dates
Harrell, Inez, b. 1883, d. 1905
Harrell, John F. C. Sr., b. 2-17-1838, d. 9-3-1901, h/o Nancy, f/o Candice; Daisy Evaline (Stuart); Mary C. (McCowin); Joseph S.; John F.
Harrell, Joseph S., b. 1840, In., d. 3-8-1898, Civil War Vet. Co I, 24th Ind. Inf.
Harrell, Labra?E., d. 5-26-1864, 11m 21d, d/o E. L. & S. M.
Harrell, Lewis William, b. 1832, Jackson Co. In., d. 5-10-1911, s/o Wm. & Mary B. (Peck)
Harrell, Lucretia L. (Daniels), b. 6-16-1938, d. 7-28-1902, w/o Chester D.
Harrell, Lucretia, stone broken, unreadable, d/o Lewis W. & Margaret E.
Harrell, Mary B. (Peck), d. 5-30-1874, 71y 8m 9d, w/o William
Harrell, Mary Margaret (Johnson), b. 12-21-1840, d. 3-17-1904, w/o Edmond W.
Harrell, Minnie, b. 1849, d. 1899
Harrell, Nancy (Bottoms), b. 1840, d. 4-25-1906, w/o John F. C.
Harrell, Nellie, b. 3-22-1898, d. 5-25-1898, d/o Edgar & J. E.
Harrell, Wilbur O., d. 10-26-1861, 2y 6m 19d, s/o E. L. & S. M.
Harrell, William, d. 7-19-1871, 70y 10m 19d, h/o Mary B.
Harris, Elizabeth, d. 2-17-1858, d/o S. & Margaret
Harris, Enoch, d. 2-7-1871, 41y, h/o Mary J.
Harris, Margaret, b. 7-4-1794, N. C., d. 1-12-1885, w/o S.
Hartsook, Mira L. (Burns), b. 2-24-1861, Il., d. 1-31-1885, w/o Andrew Wm., d/o John & Mary Eliza (Haggard)
Hecock, Americas A., d. 7-15-1867, 11y 2m 28d, s/o W. P. & E.
Hole, John M., no dates, Civil War Vet., Co D 41st Cav.
Jessup, Mary B., d. 12-19-1890, 1y 7m 9d, d/o Charles L. & Oria L.
Johnson, Almira, d. 2-15-1861, 1y 5m
Jones, Charles V., d. 4-7-1869, 2y 7d, s/o W. N. & S. P.
Lake, Chauncy, b. Madison Co., d. 12-29-1880, 1y 1m *
Lake, Susan, d. 10-31-1873, 52y 10m 6d, 1st w/o Ashford, (m) 1838, Licking Co. Oh.
Lorimor, Mary Matilda (Schoenenberger), b. 1-4-1855, Hocking Co. Oh., d. 2-28-1895, w/o Wm, (m) 11-28-1883, Madison Co., m/o Minnie, d/o Nicholas & Mary Louisa (Thimmes)
Lorimor, Theodore L., b. 1-5-1865, Madison Co., d. 10-30-1887, s/o James Sayrs & Mary Jane (Harvey) *
Morgan, Eliza, d. 11-10-1875, 65y 11m 9d, w/o A. D.
Morton, Clarence, d. 7-20-1892, 21y 11m 27d, s/o Hiram H. & P.
Morton, Hiram H., d. 8-16-1882, 18y 8m 8d, s/o Hiram H. & P.
Morton, John E., d. 8-6-1873, 4y 11m 31d, s/o Hiram H. & P.
Oaks, Jane, d. 3-28-1880, 67y
Orr, James, b. 1811, d. 8-17-1898, 87y 9m 6d, h/o Martha
Orr, Martha (Thompson), b. Oh., d. 5-26-1887, 79y 9m 13d, w/o James
Owen, Albert L., d. 8-9-1873, 6m 14d, s/o James W. & Mary E.
Owen, Benjamin McCarty, b. 2-21-1792/1895, d. 6-28-1857
Owen, James W., b. 1847, d. 1878, h/o Mary E. , f/o Albert L.
Owen, Mary E. (Elwell), b. 1850, d. 1927, w/o James W.
Reader, Leonard, d. 3-22-1858, 66y 2m 12d
Robinson, James T, d. 3-31-1861, 17y 1m 6d, s/o M. & P.
Robinson, Priscilla, d. 10-8-1859, 12y 2m 12d d/o M.
Rollstin, Clifford, d. 8-12-1895, 1m 9d, s/o S. A. & M.
Seeman, Minnie, b. Ia., d. 1-8-1899, 29y 8m 10d *
Stuart, Lillian E., d. 10-15-1904, d/o E. E. & D. E.
Stuart, Ruby A., d. 7-4-1906, 5d, d/o E. E. & D. E.
Welch, Bertie S., d. 5-28-1883, 1y 22d, s/o Samson H. & Susan Eliz. (Hann)
Wilkinson, Frank W., d. 1-24-1877, 2y 9m 6d, s/o W. S. & Mary
Wilkinson, Mary (Harris), d. 1-11-1882, 36y 9m 8d, w/o W. S.
Wilson, Madgie M., d. 1-11-1880, 2m, d/o J. E. & D. L.

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