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Rocky Hammock Cemetery
Levy County, Florida

Lat: 29°21'54"N, Lon: 82°51'53"W

Contributed by Melissa Peltier, Mar 25, 2002 [peltier213@aol.com]. Total records = 106.

Located on the west side of County Road 336 about half way between County Road 345 and State Road 24, the Rocky Hammock Cemetery is due south of Chiefland, Florida.

Rocky Hammock Cemetery is across the street from the Concord Baptist Church. The church, however, does not own or maintain the cemetery.

Samuel Worthington originally deeded the land for the cemetery and the cemetery has been privately maintained ever since. An attractive sign was placed on the property in 2000.

Originally, many shell mounds covered some of the earliest graves. Someone leveled these old graves within the past few years and most of the old shell mounds have been removed. Nearly twenty-five small markers with the inscription "Unknown" are located in the cemetery, mostly at the north end.

The book "Cemeteries of Levy County" written by Lindon J. Lindsey and published in 1994 is a wonderful resource for anyone doing genealogical research in Levy County. The description for the Rocky Hammock Cemetery, however, is incomplete and contains several typographical errors.

Gary and Melissa Peltier of Blue Springs, Missouri did this transcription in January 2002. Melissa is the great, great granddaughter of M. A. Beck.

- Melissa Peltier

Allen, Iccie, b. May 5 1905, d. Apr 20 1947
Allen, Lee, b. Mar 22 1903, d. Nov 28 1929
Allen, Ouida, b. Dec 1 1818, d. Oct 12 1947
Allen, Robert, b. Jan 20 1868, d. Feb 19 1919, "Gone but not forgotten"
Anderson, Addie May, b. Oct 17 1905, d. Nov 18 1951
Anderson, Daniel Faro, b. Mar 7 1905, d. May 20 1950
Anderson, Lillian C., b. Oct 24 1914, d. Sep 16 1982 (shares a stone with Willie B. Anderson)
Anderson, W. L., b. Aug 28 1928, d. Sep 14 1977
Anderson, Wilford, b. Oct 29 1930, d. Mar 30 1985
Anderson, Willie B., b. May 2 1925, d. Jan 12 1991 (shares a stone with Lillian C. Anderson)
Anderson, Wilma J., b. Feb 2 1941, d. Apr 20 1975
Angles, Christina Allan, b. Dec 7 1887, d. Sep 16 1978, "In loving memory" (buried next to Evelyn Angles Patmore)
Barber, Lillian J. "Candy", b. Jan 24 1936, d. Nov 9 1936
Beck, Alva, b. Oct 9 1901, d. Oct 28 1903, "Suffer the little children to come unto me, for such is the kingdom of heaven"
Beck, Asa,, b. Oct 28 1923, d. Feb 16 1924, "Rest baby rest" Son of Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Beck
Beck, Baby,, b. Apr 13 1934, d. Apr 13 1934 son of Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Beck
Beck, Charles H., b. Aug 11 1870, d. Jan 29 1964
Beck, Ellis C., b. Aug 20 1918, d. Mar 8 1924, "Those whom God loves, die young", son of J. R. and Mary Beck
Beck, J. C., b. Aug 18 1861, d. Aug 11 1897, "Weep not, he is at rest"
Beck, James R., b. 1867, d. 1939 (shares a stone with Mary E. Beck)
Beck, Janie C., no dates
Beck, M. A., b. Jul 30 1832, d. Nov 17 1911, "May he rest in peace"
Beck, Mary E., b. 1884, d. 1981 (shares a stone with James R. Beck)
Beck, Nellie I., b. May 30 1836, d. Aug 12 1922, "Rest, mother, rest in quiet sleep, While friends in sorrow o'er thee weep"
Beck, Oliver A., b. Aug 8 1906, d. Oct 5 1933, "Not dead, but sleepeth"
Beck, Theo, b. Aug 10 1918, d. Jun 15 1919, "A little bud of love to bloom with God above", dau. of Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Beck
Brasiel, Charles E., b. Dec 1 1890, d. May 31 1929, (stone is shaped like an upright log on top of two smaller horizontal logs with the inscription "Woodmen of the World Memorial")
Brown, Filicia, b. 1824, d. Dec 27 1899, "There is rest in heaven", wife of S. H. Worthington
Cannon, Eunice, b. Dec 26 1898, d. Feb 5 1990 (shares a stone with Morris Cannon)
Cannon, Mack "Billy", b. Jan 10 1932, d. Aug 7 1998, "Beloved brother"
Cannon, Margaret E., b. Dec 17 1926 (only date)
Cannon, Morris, b. Jan 30 1902, d. May 25 1978 (shares a stone with Eunice Cannon)
Cannon, Ruby Amanda, b. Mar 5 1908, d. Nov 28 1918, "Safe in the arms of Jesus"
Cason, Arthur Harly, b. Feb 12 1877, d. Aug 5 1944, "At Rest"
Cason, C. J., b. Nov 18 1920, d. Aug 21 1921, "Suffer little children to come unto me"
Cason, Rhoda Felicia, b. Jan 27 1878, d. Nov 14 1929, "At Rest" (top of stone says "Mother")
Collier, Ben Jack, b. Nov 8 1878, d. Feb 9 1962
Collier, Dora F., b. May 26 1883, d. Oct 7 1893 [note, could be 1883, the stone was very faded]
Collier, E. C., b. Aug 25 1854, d. Jul 4, 1937, "How desolate our home bereft of thee"
Collier, Edna, b. Oct 17 1886, d. Jul 14 1972
Collier, Elizabeth, b. Feb 9 1859, d. Apr 13 1923, "A place is vacant in our home that never can be filled"
Collier, Ellzy E., b. Jan 9 1894, d. Nov 7 1897
Collier, Eltis, b. Oct 19 1914, d. Oct 8 1934
Collier, James S., b. Apr 1 1896, d. Oct 10, 1901, "A little while on earth he spent, till God for him his angels sent"
Collier, Samuel R., b. Mar 15 1881, d. Aug 12 1884, "Of such is the kingdom of Heaven"
Creech, Alpine, b. Jan 10 1882, d. Aug 8 1884, daughter of ? & J. B.? Creech [ inscription is faded]
Creech, Jane Ruth, b. Jun 27 1856, d. Feb 27 1942, "Goodbye our loved one"
Creech, John Allen, b. Aug 20 1855, d. Oct 16 1919, "A place is vacant in our home which shall never can be filled"
Creech, Samuel John, b. Aug 31 1887, d. Aug 30 1941, "At Rest"
Davis, "Red John" Earnest Earl, b. Sep 6 1925, d. Jul 3 1993 (shares a stone with Katie Corene Davis)
Davis, Hattie I., b. Sep 29 1889, d. Jan 26 1938 (shares a stone with Joseph S. Davis)
Davis, Joseph S., b. Dec 5 1866, d. Mar 31 1964 (shares a stone with Hattie I. Davis)
Davis, Katie Corene, b. Aug 26 1917, d. Jul 11 1988 (shares a stone with "Red John" Earnest Earl Davis)
Davis, Ralph J., b. Mar 10 1910, d. Apr 22 1944 (top of stone says "brother")
Greggs, Eddie "Father", b. Jun 24 1919, d. Sep 18 1977 (shares a stone with Nellie Greggs)
Greggs, Nellie "Mother", b. May 17 1921, d. Dec 23 2001 (shares a stone with Eddie Greggs)
Greggs, Wilton Collier, b. Aug 10 1941, d. Oct 6 1994, "A loving son"
Howard, Charles K., no dates, Co G 2 Fla Cav
Howard, Georgia, b. Nov 6 1880, d. Feb 11 1901 [inscription is faded], daughter of C. K. and Mary Howard
Howard, James Marion, b. Aug 1876, d. Mar 1929 [see note for Savage]
Howard, Mary, b. Nov 29 1845, d. May 3 1911
Howard, W. W., b. Oct 26 1878, d. Aug 20 1911
Hudson, Amanda, b. Apr 3 1857, d. Mar 12 1936 [note, Amanda Beck Hudson is the daughter of M. A. Beck]
Hudson, Carl, b. Sep 20 1882, d. Mar 20 1954
Hudson, Creasie W., b. 1855, d. 1875
Hudson, Garret V., b. Jul 13 1841, d. Nov 10 1912
Hudson, Theron, b. Jul 11 1916, d. Oct 30 1924, "Asleep in Jesus"
Oglesbee, Baby Boy, b. & d. 1901
Oglesbee, Felicia Weeks, b. 1875, d. 1949
Oglesbee, Joseph William, b. Jun 27, 1873, d. Jan 14 1954
Oglesbee, Oniste, b. Oct 8 1903, d. Jul 21 1925 (top of stone says "At Rest"), Son of J. W. and F. C. Oglesbee
Patmore, Evelyn Angles, b. Mar 13 1927, d. Feb 21 1982, "In loving memory" (buried next to Christina Allan Angles)
Pinner, James, b. Sep 24 1842, d. Dec 19 1911, Pvt. Co B 2 Fla
Savage, Dora M., b. Apr 1920, d. Nov 1933
Savage, Infant, d. 1933, son of L. H. Savage
Savage, Leo H., b. Feb 2 1897, d. Apr 19 1956 [note, the Savage graves are all located together and are enclosed by a small, stone curb, about six inches high. The grave of James Marion Howard is also located within this enclosure. It does appear that other graves may have been also located within this enclosure, but no markers remain]
Schibley, Ralph A. "Bud", b. Feb 19 1915, d. Nov 20 1997 "Private, CO M 315th Infantry" (shares a stone with Willie Mae Yearty Schibley)
Schibley, Willie Mae Yearty, b. Mar 28 1913 (only date)
Sheppard, Fannie Belle, b. Nov 1 1887, d. Feb 7 1911, "Gone but not forgotten"
Sheppard, Henry H., b. May 6 1848, d. Jan 10 1911, "Rest in Peace"
Sheppard, Stephen Anne, b. Nov 1854, d. Nov 1923, "Rest in Peace"
Walker, Wilfred C., b. Jul 23 1916, d. Jun 29 1920, "From mother's arms to the arms of Jesus", Son of C. B. & A. M. Walker
Weeks, Cabbel V., b. Apr 23 1908, d. Mar 4 1914, "No pain, nor grief, no anxious fear can reach our loved one sleeping here", Son of J. E. & A. M. Weeks
Weeks, John Edward, b. Mar 30 1874, d. Jan 28 1911, "At Rest"
White, John J., b. Aug 24 1867, d. Apr 11 1932 (stone is very unique, see note for Charles E Brasiel)
White, Nancy J., b. Aug 10 1857, d. Jun 26 1942, "The hours part us, but they bring us together again"
Wood, Nellie May, b. May 8 1884, d. Sep 15 1918, "Gone to a brighter home where grief cannot come"
Worthington, Emma R., b. 1866, d. 1945 (shares a stone with Samuel E. Worthington)
Worthington, Frances, b. Oct 8 1865, d. Feb 22 1898, wife of W. F. Kirkbride
Worthington, Granville, H., b. 1827, d. 1908, Pvt CO A 9 Fla Inf CSA, Indian Wars, Mexican War
Worthington, Iris F., b. Dec 22 1886, d. Sep 5 1891
Worthington, Reginald Howard, b. May 22 1938 (only date), Florida, Sgt 159 Inf 40 Div
Worthington, Samuel E., b. 1862, d. 1926 (shares a stone with Emma R. Worthington)
Worthington, Samuel H., b. Jul 16 1821, d. Oct 10 1896, "Fear not, Peace be unto you"
Worthington, Samuel, b. 1785, d. 1857, Pvt Fla MTD Mil
Worthington, Sarah A., b. Dec 13 1837, d. Jul 24 1901 (top of stone says "My Children")
Yearty, Betty, b. May 19 1919, d. Jun 7 1919
Yearty, Cyril Orton, b. Oct 10 1907, d. Feb 25 1911, Son of W. S. & Lula Yearty
Yearty, Dr. Eugene H., b. 1883, d. 1936, "Living, he made the poor man's heart be glad, and at his death, the sorrowing ones more sad"
Yearty, Felicia C., b. Aug 13 1852, d. Sep 6 1904, "A place is vacant in our hearts that never can be filled" (top of stone says "Our Mother")
Yearty, Imogene C., b. Aug 23 1915, d. Jun 14 1995 (shares a stone with John F. Yearty)
Yearty, Jay Vincent, b. Aug 8 1905, d. Jan 29 1972 (foot stone has the following inscription: "Jay V. Yearty, Florida, Pvt CO 8 97 QM Bkry BNn World War II, b. Aug 8 1905, d. Jan 29 1992")
Yearty, John F., b. Jun 28 1910, d. Sep 3 1992 (shares a stone with Imogene C. Yearty)
Yearty, Lula H., b. Jul 15 1878, d. Aug 28 1968 (shares a stone with William S. Yearty)
Yearty, William E., b. Jun 26 1845, d. Jun 15 1915
Yearty, William S., b. Jul 2 1877, d. Mar 12 1971 (shares a stone with Lula H. Yearty)
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