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Townsend Cemetery
Bell, Gilchrist County, Florida

6 miles north of Bell FL on NW 45th Avenue

Lat: 29° 49' 09"N, Lon: 82° 54' 05"W

Submitted by Loretta Jordan, Aug 07, 2004 [ljordan32619@peoplepc.com]. Total records = 149.

Directions: Take Hwy 129 north in Gilchrist Co. Go four miles out of Bell to the flashing light at Hwy.129 and Hwy 340. Turn left onto Hwy 340. Go two miles to the first hard road to the right, which is 55th Ave (was called Townsend Cemetery Road, several years ago). Go another mile and the cemetery is on the left just before the pavement ends.

This cemetery is well taken care of and is completely chained fenced in. Stones are readable. The first Saturday of each month the residents of Gilchrist Co. get together and clean the cemetery. Townsend Cemetery is still active. Many Townsend families live here in Gilchrist County.

If anyone needs to find any further information on this cemetery they may be able to contact the Gilchrist Co. Chamber of Commerece, 220 S. Main St., Trenton, Fl 32693. Phone 352-463-3467 or the Gilchrist Co. Courthouse, Main St., Trenton, FL 32693. Phone 352-463-3170.

Items in parenthesis were added by the compilers, this information was not on headstone. Laura Edwards and I walked and read all existing and legible stones in May 17, 1990, last updated Apr 15, 2000.

"I would like to dedicate this transcription to the memory of my daughter Laura Edwards who helped me read and transcribe it. Laura passed away unexpectedly in 2003 and has been added to the list, which is complete up to the above dates with the exception of her name."

- Loretta Jordan
Abad, Lauria May Angela, b. 6/6/1995, d. 6/6/1995, Mort. marker
Aderholt, S. Lugenia, b. 02-19-1889, d. 5/7/1976
Alexander, Allamae, b. 2/28/1927, d. , Skeeter", (w/o J. H. "Al")
Alexander, J. H., b. 8/26/1924, d. 10/1/1988, "Al", Sgt US Army Air Corps. WWII
Anderson, Floyd C., Jr., b. 5/26/1938, d. 1/28/1992, Brother, "Coffee Drinker"
Bailey, Charlie B., b. 6/25/1911, d. 2/2/1974, SSgt US Army WWII
Barrs, Bonita Faye, b. 9/28/1955, d. 1/23/1977
Barrs, Claudean Kelly, b. 11/28/1931, d. 10/30/1994
Beasley, Kathrina T., b. 6/29/1905, d. 10/22/1991, Wife of Marvin J.
Beasley, Marvin Jackson, Sr., b. 12-13-1898, d. 12/15/1973, Husband of Kathrina Elizabeth Trower, N. C. PFC US Army WWI
Bolling, Gay Nell, b. 5/11/1926, d. 9/20/1987, Mother
Bollinger, George W., b. 5/1/1920, d. 6/30/1992, PFC US Army WWII
Boone, James A., b. 8/15/1948, d.
Boone, Mary Anne, b. 3/17/1950, d. 2/29/2000, (w/o James A.), (mort. marker, age 49)
Burroughs, Ivan A., b. 1911, d. 1986, PHMI US Navy WWII
Burroughs, Mildred T., b. 1919, d. 1999, (w/o Ivan A.)
Cain, Velma Thomas, b. 7/21/1922, d. 10/10/1999
Cannon, Beulah L., b. 1911, d. , (w/o William M.)
Cannon, Florida, b. 02-20-1899, d. 3/25/1926
Cannon, Gilbert D., Sr., b. 03-22-1898, d. 12/4/1988, Grandpa, picture
Cannon, Gladys, b. 6/9/1936, d. 4/23/1987, (w/o Wallace)
Cannon, Hettie, b. 12-15-1867, d. 10/16/1935, Mother
Cannon, John, b. 07-09-1889, d. 6/27/1927
Cannon, Sandra Lee, b. 10/22/1941, d. , (w/o W. C.)
Cannon, Theresa M., b. 4/13/1905, d. 3/22/1975, "Granny", picture, (w/o Gilbert D., Sr.)
Cannon, W. C., b. 2/6/1929, d. , "Cyril"
Cannon, W. J., b. 09-18-1866, d. 2/9/1924
Cannon, Wallace, b. 8/27/1932, d.
Cannon, William M., b. 1906, d. 1985
Clyatt, Jacqueline T., b. 6/8/1930, d. , (w/o Raymond J.)
Clyatt, Raymond J., b. 8/3/1923, d. 8/10/1998
Cothron, Michael Allen, no dates
Cothron, Sable Bolling, no dates, (d/o Gay Nell Bolling, w/o Michael A.)
Covington, Eugene, b. 3/26/1909, d. 12/8/1990
Covington, Mable S., b. 9/7/1915, d. , (w/o Eugene)
Cruse, Sara Elizabeth Harrel, b. 08-13-1897, d. 12/13/1919
Davis, Bernice M., b. 1917, d. 1994, (w/o John Felton)
Davis, John Felton, b. 1917, d. 1986
Edwards, Laura Lynn, b. Mar 25, 1966, d. May 30, 2003, d/o Loretta Jordan
Evans, James G., b. 4/30/1930, d. , Jim"
Flowers, Helen Louise, b. 8/4/1930, d. 11/22/1991, (w/o L. W.)
Flowers, L. W. "Chuck", b. 12/18/1934, d. , Korean Vet.
Frey, Lester John, b. 9/15/1915, d. 6/2/1989, CPL US Marine Corps. WWII
Frey, Margaret A., b. 12/14/1920, d. , (w/o Lester John)
Hall, Lila Cannon, b. 4/28/1902, d. 11/1/1927
Hall, Myrtle L., b. 1/25/1927, d. 7/25/1928, Daughter of Miles & Lila C. Hall
Harper, Jimmie Lee, b. 10/16/1943, d. 6/20/1987
Hart, John W., b. 2/18/1933, d. 7/2/1990
Hart, Louise M., b. 8/12/1936, d. , (w/o John W.)
Isaac, Melvalee, d. 8/22/1927
Jordan, John Wayne, b. 7/22/1958, d. 3/18/1983
Jordan, Rufus Albert, b. 11/5/1931, d. 8/5/1988, (father of Loretta, Rufus Michael, Alice, Glenn, & Ashley)
Kelly, Hollice S., b. 5/19/1904, d. 5/26/1976
Kelly, Ruby, b. 7/18/1912, d. 4/12/1977, (w/o Hollice S.)
Kincey, Ardeller, d. 02-07-1883, (child)
Kincey, David, b. 06-22-1884, d. 10-06-1898
Kincey, Frank, d. 06-05-1898, (child)
Kincey, Marian Levonia, b. 03-24-1859, d. 2/28/1923
Kinsey, Lewis, b. No date, d. No date, Co. C. 2 FL Inf. C.S.A.
Knighton, Carl, b. 8/12/1903, d. 11/9/1995, Husband
Knighton, Iretha, b. 3/25/1915, d. , (w/o Carl)
Lamb, Laura Ferrell, b. 11-01-1892, d. 11/30/1924
Luttrell, Brad Duane, b. 4/23/1971, d. 3/26/2000, Mort. marker, age 28, (killed by lightening in GA)
Martin, Annie Lee, b. 8/30/1916, d. 11/25/1976, Wife (of George M.), picture
Martin, Clara J., b. 11/16/1926, d. 7/20/1998, Mort. marker - 71 years
Martin, George Marion, b. 11/7/1906, d. 2/15/1991, Husband, Daddy
Martin, John Spencer, b. 09-02-1874, d. 10/21/1913, Husband, Father
Martin, Martha Jane, b. 01-19-1876, d. 2/15/1970, Wife (of John S.), Mother
Martin, Spencer C., b. 6/23/1914, d. 10/22/1980, Pvt US Army WWII, (mort. marker, Age 66 years)
May, Elizabeth, b. 09-16-1873, d. 7/30/1902, Wife of J. F. May
May, John F., b. 05-13-1863, d. 12/3/1947
May, Mary Martha, b. 03-14-1857, d. 11/16/1929
May, Sarah Eugene, b. 06-18-1859, d. 10/6/1919
Narloch, Eva Janina, b. 6/12/1926, d. 11/3/1994, picture, (w/o Jan & m/o Pearl Parsons)
Narloch, Jan, b. 6/12/1922, d. , picture
O'Hara, Frank Edward, b. 9/23/1939, d. 3/7/1987, US Marine Corps.
Parsons, Pearl Amilia Narloch, b. 7/27/1950, d. 10/17/1981, picture, (d/o Jan & Eva Narloch)
Pearce, Loma E., b. 10/30/1905, d. 6/16/1996, Mother, d/o Archie & Linnie Thomas
Philman, David Earl, b. 3/27/1959, d. 7/3/1983
Philman, John Dewey, b. 9/2/1919, d. 2/25/1991, US Army
Philman, Virgie Mae, b. 4/10/1924, d. 11/13/1993, (w/o John Dewey)
Raulerson, Charles Edward, b. 4/12/1927, d. 10/5/1992, US Army
Rush, Thomas Harvey, b. 3/11/1958, d. 4/23/1998, (mort. marker, 40 years)
Sauls, Emery Bryan, b. 1967, d. 1976, (mort. marker, d. June 8, 8 years)
Sauls, K. W., b. 5/16/1927, d. 4/25/1996, US Army
Sauls, Louise, b. 6/8/1932, d. , (w/o K. W.)
Sheppard, Hope, d. 4/23/1971, Infant of Ernest & Syble
Small, Bonnie E., b. 9/19/1932, d. , m: 09-05-1954
Small, Faye P., b. 9/3/1934, d. , (w/o Bonnie E.)
Sparks, John F., b. 6/10/1924, d.
Sparks, Mildred D., b. 4/17/1927, d. 7/23/1985, (w/o John F.)
Stringer, Edna Mae Townsend, b. 11/23/1920, d. , "Daughter of Sim & Mae, Wife of Curtis, Mother of Patti, David, Lynda, & Renee"
Thomas, Alavan, b. 06-03-1884, d. 5/28/1910, Wife of H. A. Thomas
Thomas, Archie B., b. 1866, d. 1952, (mort. marker, d. 1-30, age 85 years)
Thomas, Atha M., b. 12/9/1924, d.
Thomas, Bishop W., b. 9/23/1918, d. , m: 10-18-1946
Thomas, Cinderella, b. 03-26-1876, d. 1/14/1909, Wife of H. A. Thomas
Thomas, Harriette Ann, b. 02-06-1897, d. 12/5/1964
Thomas, Leilon, b. 11/25/1918, d. 9/3/1995, US Army WWII
Thomas, Lewis Rance, b. 12-06-1896, d. 9/12/1976
Thomas, Malinda E., b. 1870, d. 1958, (w/o Archie B.)
Thomas, Margarette, b. 4/12/1906, d. 3/26/1993, (w/o Marvin, Sr.)
Thomas, Martha A., b. 10-17-1832, d. 8/22/1913, Wife of Mathew H. Thomas
Thomas, Marvin, Sr., b. 11/4/1903, d. 1/18/1987
Thomas, Mathew H., b. 01-26-1823, d. 11/25/1903
Thomas, Nanette F., b. 7/28/1930, d. 2/24/1992, (w/o Bishop W.)
Thomas, Rachel J., b. 02-24-1865, d. 02-23-1897, Wife of Rev. L. R. Thomas
Touchton, James Robert, b. 6/3/1915, d. 12/11/1979
Townsend, Cinda M., b. 11-11-1857, d. 1/8/1941, (w/o W. W.)
Townsend, Clementina M., b. 9/10/1929, d. 8/18/1990, (w/o Joseph A.)
Townsend, Erma R., b. 1908, d. 1988, (w/o William T.)
Townsend, Infant, b. 10/12/1924, d. 10/12/1924, Infant of Mr. & Mrs. T. O.
Townsend, Infant, b. 12/23/1909, d. 12/23/1909, Infant of Mr. & Mrs. T. O.
Townsend, Infant, d. 9/19/1900, daughter of H. F. & M., 9 days
Townsend, John, b. 1796, d. 1847, "Jack", Born in Marlsboro Co., S.C., Drowned in Suwannee River, Buried at Jack's Bluff north of this site, (A note in a ziplock bag says "We Love You Grand Father: Merry X-mas. Thomas A. Townsend, Sr., Juanita Townsend McBee. 7th Generation Great Great Grand Children: At Last we Know from Whence We Came. Tom T.)
Townsend, Joseph A., b. 1/23/1919, d. 12/15/1994
Townsend, Kathryn Nobles, b. 3/21/1906, d. 1/7/1987, (w/o Simeon Lyte)
Townsend, Lonnie Galvin, b. 10/26/1908, d. 11/18/1908, Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. C.
Townsend, Lucinda T., b. No date, d. No date, (shares marker with Sallie S.)
Townsend, Lucinda, b. 02-13-1854, d. 07-31-1894, Wife of Rev. J. H. Townsend
Townsend, Malinda E., b. 04-02-1839, d. 09-09-1874, Wife of Rev. J. H. Townsend
Townsend, Maria, b. 04-15-1861, d. 1/8/1908
Townsend, Mary F., b. 10-23-1871, d. 9/13/1924, Mother
Townsend, Rev. J. H., b. 03-18-1833, d. 1/2/1903
Townsend, Sallie S., b. No date, d. No date, (shares marker with Lucinda T.)
Townsend, Simeon Lyte, b. 03-12-1898, d. 5/2/1968
Townsend, Thomas Affa, b. 6/12/1916, d. 9/27/1916, Infant of Mr. & Mrs. T. O.
Townsend, W. W., b. 06-03-1854, d. 4/24/1941
Townsend, Wallace H., b. 7/10/1916, d. 12/17/1992, US Navy WWII
Townsend, William T., b. 1904, d. 1998
Tyson, Clara Eugina, b. 7/26/1911, d. , (w/o Rev. William Floyd)
Tyson, Clara Lucille, b. 1/17/1933, d. 11/4/1990, Daughter (of William F. & Clara E.)
Tyson, Rev. William Floyd, b. 11/19/1912, d. 9/8/1987, Father
Underhill, Theodore C., b. 1911, d. 1993, Ted", (mort. marker)
Walker, Priscilla M., b. 5/1/1923, d. 10/7/1988
Walker, Ronnie J., b. 2/27/1943, d. 2/16/1976, Father, Son, Brother
Walker, Sherri Ann, b. 4/5/1959, d. 2/2/1988
Waters, Augustine F., b. 11-18-1865, d. 1/4/1931, (w/o John H.)
Waters, Baby, d. 01-07-1881, (enclosed in wooden fence with Betty S.)
Waters, Betty S., b. 04-07-1861, d. 01-07-1881, (m/o Baby Waters)
Waters, Emanuel, b. 01-12-1851, d. 09-05-1895
Waters, Gen. W., b. 02-22-1885, d. 11-07-1885, Son of J. H. & A. F.
Waters, Infant, b. 02-22-1885, d. 11-07-1885, Infant of J. H. & A. F., (possible girl twin of Gen. W.)
Waters, Infant, d. 10-10-1886, Infant of J. H. & A. F.
Waters, John H., b. 06-04-1854, d. 11/14/1934
Waters, Nancy Elizabeth Gornto, b. 1833, d. 1916
Waters, Nason E. R., b. 09-25-1883, d. 10-07-1886, Son of J. H. & A. F.
Williamson, Bennie J., b. 7/27/1929, d. 8/21/1978, Picture
Williamson, Doris C., b. 3/16/1928, d. , Picture, (w/o Bennie)
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