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Wormwood Hill Cemetery
Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut

wormwood hill cemetery
Wormwood Hill Cemetery

GPS: 41.830266, -72.194282

Wormwood Hill Rd
Mansfield, CT 06250

Published: July 13, 2016
Total records: 52

Wormwood Hill Cemetery is owned and managed by City of Mansfield.

Located along southeast side of Wormwood Hill Rd about 2/10 mile from jct of Knowlton Rd & just east of McDaniel's farm at 733 Wormwood Hill Rd. Abutter: Claude McDaniels

It is closed to new burials.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from the City of Mansfield on July 12, 2016.

Atwood, Diana
, d. 1/7/1851, W of Nathaniel, Age 77
Atwood, John A., d. 5/31/1861, S of John & Sophia, Age 26
Atwood, John s., d. 6/28/1835, S of John & Sophia, Age 2 yr 8 mo
Atwood, John, d. 4/21/1871, Age 69
Atwood, Nathaniel, d. 4/4/1830, Age 59
Atwood, Sophia, d. 5/9/1838, W of John, Age 31
Atwood, Sophronia, d. 10/9/1886, W of John, Age 69
Atwood, Sophronia, d. 7/21/1851, D of John & Sophia, Age 3
Barrows, Eliza Ardelia, d. 8/6/1846, D of Enoch & Patty, Age 15 yr 3 mo
Barrows, Enoch, d. 7/30/1831, Age 31 yr 11 da
Barrows, Gershom, d. 6/13/1844, Age 68
Barrows, Louisa M., A-42
Barrows, Lydia, d. 9/27/1858, W of Gershom, Age 77
Burlingame, Amey, d. 6/20/1873, W of Earl, Age 86
Burlingame, Earl, d. 5/7/1849, Age 67
Conant, David, d. 1/11/1837, Age 57
Conant, Elizabeth, d. 5/9/1866, W of David, Age 81
Cranston, Nelson, d. 9/30/1826, S of Joseph E & Lurinda, Age 2 yr 9 mo
Dunham, Abel, d. 4/9/1823, Willington, CT, Age 39
Dunham, Abiah, d. 11/23/1860, W of Capt. Royal, Age 75
Dunham, Bangs, d. 12/26/1821, Capt Sargeant's Co Rev War, Flag, State Stone, 70
Dunham, Royal (Capt.), d. 10/2/1849, Age 64
Dunham, Sarah, d. 9/3/1828, Chaplin, CT, Age 49
Dunham, Submit, d. 12/28/1823, W of Bangs, Age 60
Fisher, Hannah, d. 10/5/1896
Fisher, John, d. 12/9/1906
Fletcher, John, d. 8/4/1767, Died of smallpox, Age 21
Fletcher, L. Y., d. 6/25/1865, Age 8
Fletcher, Mary, d. 2/23/1852, W of Clinton A., B-4/13/1806
Freeman, John, d. 6/17/1852, Age 72
Harris, Anna Bettis, d. 10/13/1848, W of Daniel Parker, Age 44
Harris, Daniel Parker, d. 1/3/1871, Age 73
Harris, Daniel, d. 7/19/1838, S of Chauncey S. & Caroline, Age 4 yr 10 mo
Holley, Celia, d. 10/7/1859, W of Perry, Age 83
Knowlton, John E., d. 1/5/1845, S of Palmer & Harriet, Age 6
Knowlton, Palmer, d. 12/29/1844, Age
McDaniels, Claude Elmer, d. 10/18/2003, Windham, CT, Southwest Corner
Parker, Fredus, d. 4/10/1848, Age 49
Parker, Hannah Arnold, d. 3/23/1895, Age 90
Parker, Hannah, d. 10/20/1850, Relict of Thomas, Age 85
Parker, Hiram, d. 6/23/1888, Age 85
Parker, Lucy F., d. 3/20/1889, W of Miner, Age 90
Parker, Miner, d. 3/1/1880, Age 84
Parker, Thomas, d. 3/9/1831, Age 64
Parker, William, d. 11/29/1831, Age 24
Parker, Zachary, d. 10/7/1875, Age 75
Rust, Laura A., d. 7/2/1843, D of Gershom & Lydia Barrows, Age 33
Wilson, Charles R., d. 9/22/1851, S of Rufus B & Permelia, Age 5
Wilson, Emily M., d. 10/10/1851, D of Rufus B & Permelia, Age 2
Wilson, George H., d. 9/18/1816, S of Rufus B & Permelia, Age 2
Wilson, Permelia, d. 10/17/1889, Widow of Rufus B., Age 77
Wilson, Rufus B., d. 11/4/1868, Age 58
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