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U.S. Naval Cemetery
Agatna, Guam

us naval cemetery guam

GPS: 13.477443, 144.757666

Marine Corps Dr.
Hagåtña, 96910, Guam

Published: November 9, 2019
Total records: 237

U.S. Naval Hospital Cemetery is owned by the Government of Guam, and administered by the Guam Office of Veterans Affairs.

Cemetery History

The U.S. Naval Cemetery was established by the first American Administration on Guam following the transfer of the island to the United States by the Treaty of Paris, ratified in 1899.

There are 243 interments that can be recognized. The majority of the grave markers are concrete, but there are a few that are either marble or bronze. Most of the markers are vertical while some are flush with the ground. The first interment was in 1902 and the last was in 1954.

The cemetery was developed on former beach deposits situated just inland from the active beach. This has become a common practice on Guam as the sands afford easier digging than upland sites. However, their situation makes these locations more vulnerable to storms. Storm waves associated with typhoons have periodically inundated the U.S. Naval Cemetery depositing fresh sand over the graves. In places, the cemetery ground surface is now several inches higher than when it was first created, and it is possible that some flush markers remain hidden by these deposits.

The graves are laid out in a grid with twenty rows extending east to west with varying numbers of headstones in each row. A map of the cemetery found in archive labels the easternmost row as Row A, and inexplicably, Row Pis followed by Row P1 and Row Q is followed by Row Q1. Otherwise the labels follow the alphabet. The flagpole and anchor are in line and located between and parallel with rows D and E. The inscriptions on the headstones face this alignment. Consequently, a majority of the graves have inscriptions facing to the east.

It contains the first burials associated with the first American political administration of Guam. It was the first non-sectarian cemetery on Guam, extending First Amendment principles to the island. It contains the graves of the first German nationals who died as a result of America declaring war on Germany in WWI. This followed the first shot fired by the U.S. against Germany, which occurred in Apra Harbor. It contains the grave of William H. Butler (1875-1926), the Deputy Surveyor who conducted the first U.S. Cadastral Survey ofHagatfia. This provided a basis for ownership rights and taxation. It contains twenty-seven graves of veterans in service during the Spanish American War, the war that resulted in the United States acquiring Guam and becoming a colonial entity. It was the first burial place of William G. Johnston, an American civilian removed from Guam during WWII who died incarcerated in Japan.

Burial Ledgers, Guam Historic Resources Division

Records below were transcribed from the application to nominate U.S. Naval Cemetery into the National Register of HIstoric Places (see Downloadable Files below). The application was submitted in 2015 by the Guam Historic Resources Division of the Department of Parks and Registration. The application was subsequently denied. Since then, U.S. Naval Cemetery was transferred to the Guam Office of Veterans Affairs...

ADAMS, Infant, d. 8-Mar-1930, Daughter of Capt. H.F. Adams, USMC
AFLAGUE, John "Johnny" Perez, d. 1939
AFLLEJE, Andres, b. 15-Jun-1898, d. 14-Jan-1954, US NAVY, Seaman 1st Class, Guam, WWI WWII
AGUON, Pedro L., b. 24-Jun-1933, d. 8-Jun-1952, Korea
AKER, Baby Girl, b. 10-Aug-1950, d. 11-Aug-1950
ALLEY, Infant Daughter, d. 12-Oct-1947, Daughter of DCC M.B. Alley, USN
ALVARES, Jose, b. 17-Apr-1895, d. 15-Apr-1954, US NAVY, Machinists Mate 3rd Class, Guam, WWI
ANDERS, Joseph, b. Unk, d. Unk
ANDERSON, Arthur, b. 1884, d. 1933, Born in Scotland
ANDREWS, Dale Elizabeth, b. 12-Feb-1954, d. 12-Feb-1954, Daughter of M. Sgt. Robert S Andrews, USAF
ATTLESON, Gerald Michael, b. 9-Sep-1947, d. 9-Sep-1947, Son of G.H. Garp and Mrs. G.M. Attleson
BARBOUR, James, b. 13-Oct-1876, d. 16-Apr-1950
BATCHINSKY, Arsenio, b. 7-Mar-1897, d. 24-Jul-1953
BECKER, Twin Infants, d. 15-Jan-1949, children of Lieutenant Colonel P.E. Becker, Jr. USMC
BELL, Eric John, b. 18-Aug-1880, d. 11-Sep-1922, US NAVY, Spanish American War
BELL, Henry Garrido, b. 4-Aug-1909, d. 19-May-1953, Son of E.J. Bell, and Father of E.J. Bell
BELOTE, Caren Lynore, b. 24-Feb-1950, d. 24-Feb-1950, Daughter of AD1 L.A. Belote, USN
BENAVENTE, Benigno G., b. 13-Jul-1932, d. 31-Jan-1954, ARMY?, Corporal, Engineers
BENAVENTE, Juan D., Maybe 3 of 50 Inarajan, US ARMY, Private 1st Class, Guam, Korea
BENNERSHANSEN, Karl, b. probably Beuershausen, d. Unk, Chief Helmsman, German Sailor
BETTS, Infant, d. 5-Mar-1953, Son of SN J.K. Betts, USN
BIRDSALL, Jeffrey C., b. 7-Jul-1912, d. 12-Apr-1953, US NAVY, Pharmacists Mate 3rd Class, New York, WWII
BLUM, Franz, b. Unk, d. Unk, NAVY, Chief Machinist's Mate, German Sailor
BOLES, Infant Son, b. 25-Jan-1953, d. 28-Jan-1953, Son of PNCA G.O. Boles, USN
BONDS, James Carl, b. 8-Jun-1909, d. 2-Nov-1951, USNR, Carpenter, Alabama, Chief Painter, WWII
BOOMERUM, K., b. probably Bumerum, d. 18-Nov-1918, Messman, New Guinea, German sailor?
BOQVETT, Bessie Adeline, b. Unk, d. Unk, Daughter of M.R. Boqvett
BORJA, Jose Borja, b. 6-Aug-1911, d. 29-Jul-1953, US NAVY, Chief Damage Controlman, Guam, WWII
BORJA, Manuel, b. 22-Dec-1893, d. 15-Sep-1949, US NAVY, Engineman 2nd Class, Guam, WWI, WWII
BOWERS, Infant, d. 10-Aug-1952, Son of H.W. Bowers
BOYCE, Larry Arthur, b. 11-Aug-1950, d. 29-Aug-1950
BROBSTON, Adeline Downey, b. 23-Mar-1949, d. 14-Apr-1949, Daughter of LCDR W.M. Brobston, USNR
BROWNE, Edward Aloysius, b. 22-Apr-1891, d. 23-Jan-1952
BRUGGEN, Alfred, d. 8-Oct-1929, USMC, Staff Sgt, California (also October?)
BUCHAN, Infant, d. 14-Jan-1950, Baby girl
BURT, Infant, d. 23-Jul-1952, Son of Staff Sergeant J.W. Burt, USAF
BUSTIN, Infant, d. 26-Apr-1952, Son of Tech Sgt P.G. Bustin, USAF
BUTLER, William H., b. 1875, d. 1926, Maybe deputy surveyor who did the Cadastral Survey of Agana, Guam, M.I. in University of Chicago Library
BUTNER, John Ray Jr., b. 19-Oct-1953, d. 6-Nov-1953, Son of (EMFN) Electrician's Mate Fireman John Ray Butner, USN
CABANISS, Louis E., b. Unk, d. Unk, US NAVY, Chief Yeoman
CALLIAN, Infant, d. 5-Oct-1951, Son of (ME1) Metalsmith 1st Class, J.T. Callian, USN
CALVO, Thomas S., b. Unk, d. Unk, US NAVY, Guam, Ship's Cook
CAMACHO, Jesus A., b. 4-Aug-1930, d. 9-Aug-1952, US ARMY, Corporal, Guam, Company L, 15th Inf, 3rd Infantry Division, Korea (Purple Heart)
CEPEDA, Manuel, b. 28-May-1883, d. 17-Aug-1952, US NAVY, Machinist's Mate 3rd Class, Guam, WWI
CHANG, Ah Shun, US NAVY Auxiliary
CHARGUALAF, Antonio T., b. 12-Mar-1933, d. 16-Oct-1953, Airman 3rd Class 6319 Maintenance and Supply Group, Air Force, Guam
CHRIST, Infant, d. 7-Mar-1949, Son of LTJG V.A. Christ, USNR
CLUDAS, Averill Belmont, b. 5-Jun-1896, d. 27-Dec-1952
COLEBOURN, Robert James, b. 15-Feb-1950, d. 16-Feb-1950, Son of Master Sergeant W.G. Colebourn, USAF
COLLINS, Nancy Jane, b. 18-May-1951, d. 15-Jun-1951
COMPTON, Walter Ralph, b. 16-May-1914, d. 2-Jun-1949
CONCEPCION, Jose Cruz, b. 21-Dec-1898, d. 3-Sep-1945, US NAVY Reserve, Seaman 1st Class, Guam, WWII
CONCEPTION, Juan C., b. 6-Jan-1894, d. 29-Apr-1954, US NAVY, Bosun's Mate 3rd Class, Guam, WWI
CONDON, Susan Kathleen, b. 24-Jul-1953, d. 25-Jul-1953, Daughter of Commander (DC) R.J. Condon, USN
COOPER, Joseph S.C., b. 5-Aug-1873, d. 8-May-1903, USMC, Private, California
COSTENOBLE, Gertrud G.I.L., b. 24-Jul-1871, d. 23-Oct-1915
COSTENOBLE, Wilhelm H., d. 29-Dec-1910
CRUZ, Amadeo AA, b. 8-Jan-1929, d. 18-May-1952, US ARMY, PFC, Guam, 160 Inf 40 Inf Div Korea
CRUZ, Angel F. (Flores), d. 2-Oct-1923, d. 19-Mar-1954, US NAVY, Commissaryman 1st Class, Guam, WWII
CRUZ, Juan, b. Unk, d. Unk, US NAVY
CRUZ, Manuel (A), b. 14-Mar-1884, d. 6-Mar-1953, US NAVY, Cockswain, Guam, WWI
CRUZ, Michael Angelo, d. 18-Jun-1951
DE LOS SANTOS, Jose, b. 15-Sep-1882, d. 29-Oct-1951, US NAVY, Engineman 2nd Class, WWI
DE VASQUEZ, Aina, b. 22-May-1872, d. 3-Mar-1937, Born in Hango, Finland (also known as Hanko)
DEAN, Infant, b. 24-Apr-1953, d. 24-Apr-1953, Son of Culinary Specialist 2nd Class J.A. Dean, USN
DEANE, Billy Earl, d. 11-Jan-1947, Son of Engineman Chief Petty Officer E.H. Deane, USN
DENTOLENVON, (Not a person), d. 7-Apr-1917, SMS Cormoran
DERRYBERRY, Infant, d. 31-Jan-1952, Daughter of LCDR W.E. Derryberry, USN
DEVER, Infant, d. 19-Aug-1948, Son of Radioman 2nd Class Neal Dever, Jr., USNR
EIMON, Kelly Joseph, b. 12-Sep-1950, d. 6-Dec-1950, Beloved Son of Glenys and Vernon Eimon
ELLIOTT, Hiram W., b. 1879, d. 1949, US NAVY, Pharmacist, Retired
ELMORE, Jeffrey David, b. 15-Jul-1949, d. 20-Jul-1949, Son of Electrician's Mate 1st Class C.W. Elmore, USN
FEJERAN, Enrique P., b. 25-Feb-1901, d. 2-Mar-1952, USNR, Engineman 2nd Class, Guam, WWII
FERERANG, Antonio Salas, b. 18-Nov-1919, d. 19-Jun-1944, US NAVY, Guam, Seaman, 2nd Class, WWII
HOBBS, Thomas William, b. 1-May-1900, d. 29-Oct-1952
HOLDER, Don Mack, b. 30-Jan-1924, d. 18-Oct-1952
HOPKINS, Elwood, b. 12-Aug-1879, d. 8-Jul-1902, USMC, Private, Delaware
HUNSAKER, Infant, d. 17-May-1953, Son of Airman 3rd Class, D.T. Hunsaker, USAF
HUNTER, Thomas Richard, b. 29-Dec-1950, d. 1-Jan-1951
HUPP, Infant, d. 14-Mar-1955, Daughter of Engineman Chief Russell William Hupp, USN
HUPP, John William, b. 8-Mar-1954, d. 9-Mar-1954, Son of ENC R.W. Hupp, USN
IGLESIAS, Antonio, b. 23-Jun-1892, d. 5-Oct-1944, US NAVY, Seaman 1st Class, Guam, WWI
IRINA, ??, d. 28-Mar-1954
JACKSON, Arthur W., d. 1905
JAMES, J.H., b. 28-Aug-1869, d. 20-Jan-1920
JAMES, Thomas, d. 1903, Listed in Billion Graves as James Thomas
JARRELL, William Kelly, b. 17-Dec-1949, d. 19-Dec-1949
JARRETT, Charles Allen, d. 15-Jan-1953, Son of Master Sergeant F.S. Jarrett, USAF
JOHNSTON, William G., Missing Grave
KEDEKEIN, Infant, b. 20-Apr-1953, d. 20-Apr-1953, Son of Aviation Machinist's Mate 1st Class J.M. Kedekein, USN
KELLER, Steven, b. 7-Dec-1951, d. 13-Dec-1951
KELLY, Nicholas, USMC, Sergeant
KIRKPATRICK, June M., d. 1-Aug-1925, Civilian
KLUEGEL, John Van R., b. 16-Jul-1904, d. 10-Dec-1941
KOHLER, William J. Jr., b. 20-May-1948, d. 26-May-1948, Son of Major W.J. Kohler, USMC
LABORIE, Celestin D., b. 2-Aug-1879, d. 14-May-1903, USMC, Private, California
LEBOVITZ, Infant, b. 6-Sep-1951, d. 6-Sep-1951, Daughter of Hospital Corpsman, Chief H.B. Lebovitz, USN
LEON GUERRERO, Jose Guerrero, b. 12-Nov-1932, d. 15-Feb-1952, US ARMY, Private 1st Class, Guam, 15 Infantry 3rd Infantry Division, Korea, Purple Heart
LEON GUERRERO, Juan Cabrera, d. 28-Dec-1929, US NAVY, Musician 1st Class, Guam, listed in Billion Graves as Guerrero
LIGHT, Patrick Dennis, b. 14-Mar-1951, d. 19-Mar-1951
LOWER, Infant, d. 4-Aug-1952, Son of Lt. W.B. Lower, USN
MAFNAS, Andres Franquez, b. 22-Aug-1914, d. 7-Dec-1941, US NAVY, Steward's Mate 1st Class, Guam, WWII
MALCOLM, Montague, b. 1880, d. 1922
MALKIEWICZ, Infant, d. 2-Jul-1952, Daughter of BN1 A.S. Malkiewicz, USN
MARKS, Infant, b. 4-Jan-1953, d. 5-Jan-1953, Son of Warrant Officer R.E. Marks, USMC
MAYHEW, Thomas E., b. 1887, d. 1941, Age 54 years (BPOE)
MCCLAIN, Bruce Dou, b. 8-Aug-1950, d. 9-Aug-1950, Son of Bernice and Roy McClain
MCCORMICK, William V. (Virgil), b. 30-Jan-1898, d. 23-Jan-1952
MCFADDEN, Infant, d. 31-Jul-1952, Daughter of Arthur McFadden
MCKAGUE, Infant, d. 6-Jul-1950, Baby Girl
MCKAY, W.D., USMC, Sergeant
MENDIOLA, Enrique C., b. 16-Apr-1916, d. 7-Dec-1941, US NAVY, Master at Arms 1st Class, Guam, WWII
MONTGOMERY, Otis Micha, b. 9-Sep-1950, d. 9-Sep-1950
MURPHEE, George M., b. 1874, d. 1934, Age 60 (BPOE)
NAGLE, Henry August, d. 6-Jul-1927, USMC, Pennsylvania, 1st Sergeant
NAMAULEG, Pedro C., b. 30-Jun-1880, d. 12-Sep-1945, US NAVY, Seaman 1st Class, Guam, WWI, WWII
NAPUTI, Venancio, d. 25-Oct-1921, US NAVY, Seaman, 1st Class, Guam
NAUTA, Felix Q., b. 20-Aug-1920, d. 27-May-1946, US NAVY, Cockswain, Guam, WWII
NEIGHBORS, Russell Alvin Jr., d. 7-Dec-1948, Son of Aviation Machinist's Mate 1st Class, R.A. Neighbors, USN
NELSON, William Carter, d. 23-May-1950, Son of Captain J.R. Nelson, USAF
NEWKIRK, Beatrice Carol, b. 10-Sep-1953, d. 18-Oct-1953, Daughter of Engineman 1st Class W.D. Newkirk, USN
OKA, Infant, d. 11-Jul-1952, Son of Francis Oka
OLIVE, Euell Francis, b. 28-Dec-1896, d. 8-Nov-1950
OLIVER, Floyd Thomas, b. 2-Sep-1953, d. 4-Sep-1953, Son of (AD1) Aviation Machinist's Mate 1st Class G.T. Oliver, USN
OTLEWSKI, Infant, b. 21-Mar-1952, d. 21-Mar-1952, Daughter of Lieutenant JG (MC) E.A. Otlewski, USNR
PABLO, Gonzalo M., b. 10-Jan-1934, d. 18-Oct-1952, US ARMY, Private, Marianas, Co 17th Infantry, 3rd Infantry Division, Korea
PALMER, F.E., b. 12-Dec-1876, d. 12-Jan-1903, USMC, Corporal, Spanish American War
PEMBERTON, James Alden Jr., d. 21-Feb-1949, Son of V.A. Pemberton
PENNING, Rudolph, Navy, Seaman, German Sailor
PERKINS, Infant, d. 7-Apr-1915, Daughter of Lt. and Mrs. E.A. Perkins
PROEBSTING, Douglas Edward, b. 27-Jan-1953, d. 29-Jan-1953, Son of Lt. E.L. Proebsting, USNR
PUGH, Howard, b. 22-Jul-1900, d. 12-Jun-1948
RAWLS, Infant, d. 3-Oct-1952, Son of 1st Lt. J.L. Rawls, USAF
RESCHKE, Emil, Navy, Obermatrose (Senior seaman), German Sailor
RIDDERHOF, Infant, Baby son of Lieutenant and Mrs. S.E. Ridderhof
RIDDLE, Deborah Ann, b. 22-Jul-1950, d. 8-Aug-1950, Daughter of Lieutenant Colonel R.D. Riddle, USAF
RIST, Infant, d. 13-Feb-1953, Son of Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class J.I. Rist, USN
RIVERA, Francisco Umpingco, b. 4-Jun-1918, d. 7-Dec-1941, US NAVY, Machine Accountant 2nd Class, Guam, WWII
ROBINSON, John, b. 1863, d. 1919
ROOS, Ernst, Navy, Stoker, German Sailor
ROSARIO, Jose, d. 12-Jan-1936, US NAVY, Chief Storekeeper, Guam
ROW, Walter W., b. ?, d. ?
ROY, Infant, d. 22-Apr-1951, Baby Boy
RUSSELL, Edward D., b. 28-Dec-1856, d. 16-Jun-1904, USMC, Corporal, Spanish American War
SABLAN, Barbara Rose, b. 9-Aug-1952, d. 16-Aug-1952, Daughter of Steward 1st Class R.T. Sablan, USN
SABLAN, Honorato A., b. 23-Jun-1903, d. 6-Jan-1946, US NAVY, Guam, Seaman, 1st Class, WWII
SABLAN, Pedro Taitano, b. 2-Mar-1924, d. 15-Sep-1944, US NAVY, Seaman, 2nd Class, Guam WWII
SACCOMANI, Guido, US NAVY, Musician Seaman
SALAS, Agapito, b. 19-Apr-1885, d. 26-Jan-1954, US NAVY, Bosun's Mate 2nd Class, Guam, WWI
SALAS, Gregorio B., b. 28-Apr-1933, d. 7-Jan-1953, US ARMY, Private, N. Marianas, 35th Infantry, 25 Infantry Division, Korea, Purple Heart
SAN NICOLAS, Geromino C., b. 4-Jul-1902, d. 24-Apr-1950, US NAVY, Coxswain, Guam, WWI, WWII
SANTOS, Joaquin S., b. 15-Apr-1932, d. 23-Mar-1953, US ARMY, Private 1st Class, 9th Infantry, 2nd Infantry Div., Korea, Purple Heart
SANTOS, Vicente, b. ?, d. ?, US NAVY
SCHNEIDERS, John Mars, d. 25-Dec-1927
SCHROEDER, Hans, b. 13-Jul-1861, d. 6-Feb-1903, Kaiserl Deutscher Beamter in Saipan, Born in Schroedershof-Mecklenburg
SCOTT, Dianne Marie, b. 12-Jan-1954, d. 17-Jan-1954, Daughter of Lt. Carl Scott, US Coast Guard Reserve
SCOTT, Lawrence Allen, d. 12-Jan-1954, Son of Lt. Carl Scott, US Coast Guard Reserve
SGAMBELLURI, Alfred, b. 8-Feb-1915, d. 1920
SGAMBELLURI, Immacola, b. 4-Sep-1917, d. 1920
SGAMBELLURI, Maria, d. 1911
SGAMBELLURI, Salvatore, b. 29-Sep-1924, d. 4-Dec-1925
SHERIDAN, Infant, b. 6-Nov-1951, d. 8-Nov-1951, Son of J.J. Sheridan
SHILLINGER, Infant, d. 15-May-1952, Daughter of Lt. (MC) F.W. Shillinger, USN
SHULTZ, Florence, d. 26-Oct-1940
SHULTZ, Rachel, d. 26-Oct-1940
SIGUENZA, Jesus Cruz, b. 13-Aug-1927, d. 11-Jul-1953, US ARMY, Private 1st Class, Guam Company L, 32 Infantry Batalion, 7 Infantry Division, Korea
SMITH, Patricia Marie, b. 24-Feb-1951, d. 26-Feb-1951
SMITH, Richard L., b. 5-Mar-1925, d. 17-Mar-1952, US NAVY, Ship's Serviceman 2nd Class North Carolina, WWII
SOCOCO, Jose S., b. 5-Nov-1894, d. 27-Apr-1954, US NAVY, Coxswain, Guam, WWI
SOUDER, Susan Gay, b. 11-Aug-1949, d. 12-Aug-1949, Daughter of Lt (CEC) C.L. Souder (CEC could be construction electrician), USN
STEIN, Albert, b. ?, d. ?
STONE, Charles Halsey, b. 2-Oct-1903, d. 20-Aug-1904, Infant son of Lieutenant Raymond Stone, US Navy and Esther K.S. Stone
SUTCLIFFE, Robert D (Darwin), b. 28-Aug-1953, d. 1-Sep-1953
SWANSON, Frank, US NAVY, Coxswain
TAITANO, Ramon Rosario, b. 4-Dec-1918, d. 1-Feb-1942, US NAVY, Machine Accountant 2nd Class, Guam, WWII, Possibly Master at Arms
TERRY, Infant, b. 19-Jan-1923, d. 19-Jan-1923
THOMAS, Infant, Son of Dr. George C. Thomas
THOMSON, Margaret, b. 1916, d. 1923, Daughter of Lieutenant and Mrs. O.R. Thomson (th O might be a Q)
TODD, Michael Edward, b. 15-Apr-1954, d. 21-Apr-1954, Son of Chief Culinary Specialist E.W. Todd, USN
TOVES, Jesus I., b. 5-Sep-1935, d. 16-Apr-1952, US ARMY, Private, 160th Infantry, 40th Infantry Division, Korea
TOWNER, William H., b. 18-May-1867, d. 19-Nov-1940
TUDOR, Infant, b. 20-Jun-1952, d. 20-Jun-1952, Daughter of Captain R.H. Tudor, USAF
TURCZY, Louis, b. 9-Nov-1923, d. 12-Sep-1953, USNR, EN1, Connecticut, WWII
TURNEY, Infant, b. 30-Dec-1952, d. 30-Dec-1952, Baby boy
UNTALAN, Jose, b. 17-Jan-1915, d. 12-Jul-1953, US NAVY, Cook 1st Class, Guam, WWII
VANDEVOORDE, Infant, d. 22-Aug-1952, Son of M.P. Vandevoorde
VASQUEZ, Jesus, b. 15-Mar-1865, d. 18-Jan-1935, US NAVY, Musician 1st Class, Retired
VELASCO, Sebastian, b. 16-Sep-1880, d. 22-Feb-1954, US NAVY Musician 1st Class, Guam, WWI
VENEZIANO, Alessandro, b. 24-May-1874, d. 9-Sep-1916, US NAVY, Musician 1st Class, Guam
VILLAGOMEZ, Francisco A., b. 5-Jul-1921, d. 4-Jul-1952, US NAVY, Cook 1st Class, WWII
WALFORD, Thomas, b. 1924, d. 1926
WASHINGTON, Infant, b. 10-Nov-1953, d. 26-Feb-1954, Daughter of Sayo Washington
WHITE, Infant, d. 3-May-1948, Daughter of Lieutenant Commander R.L. White, USN
WILKINSON, Walter Duke, b. 19-Dec-1935, d. 22-Oct-1952, R.I.P.
WISE, William Lorraine, b. 8-Aug-1912, d. 12-Aug-1948, US NAVY, Lieutenant J.G., South Carolina, WWII
WOOLEY, Debra Jean, d. 28-Dec-1953, Daughter of Airman C.J. Wooley

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Records

Records below were acquired from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on November 7, 2019.

ANDERSON, Bert W, LANDSMAN USN, d. 03/10/1901
BRADY, Andrew J, FIREMAN 2D CL US NAVY, d. 01/02/1901
DIAZ, Antonio C, US MARINE CORPS, b. 11/15/1914, d. 07/01/1986, Section D-1, Row U, Site 215
ESPINOSA, Jesus, BM2 USN, b. 09/15/1893, d. 11/23/1958, Section B, Site 44
FOLEY, John, SEAMAN USN, d. 02/05/1902
GALLAGHER, James, SGT, d. 01/07/1902
GILBERT, Samuel, SEAMAN US NAVY, d. 05/06/1900
HARRIMAN, Dustin R, CHF 2 H USN, d. 01/20/1904
LEBORIE, Celestin D, PVT USMC, d. 04/14/1903
METZGER, Jacob, USN, d. 07/01/1902
OBRIEN, Edward, PVT USMC, d. 12/21/1900
PALMER, Frank E, CORPL USMC, d. 01/12/1903
REILLY, Joseph J, SDAMAN U S NAVY, d. 10/19/1900
SMITH, Charles J, OILER, d. 02/26/1901
WALLACE, William A, PAY CLERK, d. 10/23/1899
WILSON, Hiram G, PVT US MARINE CORPS, d. 11/25/1902

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